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Malformed University Name, Uncategorized Surveys

Breakdown of “Campus Aesthetics” at MUNUS

By Gender
By Major
Art & Design DepartmentF
Automotive EngineeringF
Business - Management and AdministrationA
Chemical EngineeringA
Civil EngineeringB-
Computer EngineeringF
Design Arts - Industrial Design/Graphic Design/etcC
Electrical EngineeringA-
Engineering DepartmentB-
History/Histories (art history/etc.)A-
Mechanical EngineeringA+
Music - Composition/TheoryF
Music - PerformanceC+
Music EducationA-
Perfomance ArtsD
Political ScienceA
PreMed and MedicalA+
PreVet and VeterinaryA+

Against similar schools

Campus Aesthetics compared with similar schools in class.

Average of All Schools

Campus Aesthetics

... any student suspected of disagreeing with any of their standards will be investigated (tapped phone calls, roommates encouraged to spy and then ...Read full comment
... The atmosphere of the campus (especialy St ...Read full comment
... The campus is gracious and nicely contained ...Read full comment
... The campus is beautiful, although the weather isn't the best ...Read full comment
... The school geographically is easy to get around & not that large - you can walk across campus in 10 minutes ...Read full comment
... William & Mary offered great academics, but was stuck in the 50's as far as campus life ...Read full comment
... " At Loyola, thirty years ago, men and women couldn't even visit each others' dorms on the puny, ugly, constricted campus ...Read full comment
... A month or two later they came out with this statement saying that backing out on a position obtained through the career center would be ground...Read full comment
... It is a gorgeous campus with awesome housing ...Read full comment
... I am in the best space of my life, Marist has everything I could ask for, they have an outstanding fashion program (my major), they always have a...Read full comment
... The campus tour was great, but they pretty much just focused on all the good the school had to offer ...Read full comment
... The campus support staff is also terrible, they act as if I was wasting their time when I needed their help ...Read full comment
... They hire sub-standard teachers to save money and try to make the campus look prettier ...Read full comment
... IF you really want to go to prison, commit a crime instead of applying to this campus ...Read full comment
... The buildings are still in serious disrepair, support services lacking, underqualified faculty, and the campus just seems demoralized and in sur...Read full comment
... The campus is as one other reviewer stated, a collection of old manisons which, to their credit, Champlain does try to keep up but they can't ...Read full comment
... Above all, a busy state highway cuts this campus in half ...Read full comment
... The campus is ugly, too ...Read full comment
... Yes, the campus is nice and some of the departments are good, but the poorly functioning administration plus the lack of "real-world" preparation...Read full comment
... Prospective students should be made aware of the ever expanding Washington State Prison (Death Row types) housed within 2-3 miles of the Whitman c...Read full comment
... I honestly wish I had never set foot on the UA Campus ...Read full comment
... It was a pretty campus though ...Read full comment
... Campus social life revolves around fraternities and sororities ...Read full comment
... It may sound extreme, but believe me when I say that you will feel like youre no longer on planet Earth once you walk on that campus ...Read full comment
... They are unprofessional and they are never around on campus ...Read full comment
... Campus looks terrible, it's depressing ...Read full comment
... Aside from what happened to me, there is no safety on the campus ...Read full comment
... But anything you can get in different places is served in the Market Place or somewhere else on campus ...Read full comment
... The college is a suit case school and honestly there would be about 10 people left on campus come fridy night ...Read full comment
... Research intensive campus ...Read full comment
... Northwestern is a beautiful campus with a world class faculty and an excellent academic reputation ...Read full comment
... The education is top class, and the beautiful campus is one of the finest in the nation ...Read full comment
... There are 23 campuses throughout the state and they are all quality ...Read full comment
... Anyway, I'll quit rambling; if you want to find out what Guilford is really about, come spend a night on campus ...Read full comment
... It's a large university, to be sure, but that provides for a diversity of backgrounds and experiences ...Read full comment
... Since the school has no music faculty, you take voice lessons off campus, with a private voice teacher in NYC ...Read full comment
... The sprawling campus has a great feel and tons of fun nightlife is on campus or within walking distance ...Read full comment
... The night life kinda sucks, but people ususally just go to an off campus house and party ...Read full comment
... In my experience the campus can be somewhat "clique-y", but not really in an exclusionary sense, but more that people tend to primarily hang out...Read full comment
... Ill get to the main points 1) Party scene - not on campus, however we are 5 minutes from PB,10 from Downtown so if you cant rally up some budd...Read full comment
... It is a beautiful campus surrounded by lush forests and streams ...Read full comment
... I love the atmosphere of the campus and it was worth the hard work I put in ...Read full comment
... It has beautiful campus with romantic architecture and spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains ...Read full comment
... I enjoyed the work-hard/play-hard ethos of the campus ...Read full comment
... There is a lot to do on campus, tunnels, radio shows, cool smart people, funny teachers who are willing to be honest and open ...Read full comment
... Don't worry about the size of the surrounding town--there is a whole lot happening on campus, and if you like, you can organize all sorts of new ...Read full comment
... The campus is VERY nice now thanks to the Olymics being held in atlanta ...Read full comment
... Money and the right connections were from many of these kids backgrounds ...Read full comment
... The campus is beautiful and the overall social environment was a lot of fun ...Read full comment
... Speaking of the EE program and general engineering on the aerospace side of the campus, the instructors are top notch ...Read full comment
... It was through the preaching and classroom instruction supplemented by the chaste environment of the campus that allowed my wife and I to develo...Read full comment
... The campus is fabulous, the people even better than that ...Read full comment
... Also, a terrific school to go to if you need an on campus job ...Read full comment
... I learned many practical things in other classes and on-campus exepriences about life, relationships with other people, and my relationship with ...Read full comment
... The campus is beautifully kept, a real oasis of sorts in the midst of a typical city setting ...Read full comment
... The beautiful campus was a plus, but the lack of quick access to major performance areas probably was a negative ...Read full comment
... The sports programs are good, and Division I football, basketball, and hockey often bring big-name opponents to campus ...Read full comment
... There is a lot to do as far as campus actiivities ...Read full comment
... It is a picturesque, compact campus, kind of isolated from major metropolitan areas ...Read full comment
... As a female, I was often jogging around campus between 2-4am and felt very safe ...Read full comment
... The campus and community were wonderful, and my experiences there aided in my personal and academic development ...Read full comment
... However, undergrads seem to be just as "bored" down here at the University of Maryland (Main Campus, a metro ride from the heart of DC ...Read full comment
... and happily submit to rules for a mass of individuals with different backgrounds, expectations, and issues ...Read full comment
... Marist College is a beautiful campus, located right on the historic Hudson River ...Read full comment
... I had never set foot on the campus until the day I arrived, nor had any of my relatives attended the school ...Read full comment
... Campus is kinda/sorta spread out but not so much that you cant find where you are going ...Read full comment
... If you go to AIC for campus life then you are making a mistake ...Read full comment
... Our "project give a damn" took us from the insular world of the campus to the greater world and put us in contact with those who were not as bles...Read full comment
... Socially, Stockton is a really fun place both on and off campus ...Read full comment
... Hot campus,students are so nice and respectfull,its like they were hand picked ...Read full comment
... Walla Walla University had great academics, great social activities, and a very nice campus ...Read full comment
... Some of the best friends that I still have are ones who I met in classes or in other activities around campus ...Read full comment
... The students were all friends from all socio-economic backgrounds ...Read full comment
... Although challenged by coursework inside and outside of class, I am able to find peace in the numerous leadership and service opportunities offer...Read full comment
... I loved the campus setting ...Read full comment
... Make an effort to talk to the people in your dorm, do campus activities, go to concerts and shows in Ann Arbor, etc ...Read full comment
... I am also involved in many clubs on campus ...Read full comment
... I made lifelong friends and was impressed with how close-knit the campus community was ...Read full comment
... The faculty and campus environment are dynamic ...Read full comment
... The faculty and campus environment are dynamic ...Read full comment
... I had financial aid and had to work on campus ...Read full comment
... I really truly loved living on campus the first few years, and I loved it ...Read full comment
... The prominant art exhibit at the time that I went for the campus tour was several poster size prints of a naked woman in various sorts of bondage...Read full comment
... The campus is beautiful and so are the people ...Read full comment
... The lack of a campus or a social life is glaring here ...Read full comment
... and your cars arent safe on campus the security is incompetent and have an over all IQ of mabey 70 ...Read full comment
... Some of them gave little acknowledgement whenever I past by them around campus ...Read full comment
... Live on campus, it's much easier to make friends ...Read full comment
... Syracuse is a very big school and you should make sure you want all the activity and the anonymity of walking on campus and sometimes not knowing ...Read full comment
... The campus is ugly, too ...Read full comment
... I enjoyed most of my classes, beautiful campus, made fabulous friends, tried out Greek life (so-so), and loved football weekends ...Read full comment
... Here are my pro's and cons of both experiences: UNDERGRAD Pro's: If you are passionate about what you are doing, you will do well and go plac...Read full comment
... Live off campus if you can ...Read full comment
... The campus looks much different now than it did 30 years ago - there's a new business building, and the old South Campus dorms are long gone ...Read full comment
... I've while attending in Deland, I found many things to get involved in both on campus and within the community ...Read full comment
... The comments about the campus lifestyle, sadly even apply to one who attended there all those years ago ...Read full comment
... Get involved on campus ...Read full comment
... And I mean that in the "with rocks" sense, not the "High Times ranked Antioch the safest Campus in the US to Smoke Pot" sense ...Read full comment
... Visit the campus - get names and numbers of current students - talk to them ...Read full comment
... It is a bit of a machine given it's large size, but being split up into several smaller colleges and campuses (and I don't mean New Brunswick...Read full comment
... When you first see the school, it does look impressive and the campus is beautiful and it's connected to a nice park where you can lots of studen...Read full comment
... If you live in the dorm you will be made especially familiar with all the rules of the college; much more so than if you don't live on campus...Read full comment
... #4 This is a very Christian campus ...Read full comment
... I joined several organizations on campus ...Read full comment
... Believe it or not, I actually chose to stay at this school- the San Diego architecture campus ...Read full comment
... ) on Campus ...Read full comment

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Malformed University Name  Uncategorized Surveys

Similar Colleges by Grounds

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A 9.1
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A 9.0
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A- 8.8
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A- 8.4
Washington University in St Louis  
A- 8.4
College of the Holy Cross  
A- 8.4
University of Virginia  
A- 8.4
Duke University  
A- 8.4
Cornell University  
A- 8.4
Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
A- 8.4
Johns Hopkins University  
A- 8.4
Marist College  
A- 8.4
Villanova University  
A- 8.4
Texas A & M University - College Station  
A- 8.3
Bucknell University  
A- 8.3
University of West Florida  
A- 8.3
Saint Joseph's University  
A- 8.3
University of Rochester  
A- 8.3
University of Missouri - Columbia  
A- 8.2
Northwestern University  
A- 8.2
College of William and Mary  
A- 8.2
Michigan State University  
A- 8.2
University of California - Santa Barbara  
A- 8.2
American University  
A- 8.2
Mount Holyoke College  
A- 8.2
University of Alabama  
A- 8.1
Indiana University - Bloomington  
A- 8.1
James Madison University  
A- 8.1
University of Oregon  
A- 8.1
Syracuse University  
A- 8.1
University of California - Berkeley  
A- 8.1
Purdue University  
A- 8.1
University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Campus  
B+ 8.0
Christopher Newport University  
B+ 8.0
Lehigh University  
B+ 8.0
University of Wisconsin - Madison  
B+ 8.0
Tulane University of Louisiana  
B+ 8.0
Stanford University  
B+ 8.0
Clemson University  
B+ 8.0


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