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The Georgia Institute of Technology

Breakdown of “Social Life” at GIT

By Gender
By Major
Aerospace EngineeringB
Business - Management and AdministrationC
Chemical EngineeringC+
Civil EngineeringB-
Computer EngineeringC
Computer ScienceC-
Design Arts - Industrial Design/Graphic Design/etcD+
Electrical EngineeringC-
Engineering DepartmentC-
Industrial DesignD+
Industrial Operations EngineeringB-
Language - French/Spanish/etc.A
Mechanical EngineeringC
Nuclear EngineeringD+
Political ScienceF
PreVet and VeterinaryC
Public PolicyA

Against similar schools

Social Life compared with similar schools in class.

Georgia Institute of Technology
Average of All Schools
Average of schools in class

Harvard University
Stanford University
University of California - Berkeley
Florida State University
University of Florida
University of Southern California
Cornell University

Social Life

... Look, in high school you are supposed to learn how to be social and figure out how to interact in the world ...Read full comment
... Social life is what you make of it ...Read full comment
... SOCIAL LIFE: I joined one of the bigger fraternities on campus freshman year so that certainly helped (I would recommend rushing for everyone ...Read full comment
... You have no social life and your workload is overbearing ...Read full comment
... It is a very boring campus with extremes of social life (extreme drunken fraternity/sorority partying on the one hand, complete isolation with vi...Read full comment
... you have to be really really over the top social, and have extrodinary time management skills to have friends ...Read full comment
... Look, in high school you are supposed to learn how to be social and figure out how to interact in the world ...Read full comment
... Social life within campus is non-existence, step outside to the city instead ...Read full comment
... I haven't experienced the problems with social life that other people have mentioned ...Read full comment
... And lets face it, nerds are not the most social people on the planet, so it can be hard if you don't take the initiative ...Read full comment
... (especially for people in all male dorm with antisocial people on your floor) Knowing what I know now, I would definitely not go to Georgia Tec...Read full comment
... The students are a split between the social/normal kids and the unsocial/nerdy kids ...Read full comment
... The social life is very much focused around the Greek System ...Read full comment
... Most people leave here with no social skills ...Read full comment
... If you are an "engineer type", you want to do that for the rest of you life, you don't want an education but training, and you can manage a socia...Read full comment
... GT feels like an elite school (it's very hard, everyone here is very smart, the curriculum is intense, the social life isn't great), but it has l...Read full comment
... I think I want to be around a friendly environment and go someplace where the proffessors actually give a shit about students and a better social...Read full comment
... If you plan on having no social life and doing integrals the rest of your life, this is your college ...Read full comment
... If you choose to live in shitty dorms with nerdy people who play video games all day then no you won't have a social life ...Read full comment
... I could have studied harder and earned better grades while at Tech, but social interaction is important and should be "practiced ...Read full comment
... do not come here unless you're a major nerd and are prepared to have a lame social life ...Read full comment
... THere seems to be a lot of complaints about this school, mainly about things like social life ...Read full comment
... I advise people to join a fraternity or sorority if you are personally not the super social kind ...Read full comment
... Socially the school is very poor ...Read full comment
... You can have a social life, if you actually get off your butt and work for it ...Read full comment
... All this on top of a depressing looking campus (the camphinile perfectly representing the shaft everyone gets), an awful social atmosphere, and ...Read full comment
... not a lot of campus event and social events ...Read full comment
... Granted I was a rather social geek, but you just instantly connected with people ...Read full comment
... THere seems to be a lot of complaints about this school, mainly about things like social life ...Read full comment
... you have to be really really over the top social, and have extrodinary time management skills to have friends ...Read full comment
... Because I had no social life and was generally miserable at Tech, the jump to Medical School was not a difficult one at all ...Read full comment
... If you want to do engineering, go to a place like Virginia Tech instead, the people there are friendly, happy, and there is a good social scene...Read full comment
... If you come to this school intending to enjoy the social life and discover yourself as an individual DO NOT come here ...Read full comment
... The social life here, as I've experienced it, is non-existent ...Read full comment
... A lot of kids at Georgia Tech are a bit socially inept, while others are focused on the work ...Read full comment
... If you stay in your room and play Quake all day, yeah there is no social scene ...Read full comment
... The students are a split between the social/normal kids and the unsocial/nerdy kids ...Read full comment
... You'll tell them that at Tech everyone is either a complete nerd, and antisocial, or an annoying frat guy ...Read full comment
... Social life is what you make of it ...Read full comment
... If you get involved in greek life or other parts of the social scene, and instead of studying all the time, you branch out, your time at Tech wi...Read full comment
... There are plenty of people at Tech with positive attitudes who are very successful and do not fail classes and if you associate yourself with th...Read full comment
... Marathon study sessions are the norm, long homework assignments can be a week-long trepidation, and semester long projects can really weigh you ...Read full comment
... - Social Hell: few women + lots of engineers = awkward ...Read full comment
... The social life ...Read full comment
... "There is a great social life and atmosphere, fun things to do every day & night ...Read full comment
... They feel like a social life and good grades should fall right into their laps ...Read full comment
... However, one of the three guys spends his social life just playing video games, so the effective ratio is more like 2:1 ...Read full comment
... social activities are encouraged but not fully supported by students or teachers school spirit low to none ...Read full comment
... I don't want to sound like a jerk but almost the entire campus is divided among the greek community, the asians, and the antisocial people ...Read full comment
... -Coursework is quite challenging if you're the sort who likes to mix a social life with your academic life ...Read full comment
... You can even have a good social life if you get to know the right people and make an effort ...Read full comment
... The ratio may be 70-30, but the fact that about 50% of the guys here spend most of their time playing videogames or being antisocial evens out th...Read full comment
... As far as social life, yeah it's only 30% women, and at least 50% of those are ugly as everything ...Read full comment
... Socially, GT is not as bad as people make it out to be ...Read full comment
... 6) Social life sucks ...Read full comment
... But aside from the educational standpoint this school can sometimes be harsh, and you may find yourself wondering if it is all worth it because o...Read full comment
... After a semester at Tech, my best advice to give is to FIND A SOCIAL NETWORK of some sort ...Read full comment
... And that is a bad thing because the majority of students here are male anti-social computer nerds [for a lack of a better word] who either are al...Read full comment
... I was one of the best mathematical/science students at my high school and I dropped out my first semester because of the lack of social life ,dw...Read full comment
... Be social ...Read full comment
... Social life is dull at best ...Read full comment
... After reading these reviews complaining about the boatloads of work and lack of social life, I was afraid that I'd made the wrong decision ...Read full comment
... But, if you can balance schoolwork and a social life, you can have a great time here ...Read full comment
... If you are stressed out and/or having social, family, financial, or grade problems, the people around you are generally operating with so li...Read full comment
... ), take your talents elsewhere before sacrificing the next 5 years of life to academic and social misery ...Read full comment
... Socially, GT is not as bad as people make it out to be ...Read full comment
... The students themselves are the life of the school; unfortunately, that's not saying much, considering that most students are very introverted an...Read full comment
... I definitely would suggest staying involved with a club because it will insure you a tight social network of friends who share your interests ...Read full comment
... Sadly, that was what remained of the social life of many Tech students (or WOW, I heard) ...Read full comment
... I didn't know anyone and I'm not a social butterfly, so I took a long time to make friends ...Read full comment
... Georgia Tech has a great name--but you pay for it in social life ...Read full comment
... You'll tell them that at Tech everyone is either a complete nerd, and antisocial, or an annoying frat guy ...Read full comment
... Because girls are looking for guys with a little confidence and some degree of a social life, which at Tech, is rare only because people set them...Read full comment
... In summary, good academics, hard school, decent social life if you really try, nice campus on sunny days with lots of construction, and good fa...Read full comment
... I believe that most college students want three main things: decent grades, sleep, and a social life ...Read full comment
... Another regret relates to my social life ...Read full comment
... The kids are so over-worked and lack so many social skills that the cafeteria is almost always silent ...Read full comment
... It will help to prepare you for the real world, while at the same time provide you with a good social life in Atlanta, or on campus ...Read full comment
... Don't desire to have a social life whatsoever ...Read full comment
The Georgia Institute of Technology
The Georgia Institute of Technology
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