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Malformed University Name, Uncategorized Surveys

Breakdown of “Education Quality” at MUNUS

By Gender
By Major
Art & Design DepartmentC-
Automotive EngineeringF
Business - Management and AdministrationA
Chemical EngineeringA+
Civil EngineeringC
Computer EngineeringA
Design Arts - Industrial Design/Graphic Design/etcB+
Electrical EngineeringB+
Engineering DepartmentA
History/Histories (art history/etc.)B
Mechanical EngineeringA+
Music - Composition/TheoryF
Music - PerformanceC-
Music EducationD+
Perfomance ArtsC+
Political ScienceA
PreMed and MedicalB+
PreVet and VeterinaryA+

Against similar schools

Education Quality compared with similar schools in class.

Average of All Schools

Education Quality

... Education and lump sum dollars is the foundation that choices are built on ...Read full comment
... I definitely gained an appreciation for the diversity of people in the world, and that is at the heart of a university education ...Read full comment
... Immediately after school you have an entire network of friends spread across the country working industry or continuing education ...Read full comment
... I would advise other students to think twice about going into dept for your post secondary education ...Read full comment
... It has helped me achieve some goals and I have no real regrets about my education, but I recommend that students attend a residential college a...Read full comment
... Your initial question amuses me, as how can any education let alone a college education HURT ...Read full comment
... The specifics of my education in no way prepared me for the working world ...Read full comment
... They did not increase my financial aid by one penny when my parents lost all ability to contribute money toward my education (and my FAFSA form ...Read full comment
... It sets false expectations, denies the ability to have free thought, forces more rules on adults than they had as children, and provides a medioc...Read full comment
... When you read reviews written by your typical domers, they consistently overstate the difficulty and value of the education there ...Read full comment
... One of the manifold purposes of a college education is to help young people make the transition to adulthood and adult decision-making ...Read full comment
... If you are looking for a meaningful position in the food industry and want to get the best "bang for the buck" consider another school such as...Read full comment
... SOU is uber-liberal, and the liberalism detracts from the education, and permeates the teaching ...Read full comment
... -from-wealth kind of kid, attend this University for its social aspects and basic education ...Read full comment
... PCC provided a good education ...Read full comment
... 2) Due to a change in vision on the part of the outgoing administration, much of the University's time and money has been dedicated to expanding...Read full comment
... The level of education is of a high school media class ...Read full comment
... The level of education there is of a high school media class ...Read full comment
... The small classes are helpful, and you can get a decent education out of the place, but make sure you do the following: 1 ...Read full comment
... degree in one of the social science curriculums - I was told I was a professional in the field of Early Childhood Education ...Read full comment
... It brings the value of a masters and PhD degree down when enough students are pushed through the educational system as 'deserving' of something ...Read full comment
... MSU gave me a modest education, driven on other agendas than the education ...Read full comment
... If you are a native of New England and plan to live and work in New England, then a Norwich Education will be more popular or well known ...Read full comment
... If you are a native of New England and plan to live and work in New England, then a Norwich Education will be more popular or well known ...Read full comment
... I've spent all my savings on education there only to learn that they are not part of the American Psychoanalytic Association, or the Internationa...Read full comment
... I will not be continuing my education at this institution ...Read full comment
... that they wanted to transfer, but never got around to it, and now that they've accepted the fact that they are receiving subpar education, they l...Read full comment
... Got my BS in Secondary Education, but failed to find a job in first couple years ...Read full comment
... t waste your time and money on a second-rate education at an institution who ...Read full comment
... I would NOT recommend to work here nor would I recommend attending Keuka College for higher education ...Read full comment
... The education itself was about 3 stars ...Read full comment
... t waste your time and money on a second-rate education at an institution who ...Read full comment
... t waste your time and money on a second-rate education at an institution who ...Read full comment
... The head of the graduate school of education tried to kick me out because I "lacked sparkle ...Read full comment
... Please do not go here, I am frustrated with my debt and no employers acknowledging my education ...Read full comment
... There was nothing special about the education we received ...Read full comment
... Back when I was young, naive, and wet behind the ears, I never thought in a million years that my DePaul education could be so useless ...Read full comment
... I have been here for undergraduate and graduate education, so I feel pretty qualified to speak about the University of Michigan ...Read full comment
... The dean brags about how he has increased the number of students in the program in spite of the fact that it actually lowers the quality of educ...Read full comment
... Poster child for all that is wrong with American higher education ...Read full comment
... Education wise I got about 50% of what I paid for ...Read full comment
... True the class sizes are small but that doesn't mean your going to get a good education, most professors at this college when you go to them for ...Read full comment
... I did not want to go initially, but in retrospect, I am very pleased with the education I received ...Read full comment
... My college education has been very important in providing the foundation for my job skills ...Read full comment
... Highly recommend this school for value and quality of education ...Read full comment
... I would recommend SUNY Oswego to anyone one who is looking to get a solid education at an affordable price ...Read full comment
... The education is top class, and the beautiful campus is one of the finest in the nation ...Read full comment
... She took the time to find my address and send me a nice note to encourage me as I continued my education ...Read full comment
... I feel that the education I received from Purdue was excellent ...Read full comment
... Though my career has little to do with my major course of study, my education was first rate and has definitely had an impact on my career path ....Read full comment
... I got a great education that prepared me not only for work, but for life ...Read full comment
... The individual and personalized service and attention helped me in achieving my educational goals ...Read full comment
... The professors, and my faculty advisor, made all the difference in my education always being willing to help me out of the classroom ...Read full comment
... I was in the 2 year teacher education program ...Read full comment
... The snobby rich kids and tutition costs can get me down sometimes, but I am getting an amazing education and oppertunity by going here ...Read full comment
... The one thing I would change about my educational path would be to have some idea of what my career path would be ...Read full comment
... I had some wonderful professors, got a great education and made life-long friends ...Read full comment
... I have served in business (earning six figures for several years), and I have served in education ...Read full comment
... My education was great and I got a job right out of school ...Read full comment
... I have been employed simply because my resume had "Spartan" in the education block ...Read full comment
... I paid more for my graduate education which I think went farther ...Read full comment
... I think that I received a very good education at Tulane, both as an undergraduate and as a graduate student ...Read full comment
... I studied in education with seasoned professionals and researchers with national reputations ...Read full comment
... There were many classes to increase my proficiency in my chosen fields of study which complemented my education classes ...Read full comment
... If I have any regrets concerning my education at PCC it is that I did more diligently study the materials at hand during my stay there ...Read full comment
... PCC could not have better prepared me for my ministry in Christian education ...Read full comment
... Awesome Education undergrad courses ...Read full comment
... No one should be disappointed about getting their education from PCC in any field ...Read full comment
... Pensacola Christian College gave me a superb education and prepared me fully for my field ...Read full comment
... PCC gave me an honest and thorough education ...Read full comment
... My education at PCC on the whole was a positive experience ...Read full comment
... I am very appreciative of the education I received at PCC ...Read full comment
... Good education in an excellent environment ...Read full comment
... I feel that I received an excellent education at PCC ...Read full comment
... The education will challenge you, but I highly recommend this university to anybody who is genuinely driven to reach their goals ...Read full comment
... College (and later professional education) expanded my understanding of "what was out there" academically, culturally, professionally, and sociall...Read full comment
... My education at Brockport really did prepare me for the "real world" ...Read full comment
... enough fun and partying, met nice people, but the education was the best part ...Read full comment
... This will also function as advice about IUP as well as try to dispel the misconception of big school = better education ...Read full comment
... I did not agree with all of them, but I did agree to accept and obey them as part of my education ...Read full comment
... I am currently a sophomore at Marist College, majoring in Spanish Secondary Education with a minor in psychology ...Read full comment
... Hovever if you are looking for a great education, see the world and get a great highpaying job after you graduate then this is the place ...Read full comment
... I received a great education in spite of myself, and I cannot think of ways I could have enjoyed life in New Brunswick during those four years a...Read full comment
... Education was ok ...Read full comment
... An education ...Read full comment
... I'm sure you can still party 2-4 days a week and get a great education ...Read full comment
... Boston University provided an excellent education and had high quality professors and lab facilities ...Read full comment
... I'm currently working on my Master's and other students struggle with some of the assignments and I am doing very well because of the education ...Read full comment
... The education and community I got at Biola are irreplaceable ...Read full comment
... It was wonderful, bonding, learning, educational ...Read full comment
... A Hollins education sticks ...Read full comment
... If you want a liberal degree education go somewhere else or better yet don't waste your money by going to college ...Read full comment
... My friends who graduated from Rowan in education, engineering and communications are all doing well and extremely happy with their experience...Read full comment
... All the components of my vision exist at JCSU where students are able to receive a stellar education and are challenged to their fullest potentia...Read full comment
... QCC is a great place to begin a post-high school education or to get a certificate that leads to career ...Read full comment
... It is somewhat untraditional in both design and class schedule, however the education and style of teaching is second to none ...Read full comment
... With my education, I was able to have a successful career and retire at 55 ...Read full comment
... My education at Bob Jones University was excellent ...Read full comment
... Being an education major at UD was amazing ...Read full comment
... I have two siblings who each attended there as well; One with a degree in Education and the other became an aeronautical engineer graduating from...Read full comment
... The education is great, but the more defining feature is the character development and experience you obtain while a student ...Read full comment
... The education is great, but the more defining feature is the character development and experience you obtain while a student ...Read full comment
... USC Aiken was a great educational and social experience for me ...Read full comment
... I believe Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, provided an exceptional experience, both educationally and personally ...Read full comment
... I'm proud of my education from HNU and recommend this school to anyone wanting a solid education ...Read full comment
... But the acceptance rate does not tell you how good the education you are getting really is ...Read full comment
... Southern Methodist University gave me a great educational experience ...Read full comment
... My Human Services degrees, (AAS&BPS), along with my educational courses placed me on a job that I have loved for the past 18 years, being a Commun...Read full comment
... I feel the 'best results' of my 34 year career in Music Education was as a result of attending West Chester University in PA ...Read full comment
... Much more attention was paid to the education or communication disorders departments than the other programs ...Read full comment
... The education is very good; there are extracurricular activities, if you know to look for them ...Read full comment
... My undergraduate College education has no impact on what I do today ...Read full comment
... Appalachian Bible College offers a quality, accredited education ...Read full comment
... They may be mindless hookers at times, but they are trying to get an education ...Read full comment
... I want an education -- i don't want to have to listen to stupid students acting stupid ...Read full comment
... I was an Education major planning to teach in a Christian school ...Read full comment
... I endured college knowing that in the end I would benefit from the high standard of education, but I now realize that there are other good optio...Read full comment
... However, the philosophy of education and classroom management is something I have grown out of ...Read full comment
... I think I got a very good education ...Read full comment
... The National Education Association, my union, was something I had to learn about on the job ...Read full comment
... I knew I wanted to be in psychology/education-stayed very much on track, got 2 masters degrees and a doctoral degree in the field ...Read full comment
... I graduated from Rose almost 40 years ago and feel as though the education I received prepared me well for my career in Engineering ...Read full comment
... I received my Doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2012 from Fresno State University ...Read full comment
... I learned that its very competitive field and hard to compete with military pilots with million dollar tax paid educations ...Read full comment
... I just was not ready for that assignment and took education courses from U VA and Mary Washington to finish my course work ...Read full comment
... One of the manifold purposes of a college education is to help young people make the transition to adulthood and adult decision-making ...Read full comment
... The importance of my college education has been that it has prepared me to learn new things ...Read full comment
... If you're intending or expecting to get a graduate degree, get the broadest possible undergraduate education-- e ...Read full comment
... You can get a great education at Rutgers but you have to work it ...Read full comment
... It's an easy school to get any degree from if you just want to squeeze by - but if you take advantage of all the opportunities that are availabl...Read full comment
... The education you get there is decent ...Read full comment
... #1 Professors here are very available and care about your education, and for you as a person ...Read full comment
... I would say that Pharmacy school prepared me very well, but working in chain Phamacy (RiteAid), you will never use the $180,000 education you stru...Read full comment
... My advise for students is this: If you are CURRENTLY in a position for a company where a degree could further your career within that company, ...Read full comment

Recently Reviewed Colleges!

 Coastal Carolina University (SC) 1:neutral

 Iona College (NY) 1:negative

 West Chester University of Pennsylvania (PA) 1:negative

 DePaul University (IL) 2:negative

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Malformed University Name  Uncategorized Surveys

Similar Colleges by Programs

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A- 8.3
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A- 8.3
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University of Missouri - Columbia  
A- 8.2
Northwestern University  
A- 8.2
College of William and Mary  
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A- 8.2
University of California - Santa Barbara  
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A- 8.2
University of Alabama  
A- 8.1
Indiana University - Bloomington  
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James Madison University  
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A- 8.1
University of California - Berkeley  
A- 8.1
Purdue University  
A- 8.1
University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Campus  
B+ 8.0
Christopher Newport University  
B+ 8.0
Lehigh University  
B+ 8.0
University of Wisconsin - Madison  
B+ 8.0
Tulane University of Louisiana  
B+ 8.0
Stanford University  
B+ 8.0
Clemson University  
B+ 8.0


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