StudentsReview - Indiana University Bloomington - Life at IUB Life at IUB - Comments en StudentsReview: Negative Review about IUB for Business - Management and Administration I really tried to like it here. I'm currently a sophomore in the process of transferring. Administration: The Kelley School of Business faculty are always accessible and ready to help, you just ne... Tue, 30 Sep 2014 04:10:06 GMT StudentsReview 465-138653 Copyright 2014 StudentsReview, Ecliptical Technologies, Inc. 465-138653 465 7 Business - Management and Administration Male Undergraduate Class 2017 1st Year Negative I really tried to like it here. I'm currently a sophomore in the process of transferring.

Administration: The Kelley School of Business faculty are always accessible and ready to help, you just need to ask for it. The professors are outstanding, and you typically don't get any graduate assistants as teachers, you get professors who have worked in their fields and know what they're talking about. Outside of Kelley is where it gets messy. The office of the bursar (financial aid and the like) is a mess, and honestly won't help you at all. Out of state tuition is ridiculous, and the scholarships they give you are a joke, and if I'm not mistaken they just capped it at $11,000 or $9,000 a year for OOS. That leads me into the type of student here.

Student Body: I have never been more disappointed IN MY LIFE. 32,000+ undergrads and it really seems as if you manage to run into every possible douche on campus. Less than 5,000 students are greek here, and yet it seems like they run the school. Either you're a complete douche who brags about how many girls you banged or how drunk you got last week, a total dumbass who drives around in a modified pick up truck without a shirt on (real cool), a girl who wears a polo hat yoga pants and nike trainers every day, a pretentious wannabe hipster (hipster isn't hipster any more-let it go), or a member of the small group of dissatisfied students. Students are either from New York, Chicago, Indiana, or Asia. And the students from New York and Asia drive incredibly nice cars and probably pay the tuition with a stack of cash they leave under their pillow to help them sleep at night. I can't stress enough how trashy the students are here. There's an EPIC lack of diversity. Either you're white, or an asian who can't speak english; everyone else can enjoy being on their own.

Social Life: IU is undoubtedly a huge party school. If you live for partying, come here and you won't be disappointed. If you're looking for something more than downing a fifth and throwing up on the girl you hooked up with last weekend, good luck.

Academics: Despite all the negatives, IU does have incredible academics. The Kelley School of Business is number 8 in the country, Jacob's music school is top 10, and psychology and journalism are also very highly ranked. If those don't meet your needs, IU is such a big school you can actually create your own major. There are a huge range of classes from Managerial accounting, to history of rock and roll, to food as art.

Dorms: Dorms are dorms and the food is pretty crappy and fattening. That's about it. The stereotypes of neighborhoods are somewhat true: McNutt and Briscoe attract the people who want to party and a ton of douches, Collins is pretty out there and artistic/'hipster', central is a bland land of people who wanted to live in McNutt or didn't get into the south neighborhood, and then the south neighborhood is mostly music kids.

If you're not a douche, or someone who is looking for diversity and an interesting and active student body, look elsewhere. I know I am, and I regret coming here.

My personal problem is that the people in my area of study (business) all drool over the opportunity to work for one of the big four accounting firms, make a median starting salary of $55,000, and that's that. If you have any desire for creativity or using the mind for something unroutine, you're one of maybe 10.
Tue, 30 Sep 2014 04:10:06 GMT
StudentsReview: Negative Review about IUB for Accounting I finished my freshman year at iu in the spring of 2014and it was eAsily the worst year of my life. I'll break it down in subcategories: Academics: i have mixed feelings about this. I actually feel... Tue, 23 Sep 2014 01:41:36 GMT StudentsReview 465-134345 Copyright 2014 StudentsReview, Ecliptical Technologies, Inc. 465-134345 465 1 Accounting Female Undergraduate Class 2018 1st Year Negative I finished my freshman year at iu in the spring of 2014and it was eAsily the worst year of my life. I'll break it down in subcategories:

Academics: i have mixed feelings about this. I actually feel that the rigor of the classes I took was pretty intense. That being said, classes are too big and faculty are inaccessible. Not to mention many of the profs don't speak English well. The best majors here are business, music, journalism, and sports management. If you're not in one of said majors, don't bother going here.

Student body: the students here are absolutely pathetic on average. There are two groups of people that comprise the campus: the first group is made up of the fratty douchebags whose shallowness will baffle you. I know lots of people will say to themselves, "I'm nota douchebag even though I'm in a frat, I'm a nice down to earth guy." But you're wrong. Anyways these people are about 70% of the school. The second group is the nerdy music kids. These kids, while far more genuine than the frat kids, are lame as fuck. Why do they all have to be so weird? I don't get it. These people are about 25% of the school. That leaves 5% for normal people. FIVE PERCENT!!!!! Think about that before you decide to go here. If you do not want to rush a frat, are not a music student and are an introvert, DO NOT GO HERE. The admissions people will tell you "everyone finds their niche" but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Dorm and social life: lol. Ok now my dorm was GREAT in terms of the building itself. I lived in rose, a brand new shiny building. It was nice as fuck. The students inside the building, however, were not so nice. My roommate was a very friendly guy but he was way too loud and got really annoying. I loathed three of the kids right across from me. The other w
One was alright. One of the Girls on my floor was really cool, the rest were brainless whores. So in short, dorm life was miserable. Now the social life. If the only way you can have fun is partying and drinking, by all means come to iu. You won't be disappointed. If you enjoy other things, don't come here. I can't believe I thought I could have fun at a school like this. Like I said before, it's very hard to find people you click with, esp if you're introverted. The town of Bloomington is pretty nice but it's very overhyped to me coming from Chicago. I think I'd kill myself if I had to live in brown after graduation, but maybe that's just because I'm from a big city. So seriously that town has some neat things to offer. It good luck finding people to enjoy them with.

Campus: the campus is really nice. Some parts are really breathtaking. But it is WAY too spread out. Prepare to walk over 4 miles a day. There is a bus system, but they are always late and/or are always full. I once waited 2 hours waiting for a bus because the two buses that came before told
Me they were too full. Also, this place is fucking HILLY. I come from Illinois where everything is flat. Like seriously we have no elevation or his at all. This was horrible. Yes, there are downhills, but the benefits of the downhills do not outweigh the drawbacks of the uphills.

Clubs/athletics: I played two intramural sports and while they were fun, there were only like three games for each of them. Wtf is up with that? There are no other clubs for normal people. The club selection is very limited. The bball and football games are really fun to go to if you actually
Know people to go with.

Bottom line: if you do not belong to any of these categories, you should not even be CONSIDERING IU:

1. Frat/sowhority member
2. Jewish
3.Kelley business student
3. Out of state student with at the very least an average family income of 100,000
4. In state student ("townie")
5. Jacobs music student
6. Journalism or sports management student
7. Very extroverted

If none of the above apply to you, you're welcome. I just narrowed your college search by knocking iu off the list for you. Don't make the same mistake I did. Fuck iu, fuck the state of Indiana, and fuck the pacers.

Tue, 23 Sep 2014 01:41:36 GMT
StudentsReview: Advice Review about IUB for Political Science I am about to begin my Junior year at IU. This is a huge school, so you're not going to be coddled like you would be at a smaller private school. IU freshman are given a huge amount of freedom and r... Fri, 25 Jul 2014 04:16:14 GMT StudentsReview 465-115779 Copyright 2014 StudentsReview, Ecliptical Technologies, Inc. 465-115779 465 58 Political Science Male Undergraduate Class 2016 2nd Year Advice I am about to begin my Junior year at IU. This is a huge school, so you're not going to be coddled like you would be at a smaller private school. IU freshman are given a huge amount of freedom and resources, and it can be overwhelming for some. But if you're a confident, ambitious kid who enjoys partying, you're going to love this place.
Also, as a guy I can firmly say that the young women here are absolutely gorgeous, and so is the campus. Simply walking between my classes is always a pleasure because it's a beautiful experience. Girls tell me that the guys here are cool. So ladies, you'll love it here.
As far as professors, most of them are involved in some sort of research. This means that they won't go out of their way to help you out. But from my experience, whenever I have shown initiative and approached a professor myself, they have been extremely helpful. If you're an anxious or sensitive person and you need someone to hold your hand through each class, go to a smaller school.
There is so much more I could say, but in a nutshell, IU is such a diverse and fun place that I wouldn't know where to start. I've had a great 2 years and I'm excited to turn 21 and experience the great bar scene in Bloomington!
Fri, 25 Jul 2014 04:16:14 GMT
StudentsReview: Neutral Review about IUB for Economics Alright, I am a freshman here at Indiana University, which is probably one of the largest party schools in the country. Needless to say, I don't really take part in that scene. Let me go into depth ab... Tue, 06 May 2014 12:49:05 GMT StudentsReview 465-107733 Copyright 2014 StudentsReview, Ecliptical Technologies, Inc. 465-107733 465 57 Economics Male Undergraduate Class 2016 1st Year Neutral Alright, I am a freshman here at Indiana University, which is probably one of the largest party schools in the country. Needless to say, I don't really take part in that scene. Let me go into depth about this "glorious institution" that is Indiana University.

Academics: These are my main concern. Unlike many of my classmates, I actually care about school and I like learning. I am majoring in geography and economics and minoring in mathematics. From what I have experienced here, I would describe Indiana University's education quality as average. As a freshman, you will probably be enrolled in some large lecture classes to meet some of the gen-eds, so expect to be among 200-300 people. I have felt that I have been luckier than the average student, though, because my professors were all native English speakers and hold plenty of accessible office hours. As an "arts and sciences" student, I cannot say much about entry-level business classes, but it seems that the quality of education increases as you enroll in upper-level courses.

Other Students: The worst part of Indiana University, however, is the undergraduates that go there. If you are a lowlife bro who loves shots and basketball games, I'm sure you'll find plenty of like-minded people; the same applies to dopey ditzy basic girls whose main interests are vodka and Instagram. Most of them are attracted to the business school, because they don't like an actual subject and just default to a way to make a lot of money. They get low grades in easy subjects such as introductory economics and finite mathematics because they were too hungover on the day of the midterm. If for any reason you are out late, any night of the week really, expect to see these animals wandering in herds to the next opportunity to inebriate themselves. It's actually quite hard to meet people not of this mindset.

Dorms: Most people move out of the dorms sophomore year, with good reason. There is a high likelihood that you will not have air conditioning, making the entire months of August and September unbearable. Many of them were built between 1950 and 1970, so they will seem dingy, depressing, fluorescent, but you get used to them. Most dining facilities are okay; they just opened a new one in the southeast neighborhood called "Woodlands" which is actually pretty high-quality for on-campus dining, but most places have what you would expect; chicken sandwiches, pizza, burritos. As far as "neighborhoods" go (categorized dormitory regions), let me summarize them all in a few words each.
1. Northwest: Typical IU party area. A bunch of mindless bros in tank tops with their female counterparts. Kelley School of Business people.
2. Central: Pretty average people, mostly normal suburbanite white kids that comprise the majority of Indiana University.
3. Southeast: This is a mix of international students, music school students, and a few of the people that comprise groups 1 and 2.
If I could make a suggestion, I would urge you to join an LLC. Originally I started out "going rando" (random roommate random dorm), and I lived at Wright in Central neighborhood. My experience of Indiana University improved magnificently when I decided to switch to Collins LLC halfway through first semester. If you seek alternative lifestyles/community service/activism, you should live here. Friendly, generally good people, with a some elite hipsters that luckily don't sour the bunch. It's what Bloomington is actually like.

The hardest aspect of attending a school like Indiana University is finding intelligent life in the pool of neanderthals that I have the displeasure of calling my classmates. Call me arrogant, but I can not believe that people like this go to my college. Academically, it is not that hard, and if you actually devote a portion of your day to studying (like you are supposed to in COLLEGE), you should be fine.
Tue, 06 May 2014 12:49:05 GMT
StudentsReview: Positive Review about IUB for Computer Science Academics: Overall, IU is an amazing school in terms of academics. They have strengths in almost every department -- almost to the point that I'd say they're underrated. First of all, the Jacobs Scho... Mon, 24 Mar 2014 08:27:47 GMT StudentsReview 465-104542 Copyright 2014 StudentsReview, Ecliptical Technologies, Inc. 465-104542 465 12 Computer Science Male Undergraduate Class 2016 1st Year Positive Academics: Overall, IU is an amazing school in terms of academics. They have strengths in almost every department -- almost to the point that I'd say they're underrated. First of all, the Jacobs School of Music is VERY highly ranked, and the feel that it, along with the many other fine arts programs, brings to the campus is something special in and of itself. Additionally, the Kelley School of Business is one of only three business programs in America that is ranked in the top ten in every single area. Kelley is pretty tough from what I hear, but very rewarding; many Kelley graduates land jobs in New York and Chicago. IU also boasts strengths in its foreign language department, and produces a noteworthy amount of Fullbright Scholars. Lastly, IU is VERY strong in the life sciences. Be warned of this if you have to take a lab course. Given the difficulty of these courses, it's no surprise that IU has one of the highest medical school acceptance rates in the nation. Given all of its academic strengths, IU should honestly be rated in the top 40 or 50 colleges in America, as opposed to #75. If IU added an engineering school, this may just become a reality.

Social Life: IU tends to party. Like a lot. However, I, myself, don't party at all. Never been the type to act really stupid (i.e. get drunk) to fit in with peers, and I'm pretty content here at IU despite that. As far as clubs/organizations, pretty well anything you can think of is available here (search for clubs using MyInvolvement!). If you can't find a club/organizations that fits your needs, you're allowed to start one without any hassle. I recommend not rushing -- or having a whole heck of a lot to do with Greek Life at all. They're pretty exclusive, and if you've ever watched Blue Mountain State, well...that sums up the Greek Life here pretty well.

Students: IU is a heck of a good-looking campus -- in terms of the scenery AND the students. I was always considered to be a really good-looking guy in high school, and here I feel overwhelmingly average lol. The chicks are mind-blowingly hot. Just take my word for it. However, most everybody (except for the incredibly awesome international students) is pretty snooty. So many people keep to themselves, and no one ever makes eye contact or says "you're welcome" when someone thanks them. It's like a big city, which is so weird to me because, unfortunately, I'm from a small town. It's pretty hard to make friends as a result of how stuck up everyone seems to be. I've honestly only made two friends since I've been here, but it's not a huge deal since I'm so incredibly busy with IU's rigor and working part-time. If you're from a suburb of Indianapolis (Carmel, Fishers, etc.) you'll have NO problem making friends. You'll probably feel like you're in high school again lol. Lastly, IU's student body is incredibly liberal. You're going to have a fun time trying to fit in if you're ultra-conservative.

Little 5: Seek shelter inside. Not in Northwest neighborhood.

Faculty: IU's faculty is world-renowned. This should honestly be expected from a Big 10 University -- or any research institution for that matter. DEFINITELY go to office hours. The most amazing people I've ever met were professors at IU.

Classes: Huge, often in a gigantic lecture hall. Although, the size trickles down as you advance within your major. I say don't let the size get to you. Professors/AI's are actually pretty accessible. And keep in mind, they're being paid not only to research, but ALSO to help their students.

Academic Rigor: The best thing about IU is its SPH-H classes. These classes will definitely inflate you GPA lol. These easier classes are welcomed, though, because IU offers a myriad of very difficult classes as well. Typically, World Language/Culture classes are pretty easy, along with the psychology courses. Among the difficult classes offered at IU are those in math, business, computer science/informatics, and the life sciences.

Job Placement: The Kelley School of Business, The School of Informatics and Computing, and SPEA have terrific job placement rates, and also boast very high salaries. There's also the Applied Physics program that leads to employment (I think this is our answer to an engineering program). Other than what I've mentioned, everything at IU is intended to lead to further study (i.e. graduate school, medical school).

To conclude, I'm glad I chose IU. This is coming from someone who spent a semester at ISU (and made a 4.0 while sleeping 12 hours a day) and a semester at Purdue (which is also an amazing university). I say give IU a shot. You're never going to experience so much variety, and so many opportunities in your life.
Mon, 24 Mar 2014 08:27:47 GMT