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Rochester Institute of Technology -- Rochester, NY
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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Breakdown of “Social Life” at RPI

By Gender
By Major
Aerospace EngineeringC-
Business - Management and AdministrationB
Chemical EngineeringC+
Civil EngineeringC
Computer EngineeringC+
Computer ScienceC
Design Arts - Industrial Design/Graphic Design/etcB-
Electrical EngineeringC+
Engineering DepartmentC
Industrial Operations EngineeringC+
Mechanical EngineeringC+
Nuclear EngineeringB-
PreMed and MedicalC

Against similar schools

Social Life compared with similar schools in class.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Average of All Schools
Average of schools in class

Cornell University
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Rochester Institute of Technology
Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Princeton University
New York University

Social Life

... Everyone's amazingly friendly, except for the occasional anti-social video-gamers ...Read full comment
... If you get out of your room and find a social life it can be enjoyable ...Read full comment
... But moreso than academics, there's always the social life ...Read full comment
... The social life could be better because I am always so busy with homework but my overall rating is a good one ...Read full comment
... With that being said there's a mantra that goes "Sleep, Grades, Social Life; You can only choose 2" That is pretty accurate ...Read full comment
... I plan on going to grad school in the next few years, but am going to try a different school that could hopefully provide me with a more positiv...Read full comment
... The fraternities are pretty tame compared to most state/liberal arts schools and there you can find people who arent socially awkward ...Read full comment
... Many have described floundering through the tough academics and the lacking social scene ...Read full comment
... Socially: Like other people have said, the social life is what you make of it ...Read full comment
... The only good social life you will have is if you join a club and or sorority and basically ignore everything else that does on, on-campus ...Read full comment
... There is no social life, the surrounding city is very dangerous, and you have to walk at least in a group of 3 or risk getting mugged at gun or ...Read full comment
... Social life may not be as intense as other schools, but you can always find something fun ...Read full comment
... And I have a lot of extracurricular so I don't feel unsocial ...Read full comment
... There was no opportunity for a normal social life ...Read full comment
... I read a lot of negative reviews and was apprehensive but after coming here, i realize that if you make an effort to be social, there is no end t...Read full comment
... Oh, and that's the other thing about the social life on campus--Greek life is amazing ...Read full comment
... Rensselaer is for students who want to go to college to learn, do research, to meet other people, and grow personally and socially ...Read full comment
... There is no social life whatsoever and Troy is an unsafe city ...Read full comment
... Meaning, they are the epitome of nerds: no social skills--this results in perceiving the students as being unfriendly ...Read full comment
... I, however, felt the social scene was severely lacking ...Read full comment
... I had a ton of fun Made good friends Set me up for a good job in programming (i knew all the fundmentals) The campus is nice (a bit hilly) R...Read full comment
... The Social life was fine if you wanted to venture out of troy into surrounding areas/colleges ...Read full comment
... As RPI is a school with a large population of nerds, and is in a cold climate, the social life isn't exactly top notch ...Read full comment
... Overall, RPI can be a great school, but if you refuse to take the initiative, don't complain about there not being a social life, because there I...Read full comment
... I found a nice social life, I love my friends ...Read full comment
... If you are looking for a school that has a good social life, this is not the school for you ...Read full comment
... To the guys looking for a social life, join a fraternity ASAP ...Read full comment
... Also, you pretty much have to join greek life to have a good social life ...Read full comment
... RPI is tough, academically and socially ...Read full comment
... Lack of social justice awareness You don't learn much about yourself and your personal character/development at RPI ...Read full comment
... But if you're looking for a nice social life and normal, well adjusted people, don't come here ...Read full comment
... There is nothing social to do besides sit around playing video games or studying ...Read full comment
... There is also not much of a social life on campus if you dont go greek ...Read full comment
... The people who are social are pretty much down to earth and don't think you'll find a lot of superficial A&F snobs like you would at easier stat...Read full comment
... The social life for a quad squad nerd like me consisted of getting hammered at the Armory Bar on Friday and Saturday nights ...Read full comment
... The people here don't socialize ...Read full comment
... RPI's main salvation when it comes to the social scene is greek life ...Read full comment
... But the majority of us aren't; we're regular kids with great academic lives and wonderful social lives ...Read full comment
... About the lack of social life: Personally, I have something fun to do every single night if I choose to participate ...Read full comment
... Also, the social life kicks ASS ...Read full comment
... Considering the severe negative of the weather, the city of Troy, the cost, and the lack of social development (i ...Read full comment
... This is my first year, and, still, I have found a tremendous amount to do on campus socially, educationally, and as a volunteer ...Read full comment
... Also, the coursework is ridiculously hard and the social life sucks unless you go Greek ...Read full comment
... RPI's Social Scean ...Read full comment
... Popular opinion seems to be that there is no social life to be had at RPI ...Read full comment
... I feel the course load is really not too bad so far, however the social life as of thus far has been nothing short of absolutely horrible ...Read full comment
... Most people are down to earth, and the social people are really friendly ...Read full comment
... People are so negative about the school- but those are the people who don't take advantage of the social scene and the extra-curriculars ...Read full comment
... I am also fed up with the socially conservative environment that is prevalent at RPI ...Read full comment
... Social life and people come second; thus the fraternity system ...Read full comment
... Honestly I can't really complain about my social life here ...Read full comment
... The education/academics are great, however the social life sucks unless you go greek ...Read full comment
... The city sucks, and I was very unhappy because it can be hard to make friends and there aren't many social activities ...Read full comment
... an amazing education respected throughout the world and a great social scene to live and laugh while you spend your time here ...Read full comment
... There's so much to do on campus, and most of the people who complain that there's no social life just haven't gone out and found one ...Read full comment
... As for social environment I can say that Troy sucks but it has its charm ...Read full comment
... Social life is terrible here ...Read full comment
... As with most tech based schools, the social life isn't great though you can make it tolerable with some effort ...Read full comment
... The social life is sometimes lacking but joining a frat helps and the city of Albany and a few other colleges aren't far away ...Read full comment
... it IS a tech school), lack of social life (never wanted a party school), Troy (the fact that it's dangerous and old and broken down is what makes ...Read full comment
... Unless you have no social skills and like drowning yourself in video games, don't come to RPI ...Read full comment
... Great education, but its expensive and the social life is awful ...Read full comment
... A lot of people will complain about the social life or gender ratio, but these are really just ways of people to express their frustration with t...Read full comment
... When I was at RPI I hated Troy, I hated the lack of a social life, hated the ugly buildings, hated the useless library in the old chapen and ...Read full comment
... If you are worried about the social life visit campus and hang out with the people; I found that I could identify with many students and this all...Read full comment
... However, the social life got boring real quick, because I got tired of drinking and the poor bar scene in troy ...Read full comment
... The social life here is pretty much moot unless you go out and look for it ...Read full comment
... I have read a lot of complaints about tech schools from people majoring in business/management, humanities, social sciences, arts, and even scienc...Read full comment
... Social life is very limited - The RPI version of the student union is very strong relative to other schools to make up for an isolated campu...Read full comment
... I, however, felt the social scene was severely lacking ...Read full comment
... If you are a social person ...Read full comment
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
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