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New York University

Breakdown of “Surrounding City” at NYU

By Gender
By Major
Art & Design DepartmentB+
Business - Management and AdministrationA
Chemical EngineeringA+
Computer ScienceA-
Electrical EngineeringA+
Fine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etcA-
History/Histories (art history/etc.)A
Language - French/Spanish/etc.A+
Mechanical EngineeringA+
Music - PerformanceC+
Music EducationA+
Natural ResourcesA+
Neuroscience/Cognitive ScienceA
Perfomance ArtsA
Political ScienceA+
PreLaw and LegalA+
PreMed and MedicalA-
Social WorkA+
Urban PlanningA

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New York University
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Surrounding City

... "The City" is a cold, dark, extremely hectic place ...Read full comment
... The housing all over the city may seem nice, but some of the dorms are so far away that you may as well be a commuter ...Read full comment
... If you want to go to school in New York City, look at Columbia ...Read full comment
... It fosters no atmosphere of college whatsoever and makes its students feel stranded in an awesome, but nonetheless lonely city ...Read full comment
... I definitely do not recommend this university for anyone who is not used to living in the city, or has no desire to ...Read full comment
... NEW YORK UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF THE ARTS is in my subjective opinion as a union writer director producer who has had 30 million dollars approximatel...Read full comment
... If I were to describe NYU, I would say that it is not collge but rather living in the city and going to class in your free time ...Read full comment
... Stern students tend not to reap the full benefits of the city as they are overworked ...Read full comment
... If on the other hand you enjoy being independant, do not need to feel connected to the student body, and enjoy city life, you will probably enjoy...Read full comment
... Part of this is because students are just not interested and distracted by all that New York City has to offer ...Read full comment
... If you are looking for a meaningful position in the food industry and want to get the best "bang for the buck" consider another school such as...Read full comment
... be ready to become fiercely independent; there'll be many a night spend alone in your room (which is fine with me, because I never was dependent o...Read full comment
... acadmeics, social life, living in the city--it all rocks ...Read full comment
... The city is so big and overwhelming that there is literally NO sense of community ...Read full comment
... NYC, as wonderful of a city that it is, is a very hostile environment to go to school in ...Read full comment
... it is impossible to feel like you are part of a community in the city, and isnt that what college is all about ...Read full comment
... People tend to think that an awesome city will make up for the lack of campus, but it doesn't ...Read full comment
... nyu lures in its students with propaganda about the wonders of the city, the fabulous nyu community, and perhaps most deceptive of all the amazin...Read full comment
... If your parents make more then 6 figures per year, if you love rubbing your wealth in other peoples faces, if you are stuck up and snobby, love to...Read full comment
... If you want to feel like you live in the city and take classes somewhere, than NYU is right for you ...Read full comment
... With a city as diverse as NYC, and a college as challenging as NYU, people are almost always busy ...Read full comment
... I agree that the city gets old after 6 months, and the chance to make good friends is slim (see the previous posts) ...Read full comment
... I'm from NJ and I love the city, I'm just not fond of this school now that I've actually attended it ...Read full comment
... Now I just cringe when I see those ugly purple flags flapping all over the city ...Read full comment
... The problem is NYU knows how to bring people in, tempting them with the city, with "great" professors, and with job opportunities ...Read full comment
... The themes that I wanted to cover like inner city life, love, and happiness were never fully comprehended because so few of the students came fro...Read full comment
... The city is lonely, millions of people and you will feel more alone than you ever have in your life ...Read full comment
... Being away from home, meeting new friends and being in the heart of the city was something so new and fresh to me ...Read full comment
... Loneliness in the Big City in the hands of a young 18 year old kid is dangerous, quite frankly ...Read full comment
... New york city, in general is one lonely city ...Read full comment
... I became the New Yorker I longed to be, and that has stayed with me all these years, even though I do not live in "the city" anymore ...Read full comment
... New York City is the best city on the planet ...Read full comment
... Do you mean to tell me that EVERYONE is only applying because of it's city location ...Read full comment
... I can understand this, because NYU takes on the independent feel of New York City ...Read full comment
... New York City makes NYU worth attending ...Read full comment
... NYU allows you to live in New York City ...Read full comment
... I grew up in NYC, so to me, it was perfectly natural, however, I know many who were overwhelmed by the city, and all the independence it brings ...Read full comment
... The city is great to go to school in, but if you are easily distracted, it might be difficult to keep up with your classes ...Read full comment
... New York City is perfect for those who are strong, determined, outgoing, and friendly ...Read full comment
... If you're a country boy/girl and do not like the big city, then it will tear you apart ...Read full comment
... NYU is in the middle of New York City therefore, it does not have a campus green ...Read full comment
... When you walk on campus, you find a mix of so many people that simply live in the city, but it is pretty obvious that it is a campus ...Read full comment
... When I found friends to hang with, we had the best city in the country at our disposal ...Read full comment
... I am confident that those who take advantage of the tremendous opportunities NYU offers will not be disppointed in going to the greatest univer...Read full comment
... This is due to the surrounding city (New York can't be matched) and amazing facilities of the school (e ...Read full comment
... The city is fun ...Read full comment
... When you add this variety of students to the array of opportunities and splendors of the city, literally everything is possible ...Read full comment
... The second type are ones who come here to only be "part of the city" (these people ususally study things like art, drama, education, soc...Read full comment
... In fact, I have social anxiety disorder, so I'm not the type of person who one would think would thrive in the city ...Read full comment
... The city atmosphere is wonderful if you are looking to explore new surroundings, and meet a very eclectic mix of people ...Read full comment
... If you prefer a city and a campus that has no real definitions to farmland and an agricultural department than join us here ...Read full comment
... There is nothing better in the world than to be young, have very little responsibility, and live in the middle of New York City ...Read full comment
... Also, its easy to make friends in Stern and the city is really fun ...Read full comment
... The no campus is kindof bad, but the city becomes your playground ...Read full comment
... It's less like going to school and more like living in the city with your friends and going to class on the side ...Read full comment
... Living at NYU is actually living in New York City, not a gated-off community like Columbia's ...Read full comment
... There's nothing like the city ...Read full comment
... if you are close-minded, sheltered in any way, need your hand held, need some grass and a tree to have fun and dont LOVE new york or city life...Read full comment
... Once you adjust to the city there is no other place in the world you'd rather be ...Read full comment
... in response to the comment below: i went to high school in new york city and subsequently attended NYU ...Read full comment
... the city demands a certain person to thrive here, and nyu's student body is reflective of that ...Read full comment
... the city life is great and the people are all SO interesting ...Read full comment
... There is no city like New York and if you get bored here, you aren't going to be happy anywhere ...Read full comment
... If you come here you will be living in the middle of the BEST city in the country, if not the world ...Read full comment
... It can be an amazing experience if city living is what you're looking for ...Read full comment
... Most people who have problems with the atmosphere at NYU are people who didn't want to come here in the first place or cant handle the city ...Read full comment
... At NYU you learn how to make friends, take care of yourself, and manuver a huge city ...Read full comment
... Living in the city with a diverse student body eager to learn is amazing ...Read full comment
... We love having fun and partying too and there is definitely nooo better place on the entire planet to spend your college years then in the middle...Read full comment
... Some issues which I faced were the materialism of the people at NYU and in the city in general, difficulty finding people that were similar t...Read full comment
... In high school I was not sure if that was my thing; now I would never want to be kept within the confines of a campus and absolutely love having ...Read full comment
... If you are ready to grow up early, to have the freedom to create whatever college experience you choose, to be a part of an incredible city that w...Read full comment
... I love he city life, challenging courses, clubs, and everything ...Read full comment
... secondly NYU is not the traditional college campus, the city is your campus and you will never get bored here, I read a lot of comments saying ny...Read full comment
... GREAT CITY ...Read full comment
... -Arrogant People (You will find them at any top college) -No campus ( basically new york city is your campus) Other things to Note - You ...Read full comment
... Being in New York City can be intimidating but offers opportunities like no other campus setting ...Read full comment
... You can't think of going here as a typical college experience, you have to be open to the entire city as your college and having your social life...Read full comment
... NYU is great and fosters a sense of community despite being a very large, public, non-communal sector of the city ...Read full comment
... NYU itself is just another part of the city--a bunch of organizations all spread out in vertical buildings and asphalt seeing random people co...Read full comment
... Students here are just members of the city that happen to attend classes a couple of times a day ...Read full comment
... If you want a world class education in an amazing city, NYU is for you ...Read full comment
... NYU, like New York City, isn't for everyone, so don't choose a school based solely on a ranking, only to complain about what you don't like about ...Read full comment
... The city is amazing ...Read full comment
... These are obvious qualities of a school that is based in the biggest, most competitive city in the country ...Read full comment
... You may not have a campus but you do have a great community, a great city, the vibrancy of Washington Square Park - and lifelong friends ...Read full comment
... Going to school in the Big City is not an easy thing, but if you get through it you come out with a strong work ethic and with strong determinati...Read full comment
... There's no better place to go for your undergrad career if you want to live in a vibrant and cultured city and, to be blunt, grow up ...Read full comment
... No closed-off campus or gates separate you from the surrounding city, for better or for worse, and it's up to you to determine your level of succ...Read full comment
... But other than that you are in the greatest city in the world with limitless opportunities ...Read full comment
... Try building anything in New York City in a timely manner, even if you manage to find a lot and get approval ...Read full comment
... Not to mention a massive injection of reality being dropped into the middle of the most intense city in the world ...Read full comment
... It's a great school to be in New York City, but don't expect a tight community or much school spirit ...Read full comment
... My school, just like my city, is what you make of it ...Read full comment
... The location gives one a small town feel but is in the middle of a big city ...Read full comment
... There is no where better in this entire city to live ...Read full comment
... Don't come to NYU just because you want to be "in the city" ...Read full comment
... You can get easily caught up in the city ...Read full comment
... NYU is truly a school that takes advantage of New York City, for better or worse ...Read full comment
... Make sure that you like the city; not just to visit, but to LIVE ...Read full comment
... I have made the best friends and we live in the BEST city ...Read full comment
... I love it here and I dont think I will ever leave the city, theres nothing like it ...Read full comment
... Needless to say, NYU is a mixed bag, just like New York City…there's something for everyone ...Read full comment
... Needless to say, NYU is a mixed bag, just like New York City…there's something for everyone ...Read full comment
... NYU Positives: AMAZING city ...Read full comment
... This school is very well suited to city types ...Read full comment
... Yes, it seems almost surreal that I am one of the few poor local inner city kids who got a chance to go to a highly rated college, especially an...Read full comment
... NYU is exactly what people describe it as: a university within the city ...Read full comment
... I currently have an amazing job and an internship, which makes me love being in a city--I already feel like I have an edge on everyone else ...Read full comment
... The city isn't meant for 18-21 year olds to run around, its a very late 20s-30s scene ...Read full comment
... NYU teaches you to LIVE in a city, not just to go to school in a city (cough, Columbia) ...Read full comment
... The social scene gets harder as you become an upperclassman under 21 because everyone starts moving into apartments which further spreads studen...Read full comment
... I love love love the city ...Read full comment
... Everything here is extremely costly - approximately triple the price (because it's New York City), so it definitely helps to have lots of mone...Read full comment
... Be aware that this is a city school - NYC is the social/night life, not frat parties or house parties or school sporting events ...Read full comment
... yup a big city where students can get internships easily and stuff like that ...Read full comment
... So, I wouldn't recommend NYU to people who would rather complain about what the University lacks instead of motivating & taking advantage of ...Read full comment
... Just don’t let the pretentiousness of the big city and “the village” scene make you forget that true learning is about much mo...Read full comment
... NYU is most definitely a school that builds character because you are thrown into a fast paced New York lifestyle from the moment you step on cam...Read full comment
... NYU is a school for people who want to take classes at a top university, and live and be free to do their own thing in a great city ...Read full comment
... But don't let these trivial postives influence your decision to come here, especially the location because Stern students don't have the time to...Read full comment
... Instead of using the city's resources like some of us did they moped about not having a perfectly collegial atmosphere and football games on the...Read full comment
... NYU is absolutely excellent if you perform well because you will be able to find well paying jobs in the city through its connections as well as ...Read full comment
... But living in New York City during your formative years is also an amazing, valuable experience, and unfortunately New York City doesn't offer a ...Read full comment
... I know some wonderful people in New York City ...Read full comment
... New York City is an amazing city to visit ...Read full comment
... You have to know how to set your own pace in a city such as New York ...Read full comment
... City life can be intense, but it opens a lot of doors in terms of what the city has to offer, and to develop professional networks and gain inter...Read full comment
... NYU is different in that it carries a name of a city that happens to be the CENTER OF THE WORLD,whether it is fiscal, artistic, medical, etc ...Read full comment
... The school makes working and going to school plausible, and students tend to really utilize the city ...Read full comment
... I was never totally excited about the city nor was I completely set on NYU ...Read full comment
... This is New York City ...Read full comment
... EXPERIENCE the city/internships/drunch/more ...Read full comment
... So does just about everyone else here, the only problem is that parties in New York City are not the same as parties in a college town ...Read full comment
New York University
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