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The State University of New York Binghamton

Breakdown of “Campus Aesthetics” at SUNYB

By Gender
By Major
Business - Management and AdministrationB
Computer EngineeringB-
Computer ScienceB-
Electrical EngineeringC-
Engineering DepartmentC
Geography and GeosciencesB-
History/Histories (art history/etc.)B+
Language - French/Spanish/etc.C-
Mechanical EngineeringD
Music - Composition/TheoryC-
Music - PerformanceB-
Neuroscience/Cognitive ScienceB-
Physical Therapy/Exercise ScienceB+
Political ScienceC+
PreLaw and LegalA
PreMed and MedicalB-
Urban PlanningA

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State University of New York Binghamton
Average of All Schools
Average of schools in class

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State University of New York College - Geneseo
University Buffalo
Harvard University
New York University
Buffalo State SUNY
State University of New York - Albany

Campus Aesthetics

... However, I am not the kind of person who is affected by that kind of thing, so I actually lived off campus to save money and never had any issues...Read full comment
... I am surprised to find that Newing is now considered the "Greek" part of campus ...Read full comment
... Besides from being in a terrible town and being a very ugly campus, the people are very unfriendly and no one is intellectual ...Read full comment
... It's cold but they do a great job maintaining campus walkways and roads during the winter months ...Read full comment
... Diversity is big on campus but people tend to cliq together but thats how world is sometimes ...Read full comment
... It has a huge inferiority complex because it was many people's safety school, and because campus is isolated and boring, weather is drowsy at bes...Read full comment
... The buildings and are not very aesthetic, and the landscaping isn't anything special either ...Read full comment
... EVERYTHING is off campus party-wise which is incredibly annoying dealing with not only the 10 minute ride plus $6 round trip not even including ...Read full comment
... There is a coach bus that leaves from campus every weekend to the NYC Area for students to go home, which is nice ...Read full comment
... also the Campus is really safe and pretty nad the dorms are very well maintained ...Read full comment
... It's easy to become involved in campus activities, but most students don't ...Read full comment
... The campus almost looks like they went out of their way to make it as ugly as humanly possible ...Read full comment
... The campus is very ugly and spirit it non-existant ...Read full comment
... Be careful if you leave the campus to go to the town because the crime rate is higher than y might think ...Read full comment
... Generally I consider myself an intellectual snob (I feel I cannot help myself) so in general I find people on this campus to not "be the bri...Read full comment
... The campus is beautiful but it gets very cold of the winter ...Read full comment
... I am surprised to find that Newing is now considered the "Greek" part of campus ...Read full comment
... I dont have a problem with the location of the school, or the safety of the campus, although the food quality on campus is fairly low ...Read full comment
... You could argue there is nothing to do on campus because ...Read full comment
... The weather is dreary and cold, the campus is a sprawling, hideous monstrocity, and just a touch too big (a good 10-minute walk to the gym, and ...Read full comment
... You're pretty safe on campus but there's not much social life on campus ...Read full comment
... They actually admitted to selling low quality food on campus, their excuse being that in these times, good quality is more expensive ...Read full comment
... It was so easy to make friends- even friends of different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, and wealth ...Read full comment
... Perhaps as a consequence, I never felt like "a number" on campus ...Read full comment
... Here's some words of wisdom about on-campus housing at Binghamton: People don't really reach out to you much here ...Read full comment
... not very amazing, but I moved off-campus, so I dont have to eat in school dining hall ...Read full comment
... With that being said do not spend too much time off campus sometimes you have to try to stay in school to keep sane ...Read full comment
... Institutionally the campus is dead on the weekends ...Read full comment
... It is a large public no-name university where students are treated like numbers, the campus has got to be the ugliest in the country looking more...Read full comment
... However, the campus (in general) is pretty poorly laid out, parking is less than desirable, and the Harpur school dean's office has less than eff...Read full comment
... Based on the somber tone of the campus the day John Kerry lost, you'd think someone died ...Read full comment
... I had bad luck ever since i stepped on campus ...Read full comment
... Overal the campus life is boring assss helll ...Read full comment
... Binghamton might not be the prettiest campus or city, but some great people go here and the education really is high quality ...Read full comment
... Albeit there is a bit of construction ongoing, anyone who visits campus and tours the newly renovated or newly constructed buildings that are open...Read full comment
... The campus town is dead and there is nowhere to go during the weekends ...Read full comment
... Was the campus as intellectually challenging as Harvard ...Read full comment
... They claim that they've had to put freshman into "triples" (3 people stuffed into a 160 square foot room designed for 2 people) because they had ...Read full comment
... If you do not care about the atmosphere, climate, local economy, what the campus looks like, how faculty get along or treat each other, whether t...Read full comment
... The campus looks like it was designed by blind architects taking a bet on who can create the ugliest and most impractical buildings ...Read full comment
... The nature preserve is beautiful however, my favorite part of campus ...Read full comment
... there are tons of clubs and organizations on campus to get involved with ...Read full comment
... Sodexo, our school's campus food, is not that bad compared to other schools ...Read full comment
... If you care more about campus life than city life you will probably like Binghamton and if you care more about city life you will ultimately bore...Read full comment
... The people together with the great campus life more than make up for the city ...Read full comment
... Its depressing, poor, and quite far from campus actually ...Read full comment
... And the campus is really small ...Read full comment
... I live off-campus and renting a room from a local resident who is one of the nicest person I know in Binghamton city ...Read full comment
... The only diversity on campus is a great number of Asian Americans who keep to themselves ...Read full comment
... campus was under alot of construction so it looked worse then it usually does ...Read full comment
... Also, whenever I had an issue with something on campus, like say ...Read full comment
... This Web site alone nearly put me off considering Binghamton as a viable choice, and when I did decide to come here, I came expecting to hate my ...Read full comment
... There is so much to get involved in on campus ...Read full comment
... Be careful if you leave the campus to go to the town because the crime rate is higher than y might think ...Read full comment
... The campus is ugly and depressing, the food is bad and there isn't even any real food even in town - it's all chains, so don't expect authentic N...Read full comment
... My friends in CCPA genuinely like the program, they just wish the classes were on campus rather than downtown ...Read full comment
... Off-campus housing is dirt cheap, which means there are always great (free) house parties rivaling the fraternities and sports teams ...Read full comment
... The campus is too far away from the center of the city to have valuable interactions between the two ...Read full comment
... I can't say much about campus life since I've never been very involved with it, but I do know that it's there in many different forms ...Read full comment
... The campus could be a lot prettier, especially now since Bing is undergoing some major construction ...Read full comment
... That Ivy thing is such bullshit too considering how hideous this monstrocity we call 'campus' is ...Read full comment
... I changed my mind about being here within a day of stepping on campus ...Read full comment
... The campus is pretty ugly, and the atmosphere is one of constant meloncholy ...Read full comment
... Within in a few weeks of being up at school I was seeing familiar faces all around campus ...Read full comment
... There is a huge plethora of things to do here on campus ...Read full comment
... The social life on campus is all what you make of it ...Read full comment
... It's cold but they do a great job maintaining campus walkways and roads during the winter months ...Read full comment
... I feel the need to mention that the reason the "Campus Security" rating is so high for binghamton is because we are in the middle of ABSOLUTELY NO...Read full comment
... Social life on campus is nonexistent for me ...Read full comment
... Walking through the campus one cannot help but feel this way ...Read full comment
... The social life on campus is pretty good ...Read full comment
... The fact that the weather is horrible, the campus is hideous, the food is disgusting, and it is in a rural area doesn't help either ...Read full comment
... all we have for 'town' is this big ugly highway (Vestal Parkway) with a bunch of strip malls with chain restaurants, not to mention it takes at le...Read full comment
... There are smaller parties in suites and apartments on campus, too, frequently ...Read full comment
... I've gotten to know all the bio profs really well through working with the Nature Preserve group (we have the largest on campus nature preserve ...Read full comment
... Freshmen are required to live on campus their first year and each community has its own personality ...Read full comment
... Overal the campus life is boring assss helll ...Read full comment
... not too much too do, and the campus is ugly as shit ...Read full comment
... It's a beautiful campus with a warm and friendly community of dedicated, down to earth people ...Read full comment
... If you can not visit the campus just close your eyes and visualize your NY junior high built in the 1950s ...Read full comment
... Orientation is useless here, I would not suggest going unless you are in a highly specialized program; most normal majors are left to wander camp...Read full comment
... OK, so the campus isn't as pretty as Princeton, BIG DEAL ...Read full comment
... (Early fall and late spring do bring bursts of beauty and sunshine to the campus, however ...Read full comment
... I truly love this campus ...Read full comment
... There are so many club sports and other organizations on campus ...Read full comment
... The people here are quite good in their fields, the students are friendly, there's stuff to do on campus (soccer is big here, plus basketball ...Read full comment
... The campus is unattractive and utilitarian ...Read full comment
... The town is a little depressing, the campus is ugly, and some professors are not very helpful ...Read full comment
... People are very friendly, and one might say that the most social dorms on campus are in the newing community ...Read full comment
... When you first get there it’s hard to find your way around campus, and being around so many people in you exact same point in life is enc...Read full comment
... If you're going to live on campus, I highly recommand you to live in the apartments to make your OWN food because if you go the regular dorms...Read full comment
... classes, with 400 students and shitty professors (ie Jane Connor), the fact that the adminstration really doesn't care about you, the campus is r...Read full comment
... The town is horrible, the people are competitive in a bad way, the campus is ugly, the weather is depressing, food is gross, and the school just...Read full comment
... Sure it would be nice if the weather were better or the campus were prettier but I’ve found that those were not the real reason I was so unhapp...Read full comment
... The campus is extremely depressing, all of the buildings aside from the Academic Advising building and Decker look depressed themselves ...Read full comment
... The people are nice and there are a lot of campus activities ...Read full comment
... the only thing to do on the weekends besides sit around on campus and play video games is to go to the bars or frat houses ...Read full comment
... It may not be the prettiest campus but the views are gorgeous and sitting on campus during the 4 weeks of the year that have perfect weather are...Read full comment
The State University of New York Binghamton
The State University of New York Binghamton

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