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The College of William and Mary

Breakdown of “Social Life” at CWM
By Gender
By Major
Business - Management and AdministrationB-
Computer ScienceB-
Geography and GeosciencesC
History/Histories (art history/etc.)B
Industrial Operations EngineeringD-
Language - French/Spanish/etc.B-
Music - Composition/TheoryB-
Natural ResourcesA
Neuroscience/Cognitive ScienceD
Political ScienceB-
PreLaw and LegalB
PreMed and MedicalB-
Public PolicyB

Against similar schools
Social Life compared with similar schools in class.

College of William and Mary
Average of All Schools
Average of schools in class

Harvard University
Cornell University
Princeton University
Brown University
Yale University
New York University
University of Virginia

Quotes touching on Social Life

“... That's what it bills itself as, so don't be surprised at small, demanding classes, academic stress, and a rather lack of social and cultural opti...”
“... if you want a great education, come here, if you want a great social scene, dont ...”
“... Many students are negative and never stop complaining about things such as the food, Parking Services, the almost demoralizing low grades they re...”
“... worst social life imaginable ...”
“... Social Issues - In my last two years at the college, there were roughly three to four suicides ...”
“... I dont mind the lack of social life, but I legitimately do not have time for anything except schoolwork ...”
“... The administration is full of deusches who cringe at the idea of anyone having a social life here - they made all the frats dismantle their beer...”
“... Socially, it is entirely possible to have a meaningful "college" experience, especially if you join and are able to subsequently tolerate the Gre...”
“... As for the social life and Williamsburg, even worse ...”
“... First, the social life is pretty horrible ...”
“... It tends to draw socially inept people who will kill themselves for good grades but are not actually very smart or good critical thinkers ...”
“... While I should mention that I am myself no party animal, I do feel there are plenty of social opportunities on and around campus, and the academ...”
“... No school is perfect, but W&M offers a variety of things to do socially, and the atmosphere is friendly, with an underlying pressure to do well ...”
“... The only setback is the relative lack of social life particularly since there's not much to do in the town and most underclassmen cannot have ca...”
“... Despite a high level of intelligence, most people here do not think much about social issues ...”
“... SOCIAL LIFE AT W&M ...”
“... Skiffy (The Sci-fi and Fantasy club here) is an amazing social opportunity for geeks ...”
“... As far as social life goes, you have to go look for it ...”
“... -Social Life ...”
“... Yes, William & Mary's students do tend to study a lot, but the social scene is not completely void ...”
“... i personally recommend the greek system here rather than at some large urban universities because it's low-key and a source of positive pride in a...”
“... They are fun, multi-talented, creative, social people and it's a life-changing experience to share both a classroom and a campus with them ...”
“... Furthermore, W&M tends to produce a cadre of alumni that go into artistic, environmental, and social service careers, rather then produce a weal...”
“... People who learn to balance demanding academic classes with social lives ...”
“... It's kind of hard, but truly not unmanagable, and I know a lot of people complain about the social life, but I hav eno problem finding things to...”
“... Everyone warned me that at WM all anyone does is study and everyone is a socially inept dork ...”
“... William and Mary has a plethera of social opportunities, with or without alcohol (we choose alcohol), but it is up to the individual to get thems...”
“... I am building myself strong and the social opportunities ARE here ...”
“... The social atmosphere is what you choose to make of it ...”
“... And if you do end up coming to William and Mary, please don't be one of those people who doesn't know how to balanace work time and social life ...”
“... My social life primarily revolves around clubs and the language house I live in ...”
“... By that I mean I could have explored so many more oppurtunities that were offered by the College but I was too busy being social ...”
“... The social life leaves a lot to be desired - so if you're less interested in learning than in getting drunk, you should considered UVA or tech ....”
“... The students who hate W&M and complain so loudly are the students who can't stand not getting As, and need coddling in the academic and social s...”
“... The social life ...”
“... If any overnight or weekend visits are offered, go so that you can experience both the academic and social aspects of the school ...”
“... Wish I would have concentrated more on my studies than my social life ...”
“... The social life takes some getting used to, especially if you're into drinking, as parties are strictly controlled on campus ...”
“... But be approachable and you'll attract the people who ARE looking to be socially approachable ...”
“... Come to William and Mary if you like a laid-back social scene and a fairly quiet campus ...”
“... There isn't much of a social life here, so if you're not legal and you want to socialize, you should probably join a fraternity or sorority ...”
“... People study a lot here, but I found that (except around exams) they could take time out for social lives as well ...”
“... At first, I was sort of surprised by the academic environment here (students take their academics pretty seriously) and the lack of a social scen...”
“... The social scene is hit-or-miss, depending on who you are ...”
“... If, however, you want to be challenged by your coursework, if you want to develop both professional and personal relationships with your prof...”
“... There is a wonderful Greek system here that offers a great social life ...”
“... Generally, the science courses are harder and more overwhelming than courses in the social sciences, linguistics, and humanities, but there are a...”
“... It is also incredibly diverse in terms of social class, race, academic interests, and down right quirkiness ...”
“... Along with that, though does come a little less on the social end ...”
“... The social life is dominated by the Greeks, but if you a social mover and shaker you may be able to create your own opportunities in spite of th...”
“... While I am on the topic of students, most are HUGE LOSERS with no social skills ...”
“... Socially, you have to go greek if you want to do anything social (or you could play a sport) ...”
“... william and mary does not provide the typical college experience, there is NO school spirit, NO social life, and no fun whatsoever ...”
“... I do agree with some of the earlier comments that William and Mary has a lack of a social life and that the Greeks do pretty much run the soci...”
“... Only come to this school if you think you are better than everyone else, and enjoy playing halo rather than social interaction ...”
“... To begin with, the overall sentiment regarding social aspects at the College are correct ...”
“... You must adapt socially within the Department, or the degree will be useless as the profs inform colleagues outside the College ...”
“... Many of the students are a little weird, having had not social life in high school but most begin to chill out after they get here ...”
“... The social life is not what one would expect from a school in urban NY, but the campus community yields many opportunities for fun ...”
“... If you are male, driven, read alot, and don't mind going Greek to have a social life this is the place for you ...”
“... Strengths: -Solid, challenging academics -Large portion of student body is friendly, highly intelligent, and broadly knowledgeable--you lear...”
“... -Social Scene--I list this as a weakness not because I believe it to be so, but because it's a common complaint on campus ...”
“... If you are motivated by getting good grades, debating policy or literature, and like to get involved in random clubs like belly dancing because y...”
“... there are a surprising number of students who have no social skills whatsoever ...”
“... Social Life-there is essentially nothing to do in Williamsburg, but I was always surrounded by friends ...”
“... If you want to mix social or extracurricular activities with school work, you can do that too ...”
“... And people who love social interactions usually dislike the school because the town has next to nothing to do ...”

Ranking Similar Schools by Social

#School Soci
Brown University  
A- 8.5
Yale University  
A- 8.2
University of Virginia   
A- 8.1
University of Southern California  
B+ 7.9
George Washington University  
B+ 7.6
Cornell University  
B+ 7.4
Georgetown University  
B 7.3
New York University  
B 7.0
Stanford University  
B 7.0
University of Massachusetts Amherst  
B 6.9
Princeton University  
B 6.9
University of California Berkeley  
B 6.8
Harvard University  
B- 6.0
Loyola University Chicago  
B- 5.8
College of William and Mary  
C+ 5.7


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