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Business School Survey (MBA)

 Business School Survey (Quick Survey)   
Select School
 About the Surveyee   
You Are
Years completed at this school
Year of entry
Type of MBA program
Number of years working
Before, you were:
Undergraduate Major
 Business School's Core Competencies:
Rate strength of school in each area - 5 is the strongest 
 School's Academic Competencies   
Economics & Financial Engineering
Supply, Demand, Financial Markets
New Venture Creation
Finance & Accounting
Accounting & Financing, Valuations
Industrial Operations & Manufacturing
Supply Chain, Just in Time, Process management
Information Systems
Advertising, Marketing & market analysis
Real Estate & Planning
 Business School Overall   
Return on Investment
“Quality” of fellow students
Curriculum Breadth
Breadth of curriculum
Alumni Network
Breadth and support of alumni network
Intern/Externship options
Options are made available for practical application of learning. 
Quality of teaching
Faculty accessibility
Case Studies
Case studies are applicable to the real market and can be learned from. 
Education is mostly practical, or theoretical? 
Who does the school “gear” to? 
Racial Diversity
within the faculty and student body
Gender diversity
within the faculty and student body
Individual Value
This University treats/treated you as a person, not just as a number in the factory. 
Social Life
There is a great social life and atmosphere, fun things help you wind down. 
Extracurriculars (sports, clubs, student groups, etc ) are easy to get involved with — not exclusive or of low quality.  (if you have/had time for them)
Surrounding City
There are many things to do in your city — not a small, isolated campus with no day or night life. 
Meeting People
It is easy to meet new people; social life conducive to making friends
Social life [was] conducive to finding potential mate.  (Whether or not it happened or was needed.)
 Suggest a Question   
Suggest any questions for our business survey?
 Free Comment   
What makes this business school particularly good or bad?
Any Advice or experiences?
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