StudentsReview - Flagler College St Augustine - Life at FCSA Copyright 2023 StudentsReview, Ecliptical Technologies, Inc. Life at FCSA - Comments en StudentsReview: Negative Review about FCSA for Journalism Hi guys! I?m a former Flagler College student. I only attended for one semester, but in the short time of being there I feel I have experienced enough to give what I feel is an accurate representation... Sat, 12 Feb 2022 03:31:50 GMT StudentsReview 279-187665 279-187665 279 20 Journalism Female Undergraduate Class 1925 1st Year Negative Hi guys! I?m a former Flagler College student. I only attended for one semester, but in the short time of being there I feel I have experienced enough to give what I feel is an accurate representation of Flagler, at least in my own perspective. Your experience at Flagler will greatly differentiate from your peers depending on many aspects, including race and family income. No hate towards Flagler. I didn?t enjoy the school very much, but there were other factors outside of Flagler's control that led me to leave so it wasn?t all the school.

To begin, I do not mean this in a deprecating way but if I come across that way I am sorry. If you are white and/or have an upper middle class/rich financial status, are generally popular and feel you can easily make friends with the same kinds of people, you will thrive at Flagler!! I come from a completely different background which had me at a disadvantage while there. Flagler is not diverse.Yes, there is a black student union and a Latinx club, but that is less than 20 people for each out of over 2500 students. The majority of classes will have entirely white students as well as professors.

Flagler requires 3 types of co curriculars a semester in order to graduate, one of them being diversity and inclusion. Not going to lie, I found the whole Flagler diversity thing pretty offensive as a person of color. I don?t think a diverse school should have to literally force it on their students if it was already diverse. This leads me into academics. Something very strange happened when I came to Flagler. It might be because of the lack of social life, partying, or things to do, but for the first time I became an A student, with the exception of stats of course. Even then I passed with a high C+ nearly a B. I found it very strange as someone who was an average student who was more about those b?s and c?s. I truthfully did not find Flagler academics difficult or challenging. The only difficult part I would say is the workload, but even then it's completely manageable if you are responsible and manage your time well. It was probably just your average college workload if I?m being honest.

Flagler makes you take this really stupid class called First Year Seminar which is basically the equivalent to what is nationally just the intro to college classes for freshman, which most universities make you take.The class itself was a walk in the park if you did your work on time, but man I am being 100% honest with you, the absolute worst part about FYS was the inconsistency between the classes. All the classes ranged from a group work ten page essay followed by a powerpoint presentation which was my class all the way to classes where all you did was talk and meditate. It was total bs and felt so unfair. I hated it. There are basically no science classes. Do not come here if you want to pursue anything science or medical. The only sciences they have are coastal environmental science and recently a biology minor. Yup, a minor not major. I think the coastal class is cool cause you at least get to go to the beach and do research from what I?ve heard, but this is a liberal arts school and you won?t find much other science going on here.

The dorms were kind of a disappointment, at least for me. Ponce is the only one I can really comment on. I guess it could depend where you are too but it isn't the cleanest, the carpet is stained throughout the halls, the walls and corridors are being eaten by termites. There is a huge termite problem. We had termites in our room including my suitemates.On move in day our toilet didn?t work for a good week, our shower head was moldy and ancient, there were lots of little spiders and bugs trapped inside the ceiling light. There would be tiny spiders in the bathroom. Ponce is super old. There will be visible pipes running through the ceiling of your room if you live in ponce. I?ve never been to Lewis, but I have heard from female classmates that it is filthy and disruptive, likely due to it being coed and hosting a lot of the boys on campus, no offense to guys. Speaking of disruptive, groups of people would come into our hall floor late at night while people were trying to study or sleep. Flagler says boys can?t come into ponce unless they are signed in, but literally they come up all the time.

If you don?t have a car, your experience isn?t going to be as great unless you can befriend someone with one.There is zero public transportation in St.Augustine. Downtown St.Augustine is very very small. Its literally right across the street, and to be quite honest, Flagler is built on a tourist trap. After a few visits you will know it like the back of your hand. St.George st is always packed. Weekends are the absolute busiest and slow walking tourists are a nuisance. It gets packed. Weekdays are the most convenient time to go. The holidays are especially busy. St.Augustine night of lights happens in December when the entire town lights up in decorative Christmas lights. It is pretty, but traffic is going to be a nightmare. I also remember hearing tourists cheering and shouting, FROM MY THIRD FLOOR DORM ROOM. It was crazy. Party scene is basically non-existent here. What usually ends up happening is someone throws a small get together and then those people invite more people and before you know it half of the school is there and then two hours later the party will get busted by cops.

A few other things..
-laundry is a NIGHTMARE. Our campus groups app basically became a platform to fight over laundry and posting pictures of unattended clothes. People leave their clothes in the washers and dryers for hours when there is only such a small amount available on your floor. Then you have to go over to other floors hoping something will open. You're out of luck if there isn't. Best time is very early in the morning or very late at night, or on weekdays because everyone wants to do laundry on the weekends.
-Parking is a nightmare as well. I didn?t have a car, but it's basically one of the most common and talked about problems with Flagler. Can?t give you more info on that but it is definitely there if you look for it.
-Food? No bueno. Also one of the biggest issues. Admittedly not everything was bad, but towards the end of the semester they started repeating meals over and over. I remember it was something like clam chowder, which I can't eat!! There are nutritionists who can work with you but they can?t create an entirely separate menu for you. They will help if you have any allergies though. A lot of the food is dry or underseasoned. Pasta was usually the best option for me but they didn?t serve it a lot sadly.
-ANYONE can come into ponce and sneak into the elevator. A random woman was able to get herself on my floor and it was too long after security escorted her out. The fact that it is an open campus did not make me feel very safe.
-Get ready to feel like you are living in a fish bowl. Tourists EVERYWHERE! The school regularly does tours throughout the year, but they usually wait a month til after the start of the semester to ease freshman into it. If you live in ponce and go down the elevator to go to class, be prepared to be greeted by a crowd of 50 tourists on their tour looking up at the rotunda. The trolleys and horse buggies will pass EVERYDAY, MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY through our campus. ?And here we have the historical Flagler College built by Henry Flagler?? is something that will be ingrained in your brain by the first few weeks.
-No real nightlife for college students at all. There's a couple bars, but they?re mainly for much older folks. Sarbez is the nearest one that has actual good live music and flagler kids often.
-JAX will be your sanction for fun, the closest place with nightlife. Basically everyone who wants to have fun and can find a way to get themselves there either goes to the beach or Jacksonville on the regular.
-Flagler only takes partial bright futures if you are in state.
-Overall vibe, rich white kids who blow their academics and pass out from being drunk, tumblr kids, vsco girls, surfers, strangely large body of christians??? (lot of jesus fearing girls with bible quotes in their bio who go out to party every weekend), jocks and people who came there just for the sports.
-2021, school was over 100% capacity. Girls in ponce were being put in rooms of three and four!! Usually in bunk beds with only one bathroom. Singles are very limited.
-The school will NOT match you up with whatever you write for your finding a roommate survey. Roommate was a nightmare unfortunately. Completely different schedules and it was just very bad on my part.
-Bathroom is shared between two rooms in ponce. You can hear EVERYTHING! Not soundproof at all.
-FLAGLER IS OVERPRICED. You definitely will not get your money's worth here.


If you take anything away from this review please take this. If you are not 100% committed to Flagler and think you might transfer somewhere else that offers a major flagler doesn't have or something similar, LEAVE ASAP! Flagler does NOT offer ASSOCIATES degrees that you can transfer with ease. You will only be able to transfer with your credits alone and there is NO GUARANTEE that those credits will be accepted anywhere else. The sooner you leave in that instance the better. Staying there until you realize Flagler isn?t where you will graudate will cost you SO MUCH MONEY AND TIME. Please do your research, check many many sources, ask as many questions as you can about your major or anything else to be safe. I always thought it was strange that so many out-of-state midwest people came to Flagler when they probably could have found a much better school in their home state.

In summary, Flagler does not accurately represent itself. That is why I ended up going there. On your tour they won?t even take you inside any residence halls or classrooms and try to woo you with its outer beauty. The first floor lobby is where the beauty is, in the ceiling art and the paintings but inside the residence halls have old washed away reddish carpet and plain beige walls everywhere. None of that beauty follows inside. It's only for the tourists to see, and you when you first visit Flagler before you become a student. The small classes definitely made it easier to connect with your classmates and professors which I appreciated. I also think the professors were nice, at least the ones I had. I can see Flagler being a good school for someone who can afford it, who can live off campus, has their own car, and is looking for a super small school body with a more laid back attitude in academics, school spirit, and way of life. Flagler might be a good fit if that's the case.

Flagler is a big 50/50 depending on who you ask. The kids who don?t worry about academics, finances, and are more interested in the ?college experience? and partying will probably tell you they love Flager. Yes, you can build great friendships here and make memories, but remember it?s ultimately about your future and setting up the best possible path for yourself. I?m sorry, I meant to keep this more neutral, but I felt I needed to say the things that you need to truly hear. If you go on any website to look at Flagler reviews such as NICHE, the short and sweet 5 star reviews probably are made by the school itself. They sound like commercials. I recommend looking at the 3 stars and under for a more honest and accurate review. Again this was only my experience. College truly is what you make of it. Please avoid loans as much as you can and be smart with your money. Spending money you don?t have to come to this school just because it's pretty on the outside is not a smart move. Some people were fortunate enough to afford Flagler completely and finished out their 4 years. Kudos to them but remember, the reviews don?t lie. Please think about what kind of person you are and what kind of environment you thrive in. Do you want to be challenged? Do you want diversity? Do you want a large selection of clubs and organizations to join? Please consider all this when it comes to deciding whether or not you will go to Flagler. Thanks a lot for reading. Hope I was able to offer some insight!
Sat, 12 Feb 2022 03:31:50 GMT
StudentsReview: Negative Review about FCSA for Archaeology Where to begin with this disastrous school...If you're not an art student or a business major I would strongly advise you to look for better options well worth the price Flagler offers. The only t... Tue, 07 Jun 2016 03:05:35 GMT StudentsReview 279-173824 279-173824 279 48 Archaeology Female Undergraduate Class 2019 1st Year Negative Where to begin with this disastrous school...If you're not an art student or a business major I would strongly advise you to look for better options well worth the price Flagler offers.

The only thing Flagler College is concerned about is your money. They will not, and do not, care about your education or residence experience as a student, at least the administrative offices do not.

Flagler College was my top choice school. I put all my effort into getting accepted, meticulously planning out my finances for the next four years, getting everything I would need for dorm life together, and making sure that I would have a smooth and pleasant four years to come.
When I was accepted, I walked into Flagler College with high expectations and wide eyes, my hopes set on fulfilling my dreams. Quickly I realized that I would be greatly disappointed.

I'll start with the initial fish hook the school dangles in front of prospective students.

I understand that schools want to show off the best of what they have to offer to help draw in students, but what Flagler does is hide everything that might be viewed as the slightest bit unsavory from the prospective students in hopes that once they attend, they'll just get over the issues -- major or minor. For example, they don't even let you into Kenan Hall during the initial tours (one of the main academic buildings) because it reeks of spoiled fish year round, is relatively unclean, and has issues with it's AC. Flagler hooks its potential students with it's beauty. Its all cosmetic. When I first toured the school before I was accepted, I remember coming home and the only thing I could remember was "Damn that school was so beautiful". I remember being told nothing about their extracurricular programs, nothing in depth about residential life (The fact that there are strict rules about opposite sexes visiting rooms), nothing about student activities, nothing about their general education requirements, nothing in depth about the programs they actually offer. Maybe five minutes were spent in one of the largest dorm room the school offered, and the Student Center, before the focus turned strictly towards "Look isn't our campus beautiful?". The rest of the tour is your guide leading you around the outside of the school, through the domed entry hall, and through the high-vaulted, hand-painted, beautiful dining room. They intend on leaving you with the impression that you'll be studying and residing in the same standards of those who stayed in the hotel when it was first built. A notion that will leave you sorely disappointed once they have your money and you actually live there.

The administration is horrible with communication and very unfriendly. They express no desire to work with you on fully informing you of financial options for aid or payment, school requirements, and program specifics on ANYTHING. Finances included.

I got a taste of this lovely fact once I was accepted. I was offered a deal where (since I lived in a close proximity to the campus) I could commute for the first half of the semester, and the school would offer me a housing grant to cover the cost of living there the next semester (Since Flagler College REQUIRES you to stay on campus your first year). Personally, I do not have a lot of access to money. I paid out of pocket whatever wasn't covered by my FAFSA and Scholarship aid (Which was well over 3,000 that I worked my ASS off for), so the offer seemed like a no-brainer to take.

That was my first mistake.

Flagler College requires you to have a meal plan when you reside on campus. They failed (at least for me) to mention that little stinger during my tour. However, not only was it not mentioned to me initially that this housing grant did not cover any meal plan, but after I was informed, I was told by two different people that I would still have to pay for the full meal plan for the first semester even though I was not residing on campus after having been assured I would not have to obtain a meal plan if I was commuting. It took me the entire Orientation week (the time where I should be focused on getting accustomed to the school, not worrying about communication errors that were not my fault and stressing about where I was going to pull the money for the extra cost just dumped on me) to figure out that no, I did not need to pay for a meal plan if I was commuting the first semester. A problem that could have been solved in a day.

Since then, I had been in contact over the phone with a administrative officer about options for meal plans for the next semester because I had a shortcoming on my finances due to personal reasons. I had been told that there were what she stated were "30 meal packages" where if I pay 300 dollars, I get 30 meals in the dining hall that I can use whenever I wanted. I thought that was much more affordable than the whopping four grand they wanted for the full meal plan, so I planned my finances to be able to afford that meal plan, and inform the woman that this plan is the one I want to take.

The end of the first semester rolls around, and with a quick check of my Student Account I find that not only was I charged for a full meal plan for the second semester, but I was charged for the FIRST semester as well, after going through an entire, week-long ordeal at the beginning of the semester to figure out if I needed to pay for a meal plan or not.

I first go to my Financial Aid advisor to resolve the issue, only to be told to go to Student Accounts, who then told me I needed to see the Dean, who then told me I needed to go back to Student Accounts. Thoroughly frustrated, I end up being told to go talk to the Dean once again, that he was the person who would solve the issue, and all would be well. The second I sit in the office and talk to him about the issue I'm met with cold, uncaring and unconcerned behavior. I was talked down to like a child, as if I had no idea how to handle my finances and my own issues, and after a bit of going back and forth about what the problem actually WAS (he, for some reason, kept thinking that I had resided on campus and just wanted a different meal plan), he reluctantly offered to give me the smallest meal plan they offered (which was 3,000) because the plan I had initially picked and had been told was fine was only for commuters.

I'm told that I must pay for the small meal plan or I cannot attend the school because I absolutely HAD to stay on campus for the second semester, as agreed upon taking the offer the school gave me.

A small miscommunication made because an administrator couldn't be bothered to fully inform me (which they SHOULD have done because, well, it is what they're paid to do, and it is what I'm paying over 25,000 a year for) cost me three grand that I am still struggling to pay.

The school's answer to a payment plan is forcing you to agree to a two-month or four-month installment plan where you divide up the cost of what you owe over two payments a month. A flawed system that expects a person who was not able to pay ex amount of money in one month to be able to afford two payments a month of 400-500-600 dollars in two months. They do not offer extensions without a hassle of paperwork and further opportunity for miscommunication, and anything that has anything to do with money at Flagler College ends up becoming a very slow, tedious process. Nothing is explained in great detail, most of the women who work in student accounts talk down to students like children, and there is a widespread disrespect and disregard towards the students throughout the campus by administration.

Residential life and the dining hall also is NOT worth what you pay for.

While I didn't have to pay for residential commodities, I was and still am (Because of that "small" miscommunication) paying for horrible food that caused me to spend more nights on the toilet seat than at my desk.

During your tour and Orientation week, the guides will talk up the dining hall like its a Disney experience. It is definitely not, and you should not let yourself be fooled. The dining hall employees often look unhygienic, and the food deteriorates in quality as the semester drags on. Your first meal at Flagler will be the one and only good meal, anything after that is sub-par at best. I've been served undercooked chicken, overcooked soggy vegetables, spoiled (or close to it) "fresh" sandwich ingredients, and runny egg product that's mixed with tap water to last longer. Nothing you eat in the dining hall will be worth the ridiculous prices Flagler requires, and many petitions have been made by the student body that have gone ignored by administration. (Did I forget to mention the administrations complete and utter lack of care towards their student body?)

Aside for horrible food, there is virtually nothing interesting happening on campus. Most of the events that had taken place during my stay turned out to be small, poorly planned socials that have an uncanny resemblance to the middle-school dances and festivities my old outdated middle school principle would put on.

The only thing relatively interesting were the intramural programs put on that included yoga, zumba, tai chi, basket ball, soccer, and football (to name a few off the top of my head). If you're not athletic, theres not much else going for you at this school in terms of things to do on campus.

Residing in any residential hall is hell, whether you live in the old FEC towers or Ponce hall. If you're a male, you could luck out and get into Cedar hall, which is the only relatively decent residency that Flagler provides. I had been lucky enough to stay in FEC, the better of the two female residencies, only because it had a room AC unit you could control yourself. Both Ponce and FEC were disgusting, roaches infesting the place, and Im more than sure that the laundry rooms and stair wells have not seen so much as a broom in a decade.

If you had any hopes of doing any kind of laundry, leave them at the door. The FEC towers consist of three, four-story towers that all connect though hallways on the ground level. There are only five washers and five dryers to accommodate the amount of people who live in those buildings. It doesn't matter what time you go, there will always be at least two other people doing laundry, it is a very rare occurrence to find more than one washer or dryer open at a time.

One other thing that Flagler College will not tell you until last minute: your housing is not guaranteed, and if you are an out of state student who cannot afford to live off campus, you better make sure you get your name on the top of their "housing list". Once you are no longer a Freshman, Flagler College cares even less about you, and only have a limited number of spaces available to offer to returning students because of their requirement for new students to live on campus. You would think with a college so small they would not have such a ridiculous and wasteful housing requirement, but they do.

Flagler College's transfer rate is astounding, especially for first year students, and the meal plan and housing requirements are where the school makes their money because of this. Rather than focusing on bettering things about their school, they focus on funneling the most people through their system as possible in hopes that more will stay than last year. Its not a hard thing to spot, and it shows everywhere.

If you decide to transfer out of Flagler College, I would recommend you do it within your first semester of attending because otherwise, you're going to waste a substantial amount of money. Most of my credits are not transferring to my new college because of the requirement incompatibilities, something you're going to find with most colleges when transferring.

The library hours are also inconvenient. Closing as early as noon sometimes on the weekends and at 8:00pm during the weekdays. Some classes go on until 8:00pm, so if you're a person who likes to study in the library, make sure you do not take any afternoon classes. The only time the library is open a decent amount of time is during midterms and finals, and only the week of, not before.

The student body consists mainly of snobby, uptight liberals and conservatives who will plague your ears with nonsensical political and social "facts" they'd found on the internet (I.e tumblr and the like).

To conclude,
Flagler's academic programs are average at best. You are mostly paying for the maintenance of the school grounds rather than the studies you're attending for. A lot of outdated equipment aside from a few nice mac-labs (a few of which reserved for specific majors). Teachers seem to be disinterested in their subjects, and most lectures I've had are either so dry it hurts, or so inter-personal I don't know if I've tuned into an episode of Oprah or Dr. Phil. There is a colorful array of personalities amongst the staff, though, not all professors are gray and dull. I have had at least six out of a total of ten professors impress me with their passion and interest in the subject they teach.

Flagler college also has a "level" system for their classes, 100 level usually being strictly gen-ed, and the 400 level being the more challenging and point-focused.

Though most teachers are unnecessarily uptight about what they are teaching, and a few believe (judging based off of myself and a group of friends' experiences), that the subject material that they are teaching are superior to that of any other classes you may be taking, and blow their class expectations completely out of proportion. It is one thing to expect greatness and success from your students, its another to make the class so difficult only 30 percent of your students can pass the tests. I found that out of the 12 classes I have taken at Flagler, only 5 were reasonably challenging. The rest were either way under or way over their expectations. I took a 100 level art history class that had the expectations and difficulty of what my 400 level class should have had. It was unreasonably difficult.

If you're a sensible person, look elsewhere to spend the amount of money you would for Flagler College. Most of the people I have talked to have had similarly bad experiences with their time at Flagler.
Tue, 07 Jun 2016 03:05:35 GMT
StudentsReview: Negative Review about FCSA for Criminal Flagler College is the school people go to when the can't get into FSU or UF, or they did and can't afford to go to either one. Even teachers have questioned my choice to attend Flagler. This school w... Mon, 22 Feb 2016 01:16:01 GMT StudentsReview 279-172817 279-172817 279 44 Criminal Female Undergraduate Class 2019 1st Year Negative Flagler College is the school people go to when the can't get into FSU or UF, or they did and can't afford to go to either one. Even teachers have questioned my choice to attend Flagler. This school won't take you far. I will be transferring next semester. Mon, 22 Feb 2016 01:16:01 GMT StudentsReview: Negative Review about FCSA for Undecided I know this review is long, but if you are thinking about attending Flagler you will not regret reading this. I am currently a second semester freshman at Flagler. I came to Flagler from a small priva... Mon, 04 Jan 2016 03:20:35 GMT StudentsReview 279-172267 279-172267 279 52 Undecided Female Undergraduate Class 2019 1st Year Negative I know this review is long, but if you are thinking about attending Flagler you will not regret reading this. I am currently a second semester freshman at Flagler. I came to Flagler from a small private all girls school in Maryland expecting Flagler to somewhat similar given the somewhat low acceptance rate and small student body size. When applying to colleges I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do, but Flagler offered programs that interested me. So I visited, I was mesmerized by the campus and location, and I submitted my deposit. I read the reviews on this website, saw the 40% transfer rate (yes, this is true), and ignored them. I thought I would be in the exception. Perhaps agree with the positive comments written here after attending. I was wrong. Now, as I read the negative reviews I see how entirely accurate they are. First of all, if you're looking for the college experience, this is NOT the place for you. Students don't attend any sporting events (they're literally a joke), girls and guys are not allowed in each others rooms until the designated hours (7:00pm-12:00am) and you must sign your "guest" in with your RA and every hour your RA checks in on you and your "guest". If you are caught with a guest of the opposite sex (this includes your father or brother) in your room you loose all visitation and are required to do community service. Its absolutely absurd. Its worse than high school. "Freshman are allowed to have cars". Yeah, that is a true statement. Too bad you have to pay a ridiculous fine for that car and will never find a parking spot due to the fact they oversell 300 parking passes than they can accommodate for. 37% of students live off campus. I would like to also point out almost every freshmen is required to live on campus. Considering 40% of people transfer out of this school, only about 10% of students who are NOT freshmen live on campus. During the day, people are on campus though. I have never failed to see a barefoot guy with long blonde hair holding a cigarette walking across campus. That describes 80% of the male population here. The people here are very different than what I am used to at least. Almost everyone has tattoos and a long board. Also, I do not mean any offense by this, but there are not many smart people. I was ranked in the lower half of my grade, and now I am in the top 5%. The student here however find the easiest concepts ridiculously challenging. Finding a person who can keep up an intellectual conversation is quite difficult. The professors can go either way. I had one teacher lay on the floor and start meowing for 7 minutes once. I got an 110% in his class. Four people failed out. I am not that great of a student. I apologize for the long review but everything I am writing is entirely accurate. I encourage you to trust the statistics and the reviews. Don't be fooled by the beauty of the college and the proximity of the beach like I was. Mon, 04 Jan 2016 03:20:35 GMT StudentsReview: Neutral Review about FCSA for Communications I attended Flagler College two years ago as a freshman and I can honestly tell you that it's a weird place. I realized that the college draws in a lot of out of state students who are captivated by th... Fri, 24 Jul 2015 05:38:37 GMT StudentsReview 279-163556 279-163556 279 54 Communications Male Undergraduate Class 2017 1st Year Neutral I attended Flagler College two years ago as a freshman and I can honestly tell you that it's a weird place. I realized that the college draws in a lot of out of state students who are captivated by the location and aesthetic of the campus. It hit me pretty quick when I got there that the place is a little odd, as a freshman you're thrown in to one of two pretty isolated dorms that are for freshman only. It really sucked never being able to hang out with upperclassmen - you never see them because they all live off campus in the array of rentable apartments or houses in the surrounding area.

If you aren't used to the unique florida culture at Flagler - skater/surfer, beach bum style, hippie, artsy, new jersey oceanfront, what have you - you will either have to hang out with a bunch of kids that are completely different than you or you will be on your own real quick. The girls there are very strange - they seriously don't care who you are or what you act like - as long as you can go to a party and get drunk. Doesn't matter how you dress, whether your polite, etc. No class, no respect. The only thing they care about is whether or not you go out and party. There's no other way to find a girl here besides the aforementioned. I saw tons of beautiful girls dating beach bum skaters who dressed like street rats. You could be a complete geek and get a girl to sleep with you just by showing up at a party. Nothing else applies. So I guess if you are a guy with no impressive characteristics but you're willing to get drunk to hook up with a hippie girl who is weirdly attractive somehow, this would be a good place for you! However, most of those girls will be picked up by real men from better schools once they graduate and wake up to reality...

The class sizes are good, small but not too small. My roommate was crazy - so there's that. Weight room sucks. No football team of course. Basketball team was cool but no one showed up for the games. It kinda dawned on me while at a basketball game there that the handful of kids who did show up to the home games represented the percentage of the Flagler student body who actually cared about anything besides smoking and surfing. Which wasn't many. Basically think of going to a home game at your school and all of your friends that were at the game with spirit who were actually involved with things, and then think about the strange kids that didn't show up. That's the majority of the Flagler student body right there for ya.
Fri, 24 Jul 2015 05:38:37 GMT