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Rhode Island School of Design -- Providence, RI
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The Savannah College of Art and Design

Breakdown of “Perceived Campus Safety” at SCAD

By Gender
By Major
Architecture & Urban Planning DepartmentB-
Art & Design DepartmentC
Computer ScienceF
Design Arts - Industrial Design/Graphic Design/etcC
Fine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etcC-
History/Histories (art history/etc.)C-
Industrial DesignB-
Interior DesignC-
Music - Composition/TheoryB+
Perfomance ArtsC-

Against similar schools

Perceived Campus Safety compared with similar schools in class.

Savannah College of Art and Design
Average of All Schools
Average of schools in class

Rhode Island School of Design
Harvard University
New York University
School of Visual Arts
University of California Berkeley
Maryland Institute College of Art

Perceived Campus Safety

... The city looks nice, but we've got the worst crime ...Read full comment
... I would like to reinstate that the prevalence of crime in this town is quite horrific ...Read full comment
... It makes me very upset when I hear students speak of the school in a manner of "crime happens everywhere" ...Read full comment
... The facilities are spread out across the crime rising city of Savannah, GA ...Read full comment
... There are many problems with SCAD that encompasses campus safety, quality of education, and social life ...Read full comment
... The city is unsafe and unclean ...Read full comment
... Crime ...Read full comment
... Side note- The crime is AWFUL ...Read full comment
... the dorms are like mini prisons and off campus isnt much better or safer ...Read full comment
... I always left nothing in my car and it got broken into twice and we caught them on the third, IN THE SAFEST AREA ...Read full comment
... in response to the last review, there were students robbed at gun point in the dyson dorms, it happened in the spring quarter of 07', i still have...Read full comment
... I lived in Barnard Village for a year, and never felt safe, with my peers being harassed, mugged and sexually assaulted ...Read full comment
... Doing research I discovered that a teacher had set himself on fire, his body was discovered by a stduent, a stduent jumped to their death on top ...Read full comment
... And I would say it's a relatively safe city, as long as you don't venture out at night by yourself ...Read full comment
... Savannah is also an extremely crime ridden city ...Read full comment
... - While the building itself is nice, the environment around it isn't very safe ...Read full comment
... campus safety or parking ...Read full comment
... As for crime, yes there is crime but not as bad as one might think reading these reviews, be smart dont go joy riding in the projects or slum dis...Read full comment
... Okay Savannah is not the most crime infested city in the world, use common sense ...Read full comment
... Learned a ton, ready to graduate soon and take on the world :) Incidentally - Savannah is NOT safe ...Read full comment
... As far as safety goes I have been living in Savannah (downtown, very close to a lot of school buildings) for awhile and have never seen a gun or ...Read full comment
... I grew up in a very large city ā€“ so Iā€™m familiar with basic, common sense approaches to safety ā€“ such as not walking alone at night ...Read full comment
... Perceived Campus Safety: Oh boy, here's the doozy ...Read full comment
... As far as safety is concerned I don't care what other people say ...Read full comment
... lot's of renovation and the police have finally gotten control of crime ...Read full comment
... Savannah is safer and prettier ...Read full comment
... The stuff that you've heard so far from other students about the safety and what not is true ...Read full comment
... It is true that the city of Savannah is not the safest place in the world ...Read full comment
... Atlanta is really a great city, I always feel very safe, and the area around the school in general is safe as well ...Read full comment
... I don't walk around at night, and always lock my doors - I try to be vigilant about safety and not put myself in situations where I might get hu...Read full comment
... As with any city, there is crime ...Read full comment
... For all the rumors about Savannah being unsafe, I have had no personal experience with violent crime, and I feel totally safe walking around d...Read full comment
... There is crime and you need to have street smarts to be here ...Read full comment
... ), the dorms could be better, and it's not the safest area, but, with common sense when you're out and about, etc, it's bearable ...Read full comment
... I would say as a female, some parts of Savannah in the day time aren't even that safe ...Read full comment
... Savannah isn't the safest place in the world ...Read full comment
... My only complaint is about the city of Savannah itself - parking is a complete hassle and I feel unsafe a lot of the time - especially at nigh...Read full comment
... :) Savannah is not the safest place on earth but with simple safety habits, I lived there 4 years and never had a problem ...Read full comment
... If you have a car and don't mind the drive, you can also live somewhere more quiet and safe ...Read full comment
... The city is beautiful but safety is a big concern ...Read full comment
... A MONSTROUS problem SCAD is currently facing, is how poor safety is controled within the city of Savannah (though on SCAD property, the Secur...Read full comment
... Crime and racial tension are VERY high in Savannah, you need to have at least a little bit of street smarts to avoid the vagrants and gangs that ...Read full comment
... There are some facts that hold true for many students: -Savannah is hot, dirty, and crime-ridden ...Read full comment
... The safety is pretty lax ...Read full comment
... I am a new student coming to SCAD for my graduate degree and after reading these reviews, I have some concerns about safety and the overall feel o...Read full comment
... As far as the location, Savannah is a beautiful city, but crime is a big problem, especially for the careless out-of-towner ...Read full comment
... I really don't feel safe on campus) or food ...Read full comment
... The crime is no joke there ...Read full comment
... Apparently Savannah was worse ten and twenty years ago, but there's still a lot of low-income housing and projects that contribute to crime, so i...Read full comment
... The rest is a ton of business skyscrapers so it's full of well-to-do people ...Read full comment
... I forgot to say something else about SCAD's catalog which was on the subject of crime ...Read full comment
... Savannah is not safe, there is a lot of crime, especially downtown because of all the ghettos/housing projects that are around ...Read full comment
... People knock Savannah for being a bad place to live due to crime ...Read full comment
... Beautiful historic area with really nice places to go, but crime IS a problem and the city smells (paper mill) ...Read full comment
... The stuff that you've heard so far from other students about the safety and what not is true ...Read full comment
... Crime is a problem in Savannah though, but it is just like every other city ...Read full comment
... Crime is an issue, but Savannah isn't a small town and shouldn't be treated like one ...Read full comment
... I believe that there are better art schools out there, that are cheaper, that can do the same thing for you, and that are in a safer environment...Read full comment
... Yes, the homeless and gangs DO TARGET SCAD STUDENTS, but I feel that the city is very safe if you keep your street-smarts about you: Lock up your...Read full comment
... As far as the crime goes during the day seemed to be fine when I was out but be careful anytime ...Read full comment

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