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New York University

Breakdown of “Social Life” at NYU
By Gender
By Major
Art & Design DepartmentC
Business - Management and AdministrationA-
Chemical EngineeringA+
Computer ScienceB-
Electrical EngineeringA+
Fine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etcB-
History/Histories (art history/etc.)B-
Language - French/Spanish/etc.B-
Music - PerformanceB-
Music EducationA+
Natural ResourcesB+
Neuroscience/Cognitive ScienceA-
Perfomance ArtsB
Political ScienceB
PreLaw and LegalA+
PreMed and MedicalB
Social WorkA-
Urban PlanningA

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New York University
Average of All Schools
Average of schools in class

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Yale University
Princeton University
Brown University
Stanford University
University of Southern California

Quotes touching on Social Life

“... YOu will not find much sympathy for most social movements here, because it is one of the purest exampls of the commercialization of academia in ...”
“... I didn't fully consider the social life or academics before I made my decision to attend NYU ...”
“... I'm gonna be straight with the people attending nyu, the social life is unlike any other place ...”
“... When I came to NYU I was not expecting a traditional "college experience", but I was expecting to have a social life ...”
“... The social life of NYU and indeed NYC is extremely cliqueish ...”
“... they tend to socialize amongst themselves ...”
“... Socially, it is hard to make friends at this school ...”
“... acadmeics, social life, living in the city--it all rocks ...”
“... Sure, the name brand helps a lot but The worst part about NYU is the social aspect ...”
“... First thing to take in mind is that their really isn't a social life at NYU ...”
“... It is even harder to survive socially here ...”
“... and besides, its not worth any of the hell that you get put through socially ...”
“... Socially, the nyu community is obviously non existent and i mean that ...”
“... However, upon arriving to the school and actually living here I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed in the quality of my education and the...”
“... On top of all that, the social life is disastrous ...”
“... Social Life Freshman year is the only time when there are actual parties in dorms on any sort of a regular basis--then, everyone on your flo...”
“... Everything that people say about the social life at NYU is true ...”
“... Almost everyone I know agrees that the social life sucks ...”
“... The social life is non-existent if you can't afford to go out to NY bars and clubs ...”
“... I didn't fully consider the social life or academics before I made my decision to attend NYU ...”
“... - Our greek life is the only way to be social ON CAMPUS and it's sketchy and half assed anyways ...”
“... The lack of social life I found at NYU was thoroughly depressing ...”
“... Take it from someone who was OBSESSED with this school, if you are a good looking, social, overall pretty NORMAL female PLEASE DO NOT COME HERE ....”
“... No social life what so ever ...”
“... The reason I hated NYU so much was for the social life ...”
“... NYU is a case study in architecture and design effecting social life or lack thereof ...”
“... The social life at NYU is what you make of it ...”
“... 4) People may complain about NYU not being a "social" institution ...”
“... You must be willing to seek out and be aggressive in having a social life and in your studies ...”
“... that not only includes your diploma and grades, but also your friends, social life, quality of education, and growth in your personality ...”
“... As for the social life, there is a collection of bars/clubs within short walking distance from the "campus" around Washington Square Park ...”
“... As far as social lives go, everyone I know finds their nitch, but I find many NYU students like to complain about the scene ...”
“... This is NYC and no one will be there to hold your hand, both academically and socially ...”
“... The notion that all the people here are anti-social is completely false ...”
“... In addition to giving a fine education, NYU prepares one for social situations as well ...”
“... I have really found my days at NYU to be full of wonderful learning and an great social life ...”
“... Basically, you have to make an effort, both to enjoy yourself socially, and succeed academically ...”
“... School of Social Work=why is this even at NYU ...”
“... There are some at NYU who complain about the high tuition, but they are usually morons who don't understand the concept of caveat emptor, I'v...”
“... In fact, I have social anxiety disorder, so I'm not the type of person who one would think would thrive in the city ...”
“... Whatever you do avoid the program with Stevens Institute- they try to poach students from NYU who apply for the joint program and Stevens has to ...”
“... If you make the effort to talk to people and are not skiddish when it comes to hanging out with people you don't know that well, it could probab...”
“... I dont know what anyone is talking about when they say there isnt a social life here--there is SO much to do its mind bottling ...”
“... If you want a rocking social life, go out and get one ...”
“... Regarding the social life, do not come to NYU if you want to go to frat houses and tailgate at the football game every weekend ...”
“... People who say that NYU doesn't have a social life are seriously out of their minds ...”
“... SOCIAL LIFE Okay, this seems to be the main issue that most people have with NYU ...”
“... The social life here is awesome- anyone who says that it isn't clearly doesn't understand that the city is beyond filled with the best nightclubs...”
“... I'm happy with a handful of close friends, which I have found, so don't need big social groups anyway ...”
“... There is 4500 kids in the freshman class and im sure anyone SOCIAL can find friends ...”
“... Here the liberal Studies first year plan so to speak: Freshman Fall Writing I Social Foundations I Cultural Foundations I Elective (aka yo...”
“... -Arrogant People (You will find them at any top college) -No campus ( basically new york city is your campus) Other things to Note - You ...”
“... You can't think of going here as a typical college experience, you have to be open to the entire city as your college and having your social life...”
“... As far as the social life goes, you need a fake ...”
“... And the social thing is really what you make of it ...”
“... Due to the sheer size of NYU, one must be somewhat social to not be lost and lonely in the crowd but at the same time disciplined as to not b...”
“... I found that many of my friends liked the sociology, journalism, environmental studies, social and cultural analysis and chemistry departments .....”
“... I'm gonna be straight with the people attending nyu, the social life is unlike any other place ...”
“... So unless you know someone on the inside you can forget about socializing there ...”
“... Issues of class (social not academic) seem to constitute the number one complaint on this site ...”
“... The social life entails a lot of fun ...”
“... Socially, it was tough ...”
“... Whatever you do avoid the program with Stevens Institute- they try to poach students from NYU who apply for the joint program and Stevens has to ...”
“... In terms of social life there is tons to do ...”
“... get good value for my money, find a social life ...”
“... Social: People are generally pretty friendly and will make polite conversation, but it is difficult to stay in contact with them ...”
“... HOWEVER, I'm not sure if the abundance of opportunity in NYC makes up for the lack of a campus and absolutely horrendous social life ...”
“... The social scene is hard when you're under 21 ...”
“... People complain about the social life here, and the fact is its not terrible if you don't have a lot of money ...”
“... Social life: Let's be frank, NYU is only for a few, certain types of people, and if you *aren't* that type of person, you will be friendless...”
“... socially ...”
“... Socially - a lot of people think that NYU is incredibly anti-social ...”
“... - in terms of having a great social experience ...”
“... I found out that I really didn't have a huge interest in being in the city, which basically means NYU is a needlessly expensive school lacking a ...”
“... So stop going for just the grades, go for the enjoyment and learning (and some socialization ...”
“... But if you are willing to sacrifice a decent social life and academic record you can have the brand NYU on you for the rest of your life ...”
“... They LOVE nyc and urban living, hate everything about the typical college experience (frats, quads, sports, nature, etc), are in Stern/Tisch, wan...”
“... The social life in my opinion, is a little lacking ...”
“... plus, you will most likely need to go to grad school if you go to Gallatin, so unless you can for sure afford it, I would advise against it; thi...”
“... It is a bit of a downside and you will feel lost at first, but it's nothing that a little socializing can't fix ...”

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