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I am currently attending UTI Glendale Heights, IL and when I first started I was really exited but by the time I was on my 4th class I realized that it was not the ?Best of the Best? as they claim to be.

My reason for writing in this forum are simple. I?m just really disappointed with the school and is definitely not the ?Best of the Best?. Classes are overcrowded definitely not smaller than 25 students some time there are more students than places to sit, in two different occasions I had to sit at the end of the table and was extremely uncomfortable.

I was told before I attended that classes where going to be small big enough for the instructors to have enough time for what they call ?Lab time?, and more hands on. Unfortunately all they told me was not really accurate.

When they tell you will have ?Lab time? they are more concentrated in filling your lab sheet that the State requires them to be completed. So far I had very little experience on taking things apart or repairing. Since there are usually more than 25 students and one instructor (with the rare occasion of another instructor helping out for one day due to the fact that all instructors are required to work one double shift) there is not enough time to help all the students understand what they are working on, you always have to wait a long period of time for the instructor to help out. Once you complete your lab assignments about 95% of the time they are not check over so your Lab grade is always 100% with the exception on your lab final. If you didn?t understand what you worked on when you did your lab sheets you have a bigger chance to lower your grade since lab final is 30% of your grade. Most instructors just glance at your work and give you the full grade.

Class time well its class time. There has been many time where I have just showed up to school and do nothing all day just to take my Lab exam and on the next day is the same thing, show up to take your final exam but the rest of the time is just a waste of time. They call this study time but for me is them taking my money for doing absolutely nothing. If your late or leave early you get an infraction even if your there wasting time.

Over all what they call the ?best of the best? is just perfect attendance nothing more. They will reward you for having perfect attendance right after your first class by them inviting you for lunch and for every 3 courses you continue to have perfect attendance you get a new ID badge stating you have so many courses completed with perfect attendance. If you continue on the same route on your 12th course you get this nice shirt that says ?BEST OF THE BEST?. Don?t get me wrong if you try hard enough and get the best class grade you are given a pin stating your are the ?Student of the Course? and a parking spot assigned to you for the next course. Isn?t that nice?

Financial aid, well its financial Aid they there to convince you to add more electives.

The instructors, some are good but some don?t not have business teaching and some definitely are good.

Think about what I have say. I wouldn?t take the time to write all this is it wasn?t true.
For all that are debating this school I hope you make the right choice and good luck in your career. I would have preferred Wyotech..

Thanks for reading.
Tue, 05 Mar 2013 03:03:09 GMT