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Bob Jones University

Breakdown of “Education Quality” at BJU

By Gender
By Major
Aerospace EngineeringA
Architecture & Urban Planning DepartmentF
Art & Design DepartmentA
Business - Management and AdministrationB
Computer ScienceB+
Design Arts - Industrial Design/Graphic Design/etcA
Electrical EngineeringA
Engineering DepartmentC-
Fine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etcB
History/Histories (art history/etc.)B+
Interior DesignB-
Language - French/Spanish/etc.A
Music - Composition/TheoryA
Music - PerformanceC+
Music EducationB-
Perfomance ArtsA-
Physical Therapy/Exercise ScienceA
Political ScienceC+
PreLaw and LegalB
PreMed and MedicalA
Social WorkA

Against similar schools

Education Quality compared with similar schools in class.

Bob Jones University
Average of All Schools
Average of schools in class

Pensacola Christian College
New York University
Harvard University
South Cheshire College
University of California - Berkeley
Princeton University
Stanford University

Education Quality

... You will be hard pressed to get a better education elsewhere ...Read full comment
... The education was great ...Read full comment
... Recently a Iranian student attended this University with the expectation that he would be getting a quality education and have discussions on a wi...Read full comment
... No refund for crap-education ...Read full comment
... educationally, i think the school is outstanding, i competed with 100 applicants for an internship with my first job for 18 spots in the internshi...Read full comment
... The education was very thorough and most of the faculty, staff and students were encouraging and uplifting ...Read full comment
... The money for tuition they you would pay probably will be paid for others people education ...Read full comment
... You will get a good "factual" education at the school, but it will be very difficult to convince grad school programs and potential employers of...Read full comment
... Going to BJU exhausted me from "fixing" my education in another school ...Read full comment
... If you are a conservative Christian looking for a challenging academic education where faculty and administrators care about the student body, BJU...Read full comment
... Having spent 3 years in the"bubble" I can honestly say that it is a good university as far as building character and recieving a high quality educ...Read full comment
... I was looking for a school that would uphold Christian values while giving me a good education ...Read full comment
... If you are looking for a great education, and are seeking to serve God BJU is the perfect school ...Read full comment
... Bob Jones University is a wonderful place to go and receive a great education ...Read full comment
... When somebody comes to that school they do study of a educational background and then they prepare messages and leaders of the school talks them o...Read full comment
... The education they offer is very, very challenging, yet it builds your human capital to a point that very few other colleges can do ...Read full comment
... Whenever I meet BJU grads who have attended other schools, I ask them how the education compares to BJU ...Read full comment
... I got a good education there -- not necessarily in my field, though ...Read full comment
... The education is fine, and the rules are just rules ...Read full comment
... I can not think of anywhere else where I could receive an education of this quality at this price -all within a Biblical context ...Read full comment
... I was able to line up a summer internship at Ernst & Young at the office near my home in Ohio, and I feel that my education here at BJU will ade...Read full comment
... My undergraduate education prepared me for teaching and future graduate education ...Read full comment
... I was a biology education major ...Read full comment
... I feel I got a good education, but I don't have another school to compare it to ...Read full comment
... I am thankful now(although I did not always appreciate it at the time) for the concerts and extra services required of us because it gave me a mor...Read full comment
... Overall I found my time at BJU to be very educational, spiritually edifying, and overall a very pleasant experience ...Read full comment
... I am very satisfied with the education I received at BJU ...Read full comment
... BJ will give you a solid, grounded, Biblical education; HOWEVER, you must be a mature Christian to attend and not become jaded by their guilt-...Read full comment
... In fact, TRACS is an accrediting body that was created by a group of Christian educational companies ...Read full comment
... I can't deny I'm getting a pretty good education here, but I do have to say most of the rules drive me nuts (esp ...Read full comment
... For the young man or woman seeking an excellent education centered on service for Christ, my highly recommend my alma mater ...Read full comment
... If you want to be stunted in your spiritual growth and educational pursuits, then by all means, go to BJU ...Read full comment
... I felt I did get a good education in many respects, I didn't mind the rules but I lived in fear all the time ...Read full comment
... Never was I refused employment because of my education ...Read full comment
... I made good friends, received an average education ...Read full comment
... One only has to look at the small percentage of alumni who are actually members of the "Alumni Association", to ascertain former students' perce...Read full comment
... I think BJU is an excellent college to go to if you are looking for a good, quality, Christian education ...Read full comment
... As a result of how terrible this "Christian" shithole was I dropped out after the first year and went to get a real education which I received...Read full comment
... Also, while the educational quality is in many ways better than commonly reported, DO NOT come here if you are considering a professional career...Read full comment
... If you can make it through 4 years then great because the education is good ...Read full comment
... God CAN use a good secular education to train you ...Read full comment
... However, I did fairly well and I value the experience as much as the education ...Read full comment
... It is a great education in a great enviroment ...Read full comment
... PLEASE pursue your education in a grace-filled, Spirit-led environment and don ...Read full comment
... I believe I received an excellent education at BJ ...Read full comment
... The daily activities provided many chances to get involved, but not really expand the mind, as one hopes to have when attending a school of high...Read full comment
... I went on to work at an Ivy-League university, and got the jobs I wanted, due to my education there ...Read full comment
... That said, I think that I got a good education ...Read full comment
... I got the best education at BJU ...Read full comment
... The education I got there was quite adequate ...Read full comment
... The education I got there was quite adequate ...Read full comment
... I appreciate the education I got there ...Read full comment
... Recently a Iranian student attended this University with the expectation that he would be getting a quality education and have discussions on a wi...Read full comment
... I got a great education, however I wish I would have had someone give me a little more direction in what I would've been good at because I think I...Read full comment
... Recently a Iranian student attended this University with the expectation that he would be getting a quality education and have discussions on a wi...Read full comment
... 5 Many of them are careless toward student’s education ...Read full comment
... My educational background from BJU was strong ...Read full comment
... The Education is top notch ...Read full comment
... Bob Jones University was the worst experience of my life and the lack of sufficient education I received there has haunted me every day of my life...Read full comment
... educationally, i think the school is outstanding, i competed with 100 applicants for an internship with my first job for 18 spots in the internshi...Read full comment
... I made good friends, received an average education ...Read full comment
... BJ gave me an excellent education, but it has shot itself in the foot with its reputation ...Read full comment
... I also believe that the education you will recieve at Bob Jones is excellent ...Read full comment
... Is this not what higher education is about ...Read full comment
... During my time at BJU, I received an excellent, well-rounded education in accounting ...Read full comment
... I would highly recommend BJU to any Christian young person who is serious about getting a Christian education ...Read full comment
... I definitely enjoyed my education at BJU ...Read full comment
... Let's just say you not only get an education but most importantly you go to Bob Jones to draw closer to God and have a relationship with Him ...Read full comment
... The most important fact about BJU is this; they force you to complete your education at their institution ...Read full comment
... What I learned was educationally sound and biblically based ...Read full comment
... At the time of my graduation from BJU I was among those who say that whatever you may think of BJU's religous/political views and bizarre cam...Read full comment
... I received my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education ...Read full comment
... The school is by no means perfect, but you'll find that it is what it bills itself to be--the best in Christian education ...Read full comment
... The Education is top notch ...Read full comment
... BJU is truly a opportunity place to get the best spiritual education ...Read full comment
... I received a great business education from professors who loved their students ...Read full comment
... They were good people, but University education was beyond their ken ...Read full comment
... I am very satisfied with the education I received at BJU ...Read full comment
... If you are a disciplined student who wants a real education with a biblical perspective, go to Bob Jones ...Read full comment
... My college education at BJU helped me be prepared to face the troubles of that the world poses on us, especially as Christians ...Read full comment
... Still, the education is good there, the people friendly except maybe a weenie head stoolie here and there ...Read full comment
... The education classes taught me how to teach and the history and political science classes taught me the basics of the information that I teach ...Read full comment
... As a graduate of BJU, I am very thankful for the quality of the education that I received, as well as the life-lessons that were learned ...Read full comment
... I went there nine years, I was a society officer and graduate assistant, I have carefully and objectively studied their rationale and educational...Read full comment
... It's a really good school for growing in Christ and education ...Read full comment
... I do not see how they can continue to be a viable educational institution ...Read full comment
... I think I got a good education ...Read full comment
... This University provides a competitive education for the cost ...Read full comment
... The education I got there was quite adequate ...Read full comment
... I am still in the Criminal justice field and after speaking with countless others who went to different university's I am convinced education wis...Read full comment
... I believe I got a GREAT education by goin to Bobs ...Read full comment
... No matter how poorly a student might speak of the school, he will not dispute that the education is of the highest quality ...Read full comment
... If you wish to go for a high quality and (relatively) cheap education, but don't want to deal with "religion," you will NOT be happy for however...Read full comment
... Besides the social and personal growth aspects that did not occur at my time at BJ, I never realized at 18 years of age that I would have to d...Read full comment
... My education was purely academic and theoretical ...Read full comment
... Although I recieved a first rate education I would never recommend anyone to go there ...Read full comment
... Good education ...Read full comment
... Although I attribute my professional success to the superb education I recieved during my 6 years of association with the Bob Jones brand, I hav...Read full comment
... I fully recommend this college to anyone who wants a quality Christian education ...Read full comment
... A great education in a quality, Christian environment ...Read full comment
... If you feel you need to give up the greater benefit of the moral and vocational education because of a few rules, then that self control they st...Read full comment
... While the education and faculty were stellar, the environment was emotionally, spiritually, and mentally crushing ...Read full comment
... If you go with the expectation that you can get a good education while partyin' w/ friends like you do at home, you'll be disappointed ...Read full comment
... If being treated like a 3rd grader is your idea of college then you should give up your search for higher education ...Read full comment
... I am very satisfied with the education I received at BJU ...Read full comment
... This is a great place to get a top-notch Christian education ...Read full comment
... I started attending Bob Jones in the first grade and graduated 16 and a half years later with a BS in Elementary Education ...Read full comment
... The education is fine, and the rules are just rules ...Read full comment
... BJU will give you an excellent education with faculty you can understand and speak excellent english ...Read full comment
... When somebody comes to that school they do study of a educational background and then they prepare messages and leaders of the school talks them o...Read full comment
... I majored in Women's Ministries (Bible, Counseling, and Education) and Minored in Music ...Read full comment
... I am very satisfied with the education I received at BJU ...Read full comment
... It is not for everyone, though, especially those who think that Christian education is just secular education dressed up for Sunday school ...Read full comment
... So thankful for the wonderful education and caring professors ...Read full comment
... The school's administration pretend to offer a fine education while systematically devaluing their kind and devoted students efforts through the...Read full comment
... , who have chosen another educational path ...Read full comment
... The education is excellent ...Read full comment
... The quality of education is dismal ...Read full comment
... I had a good time there and got a good education, but I cannot recomend this school ...Read full comment
... t play God-like school with unreasonable worthless education ...Read full comment
... Great school for those desiring to get a quality education and grow in you relationship with the Lord ...Read full comment
... It was an easy to go into the professional working environment because I already knew how to dress up and dress correctly and my education from ...Read full comment
... Looking back on my education, I would only change one area: my undergraduate major ...Read full comment
... The education at BJU is a good one if you make it all 4 years ...Read full comment
... " Instead he wanted every Christian young person to be able to have a quality education from a Christian world view ...Read full comment
... I wasn't even challenged by their educations ...Read full comment
... It is high quality education wrapped in a Biblically sound worldview ...Read full comment
... " You can successfully go to a state or liberal arts school and get a more broadened education with no close-mindedness ...Read full comment
... Concerning the education, I found myself within 5 years as a Controller of a multinational company, dealing with Graduate Students from Harvard ...Read full comment
... I had no desire to just teach in Christian schools but had no choice with a non-accredited education ...Read full comment
... All education is brainwashing ...Read full comment
... I believe I got a GREAT education by goin to Bobs ...Read full comment
... I guess the university provided me with an excellent education but more importantly, taught me to think ...Read full comment
... I will preface by saying that BJ does have an incredible education system ...Read full comment
... I encourage every Christian that wants to live their life according to the Bible to attend this university; not just for the education (which is...Read full comment
... Top quality campus and education ...Read full comment
... BJU is a very good educational school ...Read full comment
... I graduated in 1987 with a degree in accounting, and though I worked in that field for only a couple years after graduation, I still consider the...Read full comment
... I also believe that the education you will recieve at Bob Jones is excellent ...Read full comment
... First off let me say that I think I got a very good education at bju ...Read full comment
... The education for the price is excellent ...Read full comment
... Most alumnae/i I know are very happy with and grateful for the education they received at BJU ...Read full comment
... Though the music education is top-notch, other aspects of this institution beg serious evaluation ...Read full comment
... The education quality is top notch; the school has recently been approved for accreditation candidacy by TRACS, and from what I understand that b...Read full comment
... "If you are a disciplined student who wants a real education with a biblical perspective, go to Bob Jones ...Read full comment
... Every day of my life, I have been thankful for the well-rounded education I received at BJU ...Read full comment
... I know I received a good education, but the reputation of this school raises eyebrows with a lot of people ...Read full comment
... liberal arts focus - it's not what you do with your education; it's what it does to you 3 ...Read full comment
... The education is fine, and the rules are just rules ...Read full comment
... If you are, you will get an excellent education ...Read full comment
... I noted that my BJU training helped me in all aspects of both my professional career in music and my continuing education and especially in my m...Read full comment
... If you are looking for a place to grow spiritually and to cement the fundamentals of the faith along with a high-level education, this is the righ...Read full comment
... Of course, you don't know what you don't know, but I know of no instances where my undergraduate education hindered my prospects ...Read full comment
... It's a place to get an education, and shouldn't have to be absorbed in getting information about students to keep everyone in line because everyo...Read full comment
... I feel I received a top-notch education that fully prepared me for my future career while at the same time being strengthened in the teachings o...Read full comment
... I thought the overall program stretched me and provided me with a good liberal arts education and management degree ...Read full comment
... " I'm here to get an excellent Christian education ...Read full comment
... It is a great education for the cost ...Read full comment
... After a year of trying to find education positions and being unrelentingly questioned about my attitudes towards those from other races, I learne...Read full comment
... Bob Jones University is a great place to get a Fundamentalist Christian education ...Read full comment
... At times this included blacklisting and can be detrimental to one’s education however in general it is a harmless demerit based system of punis...Read full comment
... His Secondary education performance would allow him to matriculate almost anywhere ...Read full comment
... I can't deny that in this place I'm getting a very high-quality education ...Read full comment
... I really have nothing but good to say for my education at BJU ...Read full comment
... It turns out that I have a documented (and easily identifiable by most educational personnel) case of ADHD which was discovered two weeks before...Read full comment
... The quality of education you will receive is well worth your money; however, you will have to sacrifice much of your freedom ...Read full comment
... BJU was fantastic - Not many places can boast a quality education plus caring faculty who genuinely want you to succeed ...Read full comment
... I would not trust any other school with my children's future education ...Read full comment
... I had a wonderful education which put me ahead of those from other schools who were graduating in accounting at the same time ...Read full comment
... Bob Jones University gave me a solid foundation for my life's work (band and choral direction, compostion and hymnology) in high school, college a...Read full comment
... They are Nationally accredited which means, you CAN'T get higher education unless you go to another Christian college, "IF" they will accept you ...Read full comment
... Overall, I think my education at BJ was fabulous ...Read full comment
... I chose to major in Education since all of my high school teachers told me I should use my talents in the classroom ...Read full comment
... I know I have not said anything about the actual education you will receive at BJU ...Read full comment
... If you are a Christian looking for a Christian education, you do not need to look any further than this school ...Read full comment
... If you want a tough complete education, BJU is the place ...Read full comment
... I received an excellent education which I have used in my career, as well as in my service for the Lord ...Read full comment
... If you can over some rules, you can truly get a great education and make good friends ...Read full comment
Bob Jones University
Bob Jones University
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