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Pensacola Christian College

Breakdown of “Social Life” at PCC
By Gender
By Major
Aerospace EngineeringA+
Animal StudiesA-
Art & Design DepartmentC-
Business - Management and AdministrationC
Computer EngineeringF
Computer ScienceC
Design Arts - Industrial Design/Graphic Design/etcC-
Electrical EngineeringF
Engineering DepartmentD-
Fine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etcC-
History/Histories (art history/etc.)C-
Mechanical EngineeringC+
Music - Composition/TheoryD
Music - PerformanceC+
Music EducationC
Perfomance ArtsC-
Physical Therapy/Exercise ScienceB
Political ScienceD+
PreLaw and LegalC-
PreMed and MedicalC-
Social WorkD-

Against similar schools
Social Life compared with similar schools in class.

Pensacola Christian College
Average of All Schools
Average of schools in class

New York University
Bob Jones University
Harvard University
University of California Berkeley
Stanford University
University of Southern California

Quotes touching on Social Life

“... ) Late in my 1st semester, I was "socialled" (not allowed to speak to any girls) for 2 weeks for ACCIDENTLY walking into a girl ...”
“... It was extrememly socialist, in my opinion ...”
“... There was a *strong* no-touch policy; be careful also how you looked at a member of the opposite sex, because social campusing was common ...”
“... Thankfully, I never did get socialed or campused, or come close to expulsion, though I did rack up my share of demerits nonetheless ...”
“... That can get you "socialled" - the college prohibits you from talking to a member of the opposite sex for two weeks ...”
“... Not only do they control every facet of your social life, but the deceptiveness, back-stabbing, accusations, and unjust treatment that goes on th...”
“... for instance, this past year in my prayer-group there was a freshman who was nice enough, a little on the weird side, who was instructed by the ...”
“... Yes, you will obtain a good education if you work really hard and never get sick; however, your spiritual, social, and mental life WILL suffer ....”
“... Coming from a family where anything social was outcasted, PCC definitly made me feel worse by the fact of who i wanted to be ...”
“... As far as the social and personal rules, they are by and large VERY strict ...”
“... As for the social experience, don't expect one ...”
“... The thing with PCC is that you have no real social life ...”
“... - social environments ...”
“... You cannot be on campus in mixed groups unchaperoned or outside of "social hours" ...”
“... There IS a social life there ...”
“... You will be socialed, which means that you are not allowed to even speak to the opposite sex for 2 whole weeks ...”
“... " Oh yeah, the entire Communicative Arts builing is considered "unchaperoned" meaning if you even strike up a "how's it goin" conversation, you c...”
“... parents saying they won't pay for your college, being a social outcast if you don't, whatever ...”
“... They are completely legalistic to the point of cruel when it comes to there judgemental "standards" It is a school filled with half rate homesc...”
“... She had asked our permission and her floor leader's permission to do all of the fun things above (after a grueling four months at PCC with prac...”
“... If you would rather live in a Christian environment that is more realistic (where you are allowed some grace and some opportunity for real social...”
“... Socially: You will not have the freedom to do as you please; you will be treated like a child ...”
“... Socially the school is a joke ...”
“... While the social and religious standards are quite high, I would not consider that alone to be a commendable attribute of this college ...”
“... Here you go: 1) school is not accredited - BIG problem 2) this will affect you once you leave and try to pursue any advanced degree 3) the soci...”
“... If you're off campus and you see a member of the opposite gender, and you talk to them you risk being "socialed" meaning you can't talk to any me...”
“... Educational programs and friends made it worthwhile but it was hard not to be bitter against some authority and some students who were given exo...”
“... Social life and rules aside, the Computer Science department during my years (96-2000) was incredibly substandard ...”
“... With added stress from social rules, my time spent there was barely tolerable ...”
“... But social aspects aside, this school is terrible ...”
“... Socially okay slightly ...”
“... People can get socialled for sitting at the same table as a member of the opposite sex in the library, of for talking to them in the halls while ...”
“... Socially this school is horrible ...”
“... My second year there I was written up for walking on the wrong side walk with a girl, and because of that I was socialled (not able to communica...”
“... The classes were fine, the extra-curricular experiences, including dorm life, social life, and spiritual training were very controlling and mani...”
“... Your social life will go back in time to the 6th grade as there is no tolerance for talking after 11pm, off-campus dating, touching, and other n...”
“... When visiting PCC, make sure you ask your tour guide about the different types of punishments, like shadowing, socialing, campusing (whoops, they...”
“... 50 demerits for talking to the oppo(site gender outside after 5:30pm or dusk + "socialing" which is like being grounded from leaving campus or t...”
“... After that, because i was sos young and had not experienced anything from that college to help my social life, I began a life with a naive mind an...”
“... (This is not just in the library but anywhere mixed groups aren't allowed to socialize) ...”
“... Keep in mind that while many schools are preparing one-dimensional students (only technical knowledge), PCC is preparing multi-dimensional stu...”
“... PCC is overall a great college that seeks to protect and prepare one for the business world as well as providing good social atmosphere ...”
“... Social skills are necessary; friends are important ...”
“... Productions and rehersals keep me busy enough to not worry about the social life and rules ...”
“... " But, come, with these expectations: a friendly campus with faculty, administration, and students who will care about you and welcome you with ...”
“... I veiwed this "push" as a means to further control my thought patterns in an atmosphere that would be detrimental to both my academic and social ...”
“... parents saying they won't pay for your college, being a social outcast if you don't, whatever ...”
“... I had a great social life, the academics were great ...”
“... I have grown so much as a person in areas of discipline, Biblical understanding, relationships, and socially ...”
“... Not the place to go for a great social life ...”
“... The college not only met my academic needs, but my spiritual and social needs as well ...”
“... I learned and grew a lot, academically, socially, and spiritually ...”
“... It was not only a great experience academically, but also socially ...”
“... It takes a person of character and determination to graduate from PCC because academically it is challenging and the rules governing social life...”
“... When I went to PCC I understood that it was a school with high social standards ...”
“... I really enjoyed my time at PCC both socially, spiritually, and for my education ...”
“... It was hard - academically, socially, and spiritually - but after it was over, the sense of accomplishment cannot be compared to anything else ....”
“... As a student, I grew socially, spiritually, and academically ...”
“... I, for one, grew spiritually, academically, and socially through my years there ...”
“... Social rules help keep you morally pure ...”
“... Not only in top notch quality education, but also in making sure the students are cared for, have oppotrunities to enjoy a social rich student l...”
“... The academic standard and the social aspects were what I was expecting and they have benefited me in my field of work/ministry ...”
“... PCC was a wonderful college academically, socially and spiritually ...”
“... The educational opportunities are par excellence; the social experiences were great too (but I was working full time and had my nose in the book...”
“... As for the wonderful social atmosphere and life long friendships I made while attending PCC, I just really can't say enough ...”
“... I grew in many ways at PCC: spiritually, socially, and in confidence concerning what I chose to study ...”
“... Having attended several state colleges, it was such an encouragement to find a college where the majority of students are interested in growing ...”
“... After attending several state universities, it was such an encouragement to find a college where the majority of students were interested in gro...”
“... I am very pleased with my experiences at PCC, both academically and socially ...”
“... I am also thankful for the social rules that we had ...”
“... The college developed me as a human being mentally, socially, and spiritually in a way that you cannot attain at most colleges ...”
“... PCC has a great spiritual and social atmosphere ...”
“... ), I had to learn to balance work responsibilities and social life and class work ...”
“... I am not a "party girl"; therefore the amount and the quality of social interaction was agreeable with me ...”
“... As a parent, I would want to know my child was safe and trained in all ways of life, whether social, academic, professionally, and especially sp...”
“... From academics and social life to my walk with Christ, every area of my life was enriched because of my decision to attend PCC ...”
“... The college has very high standards--morally, socially, and scholastically--but the faculty and staff are willing and able to help you achieve tho...”
“... I had countless opportunities to grow spiritually and socially ...”
“... There was so much to do socially ...”
“... I understand why they take the stand they do on spiritual and social matters, but I do not agree with them treating students like children instea...”
“... Campus social life for a nursing major must be very restricted, in order to dedicate to the intense studying, so if you are a serious student, yo...”
“... I didn't have much of a social life due to always being in the library or at the hospital, but that is, after all, why I was in college ...”
“... You can grow socially, spiritually and academically ...”
“... It is a great place to grow spiritually, emotionally, and socially ...”
“... All the pettiness and subjectivity should be done away with in the administrative offices--such as many of the rules in (or NOT in) the student ...”
“... However, be ready for incredibly strict rules governing almost every aspect of your social life ...”
“... I am still surprised I went there for two years and never got socialed ...”
“... (And that's not because I was an unsocialable person before I came to college ...”
“... the college has the most beautiful campus I've ever seen, and the education is relatively good...”
“... I believe that the academics were challenging, but the social structure was a little overbearing ...”
“... The social education there has helped very little in establishing myself as an individual who must operate and function on his own in society .....”
“... I would not reccomend the college to anyone only because of the social life (if you call it that) that you are required to live while on campus ...”
“... All of the groups that you can, and YOU WILL run to for social company will be morally decent students who cannot help but be disgusted by the s...”
“... parents saying they won't pay for your college, being a social outcast if you don't, whatever ...”
“... I did my four years at PCC and I feel as if they were well spent on the education but not on any social status ...”
“... By this I mean the price, the rules, and your social activities ...”
“... We did NOT get a demerit, nor did we get Socialed ...”
“... PCC is not for everyone, but you have to remember that an education is not your social life, it is an education ...”
“... I was still able to balance a social life ...”
“... If you do touch someone of the opposite sex, you are "socialed" and cannot talk to anyone of the opposite sex for two weeks ...”
“... Anyone who wants to have a social life should not go to PCC ...”
“... Social Life: It is possible to make life-long friends ...”
“... I was one of the unlucky few who were "socialled" (unable to talk to the opposite sex for two weeks), because "someone said" that I was talking ...”
“... This institution inevitably draws a particular group of people and some who are unaware of the educational and social atmosphere- I would recomme...”
“... For example, simply touching my fiance would have been met with being "socialed" ...”
“... Basically, I would compare the college to "Christian" socialism ...”
“... Great business training you will leave with the knowledge to beat anyone else out there; however, the social life sucked balls ...”
“... I don't hate PCC; it's a great place for making friends and developing social skills ...”
“... Basically, a good academic experience within a rotten social life ...”
“... it's like they expect us not to have a social life outside of campus ...”
“... I recommend it if you are interested in a closely monitored social life or finding a spouse ...”
“... So, in conclusion, friends and your own creativity in social activities can make it worth the ridiculous rules and arrogant condescension of the...”
“... I missed the social aspect of college, but find now that negligible in comparision to how it prepared me for my field ...”
“... Not only is social growth stifled by the many rules and self esteem trodden by capricious administrators, the spiritual atmosphere is nothing t...”
“... Social Life is bland ...”
“... I have not been passive when denouncing the spiritual-social system that PCC and other churches and colleges are structured around ...”
“... SOCIAL LIFE: Unless you were raised in a VERY sheltered home, the rules will seem unreasonably strict ...”
“... Socialling (Yeah, there's not much you can do with that except to say that it does promote chastity ...”
“... The college monitors most social activity on the campus - and tries to monitor as much off-campus activity as it can ...”
“... I would honestly compare this social system to that of Pol Pot or maybe Joseph Stalin ...”
“... On the social side, I mostly hated PCC ...”
“... The social life at PCC could have been a little better ...”
“... PCC is a good college for people who work hard and have priorities other than a social life ...”
“... In many of the workshops, they explained that the methods of education pedagogy that my wife (a 8-year veteran teacher)and I use in the public s...”
“... PCC was an ok scholl acemdemically, but the social life was horible ...”
“... Not for a social life ...”
“... I intentionally chose a college with social restrictions etc ...”

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