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Grove City College

Breakdown of “Collaboration/Competitive” at GCC

By Gender
By Major
Animal StudiesC-
Business - Management and AdministrationB
Computer EngineeringA-
Computer ScienceC+
Electrical EngineeringB-
Engineering DepartmentB-
History/Histories (art history/etc.)B
Language - French/Spanish/etc.C+
Mechanical EngineeringC
Music EducationB
Political ScienceB+
PreMed and MedicalA-

Against similar schools

Collaboration/Competitive compared with similar schools in class.

Grove City College
Average of All Schools
Average of schools in class

Harvard University
Princeton University
Wheaton College
South Cheshire College
Messiah College
New York University
University of California - Berkeley


Firstly, This school isn't for everyone. If you're the type who are : LIBERAL, PREFER CAROUSING AND PARTYING TO DOING HARD WORK, ARE INTO A SCHOOL AT ...Read full comment
I don't know how I ended up at this school. I have been exposed to alot more than these kids. It reminds me of high school: the sequel. Fortunatly,...Read full comment
OK, look: Grove City is the perfect school for a certain kind of person. If you've lived a very sheltered life and you don't want your presuppositions...Read full comment
Grove City has a huge amount of rules, and it also is completely lacks any diversity of thought or race. if you can handle those two downsides, its a ...Read full comment
1. This school is strong in the classics of Western civilization, but weak in giving you resources to interpret them from different perspectives. 2....Read full comment
Positive : If you are a committed Christian who want your world view reinforced and would like to strengthen your faith to make it relevant to the wor...Read full comment
Grove City College is a respectable learning institution with the normal flaws that accompany any college or university. However, becase Grove City bu...Read full comment
I like to deliver good news first, so here it is - The campus is gorgeous. Very ivy league feel indeed. Unfortunately, this is what lours many perspec...Read full comment
Good stuff: Not much. Academics are hard, but I'm not so sure that they are applicable. I will admit that the physics and math programs are well do...Read full comment
Grove City College is not for everyone. It's a small Christian school in western Pennsylvania. If you're looking for constant fun or pleasure in lif...Read full comment
Aesthetically, the campus is pleasant and safe. The course work is challenging, and to the best of my knowledge, "fluff" courses on absurd special-in...Read full comment
Grove City College did a great job in preparing me, a molecular biology (pre-med) major, for medical school. I completed medical school in 4 years, d...Read full comment
My four years in Grove City College was horrible. If you are a Christian fundamentalist who follow the likes of Jerry falwell, its a great place for y...Read full comment
Grove City College is a great place. However, I do not think that everyone belongs here...I can definitely see how some people would get bored with th...Read full comment
Let's be honest about it. This college is a fit only for certain types of people with suitable temperaments, goals and outlook in life. Here are s...Read full comment
Grove City College is an excellent, competitive institution. However, there are some problems. For one, nobody outside of western Pennsylvania has hea...Read full comment
Overall, my experience at Grove City College has been positive, though not perfect. The academic work is usually challenging and relevant, although th...Read full comment
Grove City College is a myth, no there is really such a place, but the reputation it has is a myth. There is a myth that it provides a great educatio...Read full comment
If you are looking into education as a major - look no further. Grove City has one of the top teacher education programs in the country. I was an ele...Read full comment
Let's be honest about it. This college is a fit only for certain types of people with suitable temperaments, goals and outlook in life. Here are s...Read full comment
Unless you are a very conservative christian do not attend this school. Also if you like to drink alcohol or hang out with girls or have any semblance...Read full comment
The academics at this school, especially if you are going into the hard sciences or engineering are exceptional. This is a not very well known school...Read full comment
I would recommend Grove City College, but I am also a white christian male, so I can understand that not everyone is comfortable there. The education...Read full comment
My four years at Grove City were some of the best of my life, although the school is not for everyone. Grove City has high academic and personal exp...Read full comment
This college met all of my expectations and more. When I was about to enter college as a High School Senior, me and my parents, together with frien...Read full comment
For the most part, I have had a great experience at the Grove. I love the professors in the Political Science department, and have enjoyed most of the...Read full comment
Grove City College is perfect if you're looking for a nuturing, academically-rigorous "bubble" for then next four years. The students are incredibly ...Read full comment
The first semester of my college year I really wanted to transfer. I knew what I was getting into when I got here - this is a campus with no diversity...Read full comment
Grove City College has been amazing. I was a little unsure when applying because of all the rules, but for a Christian school, GCC is not too strict....Read full comment
Grove City College is my favorite place in the world. No joke. It's a beautiful campus that will provide you with a fantastic education, but more impo...Read full comment
Let me first say that Grove City College offers an expectional education. While the experience on the whole is certainly rigorous, it breeds tremendou...Read full comment
I write this review with the knowledge that this is my last semester at GCC. While I am transferring for a lot of different reasons, there are some go...Read full comment
I love Grove City. Read full comment
Grove City college is the school for you if you like spending your saturday nights studying or worshiping, if you like working your butt off to get "d...Read full comment
Grove City College will suck you in then beat you down for the next four years. The administration WILL treat you like a child. They will have no resp...Read full comment
From the first time you step onto campus, you realize something about Grove City. It is a unique place. I am currently a sophomore getting ready to tr...Read full comment
I grew to enjoy my time at Grove City. So Grove City is a Christian school so you will definitely have a strong Christian element. However, as a Chris...Read full comment
Once the layers of ?rigorous academics? and ?Christian values? have been peeled back one finds Grove City College is nothing more than a business clai...Read full comment
Grove City college is the school for you if you like spending your saturday nights studying or worshiping, if you like working your butt off to get "d...Read full comment
Grove City is not Animal House, quite the contrary. It is a christian academic environment, and if you don't understnd that going in, you will soon f...Read full comment
I loved this school! I was in the class of 2009, and I loved so much about GCC. The campus was beautiful, I loved the difficulty of ALL the courses,...Read full comment
Grove City is a great school, as long as you know what you're getting into. It gets so old to hear people complain about the rules. While they may b...Read full comment
Grove City gave me a very good background in the liberal arts, which helps a great deal in my current field.Read full comment
There are good things and bad things about the Grove. The best features of the school are the academics/faculty and the low tuition price. I have lear...Read full comment
I think Grove City College is a great school, but not for everyone. 1. It is very difficult. Not crush-your-soul difficult, but you WILL have t...Read full comment
Grove City College is not a place that believes in the marketplace of ideas. This is antithetical to the idea of liberal arts higher education. From...Read full comment
Grove City was a poor fit for me. This is not to say that someone else might not appreciate it. Let me outline some of the prerequisites for Grove C...Read full comment
I love Grove City and I'm very thankful that this is where I am. It's a hard hard school, expecially within the sciences. I highly reccommend it tho...Read full comment
The good : 1) If you want a top-notch education without having to graduate with tons of debt to pay, Grove City can't be beat. 2) The academic q...Read full comment
My four years in Grove City College was horrible. If you are a Christian fundamentalist who follow the likes of Jerry falwell, its a great place for y...Read full comment
I had a great time during my four years at Grove City. Be warned though, it is a Christian school, and that idea is pushed (even in some classes). T...Read full comment
If you are a bright student interested in integrating faith and learning, then go to Grove City. You will leave a changed person; you will build wond...Read full comment
What can I say about Grove City College? Some of the best years of my life were spent on that campus. To be honest, I chose GCC for several reasons. ...Read full comment
Grove City is a great college, especially for the Political Science. I have loved every moment of being here and have learned so much! The only draw...Read full comment
I would strongly recommend Grove City College to people who are looking for a Christian atmosphere, challenging academics, and an involved student bod...Read full comment
I am currently enrolled in an MBA school at an accredited college in New England. I did not appreciate Grove City until I started taking classes for ...Read full comment
Grove City College does not live up to the reputation it attempts to convey. Most graduate schools around the country have never heard of this small c...Read full comment
If you want to go to Grove City, it all depends on what you want to major in. If you want to major in business, free market business ideology, engi...Read full comment
To be fair, there are a few good things about Grove City College. 1) Safety is not a problem here. Girls do not need to worry about walking around alo...Read full comment
GCC was an excellent environment for me to grow academically and in my personal faith in Jesus Christ. I participated in a wealth of extra-curricular...Read full comment
Kids, run. Grove City is lying to you about the education you're receiving. I was fortunate enough to transfer to a first-tier college in New Englan...Read full comment
If you are a conservative Republican, Grove City is absolutely perfect for you. Mostly everyone here is...and very VERY Christian. Students are requir...Read full comment
I really do enjoy living at Grove City College. The students are friendly and I have really grown in my faith. I am very involved with Greek life and ...Read full comment
Grove City College did a great job in preparing me, a molecular biology (pre-med) major, for medical school. I completed medical school in 4 years, d...Read full comment
While Grove City has always been a conservative college, my time there (during the federal fight) saw a further narrowing of ideas. I received a good...Read full comment
Listen-Grove City College presents itself on it's website as Christian and Conservative. It doesn't hide it's beliefs. I know a lot of kids who visite...Read full comment
I was involved in intercollegiate athletics which took up a lot of my time outside of the classroom work. I found lifelong friends from his first year...Read full comment
Get to know the faculty (as in the professors, not the bureaucrats) here on a personal level (through office hours, clubs, etc...), they are wonderful...Read full comment
Grove City College does not live up to the reputation it attempts to convey. Most graduate schools around the country have never heard of this small c...Read full comment
Grove City is a unique place. I had a great four years there, but oftentimes found myself frustrated with the bureaucracy of the administration. T...Read full comment
I transferred into Grove City hoping to find a school which cared about their students and wanted every one of them to do well without setting impossi...Read full comment
Grove City is a fabulous college. I learned more in the four years that I spent at Grove City than at any other point in my life. A+ for academic qu...Read full comment
I would like to offset all of the negative comments in the reviews I've read about Grove City College in this thread. I looked at this site before goi...Read full comment
I decided to attend Grove City for the quality education and the price. I was not disappointed. I feel the school has definitely prepared me academica...Read full comment
If you plan on living in the Pittsburgh area, Grove City does have a really good reputation. HOWEVER, if you plan on working anywhere else, Grove City...Read full comment
This school is not for everyone. The best things about this school are: 1) The faculty. Most of the professors are extremely intelligent, friend...Read full comment
Grove City's business dept. lacks cohesiveness. Many of the upper level classes teach the same things over and over with nasty group projects thrown ...Read full comment
The course I took in Electrical Engineering prepared me solidly for graduate studies. I live in New York and after my Bachelor's in Electrical Enginee...Read full comment
For the love of god do not go here. Attending GCC was the single worst experience of my entire life. At 33 years of age I still have horrible nightm...Read full comment
I want to give a stern warning to anyone planning to attend Grove City College. The schoolwork does not stress understanding but rather busywork and w...Read full comment
I just happened to chance on this site and decided to look at the comments people have made regarding my alma mater. I decided to set the record strai...Read full comment
Grove City College was a GREAT place to learn for four years. The style of education is quite pragmatic for a liberal arts college. All of the class...Read full comment
I really enjoy Grove City. The students and faculty there are some of the greatest people you will ever meet. My professors are truly interested in pr...Read full comment
Life at Grove City College is in serious need of reform. I regard myself as a very adaptable person, having traveled overseas multiple times and live...Read full comment
Life at Grove City can vary greatly...and it really helps if you know what you're getting into before you decide to go there. The academics are HAR...Read full comment
Aesthetically, the campus is pleasant and safe. The course work is challenging, and to the best of my knowledge, "fluff" courses on absurd special-int...Read full comment
Only go here if you are a fundamentalist Christian, hate any environment besides the smallest of towns, and love winter weather. Otherwise, you will ...Read full comment
Grove City was (and still is!)a wonderful school. Academically it was rigorous, to say the least. There were many days when I just wasn't sure I cou...Read full comment
Grove City College is a great school that truly challenges students. I am a molecular biology (pre-med) major. I have spoken to numerous medical stu...Read full comment
Don't go here unless you enjoy being bored and want to do nothing but talk about religion. The students here are either complete bible humpers or j...Read full comment
Grove City College
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