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The Rochester Institute of Technology

Breakdown of “Social Life” at Rochester

By Gender
By Major
Aerospace EngineeringD
Art & Design DepartmentC
Business - Management and AdministrationC
Chemical EngineeringA-
Civil EngineeringB
Computer EngineeringC+
Computer ScienceC
Design Arts - Industrial Design/Graphic Design/etcD+
Electrical EngineeringC
Engineering DepartmentB-
Fine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etcC-
Industrial DesignD+
Industrial Operations EngineeringC+
Interior DesignD+
Language - French/Spanish/etc.D+
Mechanical EngineeringD+
Music EducationD-
Political ScienceC+
PreMed and MedicalC
PreVet and VeterinaryD
Public PolicyC
School of InformationB+

Against similar schools

Social Life compared with similar schools in class.

Rochester Institute of Technology
Average of All Schools
Average of schools in class

Cornell University
Harvard University
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
New York University
Syracuse University
Brown University
Yale University

Social Life

... And yes, there is quite a social life ...Read full comment
... Con: Social life ...Read full comment
... I'm more comfortable socially around nerds ...Read full comment
... A lot of poeple say that RIT has no social life, but I've found that you simply have to make your own fun ...Read full comment
... Aside from all the homosexuality and exrtreme socialism pushed down your throat every day, all the "deaf superiority" complexes held by some kids...Read full comment
... Campus Life/Population: While there are things to do here and there on campus and various routines come here every so often, there isn't any ...Read full comment
... RIT does have -severe- social problems, apalling aesthetics, a fairly disconnected administration, a lot of rich spoiled kids (1st, 2nd year stud...Read full comment
... Social life is what you make of it ...Read full comment
... Since the vast majority of the school is some sort of science major, everyone here is completely socially inept ...Read full comment
... It is filled with arrogant and anti-social students who are absorbed in their education too much to care about the fact that you will actually n...Read full comment
... Most people complain how there is no social life at RIT ...Read full comment
... Im sorry, but socially, my life has since blossomed alot more and I dont regret it one bit ...Read full comment
... If you want a social life, go greek ...Read full comment
... For social freaks, this definitely is not the place to be ...Read full comment
... " Too many folks lack social skills ...Read full comment
... I guess if you are very social and look hard enough, you can find some fun nightlife spots here and there in Rochester (Tremors is one club, ther...Read full comment
... Social life: Be warned, you will NOT get the normal college experience at RIT ...Read full comment
... academics are good, social life is bad ...Read full comment
... There are a lot of techies and not much social life ...Read full comment
... Social life is pretty dead ...Read full comment
... Social life is what you make of it ...Read full comment
... Some of the students at RIT are sometimes anti-social and uniquely eccentric ...Read full comment
... Rit is really a good school with a good program but you just have to find your fun and your social life yourself, nobody is gonna throw it in your...Read full comment
... Hence, I will try to summarize, concentrating heavily on the social aspect of the school ...Read full comment
... Sure, the social life isn't great, but you don't really go to technology schools for that ...Read full comment
... The problem with the people who can't find parties is that they aren't socializing with anyone because they have the preconceived idea that the ...Read full comment
... Reading the rest of the views, I have to say I really don't know what these people are talking about when they claim there is no social life ...Read full comment
... I find alot of the groups are often not so approachable as I would like, its often like you need to know someone or be very friendly and socialab...Read full comment
... I will say that my first 2 years at RIT were fairly painful because I had a hard time building my social circle ...Read full comment
... Secondly, disregard every comment here that speaks of non-existent social life - yes, quite a few people at RIT are nerds, but that doesn't mean ...Read full comment
... I tell everyone who asks me about my school that it is good academically and sucks socially ...Read full comment
... The social life at school is mediocre ...Read full comment
... It is filled with arrogant and anti-social students who are absorbed in their education too much to care about the fact that you will actually n...Read full comment
... My spirit is broken, my social skills have degraded severely, I now have a very bad temper and I am always angry at everything ...Read full comment
... Socially, I have a lot of friends here and if you look, there is a lot to do ...Read full comment
... Socially, I enjoyed being an RIT student ...Read full comment
... A large portion of the students are anti-social and tends to fall into the self absorbed/arrogant geek category, A good 20% of the school probably...Read full comment
... SOCIAL LIFE Theres is a socail scene at RIT ...Read full comment
... The stories of the social life are true for the people that would have issues in the first place ...Read full comment
... The most interesting part of this university is the social life, and that is a double edged sword ...Read full comment
... On the social side, its not as bad as people say, there are many clubs, athletic teams and other opportunities to meet people, and I have met qu...Read full comment
... Engineering students at any school usually have below average social skills, this includes RIT and myself infact ...Read full comment
... This school is nothing more than a business, and not here to help students gain a rounded education and social experience ...Read full comment
... Social life is what you make it ...Read full comment
... I will go over the main points that those of you looking to come here are looking for, which include the social life, how difficult it is, how ni...Read full comment
... The only bad thing is the social life ...Read full comment
... The social scene outside of that too can be lacking, but i have found no troubel finding it thus far ...Read full comment
... There is absolutely no social life, no camaraderie, and no respect among students ...Read full comment
... The social life on the Campus of RIT is non-existant (and I'm greek) ...Read full comment
... In terms of social life, RIT doesn't have the title of being a party school, but there are always parties going on every weekend ...Read full comment
... socially, had a great time ...Read full comment
... The extremely outdated drinking police helps to make the social life of students miserable ...Read full comment
... It is important to gravitate towards kids that have the same social interests as you do and party invites will come ...Read full comment
... I have read a lot of complaints about tech schools from people majoring in business/management, humanities, social sciences, arts, and even scienc...Read full comment
... Social Life If you're a guy coming into engineering or computing there will be VERY FEW WOMEN ...Read full comment
... There are problems with lack of school spirit and social life, but if you have the will to get yourself off campus and look for fun, there is ton...Read full comment
... The work load is insane, there is no social life and if you go through one day with out running in to a homosexual you are luckier than most ...Read full comment
... Most people complain about the social life here, but I have had no problem making friends and finding things to do ...Read full comment
... Without playing sports/joining clubs, it's still relatively easy to have a fun social life, but there are a lot of introverts here who choose not...Read full comment
... The social life is great if you are in with other socialites ...Read full comment
... The social life is pretty non existant ...Read full comment
... The campus is ugly (no windows in the classroom), the food is OK, the activities are OK, social life sucks and the work is harder than hard ...Read full comment
... Social life: There are parties on campus, you just have to know people ...Read full comment
... People often complain that there is no social life or parties ...Read full comment
... Yes, there *is* a social life to be had, but it involves going out and getting one ...Read full comment
... Social life ...Read full comment
... Social life is what you make of it ...Read full comment
... No social life at all, even if you aren't into partying ...Read full comment
... Socially it really is what you make of it, though I would say its a little harder to "make of it" than most schools (place is a bit of a spiri...Read full comment
... I did take ASL 1 my second semester, but by then it was too late to really get to know anyone better because they'd all made their social groups...Read full comment
... It's the best way to grow as a person and have an exciting social life ...Read full comment
... RIT definitely has a social life ...Read full comment
... The social life could be better ...Read full comment
... From my experience, you will get a great education at RIT, but you have to be willing to work to get and maintain a decent social life ...Read full comment
... The social life is great if you are in with other socialites ...Read full comment
... I would not recommend this school only because of the extremely negative social experience that is had by most that attend ...Read full comment
... The average student at RIT is rather loud and obnoxious, has not learned manners, is very immature (worse than elementary school kids), rude ...Read full comment
... Because at RIT the non-existent social life and lack of girls will drive you to the brink of insanity ...Read full comment
... The average student at RIT is rather loud and obnoxious, has not learned manners, is very immature (worse than elementary school kids), rude ...Read full comment
... Sure, RIT has a bunch of social clubs but those mainly consist of a group of people who are reluctant to let new members in ...Read full comment
... Socially, you will love it, hate it, or be whatever like I am ...Read full comment
... Campus aesthetics definitely leaves something to be desired, but it really isn't much of a factor once you get settled, and though the social lif...Read full comment
... Social life--is better than i anticipated ...Read full comment
... Social atmosphere is pretty bad ...Read full comment
... The social life is what you make of it - I managed to go out enough to have those "fun" college experiences, but it isn't a big state school, so ...Read full comment
... A couple would be, No social Life, Ugly Campus, Administration that does not care what students say, Student Government that is worthless, No pa...Read full comment
... Socially, things here are not NEARLY as bad as they have been made out to be ...Read full comment
... Social life can be dull but if you can get into an on campus apartment (of which there are tons) you will see and find partys all over ...Read full comment
... Yes, this school has tons of nerds and tons of video game addicts, but there are also many cool people, you just have to be social enough to find...Read full comment
... Social life does indeed suck though ...Read full comment
... But yes there are problems with the social life, but it is all dependent on the person ...Read full comment
... My first comment is on social life ...Read full comment
... Yes, the social life is a bit "ick," and the campus isn't abound in lakes and wildlife ...Read full comment
... You are documented by your social security number and thats it ...Read full comment
... People are generally mean or anti-social ...Read full comment
... Too many anti-social people ...Read full comment
... also, for the most part the deaf students dont really try to socialize with the hearing students after awhile because they get impatient with the...Read full comment
... Ive never meet such unfriendly people who don't want anything to do with social life before ...Read full comment
... RIT is a great place both academically and socially, one must explore the campus and the town to get the real feel for life in Rochester and RIT...Read full comment
... Social aspect could recieve a makeover though ...Read full comment
... Alot of people complain about RIT's lack of a social life, etc ...Read full comment
... I don't need to discuss in depth the abysmal social life here--just search through the other reviews and you'll find plenty on that matter ....Read full comment
... Greek life does not run the social scene and actually are most like background noise if you ask me ...Read full comment
... For the social life, RIT is not a party school ...Read full comment
... This is where I segway onto the social scene ...Read full comment
... Absolutely no social aspect to the school 2 ...Read full comment
... Not only in the academic aspect but also in the social one ...Read full comment
... Most people complain about the social life here, but I have had no problem making friends and finding things to do ...Read full comment
... The social life is slim (and people will tell you there are parties if you look, but they usually consist of the same 20 people), the students a...Read full comment
... Social Life This really revolves around who you make friends with ...Read full comment
... THE SOCIAL LIFE: Terrible ...Read full comment
... 2d-is a class of traditional and digital art, possibly one of my favorites, Drawing-be prepared to draw nude models(not good looking ones ei...Read full comment
... Sure, there's a small population that does, but most people are friendly and looking for the same amount of social interaction you are ...Read full comment
... If you want to have a social life, you can have one ...Read full comment
... The social life is terrible and this is compounded by the new administration's attitude toward draining the life out of the students ...Read full comment
... Social life ...Read full comment
... People here have no social skills because they are engrosed with technology and find it easier to use email rather than person to person contact...Read full comment
... SOCIAL The social scene at RIT isn't as hoppin as big state universities, and your personal experiences hinge on who you meet ...Read full comment
... The social scene here is really what you make of it ...Read full comment
... Negatives -The social life is not the best ...Read full comment
... The social life is zilch unless you join a fraternity or sorority, or find something elsewhere ...Read full comment
... Everyone here complains about the social life and weather ...Read full comment
... The comments on the social life, the broken spitits of the students, the terrible weather, etc etc ...Read full comment
... I saw a lot of comments about social life and I guess it has to do with your preferences ...Read full comment
... There is no social life and if you want to paryt you need to know people ...Read full comment
... Dorms are okay, the academics are good, and social life sucks ...Read full comment
... The point here is that RIT social life makes is so plan bored ...Read full comment
The Rochester Institute of Technology
The Rochester Institute of Technology
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