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Pensacola Christian College

Breakdown of “Education Quality” at PCC

By Gender
By Major
Aerospace EngineeringA+
Animal StudiesA
Art & Design DepartmentB
Business - Management and AdministrationB
Computer EngineeringC-
Computer ScienceB
Design Arts - Industrial Design/Graphic Design/etcB-
Electrical EngineeringF
Engineering DepartmentD
Fine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etcB+
History/Histories (art history/etc.)B-
Mechanical EngineeringB
Music - Composition/TheoryC-
Music - PerformanceB
Music EducationB+
Perfomance ArtsB-
Physical Therapy/Exercise ScienceB
Political ScienceC+
PreLaw and LegalB-
PreMed and MedicalB-
Social WorkB-

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Pensacola Christian College
Average of All Schools
Average of schools in class

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Bob Jones University
Harvard University
South Cheshire College
University of California - Berkeley
Stanford University
University of Southern California

Education Quality

... I eventually sought higher education elsewhere, but my life hasn't been the same since ...Read full comment
... If you're young and healthy, go somewhere you can explore an education and you spirituallity and practive the morality your faith requires a...Read full comment
... PCC claims to be a christian Liberal Arts College, however if one should study what a liberal arts education is in actuality, they would discover ...Read full comment
... I would recommend anyone looking for a GOOD, SOLID, CHRISTIAN education to most definitely apply to PCC, you will not be dissapointed ...Read full comment
... They have a wonderful education program ...Read full comment
... I needed a college education as chaeply as I could afford, as my source of financial support made less than $10,000 a year ...Read full comment
... Many of my professors influenced me both in my educational training and in my personal life ...Read full comment
... The curriculum is extremely demanding -- PCC has a reputation for its excellence in education and is determined to keep it at all costs ...Read full comment
... PCC is helpful is you choose to teach in a Christian school- if you desire to be a public school teacher the education you receive will not qualif...Read full comment
... Your better off taking correspondence courses from your local beauty college than paying for the poor excuse for an education that you receive a...Read full comment
... Stay far away if you want to recieve a good education and would like respect for the academic community abroad ...Read full comment
... I was there to get an education, not to party ...Read full comment
... I also went to the high school all the way through which I would reccommend only because of the higher education ...Read full comment
... Inferior education and lack of accreditation: Many of the staff of PCC graduated from PCC ...Read full comment
... If you are planning to go to a Christian college to get an open-minded education, and grow in your walk with Christ, you will be very disappointe...Read full comment
... Please don't waste four years of your life and then find out that your "stellar" education means absolutely nothing ...Read full comment
... Despite claims to the contrary, the administration at PCC is not at all interested in educational excellence ...Read full comment
... While I appreciate PCC's effort, I can't say that my education was nearly as well-roiunded as it could have been ...Read full comment
... My education itself was reasonable and thorough at the time I attended ...Read full comment
... I fealt that my education was extremely substandard ...Read full comment
... My education has not helped my career ...Read full comment
... I graduated in 1980 with a degree in Education ...Read full comment
... It would better be described as an indoctrination center rather than an institution of higher education ...Read full comment
... I made many friends there, and I guess I enjoyed my education ...Read full comment
... Yes, you will obtain a good education if you work really hard and never get sick; however, your spiritual, social, and mental life WILL suffer ....Read full comment
... I am grateful for the education I received, and am not one to complain ...Read full comment
... PCC education was great in my opinion, but beware of the regulations, petty rules and lack of accreditation ...Read full comment
... They do have a good education program, but I would say that's mainly only if you wanna be something general, like a teacher ...Read full comment
... They will make you feel guilty that you are not a Bible or Education major ...Read full comment
... I graduated with an education degree which is just abuot useless since the school is not accredited ...Read full comment
... You can find another school that will give you the education you need and remember, we are not Isreal, we live in Grace and not under the law so ...Read full comment
... It was during my sophomore year that I began to realize that, had PCC not existed, there would be many people that plainly would never recieve an...Read full comment
... Some majors at PCC have well-trained and experienced instructors and facilities for students to get practical, useful training -- such as Nursing,...Read full comment
... You would think if the PCC education is that great that you would have heard of someone from there by now, right ...Read full comment
... If I were asked to recommened this school, I would have to say that yes, it is a beautiful, cheap school; the teachers are there for you; you rec...Read full comment
... Is it to prepare yourself educationally and spiritually for the real world ...Read full comment
... The quality of education stank ...Read full comment
... The education was substandard and the picture of Christianity they paint is almost entirely without grace ...Read full comment
... I didn't care if he did but I wanted my education ...Read full comment
... Education is merely mediocre ...Read full comment
... So, it you wanna go through 4 years of torture at a very cheap price and get an education along with it, go to PCC ...Read full comment
... PCC is reputed for Theology, Education and Arts ...Read full comment
... However as a educational institution, and not a church, I feel that what I recieved was akin to a pseudo-education, not a real one, because while...Read full comment
... I also need you to know that if you want a good college education, dont go to that place ...Read full comment
... Regardless of what the college tells you, please continue with your education at another well-known university ...Read full comment
... Don't get me wrong, I know I came away with a good education and great friends but you constantly are suffocated by childish rules from administ...Read full comment
... It makes me cry, as twelve or thirteen and a half years of my life have been spent believing in and defending the A Beka and PCC educational sys...Read full comment
... While I was at school, I did gain an adequate education, and I was prepared for graduate school ...Read full comment
... I do think they have one of the best education programs this country has to offer; very challenging and useful ...Read full comment
... They do give you a good, and a thorough education ...Read full comment
... If you want a good Christian education, do not go to this school ...Read full comment
... "For a Christian Education-- this is a good one ...Read full comment
... Academically: In General Education classes (speech/communications especially), many of the "faculty" are simply students getting a Master'...Read full comment
... As you may know, this is one college(if not the only one)that offers education for all students (even international ones) at the same low cost .....Read full comment
... The education is good (though unaccredited), the price is cheap ...Read full comment
... Pensacola Christian College is a good place for independent fundamental baptists to study Bible related courses, Christian Education, and nursing...Read full comment
... I have been exposed to the true meaning of higher education and to the fact that institutions in this country carry more significance than just t...Read full comment
... If you want a good education look else were because at PCC you will only waste your time, money, and emotional stress you could have dedicated in...Read full comment
... I attended the college because it was cheap, far away from my parents, and eventually because I wanted to try and get what ever education and mat...Read full comment
... ) The education is good but non accredited ...Read full comment
... ) From an academic standpoint, the education was okay, but the lack of acreditation is a serious hinderance to anyone looking to further their ed...Read full comment
... As far as education goes, the music program only provided me information on how to function in an association exactly like PCC ...Read full comment
... Moreover, they care very little about the average student who is just trying to get an education without indoctrination ...Read full comment
... Yeah I got a decent education, but I could have done that at lots of other colleges that wouldn't have at the same time been so legalistic and c...Read full comment
... I view PCC not as a institution of higher education, but a cult for the willing ...Read full comment
... I told myself after getting through four years of PCC I would never want to go back for more education ...Read full comment
... The most positive thing I gained from going to this college was the determination it gave me to overcome the handicap in my education that I have...Read full comment
... The education presented by PCC is high-class and not matched by many ...Read full comment
... The quality of the education that I received was pitiful ...Read full comment
... My degree from PCC was in Secondary Education (English & Business) ...Read full comment
... The education is helpful, but the experience is dreadful ...Read full comment
... I believe that I received a quality education, but could not use my degree ...Read full comment
... We would like for them to go somewhere we know that they will be happy as well as receive a quality education ...Read full comment
... PCC's education used to make it tolerable to attend ...Read full comment
... The education quality was good, but accredidation would really help ...Read full comment
... The education was good, but it was non-accredited ...Read full comment
... Now that my kids are in their teens, I'm left with a fairly useless degree to get back into the education field as I apply for a job ...Read full comment
... PCC is ONLY concerned with the schools image ( example being the email ) rather then education ...Read full comment
... That being said, here is the summary of my experience: I was an education major ...Read full comment
... Graduating from this unaccredited religious extremist college has hurt my career and education endeavors ...Read full comment
... Educational programs and friends made it worthwhile but it was hard not to be bitter against some authority and some students who were given exo...Read full comment
... I was an education major and am now playing catch up to a world that is a strange to me as a foreign land ...Read full comment
... I know someday I will be a good lawyer and it is because of my education at PCC ...Read full comment
... If you're looking for a good education on a bargain, don't forget to calculate in quality of life and average amount of time required to graduate...Read full comment
... I thank God for my education, even thoguh it probably took years off of my life ...Read full comment
... Just because some of the classes are difficult does not mean it is a good education ...Read full comment
... PCC is inexpensive, and your education will reflect the price ...Read full comment
... I enrolled in the Education program and lasted 1 semester and 2 weeks ...Read full comment
... It has hurt me in furthering education and I went four years and graduated with honors ...Read full comment
... "While PCC's Biblical philosophy of education pervades each class, students are encouraged to research various ideas and support their beliefs...Read full comment
... After 8 years of dead ends and going nowhere with a worthless degree, I have re-entered higher learning to pursue a real education that the worl...Read full comment
... (I should know, I live here) But, behind the facade, is a lame education that will get you nowhere in life, unless you decide to teach at PCC for...Read full comment
... sub-par education and very poor experience at pcc ...Read full comment
... The education you receive at PCC is sub-par, which is the primary reason not to attend this school ...Read full comment
... The point of pursuing (and I do mean PURSUING) higher education is to earn a degree that will take you into your chosen profession and prepare y...Read full comment
... I am very dipleased with my education at this college ...Read full comment
... I received a good education, but at the same time, I almost lost my sanity ...Read full comment
... There is more attention given to the rule system than to the updating their educational structure to keep competitive in reality ...Read full comment
... God would be ashamed of the people responsible for such an abominable "education" ...Read full comment
... I actually was born again right before attending PCC, and was looking forward to the challenging, useful, Christian education I was going to ge...Read full comment
... It does not have many friends in the Christian or secular education world ...Read full comment
... They are stealing your money without giving you an adequate education ...Read full comment
... I met many great friends and teachers and my education was top notch, however being it was unaccredited it has completely hindered me both in a c...Read full comment
... all of the "fine education" means nada in actualized physicality ...Read full comment
... " I wanted a religious education and the price was right ...Read full comment
... However, if you value college for what it actually should be, a place that encourages open-mindedness, innovation, and education, then you should...Read full comment
... PCC provides an OUTSTANDING Christian education ...Read full comment
... The quality of education at PCC was excellent ...Read full comment
... I highly recommend PCC for an excellent and well-rounded nursing education ...Read full comment
... Comraderie was good with many people desiring to get a good education and loving the Lord ...Read full comment
... beyond the quality education I received I was prepared to meet all the above listed expectations ...Read full comment
... They really do offer a high-quality education, not only in accounting, but also in about every other field they offer ...Read full comment
... You can go on to further education for at nearly any university if you have the grades ...Read full comment
... If you want a good education with lasting moral and spiritual results, go to PCC ...Read full comment
... PCC provides a quality education for very little money ...Read full comment
... PCC is a great place to get an education ...Read full comment
... Pensacola Christian College is an excellent place to get an education ...Read full comment
... College taught me that my education depended solely on me - no one else ...Read full comment
... The education is excellent unless you are pursuing a career that will require undergraduate accreditation ...Read full comment
... I believe that college should be more than just an 'education ...Read full comment
... I went to Pensacola Christian College to receive a great education, not because of the rules ...Read full comment
... I believe the education I received at PCC is among the best in the country and I would recommend PCC to anyone who wants to grow closer to God a...Read full comment
... The purpose of the college is to provide a world-class education in an environment of conservative, Bible-believing fundamental Christianity ...Read full comment
... The campus is impressive, and you can receive a good education from this place ...Read full comment
... Pensacola Christian College provides an excellent educational experience ...Read full comment
... Goto a party school, if you want a quality Christian education come here ...Read full comment
... For those who also feel God's leading to PCC, follow that leading and you will receive a blessing and a great education ...Read full comment
... PCC's rules are strict, but If you decide ahead of time to obey them -- despite the fact that some of them are ridiculous -- you will have a wonde...Read full comment
... The staff in the education department was more than helpful and encouraging ...Read full comment
... I received a great education that I am proud of ...Read full comment
... Hands down, Pensacola Christian education grads know what they are doing because of the excellent preparation ...Read full comment
... I also focused on the great education that I was receiving at PCC ...Read full comment
... Finally, if you do attend PCC and find that it is not the right school for you to be, it is better to withdraw and add an extra year or two to y...Read full comment
... Anyone who feels that God is calling them to PCC for their education I say "COME ...Read full comment
... Pensacola Christian College is an excellent place for those who want a traditional Christian education ...Read full comment
... so what are we to do if we want a Christ centered education while also learning to do what God has given us the skills for and has cleary shown u...Read full comment
... Academically speaking, my husband & I each received a great education which we feel put us much farther ahead of graduates from other colleges w...Read full comment
... My life is better now because of the education ...Read full comment
... I am an undergraduate alumni of PCC, which created a great start to my education ...Read full comment
... I think that I got a well rounded education ...Read full comment
... My education was very helpful to me ...Read full comment
... As a teacher in a Christian ministry, PCC graduate school has definitely helped me solidify my own personal philsophy of education ...Read full comment
... I got a great educational foundation for my field of service ...Read full comment
... I realized that despite the rules and regulations (which really aren't that hard to follow) that PCC is a place that I can get a great education,...Read full comment
... I received an excellent education that prepared me to compete with the best law students in the nation ...Read full comment
... If someone can't put up with a few rules so they can get a quality-filled and Bible-based education, something is up ...Read full comment
... I'm grateful for the education PCC provided ...Read full comment
... Also, the education I received there, in my opinion, has helped me considerably ...Read full comment
... When dealing with any environment, educational or professional, you may desire something to be different, but I would rate my experience at Pens...Read full comment
... For anyone who wants a good education in a conservative Christian atmosphere, PCC is a great place ...Read full comment
... I'm there filling my mind with Truth, making the greatest friends I've ever had, having the most fun I've ever had (all without a hint of sex, al...Read full comment
... My degree has really helped in homeschooling my kids, which is why I wanted an education degree to begin with ...Read full comment
... You will graduate with an exceptional education ...Read full comment
... I believe I received an excellent nursing education at PCC ...Read full comment
... The education prepared me greatly for what my calling in life is ...Read full comment
... Pensacola Christian College offers the best value in liberal arts education based upon a Christian worldview ...Read full comment
... I received a wonderful education for being a Christian educator at PCC ...Read full comment
... There were many classes to increase my proficiency in my chosen fields of study which complemented my education classes ...Read full comment
... The education I received helped me be the teacher that I am today ...Read full comment
... As to the rules - remember this: It is an inexpensive education ...Read full comment
... PCC is the best college for education ...Read full comment
... The education is quality to say the least ...Read full comment
... PCC was the perfect college for me to attend to get my degree in education ...Read full comment
... Because of the training in education that I received at PCC, I feel prepared to teach in almost any setting ...Read full comment
... I have had the greatest opportunity in my life to attend PCC, make best friends, and get a great education ...Read full comment
... PCC is an excellent college for a student who is looking for a solid Christian education without having to worry about typical secular influences ...Read full comment
... Don't have to worry about a party atmosphere that distracts from your education/career ...Read full comment
... Pensacola Christian College is a wonderful place for education and environment ...Read full comment
... PCC could not have better prepared me for my ministry in Christian education ...Read full comment
... PCC was a growing oppurtunity not only educationally but spiritually ...Read full comment
... Awesome Education undergrad courses ...Read full comment
... PCC has an excellent education program ...Read full comment
... It's a great school and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a good education in a good environment ...Read full comment
... I loved the high quality in education ...Read full comment
... The nursing program at PCC provided an intensive, clinically-based education that well-prepared me to assume my role as an RN in the intensive car...Read full comment
... I feel the education I received from Pensacola Christian College prepared me for teaching in a Christian School ...Read full comment
... I would point out that my pedagogy classes and education electives have definitely benefited my current career choice, which is being a home edu...Read full comment
... ) The quality of the education is also excellent with a wide array of majors offered ...Read full comment
... I would highly recommend this college to prospective students interested in attending a truly Christian institution where the quality of education...Read full comment
... Had I not been taught solid teaching techniques and classroom management (my career is education) I probably would have washed out as a teacher l...Read full comment
... Pensacola Christian College provided me with an excellent educational and professional background in a structured environment where quality and ca...Read full comment
... Because of the education that I acquired at PCC, I have been able to advance quickly in my line of work and become the youngest employee to ever...Read full comment
... PCC has terrific educational training and more importantly, wonderful character training and spiritual guidance ...Read full comment
... PCC is a great experience if you are looking for a top education at a reasonable price ...Read full comment
... The School has unbelievable education and it well prepared for all levels of work from gopher to Owner ...Read full comment
... If you want an up-to-date, top-quality, safe, no regret education, PCC may be for you ...Read full comment
... It's a great school, educationally speaking ...Read full comment
... If your objective is to get a good solid Christian education rather than a party every weekend, this is the place for you ...Read full comment
... I feel that PCC gave me a well-rounded education that help prepare me for my current ministry ...Read full comment
... The academics are tops and the quality of education is high ...Read full comment
... The education that I recieved was very helpful in my career field ...Read full comment
... If you are a rebel, or a non-believer, mark it down, you will have trouble there, but if you love the Lord, PCC delivers a top notch education ....Read full comment
... PCC is a great school for the Christian interested in a liberal arts education ...Read full comment
... Why pay more for an education when the standards are high at PCC and most employers only care that you receive a four year degree ...Read full comment
... I believe PCC offers a very good education and is very encouraging spiritually ...Read full comment
... Educationally I believe it to be a very sound school ...Read full comment
... I'm glad I went and would strongly suggest PCC for students who want a solid education with a spiritual focus ...Read full comment
... The school instills Christian values and disciplines while providing a classical education ...Read full comment
... I am well-prepared in my field (Education); I am extremely thankful for the quality education I received now, even though it was difficult ...Read full comment
... The education experience was great ...Read full comment
... The quality of education I received I consider priceless ...Read full comment
... If you are looking for a great Bible college that gives you a great education as well, PCC is definitely it ...Read full comment
... My college educational experience was excellent ...Read full comment
... Every single one of my education courses were challenging and preparatory for the teaching field I planned to enter ...Read full comment
... But, it is an education that's second to none and you learn more about God ...Read full comment
... I felt my education was very practical and prepared me well for going into the real world ...Read full comment
... I really enjoyed my time at PCC both socially, spiritually, and for my education ...Read full comment
... I felt safe there and I knew I was going to get the best education ...Read full comment
... When I compare my education to that of the students I am receiving from local universities, I wonder how they are going to make it as nurses, and...Read full comment
... Pensacola Christian College gave me a very well rounded education ...Read full comment
... I was very happy with the education I received at PCC ...Read full comment
... I felt my education was very practical and prepared me well for going into the real world ...Read full comment
... ) Yes, people have issues w/ PCC's rigid rules, BUT, if you go there to get a good education for a GREAT price and keep in mind that you chose to ...Read full comment
... I do think that I should have continued my education because the technology in the art field was just taking off when I graduated, making my educ...Read full comment
... My years at Pensacola Christian College definitely prepared me for a career in the field of education ...Read full comment
... Excellent Education, controlled safe environment, positive preparation for the future with a comphrehensive Christian worldview ...Read full comment
... I learned so much not only educationally, but for life in general ...Read full comment
... I very much appreciate my education that I received there ...Read full comment
... I greatly appreciated the education I received at Pensacola Christian College, but my answers to the previous questions would make it seem as tho...Read full comment
... I felt very confident coming out of college that my education would provide me with the skills I needed ...Read full comment
... It doesn't cost much and the education is great and the campus is beautiful ...Read full comment
... PCC is an excellent university that provides a great education in a very conservative Christian environment ...Read full comment
... I have very good memories of my time there and God used the education that I received to advance me in my career ...Read full comment
... I felt that my experience at PPC really prepared me for my career as a professional and for higher education ...Read full comment
... Pensacola Christian College gave me a superb education and prepared me fully for my field ...Read full comment
... I learned many aspects of the education field through observation, classroom experience, and service projects ...Read full comment
... Very strict but a good education ...Read full comment
... I am shown almost every day that I had a much better education than most of the new grads I encounter ...Read full comment
... I was thrilled with the quality of education that I received from Pensacola Christian College ...Read full comment
... I highly recommend PCC to all who want a traditional,Bible- based, Christ-centered education ...Read full comment
... I got a full scholarship, I had the best piano teacher and education ever ...Read full comment
... I highly recommend PCC to all who want a traditional,Bible- based, Christ-centered education ...Read full comment
... If I were to be in the field, the field would be Christian education ...Read full comment
... PCC is very strict and definately not for everyone, but for a dedicated Christian preparing to serve the Lord in the area of education, I can thin...Read full comment
... PCC is very strict and is definately not for everyone, but based on the education I received and how it prepared me, I would recommend PCC to anyo...Read full comment
... My college experience at PCC prepared me for a job and ministry with an outstanding academic education coupled with spiritual and character-buildi...Read full comment
... PCC's education department is top-notch ...Read full comment
... I thoroughly enjoyed the years that I spent there and would be willing to continue my education with my friends at PCC ...Read full comment
... But what it does mean that it was a good where I received a superior education and that God used those years to teach me lessons I could not have...Read full comment
... Because of this, I feel that there is no better college to attend if one wants to go into Christian education ...Read full comment
... You need to get a more balanced view of education by attending more than the grad program at PCC ...Read full comment
... You can't ask for a better education from a nicer facility ...Read full comment
... Great discipline and good values for a college education ...Read full comment
... I received a two-year degree from Pensacola Christian College, and I was EXTREMELY WELL prepared for the jobs that directly related to my degree -...Read full comment
... My education and overall experience at PCC was very profitable ...Read full comment
... The education I received (mathematics and physical education) was top-notch ...Read full comment
... What a change from my public school education ...Read full comment
... My ultimate reason for desiring this certification is to obtain my Master's Degree in Education ...Read full comment
... I believe that the education I received at PCC was very good: I felt well-educated upon graduation ...Read full comment
... The education their is top of the line ...Read full comment
... If you really want to learn something and receive a Christian education also, then you will do well ...Read full comment
... PCC offers a unique education ...Read full comment
... With a top notch education and dedicated faculty, it provided me with the resources needed to build knowledge and character in my desired field ....Read full comment
... I believe that PCC gave me an excellent education ...Read full comment
... I got what I expected -- a quality education, a good learning environment, solid instruction, current equipment (pc's, mac's, etc) and all at an ...Read full comment
... I was challenged in my field of Secondary Speech and English Education, and was able to get a job immediately following graduation ...Read full comment
... I feel that their education is excellent and that they have well-qualified teachers ...Read full comment
... I was hired at my current job as a direct result of the morals, character, and education that the school is known for instilling in its students...Read full comment
... Very practical education ...Read full comment
... I am very thankful for the education I received at Pensacola Christian College, both curricular and extra-curricular ...Read full comment
... The education I received from PCC was top notch ...Read full comment
... I am very appreciative of the education I received at PCC ...Read full comment
... An education from a Christian college is one of the best, I believe, not just for the academics, but the guidance one receives from the Bible is ...Read full comment
... The education standards were excellent ...Read full comment
... In the education field it is one of the top Colleges and PCC grads are in high demands in Christian Schools ...Read full comment
... I received an excellent education at PCC that equipped me for the teaching field ...Read full comment
... I am so grateful for the education I received at Pensacola Christian college ...Read full comment
... The philosophies and teaching methods I learned at PCC were very practical and helpful as I began a career in Christian education ...Read full comment
... I obtained a great education, and made memories to last a life time ...Read full comment
... I got a great education at Pensacola Christian College ...Read full comment
... My education was excellent and outside educators have commented to me on what a superb education a student receives at PCC ...Read full comment
... Not only in top notch quality education, but also in making sure the students are cared for, have oppotrunities to enjoy a social rich student l...Read full comment
... I went to PCC to get the best Christ-centered education and teacher training I could, and that is what I received ...Read full comment
... I thank God that I was able to attend PCC and would recommend the college to anyone who is serious about a Christian education ...Read full comment
... I think that PCC gave me an excellent education ...Read full comment
... Tuition is very affordable and the education is above average ...Read full comment
... My 4+ years at PCC were filled with great memories and great training in the field of education ...Read full comment
... I made lasting friendships and the quality of my education was superb ...Read full comment
... You will receive a valuable education as well as spiritual developement and character building during your time at PCC ...Read full comment
... You will get an intensive nursing education where you will be well prepared for any entry level nursing job--I have noticed from my friends and ...Read full comment
... The education that I have received has helped me to get into medical school and to thrive as a research technician ...Read full comment
... Do you want to go to a college that will prepare you for everything (educational and ethical) or not ...Read full comment
... The academic program prepared me well for both the field of education as well as the field of law ...Read full comment
... I thought the education level and the professors who did the teaching were great ...Read full comment
... I went to Pensacola Christian College to earn a degree in music education and to learn more about the Bible ...Read full comment
... The educational opportunities are par excellence; the social experiences were great too (but I was working full time and had my nose in the book...Read full comment
... Not only did I receive and excellent education in the field of elementary education, but I also had the wonderful opportunity to be personally m...Read full comment
... If you are interested in the field of education, Pensacola Christian College is an excellent choice because of its great reputation with Christian...Read full comment
... The education program is also recognized as being among the best in the state of Florida ...Read full comment
... I fully recommend Pensacola Christian College to anyone looking for an excellent top-notch education from a Christian world view ...Read full comment
... I certainly do not describe myself as being cut from the PCC mold, but I cannot deny the fact that I was provide a quality education and solid B...Read full comment
... I was very well pleased with my education at my college ...Read full comment
... PCC provided both great educational advice as well as sound character training ...Read full comment
... I guess you just have to decided that the education you are recieving both for your future job and for your ministry to Christ are more importan...Read full comment
... I would recomend it to anyone wanting a quality education in a Godly environment ...Read full comment
... PCC is a great place for a CHRISTIAN to receive a CHRISTIAN education ...Read full comment
... Having been a graduate of PCC and having taught there for a number of years, I still have the highest regard for the quality of education I receiv...Read full comment
... PCC was a character-building Godly school, giving an excellent education with a modern, high quality campus and facilities, at a fraction of the c...Read full comment
... Pensacola Christian College provided me with the education that I needed and also helped me form a strong code of ethics ...Read full comment
... I received an excellent education from PCC and hope that one day my children will choose to attend their as well ...Read full comment
... PCC definately prepared me for Christian Education ...Read full comment
... PCC provided a superior education ...Read full comment
... PCC has a highly respected education department ...Read full comment
... English Education Masters program was a great experience ...Read full comment
... Thank you, PCC, for the excellent Christian education you gave me ...Read full comment
... It has long had a reputation for excellence, particularly in the field of education ...Read full comment
... Not only did I have a top-notch education, I received actual experience in my field ...Read full comment
... Definitely prepared to work in the field of education I wish I would have pursued my Masters while still at PCC ...Read full comment
... PCC has a phenomenal education program that will discipline any person who enters that field ...Read full comment
... PCC provides a great opportunity for Christians to get an excellent education in secular as well as religious fields ...Read full comment
... I feel that my education was better than that of my peers in the same field ...Read full comment
... Pensacola Christian College is a great place to receive an excellent Christian education ...Read full comment
... My years at Pensacola Christian College trained me thoroughly in the field of elementary education ...Read full comment
... It is an excellent place to receive your education if you are truely willing to seek Gods will in your life and willing to come under the submis...Read full comment
... I did not see this as a bad thing because I went to college to learn and to get a quality education ...Read full comment
... The education is top of the line ...Read full comment
... I don't know what it's like these days, but back then the education I received fully prepared me for my career ...Read full comment
... I received such a great education by the nursing staff at PCC ...Read full comment
... The field of education was excellent at PCC ...Read full comment
... My college has only helped me attain pretty much every job I've applied for due to their high standard for the education field ...Read full comment
... And now, I have a cool job because of my education ...Read full comment
... But, if you're looking for a quality education that will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the workplace, ...Read full comment
... If you want an excellent conservative Christian education at a college where you can grow spiritually, then there is no better place than PCC .....Read full comment
... They are a little strict, but it is worth the good education ...Read full comment
... PCC trained me to be the best that I can be in education ...Read full comment
... I have found this to be true even as I have gone on to education in other universities ...Read full comment
... Higher education is meant to be a building experience, not a fun place to be amused or waste time (and your parents' money) ...Read full comment
... PCC is a place to get a quality education for a small amount of money ...Read full comment
... I have been incredibly successful in my life because of the training received at PCC and would recommend it to anyone as the type of practical, ...Read full comment
... I appreciated the focus on education and moral and ethical values ...Read full comment
... On the possitive side, PCC is very challenging academically, and the education is high quality ...Read full comment
... My education at PCC has made the world of difference in where I am today both in career and life goals ...Read full comment
... My education at PCC has made the world of difference in where I am today both in career and life goals ...Read full comment
... I didn't agree with some of them, but in the big picture:they weren't more important than a quality education ...Read full comment
... I did not graduate from PCC with a degree in education, but PCC gave me an incredible educational experience by teaching me not to procrastinate a...Read full comment
... PCC provided excellent education with outstanding teachers who cared and wanted to see their students excel mentally and spiritually ...Read full comment
... So students shouldn't feel as though their college education will prepare them 100% ...Read full comment
... But, if you are ready to get a great education at an affordable price, then come visit PCC ...Read full comment
... I do very well with the education I recieved at PCC and the friendships I developed there have proven to be life long ...Read full comment
... I felt I got an excellent education, which has helped a lot in my chosen field--even though it's not a field associated with a Bible major, usua...Read full comment
... I did decide to go back to school and get a degree in another field, but if I had wanted to remain in the same field, I had an excellent educatio...Read full comment
... To any who want to further their education in a BIBLE based college, this is a wonderful choice ...Read full comment
... The Education majors are great at PCC ...Read full comment
... I learned so much at PCC, and I am grateful for my education ...Read full comment
... The education classes at PCC are excellent ...Read full comment
... I received a wonderful education and I also met my husband there ...Read full comment
... I am greatful for the opportunity to get an education in a establishment that is dedicated to not just givingtheir students the opportunity to be...Read full comment
... I am really thankful for the good education I received at PCC ...Read full comment
... I received a nursing education that was far above average when I attended PCC ...Read full comment
... Of greater value than the education I received were the friends I made, the mentoring I received and the character building rules that kept m...Read full comment
... God worked in my life and I experienced college life and all that it could be while receiving the best quality education available ...Read full comment
... Not only did I get a top notch academic education, but I learned character lessons to carry me through the rest of my life ...Read full comment
... For students who wish to enter a college atmosphere that allows you to pursue a quality education while providing excellent Christian surroundings...Read full comment
... of anything less than providing a high quality,outstanding,Christ-honoring education ...Read full comment
... The course work is challenging and you should be quite busy every semester, but you gain such a terrific education at Pensacola Christian Colleg...Read full comment
... The education was better and the money was less ...Read full comment
... I received a wonderful, through, comprehensive education at PCC ...Read full comment
... I graduated from PCC with an education degree ...Read full comment
... Communications- ANYWHERE else Education-Pcc can't be beat ...Read full comment
... Communications- ANYWHERE else Education-Pcc can't be beat ...Read full comment
... I am very pleased with the education I am recieving ...Read full comment
... I am so thankful for the education department and how helpful they have always been ...Read full comment
... Want to build character and learn objectively Bible guidelines and philosophies on Christian Education ...Read full comment
... Overall the college is a good place to get an education at a cheap price ...Read full comment
... I have many friends and I received an excellent music education ...Read full comment
... The experience and education received at PCC were invaluable ...Read full comment
... Over all the education and training i received was directly beneficial to my joining the workforce ...Read full comment
... Most of these students are allowed to come back after a semester to continue their education ...Read full comment
... We would get our education, get married, have lots of kids, and teach at a christian school ...Read full comment
... PCC provides an excellent education ...Read full comment
... I have received a quality education from faculty that cared about me ...Read full comment
... The PCC student who values quality education and honors God is bound for a successful college experience ...Read full comment
... I hated it so bad there because I thought of everything I COULDNT do instead of focusing on the things I could do, the great education I was gett...Read full comment
... In return for your willingness to live in an environment that is probably more restricted than what you are used to you will receive a quality e...Read full comment
... I learned a lot about the Bible through this college and the education was top-notch and hard ...Read full comment
... If you go for a Christian education first and make sure all the other so called "college aspects" are secondary, you should have no problem at PCC...Read full comment
... The level of education is quite high, and while not accredited, that should not make or break decision to attend ...Read full comment
... I graduated 20 years ago and the education I received was exceptional ...Read full comment
... PCC is a great choice to get a good solid education and make friends for life ...Read full comment
... The best education for the cheapest price ...Read full comment
... The education was very challenging but it made me feel good when I passed that test knowing that I had worked very hard to do so ...Read full comment
... The educations is great, and the atmosphere is fantastic, for a Christian young person ...Read full comment
... The education is of the highest ...Read full comment
... Overall, the education I am receiving from PCC is top notch ...Read full comment
... I received a high quality education at PCC, and went on to attend graduate school and complete a master's degree ...Read full comment
... PCC will provide you with an education leaving you confident and prepared to step out and more than succeed in the field of nursing ...Read full comment
... I went to PCC to get a music/English education degree without having to be bothered with partying and other distractions ...Read full comment
... Very cheap quality education and a great jumping board for my Tier-1 law school ...Read full comment
... PCC thoroughly prepared me for the education world ...Read full comment
... Everyone I know that loved it and got a good education are successful engineers, physicians, attorneys, professors, etc ...Read full comment
... I loved the education, the music, the friends I made and the structure of the campus ...Read full comment
... They care about their students and want to make sure they receive a good education ...Read full comment
... The education I received greatly helps me with me career today ...Read full comment
... Top notch ranked education ...Read full comment
... You will get a solid, well-rounded, Christian education ...Read full comment
... Pensacole Christian College provided an exceptional educational experience ...Read full comment
... However, I went to the school for an EDUCATION, not for religion (Baptist-based and not MY religion), or politics, or anything else ...Read full comment
... While the quality of education is good the atmosphere of oppression and robotic control outweights any benefits gained while attending this schoo...Read full comment
... If the petty rules were done away with, students would be free to have a well-rounded liberal arts education that didn't "leave out" pertine...Read full comment
... The actual education received at Pensacola Christian College is above average for a Christian institution ...Read full comment
... So, apparently the PCC academics that most other posters are trashing provided me a better education than the Ivy League academics provided thei...Read full comment
... There is nothing second rate about the education they offer in my field ...Read full comment
... There were some rules I didn't agree with, and some I down right hated, but whining didn't do any good, so I didn't (ok, so sometimes I did, but...Read full comment
... The facilities were excellent, the educational quality was great, and there was much CLEAN fun to be had ...Read full comment
... Clean, safe, and a good education (despite not being accredited) ...Read full comment
... I'm a physical education major, the program so far is nice ...Read full comment
... It provides a good solid education at a good price, but it is not for wimps, complainers, or party animals ...Read full comment
... This is the place to go if you truly want a Christian education ...Read full comment
... The education is top notch, but the "system" could be equated to a triple root canal without pain killers ...Read full comment
... Although the education I got was VERY good, I did not feel I got the full college experience, and I don't mean partying and acting the fool, but f...Read full comment
... One of my main reasons for continuing my education at this institution was because of my professors ...Read full comment
... As a nursing major, I expected more than I received in my education ...Read full comment
... Now, eleven years later, I would like to return to school and continue my education in a different area ...Read full comment
... As far as the education goes, I think it's average to above average ...Read full comment
... The social education there has helped very little in establishing myself as an individual who must operate and function on his own in society .....Read full comment
... The education, at least in my department was fairly typical for most schools ...Read full comment
... I did receive an excellent education and have been grateful for my training as a teacher ...Read full comment
... I would hope that no one truly seeking a Christian education would take advice from such vial languaged people ...Read full comment
... I found that the education given for a Business student was superior to other Business students I've had interaction with since graduating 12 year...Read full comment
... Almost ten years later, after several graduate degrees from state institutions, I can look back and evaluate my educational experience at PCC .....Read full comment
... And education majors, lookout-you will be well prepared to teach, but you will have a very hard time if you ever choose to get state certified (y...Read full comment
... However, you will get a good education if you want it ...Read full comment
... My overall opinion of MY education - wonderful ...Read full comment
... Basically, you get a great education, but at a pretty steep price ...Read full comment
... If you're looking to go to a college that is fun, educational, and religious, GOOD FOR YOU, but PCC is not that college ...Read full comment
... I did my four years at PCC and I feel as if they were well spent on the education but not on any social status ...Read full comment
... The education experience at the academy helped me tremendously with how to handle parents and students ...Read full comment
... PCC gave me a good education, not well-rounded as it did not prepare me for the real world of professionalism, but it was a good level of educatio...Read full comment
... For a Christian Education-- this is a good one ...Read full comment
... PCC's educational level is quite good, however there are other colleges (Christian and secular) that offer the same level without the strict stand...Read full comment
... The education and preparation that I received in the field of education was second to none ...Read full comment
... I got a good education ...Read full comment
... The education is not bad, the cost is very good and I loved the location (near the beach) ...Read full comment
... PCC provided a good education ...Read full comment
... I would recommend PCC to any student that desires a good education ...Read full comment
... You will get a good education but if you cannot live in a structured environment, you should probably not attend ...Read full comment
... Great education in nursing ...Read full comment
... It's a great school and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a good education in a good environment ...Read full comment
... I received a good education and excellent spiritual training and character building ...Read full comment
... Looking back, it may have been a college choice of convenience, but I did enjoy my years at PCC and think the education I received prepared me f...Read full comment
... PCC gave me a good education ...Read full comment
... PCC is not for everyone, but you have to remember that an education is not your social life, it is an education ...Read full comment
... I received a great education particularly for my field ...Read full comment
... Keep in mind that you are going to college for an education, not to party and you will be fine ...Read full comment
... Being in that type of environment helped me focus on my education ...Read full comment
... Well, I moved to Canada, and since PCC is virtually unheard of here, it has been difficult to get them to see that I had an accredited education ....Read full comment
... Pensacola made that choice because of their strong beliefs in Christian education not needing sanctioning by the state ...Read full comment
... I am not a great student and it took a lot of hard work and dedication but I definately came away with a great education ...Read full comment
... You can graduate with an education degree and go through some loop-holes to get a temporary Florida certification which will allow you to work i...Read full comment
... Furthering your education is next to impossible because of the non-accreditation issue ...Read full comment
... Those goals don't really include providing students a high quality college education ...Read full comment
... However, American culture ('my rights' mentality) flies in the face of this traditional education style ...Read full comment
... Positive: If you are looking for a good education at a reasonable price away from home then PCC could be the right place for you ...Read full comment
... The education is the focus, not partying ...Read full comment
... PCC offers a great education with a God-centered worldview at an affordable price ...Read full comment
... The education is a solid one ...Read full comment
... There was no other school where I could get a good education and still graduate without any debt ...Read full comment
... It is especially helpful to prepare a teacher who will be using the A Beka materials and not at all intended to prepare an educator for the publ...Read full comment
... I chose Pensacola Christian College precisely because I agreed with their basic perspective of education ...Read full comment
... It is a good education ...Read full comment
... I went to PCC to obtain a quality education and I feel that that is exactly what I received ...Read full comment
... Don't expect any education experience to be perfect, there will be "issues" no matter where you attend just as there is in every job you will...Read full comment
... If you can get over the rules, you will get an excellent education ...Read full comment
... So much of the real education and learning comes with future experience ...Read full comment
... Good choice for education ...Read full comment
... I sincerely think that the character training I received has MORE to do with my job and salary today than does my educational training ...Read full comment
... Education was great ...Read full comment
... I feel the ethics part of the education is was puts me over the top to some degree ...Read full comment
... I would never recommend this school for anyone who wants a solid Chistian education ...Read full comment
... The longer I am away from PCC, the worse I realize that my education was ...Read full comment
... I got a very good education and made some good friends, but everything else about it sucked ...Read full comment
... As for the education being great, I'm afraid that a lot of people who say that don't know what the education is like in other institutions .....Read full comment
... Pensacola had a wonderful education department when I was there and I assume that they still do, but since they are NOT accredited I am very limit...Read full comment
... I believe that I received a well-rounded education ...Read full comment
... I was not a great student and would not go for a master's, but I love teaching and don't think I would be the teacher I am today without my coll...Read full comment
... I did not base my choice of a college on the rules that they had, as much as on the quality of education in the field I was looking for, as well...Read full comment
... Although many feel that the rules of the college outweigh the good, I always remembered the wise words of my father who said, "You are going to ...Read full comment
... It seems that all of the other programs are unaccredited and therefore do not generally help if you want to go on to further education ...Read full comment
... I graduated from PCC in 2003 with a degree in Elementary Education/Early Childhood Concentration ...Read full comment
... i appreciated the education that I received ...Read full comment
... The education I received was excellent ...Read full comment
... My favorite thing about my COLLEGE education was that I was issued HIGH SCHOOL textbooks for all of my freshman classes and even some of my sophom...Read full comment
... The academic education was excellent, but the extremely sheltered (not to say oppressive) atmosphere left me very much unprepared for working with...Read full comment
... I got the education that I needed ...Read full comment
... I feel that i recieved an excellent education at PCC ...Read full comment
... As the wife of another PCC Alumnus who now owns two businesses, I can attest to the quality of education & exceptional work ethic most graduate...Read full comment
... I feel that PCC provided a good education & helped me see what the nursing field was actually like ...Read full comment
... Academically, PCC gives you a good, solid liberal arts education ...Read full comment
... I think PCC gave me a great work ethic, a great education, and many lifelong friends ...Read full comment
... I think the education was excellent and I am currently about 6 months away from getting my Ph ...Read full comment
... The academic education was appropriate in many regards, not stellar, yet average ...Read full comment
... Pensacola Christian College greatly helped in training me for the field of elementary education ...Read full comment
... If you would find yourself content with obeying seemingly pointless rules, getting a very basic knowledge of the Bible, and receiving a good educ...Read full comment
... I received a great education which has come in helpful, and i learned many other things that have been useful in my life since graduation ...Read full comment
... I received a very practical and Christ-centered education at PCC ...Read full comment
... I thought the quality of the education I received was pretty good ...Read full comment
... I have heard about computer science students graduating to find out that their education was too obsolete to get them into any respectful career ...Read full comment
... I graduated from the Educational Administration track in the M ...Read full comment
... The education in my field of study was excellent ...Read full comment
... In our education classes, while we had access to other materials and were required to use them for lesson planning, we weren't allowed to discuss...Read full comment
... The education is very good and the teachers are available and knowledgeable in their fields ...Read full comment
... However, if you can put up with all the rules then the educational experience overall is very good ...Read full comment
... If you are interested in seeking a professional career and higher education, I do not recommend PCC ...Read full comment
... I considered myself a Christian and I wanted to learn more about the bible and get spiritual as well as academic education ...Read full comment
... This college in not accredited (a fact they neglected to point out to incoming freshmen), which made getting a state teaching license impossible, ...Read full comment
... Mr Pope any my very few close friends were my lifeline on a spiritual, emotional, educational, sinking ship - they didn't make the college good -...Read full comment
... My experience was mixed in that I felt in general the education was excellent however I did not feel that I learned very valuable critical think...Read full comment
... PCC is not for everyone, but I think it is a excellent place to get a good education and grow spirtualy ...Read full comment
... Overall, they need to lighten up on the rules, continue in ther excellent education, and become accredited ...Read full comment
... The education I received at PCC was better than the Tech School ...Read full comment
... Check out your areas of interest before coming - make sure that the education they will give you is what you will need to accomplish what God has...Read full comment
... May your future education be uplifting ...Read full comment
... PCC is a great place to get an education ...Read full comment
... You will not find any better of a bargain for post-secondary education that PCC ...Read full comment
... A safe campus whose focus was on education rather than a socail outlet ...Read full comment
... I would highly recommend this college to anyone looking for a quality education and a positive environment ...Read full comment
... It seems to me that people I know who attended public schools and universities grow up to be more well-adjusted and successful than those coming...Read full comment
... GAs r the only problem with PCCs educational program, because even though most of these recently graduated PCC alumni r well meaning and fun, the...Read full comment
... Great education ...Read full comment
... You definitely have to be there to get an education and be focused ...Read full comment
... Overall I think the school is great, and you do get a solid education ...Read full comment
... Overall, I am thankful for my education recieved while at PCC ...Read full comment
... I wasted a year before figuring that the only place I would be able to get a job with a PCC education degree was at PCC or the grade school next d...Read full comment
... The school did provide a good education, however the nursing program is unaccredited ...Read full comment
... The rest of my education was sub-par ...Read full comment
... I would say that it has very good musical, graphic design, nursing, business (you can get an MBA for free through the GA program), education (tea...Read full comment
... If you want a real education, where administration is not just obsessed about petty things such as hemlines and haircuts, then this place isn't ...Read full comment
... I've been a Computer Science student at Pensacola Christian College for 3-1/2 years currently, and I've been very pleased with both the environmen...Read full comment
... Becasue serouisly if you're really honest your true education starts after school and on the job ...Read full comment
... I recieved excellent education, and an excellent disciplined lifestyle from PCC ...Read full comment
... If you can be mature and not concentrate on the rules, but on your education, you will enjoy Pensacola ...Read full comment
... I'm getting an excellent education, and more importantly I've learned to rely on God ...Read full comment
... Hey, it's an inexpensive, quality education, beautiful campus, and you can have fun if you keep your mouth shut at the appropriate times ...Read full comment
... They have a really good education but just make sure you want to go there for 4 years, otherwise you are wasting your time ...Read full comment
... PCC has an excellent education program, if you are going to teach in a CHRISTIAN school ...Read full comment
... PCC provides an excellent Christian based education in the field of your choosing ...Read full comment
... The hand bood basicly said: 1) Quality Education (True) 2) Quality Staff (True) 3) Friendly Atmosphere (True) 4) Strict Rules with little lenianc...Read full comment
... When I decided to continue my education it was hard to find a school that would accept my credits ...Read full comment
... Their education isn't bad, but the student life is so restricted and discouraging, that you have to be really numb (or just plain stupid) not t...Read full comment
... If you can handle the rules, the low cost and good education is a benefit ...Read full comment
... Continue to pursue higher education ...Read full comment
... It is not by any means perfect and the image its public relations people put out is somewhat decieving, but the quality of education is good and...Read full comment
... There are those of us who went there, got our education and a lot more, and are doing fine in the world today ...Read full comment
... Education is good ...Read full comment
... As a Christian I recommend not going to a Christian school, yes it will be less comfortable at times, but you will get a much better educational...Read full comment
... I would also say that I recieved a good education here as well, even if I'm not currently using it to its fullest (my own choice) ...Read full comment
... The schools education overall is great ...Read full comment
... I chose to leave PCC because the education program was not accredited--which left as my only option for teaching in the arena of certain non-Cat...Read full comment
... The education is second to none ...Read full comment
... PCC provides a very cost effective education ...Read full comment
... Price(You knew it was coming, it is a relatively low-cost education) ...Read full comment
... I'm planning on teaching and it isn't realistic for me to teach only at Christian schools or stay in the little pool of schools that accept my ed...Read full comment
... The nursing program is certified by the Florida Board of Nursing and is a very good education if you want nursing ...Read full comment
... Several of these faculty members became my mentors and good friends from whom I have on many occasions recieved advise and additional "education...Read full comment
... There is no way of ever transfering credits in order to be certified without re-doing your whole education somewhere else ...Read full comment
... The government does not offer accreditation, but private organizations made up of administratiors/educational professionals ...Read full comment
... The education you get there is decent ...Read full comment
... I felt that I was completely prepared for the work force as a direct result of my education at PCC ...Read full comment
... I recevied a good education from PCC as well as the Masters Program ...Read full comment
... The college is not currently ('07) accredited which has caused a few problems for some in transferring, achieving higher education or being hire...Read full comment
... There is always something you would change, but there's no better place to get both a quality education in a great environment ...Read full comment
... The education you will receive at PCC both spiritually and academically is most rewarding ...Read full comment
... Next, the Education Program is great if you are going to use the Abeka materials when you graduate ...Read full comment
... Pensacola Christian College provides discount education (although the scholarships available at state or community colleges often make them a less...Read full comment
... The quality of the education I received there was comparible to curricula I've seen from other universities ...Read full comment
... PCC in all respects is focused on quality of education and developing a Christ-like life ...Read full comment
... You are constantly challenged in moral and educational areas that strive to create professional and Godly students ...Read full comment
... I feel that the education PCC provides is exceptional ...Read full comment
... I also knew that they were the only school in the country with a traditional Christian elementary education major ...Read full comment
... If you're going to college to further your education, meet lifelong friends and to grow in your spiritual life then PCC is the place for you ...Read full comment
... Pensacola is not a regionally accredited school This is important if you choose to enter education fields I earned a second BS degree in ord...Read full comment
... A Christian education is invaluable ...Read full comment
... PCC was generally a good experience for me, and I felt the education prepared me well for my current position in marketing research ...Read full comment
... This is an excellent school, academically-especially in the field of education ...Read full comment
... The education is excellent; the price is unbeatable; but the rules are oppressive ...Read full comment
... The education there is incredible ...Read full comment
... Pensacola Christian College can be a good place to get an education if you are not going into any business fields ...Read full comment
... One last note - if you are thinking of an education major, don't bother coming here ...Read full comment
... However, if you can look beyond this and if you relly want a solid education, PCC is right for you ...Read full comment
... I would relive those days again, and I would gladly go back and encourage others to stay the course of their colege education ...Read full comment
... EDUCATION: As a female education major PCC prepared me very well for teaching in a Christian school - and they make no bones about the fact that ...Read full comment
... If you are looking for a well-rounded education, Pensacola Christian College is definitely the place to go ...Read full comment
... My advice to you if you are considering PCC: don't come here if you have a hard time following rules and please keep in mind that it is not accre...Read full comment
... I went to college for a good education, and I got one ...Read full comment
... Also, if you are going to PCC or a similar college and you are considering education but do not want an internship, please understand that the e...Read full comment
... It is a good education for Bible-Believing Christians ...Read full comment
... The nursing education I received was exceptional ...Read full comment
... You will receive a quality education at a very affordable price ...Read full comment
... And in spite of PCC's propagandish slander of secular colleges, you can get a quality education there and you could possibly even become a strong...Read full comment
... Based on the education and excellence of faculty I found myself in the top 10% of my private Law School class ...Read full comment
... On a positive note, the education you will receive is outstanding ...Read full comment
... If you want an education and not work all 5 years of college please don't sign ...Read full comment
... I have received a quality education from faculty that cared about me ...Read full comment
... In many of the workshops, they explained that the methods of education pedagogy that my wife (a 8-year veteran teacher)and I use in the public s...Read full comment
... The academics of the school are challenging and I truly believe that it is a phenomenal education for the money ...Read full comment
... The education and preparation to make you a great nurse is well worth a few adjustments ...Read full comment
... The education I received at PCC was top-rate ...Read full comment
... As a military dependent, I had attended two non-denom Christian universities as well as two secular universities/colleges from moving around--so ...Read full comment
... I went to PCC to get an education, I went to UWF to get a degree ...Read full comment
... If you are going because you want a quality education in a clean environment and to grow in your relationship with the Lord, I would prayerfully...Read full comment
Pensacola Christian College
Pensacola Christian College
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