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· Your Department
Friendliness This bunch is one friendly crew.
Competitiveness Everyone in your field works together for common understanding and progress; grades are secondary -- not cut-throat for every last point.
Faculty Accessibility Teaching faculty is available & helpful to you -- not absorbed into personal research.
Creativity Your department environment fosters creativity and innovation -- not mindless drones.
Busywork The school work you do provides applicable experience & education -- not simply busywork.
Scholastic Success Scholastic success (exams, homework, projects, etc.) is dependent upon understanding -- not 'random' or dependent upon being able to 'work the system'.
Quality of Program (Major) Your major & education at this University has been worth your time and money.
· The University
Perceived Campus Safety You feel safe both day and night.
University Resource Use University resources provide opportunities for students, through facilities and programs, to learn and grow -- instead of being spent on 'proUniversity' propaganda.
Campus Aesthetics This University is beautifully planned with abounding trees and flowers -- not haphazardly placed concrete.
Campus Maintenance Windows are fixed, bathrooms kept in order, lights replaced -- nothing is in a 'falling apart' condition.
· Social / Interactive
Individual Value This University treats you as a person, not just as a number in the factory.
Social Life There is a great social life and atmosphere, party every night.
Extracurricular Activities Extracurriculars (sports, clubs, student groups, etc ) are easy to get involved with -- not exclusive or of low quality.
Surrounding City There are many things to do in your city -- not a small, isolated campus with no night life.
Students are:Faculty are:
Broken Spirit
How challenging is the course work to you?
How much did you expect to be challenged in your course work?
What % of the Faculty (Prof/TA/GSI) did not speak English to your satisfaction?
Given the chance to go to a different University, would you? (Disregarding friends)
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Please feel free to elaborate on any previous topics. Try to say what you expected and what you got. Also feel free to offer any advice that you think High school students/parents might find useful in choosing a college -- now that you've been through the whole process. --Thanks
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