StudentsReview - Seton Hall University - Life at SHU Copyright 2020 StudentsReview, Ecliptical Technologies, Inc. Life at SHU - Comments en StudentsReview: Negative Review about SHU for Psychology Seton Hall University is the worst university probably ever to exist. I spent one semester at this hell-hole and made the decision to transfer out, although I had to wait until the following year. All... Mon, 03 Feb 2020 04:40:56 GMT StudentsReview 897-185947 897-185947 897 38 Psychology Male Undergraduate Class 2000 Negative Seton Hall University is the worst university probably ever to exist. I spent one semester at this hell-hole and made the decision to transfer out, although I had to wait until the following year. All of my friends at SHU transferred as well because it is that bad. Now let's get into why it's so bad.
Academics: All of the professors (with the exception of maybe one) don't know what they are talking about and do not know how to teach. My orientation to psychology class was the worst experience I have ever had with any teacher/professor. Attendance was required but in class we did absolutely nothing and the teacher rambled on about any thought that came to his mind. Almost all of my other classes, except my honors colloquium class, were extremely similar experiences.
Diversity: SHU is not great with diversity. Although there are opportunities for different groups of people, when walking around campus, all you see is white kids and their Louis Vuitton bags their daddies bought for them.
Athletics: The athletics are the only thing going for Seton Hall. The basketball team is good but all of the other sports teams suck and are undermined by basketball. A big thing the school promotes is the opportunity to pay $100 for season tickets for basketball games and if you go to all of the games then you can get your money back. They fail to announce that there are four games over winter break. Being from Connecticut, I have absolutely no desire to drive 4+ hours, nor do I have the time to drive 4+ hours in order to get my money back. How would people from California or even different countries get their money back???
Dorms/housing: I lived in Aquinas, which is supposed to be the nicer dorm. Honestly, my room was very big and nice because I was on the honors floor. But, we had problems with our heat/air conditioning. Seton Hall doesn?t like to advertise the fact that they turn on the heat in the beginning of October. You can?t get your room under 80 degrees, even if it is 90 degrees outside. Also, the dryers in the laundry room stopped working. All of them. So we couldn?t wash/dry our clothes for weeks. Awesome. Also, the guest policy is probably the stupidest thing to ever exist. You can?t have anyone of the opposite sex signed in over night and you can only sign a certain amount of people in per week. Also, you have to get people who are from the other buildings signed in. Even if someone goes to Seton Hall, if they live off campus, they?re screwed. The shower temperature fluctuates from absolutely freezing to burning hot. The lounges are literally disgusting. The wi-fi also literally never works. Also, since there was a fire at the school, they have fire alarms go off every 2 seconds. For example, the night before a final, a fire alarm went off at 3 AM because someone burnt popcorn. And this is only Aquinas. Boland is 50000x worse. Everything smells and it is absolutely trashed. It looks like you are in a prison. To get out of Boland, you have to go through these revolving metal bars that look like the things that you go through in a subway station.
Safety: The school seems very safe on the surface. But, if you turn right off of campus, you will literally die or get mugged. I had to take an uber through Newark, Irvington Ave, and then to SHU and I genuinely felt unsafe. In the car. The security guards that are supposed to guard the doors of the dorms literally fall asleep at night at the desk. The gates are open until 11 PM and anyone can drive in without presenting an ID or anything. Although this isn?t terrible, considering the surrounding area, more safety precautions should be taken at the gates. Or at least the guards should check ID?s.
Party Scene: The party scene is the only okay thing about SHU. If you are a guy, don?t expect to get into any parties without throwing at least $10. If you are a girl, you can go in for free. They have parties Thursday-Saturday, but every single party is the same. You see the same people and they play the same exact songs. If you want to experience a Seton Hall party, just play Party in the USA, UCLA, and Mr. Brightside Remix on repeat.
Local Area: As stated before, you literally can not take a right off of campus without being in an extremely unsafe area. If you take a left, you are met with the South Orange village. There is literally nothing to do here except eat at the same four mediocre restaurants. Students usually remain on campus, not many people leave.
Campus Food: If you want to be depressed, the caf is the place for you. They just spent millions of dollars renovating the cafeteria, yet failed to include chefs. It is a self-service cafeteria for the most part. The only thing they make for you is hamburgers that sit in water and a few other things that no one touches. Nothing is fresh, nothing is healthy, and everything will give you stomach issues. Personally, I only ate omelets at the cafeteria and suffered extreme health issues as a result. There isn?t much else to eat and going to the cafeteria is a chore.
Student Life: The sororities and fraternities are the worst part about Seton Hall. There are six sororites, but if you don?t get into one of the four top sororities, then it is pointless. The top four sororities are based off of popularity and consist of mundane girls who are all exactly the same and have no variation is personality. Same with the fraternities. The rush process is only one weekend which does not give anyone a sufficient amount of time to find a sorority that they match with, as well as have the sorority find people who would fit well. They blacklist people if you hookup with the wrong person, even though you don?t know who is watching and who you should avoid because you?re only a freshman. Rush also starts in the spring so have time to piss off as many people as you possibly can because you are just being a normal freshman college student who wants to have fun but you don?t realize how small the school actually is until second semester. They base who they accept off of appearance, not off of personality. Other than Greek life, SHU is much like attending a high school in the sense that it is extremely small and popularity is a thing. It is extremely hard to find other people and meet new people after first semester because everyone forms their cliques. Also, the good majority of people that I had met at Seton Hall were extremely fake. I only met about two people who I actually trusted and liked.
Overall, DO NOT GO TO SETON HALL. IT IS THE WORST SCHOOL AND IT WAS THE WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE. I HATED EVERY MINUTE OF IT AND ACTUALLY GOT DIAGNOSED WITH ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION AS A RESULT OF ATTENDING THIS UNIVERSITY. I hope this helps someone who is considering going to this trash university. Thank you for reading if you?ve made it this far.
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StudentsReview: Neutral Review about SHU for Engineering Department Seton Hall prepared me to take exams for contarctor serVICES AND THE bAR EXAM WHICH i PLACED WITH A GREAT , TOP LAW firm right OUT OF engineering AND law STUDY. tHE STRENGTHS: You GET A wide MATURE... Fri, 14 Sep 2018 11:02:36 GMT StudentsReview 897-183642 897-183642 897 61 Engineering Department Female Undergraduate Class 1922 2nd Year Neutral Seton Hall prepared me to take exams for contarctor serVICES AND THE bAR EXAM WHICH i PLACED WITH A GREAT , TOP LAW firm right OUT OF engineering AND law STUDY. tHE STRENGTHS: You GET A wide MATURE FACulty that doesnt back deal on your education and look at whatever the publicity of your study and life may be to promote their own careers. The recriutment on the ladies part isnt a bucnh of sleaxzy whores. Great study resources and faculty. A location close to New York City at 18 or 19 is not such a bad thing. The drawbacks: Companies in Manhattan and NYC liske to down sixze. They also speak broken language with their accountants. Those things have nothing to do with the University, although the place looks like Burbank and their students have an anti anglo angle. Fri, 14 Sep 2018 11:02:36 GMT StudentsReview: Negative Review about SHU for Communications Seton Hall University looks like a great school online and on paper. The attendees of open houses and campus tours are met with friendly and helpful students/faculty, only to have it all disappear wit... Fri, 08 Dec 2017 04:34:00 GMT StudentsReview 897-182183 897-182183 897 54 Communications Female Undergraduate Class 1921 1st Year Negative Seton Hall University looks like a great school online and on paper. The attendees of open houses and campus tours are met with friendly and helpful students/faculty, only to have it all disappear within the first week of class.
Many people think that those who do not enjoy it here are the low-lifes, however, I had a 4.25 GPA in high school, was third in my class, and had a scholarship for SHU that covered more than half of the tuition.

SCHOLARSHIPS: With that being said, if you do not get a scholarship, do NOT come here. It is not worth $58,000 -and that is for NJ residents. Even with the scholarship, it is still much more expensive than public schools. I have also learned more in high school than I will ever learn here and I am glad to say that I am transferring after just my first semester.

MY BACKGROUND:I went to a technical high school and had a three-year communication arts program, and it taught me more than this place ever could.

RESOURCES: I have watched videos made by students here, and they do not even have the proper equipment or knowledge to make the videos. I am in a film class this semester, and for our end of the semester project we had the choice of making a short film or writing about a film. However, the Department of Communications flat-out denied the use of cameras for our class. I find it even funnier that the professor actually had to make a request to ask permission for camera use in A FILM class. I also do Pirate TV, and no one there knows what they are doing. The students are constantly yelling at each other. Pirate TV even has trouble getting camera access to tape sports events. It is so sad to have come to college for great opportunity, only to find out it's a lie.
I also participate in Pirate Radio, and it is completely unorganized. We had to take a 6-week training class and the sessions were usually 20 minutes each. Although the radio station does have prestige, once going inside I have never seen such outdated equipment still in use in my entire life.
I have also attended Communication Marketing Forums, which is completely run by Seton Hall Alumni. While it is nice to see the alumni trying to give back, most of them were extremely rude at the event and stopped talking to me once I told them I was a freshman (they asked my year).

ATMOSPHERE: This school is worse than high school. Everyone here is close-minded and they all have their own cliques. Most people here are from North Jersey (I am from South Jersey) or the New York City area and all went to high school together. They are very unfriendely to newcomers. I personally did not know anyone coming here, and I have still not met one genuine person. My roommates have stolen from me multiple times.

SOCIAL LIFE: Greek Life is HUGE here. Almost everyone joins Greek Life and it is constantly shoved in your face by your ULife Professor and your Peer Advisor. I am not interested in Greek Life, and therefore am left out of the social circle. They say they don't haze here but they do, there's even a house that kids call the "rape house."
The party scene is pretty big here, with kids partying Wednesday and Thursday nights because they all go home for the weekends. If you don't like partying or Greek Life, you will have a hard time making friends.
I live in Boland Hall, where I have seen at LEAST 10 ambalances this semester because of alcohol poisoning. In my hallway a few weeks ago, a whole room down the hall got busted for smoking weed in their room (and it was far from the first time they did this), and they are still here and have had no reperrcussions.
The drug scene is huge here. Kids smoke in front of the Science Building and on the green every single night.

ADVISORS/RA/STAFF: Most Peer Advisors seem to friendly and I know most people are good friends with theirs, I guess I was just unlucky. Peer Advisors are required to be in your ULife class, and my PA stands in the front of the class and yells at us for not sharing what we wrote, even though they told us just seconds before it was private and would not be shared. I am constantly bombarded with emails from my PA and they are long, sarcastic, sassy, and plain rude.
My ULife Professor is not any better. She makes powerpoint presentations that a third grader could make, yells at us constantly, and then wonders why we are afraid to talk. She once screenshot emails from students and made fun of them in front of the whole class. Although she did change the names, it was still highly inappropriate and the class felt uncomfortable.
My RA is never around. If I have a problem she'll tell inaccurrate information or tell me not to worry about it, that she'll help me, and then she never does. I just end up solving the problem myself.

DORM LIFE: If you live close, don't waste your time dorming because everyone leaves Thursday night or Friday morning because most students don't have classes Friday. I live in a STORAGE ROOM (I did not know before moving in) in Boland Hall (it used to be a chapel, then a storage room, and now it is a room with furniture quite literally thrown into it.) Some of my outlets are behind heavy dressers and furniture, leaving a lot of them unaccessible or VERY hard to reach. 3 out of the 4 wardrobes were broken, my desk was broken, there were no ladders for the bunk beds, outlets hanging off the wall, and exposed wires. They told me it would be fixed two days later. Fast forward one month, and the wires were fixed, and my desk was worked on, but it is still damaged. Everything else was left the way it is after at least 5 requests and calls to the University. We were left with no ladders for our bunk beds for half of the semester, and my parents were told to contact "someone else" when calling Housing services. The wifi was HORRIBLE for 2/3 of the semester. It's a little better now, but the cell phone reception is terrible and I have to go out in the freezing cold to make a 60 second phone call.

ACADEMICS: If you want to be challenged do NOT come here. Again, I learned more in high school. When asking for better guidance or some help, teachers will take your laptop and write your essay for you (happened to me with my English Professor). I have gotten A's on every assignment I have ever done, and yet I have learned nothing. Teachers don't feel like grading so they give you 100s on everything. I have only had two tests, and I was given all of the questions and answers beforehand by the Professor. I came here to get a challenging education, but there is no such thing here.

SURROUNDING NEIGHBORHOOD: The campus is gated for a reason. I once walked down South Orange Ave with five other girls at 1 in the afternoon to go to RiteAid. On the way there we were followed on two occasions by two separate men. When the South Orange Police came by we flagged them down, and they ignored us and floored it down a side street. It was so bad that we had to run into a pizza shop and ask a father with his family to walk us back to campus. And one men STILL lingered behind us. Also, be careful sometimes because people will wait outside of the gate and then walk in when students open it.

FOOD: The food makes my stomach hurt IMMEDIATELY after eating it. Seton Hall makes sure to make great food for open houses, campus tours, and orientations, but it will not stay like that. The students are always happy when there's a lot of campus tours going on because that means good food for a few days. Other than that, many people have found bugs in their pasta and salads (I have seen pictures). The icecream makes people sick because the scooper is kept in dark, filthy water. (you;ll understand if you see the scooper...) Lately, the chicken has bene completely raw, and one students even found a spine and organs in hers. There are barely any choices, and most of the time the same thing is served for a week straight with a different name to make it sound new. "Peppered Steak," "Beef Stew," and "Beef Stirfry" are all the same. The vegetables are complete mush and usually cold, so most students either eat fries, cook their own food, or eat nothing at all. Many students have lost weight because the food here is so hard to eat.

OVERALL: If you are a fan of Greek Life or a commuter who lives close-by you might like it here. Otherwise, good luck...I am very happy to be leaving and have been counting down the days (11 more)....
Fri, 08 Dec 2017 04:34:00 GMT
StudentsReview: Negative Review about SHU for Accounting Seton Hall wasn't my first choice, actually, it wasn't my second, third or fourth either. I came to SHU because I made the mistake of only applying to private universities and praying for a scholarshi... Wed, 21 Dec 2016 12:55:23 GMT StudentsReview 897-177603 897-177603 897 1 Accounting Female Undergraduate Class 2019 1st Year Negative Seton Hall wasn't my first choice, actually, it wasn't my second, third or fourth either. I came to SHU because I made the mistake of only applying to private universities and praying for a scholarship. Seton Hall was the only school on my list I could afford so I sucked it up and went here knowing I could transfer if it got bad. Lo and behold, I will be transferring to an NJ state university as of Fall 2017.


ACADEMICS: Besides the coursework being somewhat unchallenging, I can't complain about my department. I have heard horror stories from CompSci, IT Management, Math, and Engineering that a lot of the teachers do not speak English and use outdated methods. You have to take a lot of BS religion based credits but you should expect that coming into a Catholic school.

A word of advice: SHU is, for the most part, a hard sciences/pre-med school. The Stillman School of Business (my school) is up-and-coming but isn't rated highly by outside sources. The school DOES seem somewhat diploma mill-ish but a lot of well-known universities seem like that nowadays so take that as you may.


CAMPUS SERVICES: Professors are accessible but this varies from professor to professor. Freshmen advisers rock but upperclassmen advisers suck. Career services here are better compared to other universities. Always have Uber as a backup plan because the university shuttles have no problem leaving you stranded occasionally. The campus food services aren't bad and you can work with it.


STUDENT BODY: The student body is mostly from New Jersey but there are the occasional Californians that just came here to be close to New York City. Students are kind of approachable but there are several cliques among each class. The student body has a slightly liberal majority but the liberal students are quite militant about their beliefs and it is not uncommon for conservative students to form their own "cliques" of sorts due to social ostracization.



1. PARTY SCENE - Join Greek Life if you want to party. After the first 2 weeks of the semester, most frats close their doors to non-affiliated students (except for some girls) and you're left with three independent houses that do not throw parties often. There is a lot of coke, weed, and pills flowing through campus and a lot of kids start smoking cigarettes, weed, or doing drugs their freshman year. During your freshman year, expect a lot of weekends just drinking with friends in your rooms or smoking. Anywhere from 20-30% of the dorming students go home on the weekends so there is no campus sponsored events besides sports games on Saturday and Sunday.

2. CLUBS - As I said, because no one's here on the weekends there are no club activities on the weekends. The Student Government Assoc. often penalizes clubs by taking away their budget for not obeying their ridiculous rules and regulations.

3. SURROUNDING AREA - Besides the main strip of road known as the South Orange Village and the residential area across the street from the main gate, South Orange is a crime ridden dump. Kids get held up a lot, stabbings and shootings occur within blocks of campus often, but the South Orange PD are somewhat reasonable of your situation and won't bother you unless you bother them. The residents, on the other hand, are quite hostile to you and the food is decent but pricey so don't expect to go into South Orange a lot. New York City is accessible by train and the station is only ~10 blocks from campus in a safe area of South Orange but that is very expensive and I don't like NYC all that much.


CONCLUSION: Come to Seton Hall for what it is, a tiny but decent private school in a bad area of North Jersey with a good basketball team.

I am trying to transfer because I only applied to small private schools and Seton Hall was basically my only choice. I'm currently looking at large state schools that are within my range of affordability.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helped!
Wed, 21 Dec 2016 12:55:23 GMT
StudentsReview: Advice Review about SHU for Math Before I went to Seton Hall, I was known for excelling academically. I won several awards for many different competitions and broke the record for the highest number of AP courses and credits awarded.... Fri, 19 Aug 2016 03:51:58 GMT StudentsReview 897-175021 897-175021 897 23 Math Male Undergraduate Class 2018 2nd Year Advice Before I went to Seton Hall, I was known for excelling academically. I won several awards for many different competitions and broke the record for the highest number of AP courses and credits awarded. When I came to Seton Hall I expected extremely little challenge, but I was challenged for the wrong reasons. As a math major, there are very few of us at Seton Hall, so the professors like to privatize lectures, essentially teaching each section differently. Through this we couldn't collaborate to study for tests or quizzes. Secondly, some professors were unhelpful and arrogant. One simply told me: "Seton Hall is by far the best university, better than any Ivy League.." I was shocked by such arrogance. I don't believe that Ivy Leagues are better because of prestige, it's simply the faculty and resources. Here you will find yourself more hindered from professors than helped. Only a few professors have actually helped me achieve greater potential, but like I said, these are rare. For Calculus I my creativity was shattered by a professor that only allows things her way. Through the next course I was shattered again but this time by a professor that couldn't teach properly. One professor I had simply told me to read the textbook instead of asking him questions. One professor taught me to study and learn the course material on my own, but that's not a good thing for many students here. I am able to self-teach many subjects but this crippled more than half the class. There is no greatness about this program at SHU, and you will find yourself disappointed. Also, there are an extreme amount of arrogant students. It's like they all flock to this school, I am frequently belittled by people that can't even find a derivative in Calc 1. I'm also a student of the language program, and the German program sucks, this professor doesn't know how to teach German, and they need to seriously redo the cirriculum for European Standards. I find myself speaking and knowing more of a language as a self-taught student learning from European Standards than the clowns that take the language at SHU. Distasteful academically, foul in terms of the personalities of students and overall a giant pool of arrogant people in one place. Please do not come to this school as a math, compsci, or language student. You will regret it as I have. Fri, 19 Aug 2016 03:51:58 GMT