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Valdosta State University

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Date: May 10 2009
Major: English (This Major's Salary over time)
Read the reviews on GA Southern, and take away the Christians, and you have Valdosta State. I am not trying to be obnoxious, or down the University, but all I have to say is that the teachers hate Christians, at least the ones I had, and will try to run you off if you are a Christian. I had one professor say that blonde blue eyed people should go extinct, or she wished they would go extinct. I am not sure if she was joking, I hope she was joking. Another teacher had a discussion in English about whether or not interracial dating was acceptable, and she was very adamant about her views and putting the people out who did not meet her views. So all in all it is like Southern, with the snootiness and whatnot, except with a dark underbelly of race-baiting. I live in a small town near the city and plan on never returning I hate it so much. The teachers are in your business in the class discussions and will give bad grades if you do not agree with their personal views. They also know the wealthy locals by name and will side with them against you if you are kicked off group projects, etc. What am I saying is that it's a popularity contest. Look Valdosta is a fun town (no matter what race you are, in spite of all the race baiting) if you are young, and in a greek frat or sorority, and have plenty of money. Otherwise, no one will talk to you, or people will actively be against you. If you are poor DO NOT TELL ANYONE they will gang up on you, and bully you. This is something, in my experience, that does not happen as much up in Middle GA/the Statesboro area. This is also a good town to be going to school if you are from Atlanta, the locals love the Atlanta people and what the Atlanta people do not realize is they are using you for your money. To top it all off, if you are a poor peasant (as the locals would see it) or a couple of years too old to go greek, the ONLY, and I mean ONLY way to meet people is to get a job at a restaurant or bar, and the people you meet there will also turn on you in a heartbeat unless they have something to use you for. Now I'm not putting down everyone in the city there ARE some good people here but those are not the people who will be giving you the grades, the professors will. This school has also seen some GOOD PROFESSORS be ran off-I saw three great ones get ran off in the past year, by the ones who are controlling and have something to prove. That alone makes me not want to come back, let alone being graded based on my beliefs (if you're not a Christian like myself they will still try to find some way you are DIFFERENT, race politics, etc and each professor has a different view so you WON'T be able to win with everyone.) Anyway we are on a list of blacklisted schools nationwide. One of the professors also mentioned people watch the students on cameras on campus, that doesn't really surprise me with the way things are these days but it's just a total, police state environment where people act pc but are just as messed up as anywhere in GA, the main buzzwords to look for in this town are CLIQUES AND CONFORMITY JUST like in Statesboro but add in the negative aspects of laziness, bullying, oh yeah and trying to avoid the ever-prevelant drug problem. In Statesboro ppl won't bully you for being different just (from what I heard) give you bad looks. Oh also the people here are really "sceney" and will try to make you feel isolated and alone by making plans in front of you on purpose and not including you. Anyway this is a fun town to go eat and shop at the few stores we have if you are from a smaller town in SE GA where there is nothing to do, but if you have to live study and work here it's a different animal so if you are thinking of coming here think twice unless you are 18 rich and from the ATL (race doesn't matter-people here will dislike whites, blacks, anyone and the town is half and half so you will always be on the wrong side of somebody's line) BUT EVERYONE will jump on you if you are Christian, or poor. Anyway if anyone disagrees please don't jump on me your experience may be different and I hope it is but people do not know what I've been through here, I wish my family lived in Statesboro and not here that would be so much better. Seeing my professors get ran off hurt the worst, followed by people so obviously using me for help, etc. The people here no matter if they are from ATL or what all turn into users when they get here, and greek snobs, pls if you come here don't start using people like the locals do I've seen that.
responseWow. Maybe you should just go to stateboro or something. I've been in Valdosta since 2005 and love it. I've never had the problems you seem to have. And no, i'm not rich, and not from ATL… if you don't like valdosta, get out!
responseBlonde hair and blue eyes has nothing to do with christianity. However, i do understand how secularism has affected your college experience but the association between skin tone and eye color is inherently racist.
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