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George Washington University

Breakdown of “Surrounding City” at GWU
By Gender
By Major
Art & Design DepartmentA+
Business - Management and AdministrationA
Chemical EngineeringA-
Civil EngineeringA+
Computer ScienceA-
Electrical EngineeringA
Fine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etcA
Geography and GeosciencesA+
History/Histories (art history/etc.)A
Interior DesignA+
Language - French/Spanish/etc.A+
Mechanical EngineeringA
Music - PerformanceA+
Political ScienceA-
PreLaw and LegalA+
PreMed and MedicalA+
Public HealthA+

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George Washington University
Average of All Schools
Average of schools in class

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New York University
Cornell University
Stanford University
University of California Berkeley
Brown University
Yale University

Quotes touching on Surrounding City

“... The city has its sites, but after a while they get old ...”
“... Notice that the brochures are filled with pages telling you about the wonderful city and the internship oppurtunities, but very little about the...”
“... Take internships, get jobs outside the city, take classes at the Smithsonian, do research projects and you might get something worthwhile out of ...”
“... The city is the school's best assest - campus administration and registration is one big red tape process ...”
“... The city is great, but unless you stick with a group, I never felt safe ...”
“... The city offers a lot of opportunities, but it's not enough to make me want to stay here ...”
“... You can use the city and all the amazing things it has to offer to supplement your education at GW, but why pay the enormous tuition just to live...”
“... The school is an okay city school if you or your parents can drop the $35k - $40k or more per year, but I would absolutely not recommend getting ...”
“... The city of DC is amazing, and if you are attending GW for politics or international affairs or anything along those lines, GW could be a good...”
“... DC is not a cultural capital or anything like that (it's a transition city) ...”
“... While it shows well with its bright city lights and the promise of highly ambitious students as colleagues, what you don’t see when making...”
“... We may be located in a nice city, but there are only two things that people do here: drink and go clubbing ...”
“... Even so, the Elliott School has great events and the city itself is great, but AVOID GW ...”
“... The good is what the surrounding city can offer to students not GW ...”
“... And if you're interested in being near a city with opportunities and fun, D ...”
“... The city of DC is great ...”
“... It's a good school and beautiful city ...”
“... If you want green grass and trees, this isn't the place for you, but if you appreciate the city and want to share your address with the Presiden...”
“... The city and university offer so many resources ...”
“... GW- the resources the city offers are unparalleled, especially in my field, public policy ...”
“... The city and the students make George Washington an excellent choice for any prospective student ...”
“... Washington DC has always been my favorite city, and I knew that it was where I wanted to attend college (although I thought I wanted to go to Geo...”
“... It is a very different school than the bigger rural schools, which takes time to get used to, but the city can be amazing if you allow it to ...”
“... DC is an amazing city, and although the school is expensive, you will be having a college experience that is quite unique and memorable ...”
“... There is a multitude of internships (not just political) available around the city, and because GW is downtown its easy to commute between class...”
“... I had a tremendous experience at GW and would recommend it to anyone interested in attending an urban school with a very sophisticated student bod...”
“... If you really feel like you are not going to take advantage of the city, etc ...”
“... I came from a very small town in New Jersey, located 62 miles from New York City, so coming to GW and to an "urban" campus was initially a shock ....”
“... That's the awesome thing about this awesome city ...”
“... When I was looking at colleges I wanted a big city and place for me to explore - not one where someone babysat me ...”
“... The city is extremely tough on first-year students ...”
“... Other than the hassle of the big city, I can't really criticize it much ...”
“... The George Washington University is an amazing school located in a spectacular city, and both offer plenty of opportunities to grow personally, ac...”
“... George Washington is a great mix of a city environment and a campus-y feel ...”
“... GW isn't for everyone, but I would say that for the most part, everyone has benefited from the academics and enjoyed the city outlets(the arts...”
“... I had 2 jobs over fall semester, yet I made friends with a close circle (something very important to have at a larger city school) who I hang, ea...”
“... I had 2 jobs over fall semester, yet I made friends with a close circle (something very important to have at a larger city school) who I hang, ea...”
“... There's been some annoyances with the hassle of the city(like the inauguration), but overall I've had lots good times at GW ...”
“... GWU is a great school to go if you like big city life ...”
“... The campus is very safe and is a good mix between the urban, hip feel of the city and the quaint campus life of most universities ...”
“... GW is a good mix of cosmopolitan city life and a college education ...”
“... This is a city-school for sure, but people here are very nice ...”
“... Most of my friends from high school went off to traditional campus schools, opposed to a school like GW that is situated in a busy city ...”
“... If you cannot handle a multinational student body, a plethora of active and engaging student organizations to join, and countless adventures to ...”
“... I Love the whole atmosphere of the school and city ...”
“... Now, as a junior, I live in City Hall, which is gorgeous and used to be a nice hotel ...”
“... Unlike other city schools (BU, NYU) GW has a very defined urban campus, for about 16 blocks, almost everything is GW ...”
“... DC is a vibrant city, and GWU is a great place to learn to be a journalist ...”
“... To top it off, the city that surrounds the campus is indeed breathtaking, hairraising, toecurling--whatever tickles your fancy--and I'm being ...”
“... City: After living here for a while I can confidently say DC is the greatest city in the world ...”
“... DC is a great city and is presently filled with so much energy and excitement ...”
“... But, in the semester and a half that I have lived here, I have grown to love the city ...”
“... Its not just random buildings on different streets gwu does have an identifiable campus in the city ...”
“... I love this university and I love the city that surrounds it ...”
“... GWU is a great school in an incredible city ...”
“... I go out to clubs on Saturdays where the Washington Redskins players buy tables, and take a bus to New York City with my friends on some long wee...”
“... I'm a Communications major and I have endless resources, even in such a political city ...”
“... Work hard, get involved and enjoy being in a city where things are always happening and that you're not stuck in the middle of nowhere at a Greek...”
“... The city of Washington DC is at your fingertips at GW, more so than any other university in the area ...”
“... DC itself is such a thriving and bustling city, and it has so much to offer ...”
“... GW is a reflection of its students and its city ...”
“... Lots of Georgetown rejects, (GW is a 'second choice' school;) and boy are they bitter The city is great; thats the one thing that i would say ab...”
“... I drank/went out a lot, was glad I did not need to belong to a frat/sorority to have fun, and felt my overall experience contributed to my trans...”
“... The city of D ...”
“... The campus is right in the middle of the city, which is great ...”
“... The city location itself really can't be beaten ...”
“... Love the city and nearby town of Georgetown ...”
“... I thought it might be a letdown, but the city is completely and totally busy 24/7 ...”
“... If you are from the north/city and use to this mentality, the adjustment might not be hard ...”
“... Also, DC is an amazing city ...”
“... It is in the most beautiful area of Washington DC with direct accessibility to everything the city has to offer ...”
“... DC is a great city- no doubt ...”
“... After I graduate from GW in May, I will be able to say that I made incredible use of what this city and this campus provided me ...”
“... If you are an urbanite and love the city life, GW is for you ...”

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