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Regent University

Total Grad Surveys 12
Females 9
Males 3
Avg years at University 2.7
Research Quality B- (6.4)
Research Availability C+ (5.7)
Research Funding D+ (3.4)
Graduate Politics B- (5.8)
Not Errand Runners B (6.7)
Degree Completion C (4.4)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] C (4.9)
Sufficient Pay C- (4.2)
Competitiveness B+ (7.3)
Education Quality B (7.0)
Faculty Accessibility B+ (7.5)
Useful Research B (6.7)
"Individual" treatment B+ (7.5)
Friendliness B (7.3)
Safety A- (8.8)
Campus Beauty A+ (9.8)
Campus Maintenance B+ (7.7)
University Spending C+ (5.3)
Extracurriculars D+ (3.1)
Scholastic Success B (7.2)
Surrounding City B+ (7.8)
Social Life/ Environment C- (3.6)
Campus BeautyA+
Mar 15 2016Other
Utterly useless. Pure sham. Diploma Mill of the worst kind.
Regent caused me more stress after I graduatedOct 01 2014Other
Regent caused me more stress after I graduated than when I was attending and taking classes. I found the courses too easy for a masters program with open book tests in almost every class. After graduating and finding a job Regent barely got my transcripts to me in time for licensure deadlines after I had to call repeatedly for weeks. My diploma was also incorrect when mailed to me although I attempted to fix it twice and spoke with someone to make sure that it would be correct. Very disappointed.
Absolutely love this schoolAug 19 2014Business - Management and Administration
Absolutely love this school. The faculty and staff are extremely friendly and helpful, and seeking to ensure that every student is successful in their journey at Regent. No one will spoon feed you here, you have to do your work and go out and ask for help or assistance, information, or even counseling.
Do NOT attend thisJan 15 2014Education
Do NOT attend this "University." It is very over-priced for a below average educational experience. The online classes are a joke, the administration is inept, and they will try to rob you blind under the guise of Christianity. Just don't do it!
Once upon a time, an old man hadNov 04 2013Business - Management and Administration
Once upon a time, an old man had a vision of starting a school and each year following, he would let everyone know of this vision. Yet, I sometimes wonder if this man ever truly understood what university is supposed to be about.

I came here under the assumption that this was a university. You know, where collegiate professors will challenge the mind and take us above and beyond where our logic currently lies. In my 5 years, this was fulfilled by only one, and I repeat, ONE faculty member who truly challenged all of his students. He later was fired and I am sure some leader praised Jesus over the fact that a great professor (as well as some other professors) were just let go.

Meanwhile, the visionary simply lays in his bed and dreams of the next million dollars he is going to make -- or the next politician he is going to rant at on television.

Additionally, during my entire program, (besides the course I mentioned above), I taught myself. My professors literally only emailed to say praise some students and bash other students -- publicly. Their responses to questions were simple -- so simple that you didn't need a degree to write them. And this accounted to both online and on-campus courses.

In other words, this is not a university!!!!!!
This is a playground for those who want to fake school. Most of which grew up in the Christian bubble and sang hymnals while taking a crap.

I believe that Christianity isn't limited to one political party, but if you are anything other than Republican -- WATCH OUT!!! You may be CRUCIFIED if you dare try to liberate anyone with your "demonic" beliefs!

In other words, Bible Schools don't lie and say they are a university -- yet this university does. It is just a bunch of religious nuts playing flag football and walking around with egotistical attitudes and pictures of Jesus. If only I could do it over all again...I would totally go somewhere else.

We made the mistake of sending our adultSep 16 2013Other
We made the mistake of sending our adult child to this school. If you are a parent considering this school please listen to what I am about to say. This is not our first experience with a Christian school. We have had a great experience with our other child at a great Christian school. Basically the school has been a living nightmare. From the students to the staff. I will try to keep this brief. Here are some of the problems we have had. We arrived to be told my Adult child would have to do most work online, and his/her major is not offered that year. My adult child entered into an extremely close/romantic relationship within a week upon arrival. The RA's are were no help at all. The spiritual leader students were very young and inexperienced. My adult child started seeing the school counselor who uses manipulation to get students to do what he wants them too. We also found out students are having premarital sex,and or are left to sleep together in public dorm areas. Date rape is also common. On trying to remove my adult child we encountered rebellion in him/her. He/she did not want to leave the relationship of 6 weeks. Staff has made every effort to have my adult child stay. The school counselor is giving his advice/opinions of how my adult child could stay. The financial aid department has told my adult child false information about his/her status making him/her believe he/she could stay without parental help. They have told him/her for $25 they can get healthcare from the school nurse, they suggested to save money my adult child enroll in the foodstamp program. They have basically enabled my adult child to go against us as parents. The dean of students was no help either. I could go on and on. Regent see's each student as $. Please don't make the mistake we made of thinking this is a Christian school
Ok, so this is my experience at thisJan 07 2012Communications
Ok, so this is my experience at this school - I'll try to keep it as brief as possible.
The COMM school is about a "C+" quality. Some of the teachers are excellent - Dr. Elvgren is one of THE best writing teachers you could ever have, Dr. Quicke is fantastic, Dr. Miller is great. Some of the teachers are here, but more about pursuing their own careers (none of the ones listed), and others are kind of arrogant or play favorites (again, not listed). If you're a writing student with little production experience HOPING to get some (like I was)...yeah, fat chance. You will be SORELY disappointed with this school. I had to drop TWO classes (and one had to be taken as a Withdrawal) that were BEGINNER courses (one in directing, one in editing) because they were way too advanced for me and I had no idea what was going on. If you want to actually shoot or edit your own stuff, you better have a really good friend with a lot of time on their hands (good luck with that) or be a REALLY fast learner.

Another problem with the COMM program is that they have too much of a focus on their online program. To the point where I was forced to take a required class, only offered online (as an on-campus student) because they weren't OFFERING an on-campus option. What was crazier was that there were about 30 some people registered for this class, most of them being on-campus students. I CHOSE to move 600 miles away from my hometown and live on-campus for 1) the experience and 2) because I absolutely suck at taking online classes and avoid them like the plague if I can.

Also, don't expect ANY of your films to get in the "endowed films" made unless they have a highly "redemptive" theme. Just FYI.

Ok, so on to the university in general. First point: I do not recommend going to this school unless you identify yourself with the conservative, right-winged Republican party. won't have a very good time here. And that's all I have to say about that.

Second: Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT live in on-campus housing as a graduate student. For one, you won't have the option, at least not if you want to live alone (not until they build another dorm, anyway). Regent Housing is the biggest slap in the face, most ridiculous excuse for a living situation I have ever been in in my entire life. And I once lived in a neighborhood where my house was robbed three times in three months, and our neighbors' at gunpoint.

In my time at Regent Housing, I was:
- written up by an RA because my 40-something neighbor who did not like me because I ONCE fell asleep while watching TV at a LOW volume (even though she talked to me about it the next day and I apologized and it never happened again) complained to him anyway and also lied and said that I run my dishwasher in the middle of the night,

- had my entire family's Christmas gifts withheld from me by the housing office because the girl at the desk forgot to send out a package notice, meaning my entire family got their Christmas gifts late AND I had to ship them to them at extra cost to me,

- a "security policy" was put into place in my 2nd year, requiring all residents to check in their guests from the hours of 8pm-12am, and for us to show our ID badges to an undergraduate "security personnel" standing by the front door (which was the only door in the building not on lockdown from the hours of 8pm-8am)

- was deceived by university housing after first year when they integrated undergraduates into the first two floors, but neglected to inform us that they would be converting the ENTIRE building to undergraduate-only dorms the following year, which would have allowed me to find an off-campus apartment a year earlier and live in said apartment for 2 YEARS rather than 6 MONTHS (and a MUCH HIGHER RENT).

And I'm leaving out the MANY times I've had to call maintenance over broken air conditioners, light sockets, or the MANY times I've had to call IT because the cable/internet was out. Or the per semester "inspections" that housing conducts to make sure the students are complying with "health and safety regulations" i.e. the excuse to barge into your home and make sure you don't have any beer in your fridge or candles on your coffee tables, because we all know people in their mid-twenties are far too irresponsible to be trusted with candles. If you REALLY want to come to Regent, save yourself an academic year(s) of hell and live off-campus. You will THANK me.

I graduated from Regent's School of Divinity inOct 20 2011Religion/Religious
I graduated from Regent's School of Divinity in 1992 and received an outstanding education and experience.

I've since taught as an Adjunct Professor at two Christian universities (courses: The Life of Christ; Church History; Paul and Spiritual Development and New Testament Introduction).

Regent's divinity program very successfully trained me as a pastor as well -- whether theologically, practically or even in the biblical languages.The experience of attending Regent was phenomenal, both for my wife (who was able to work for CBN) and for me.

I am in the the second year ofJul 06 2011Other
I am in the the second year of my applied doctoral program (DSL) at Regent and thus far I have been very satisfied. The faculty are unendingly helpful, the work is rigorous, and the leadership theory that is taught is broad, comprehensive, and up to date. As with anything of value, you get out what you put in and faculty will not baby you and hold your hand. That being said, they are available nearly around the clock, provide excellent feedback, focus on integration. I would highly recommend Regent to anyone looking for academic rigor combined values based approaches to scholarship and leadership in general.
I joined Regent to attend the Organizational LeadershipJun 14 2011Public Policy
I joined Regent to attend the Organizational Leadership program, but when I received a partial scholarship - 25% tuition remission - to the Robertson School of Government, I decided to do a M.A. Government-Public Administration instead; and I am doing the degree entirely online. The coursework is rigerous and demanding, there is a lot of thought and time that goes into the courses. I like that everything is electronic, so there's no term papers to mail. The upside is that faculty is forgiving (grace-extending) when homework is late or life gets in the way. I have a 3.9 GPA, but can bank on spending 10-12 hours per week per class on work, and 30 hours per week the last 2 weeks of the semester, for each class. There are also great opportunities to meet political celebrities, such as Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, and Generals/Admirals from the U.S. military; in ways that connect to classwork. One criticism is that I would have been willing to fly out to the school once or twice a year if social events had been declared on the calendar much farther ahead of time so that I could buy a plane ticket months in advance. Many events seem to be advertised via last minute email blasts that give only a few days for preparation.
I found the climate at Regent University toFeb 26 2010Psychology
I found the climate at Regent University to be very supportive and helpful. The faculty were very kind and willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Two of the 20 classes I completed for a masters program were taught by professional s in the field who knew the field but didn't teach very well so I was disappointed in that. The school took immediate action to fix that problem however once it was pointed out. I had a great experience and highly recommend the school to other students.
The school thinks is more than what itJan 18 2010Communications
The school thinks is more than what it really is. The cost of tuition is not worth. I highly doubt that undergrads will receive a competent education in here. Their grad CTV program makes student take unnecessary classes and mimics NYU & UCLA film schools.

Some prof. cannot even express themselves & literally you have to teach urself so they're absolutely useless. The communication dept is on a serious need of a makeover. If u don't mid wasting your money w/ a bunch of homeschool students and prof. who can't really teach, this is ur school. Otherwise, get to a film school that is worth your money.

Research Topic(s): Don't Come
I would not go hereMar 16 2009Business - Management and Administration
I would not go here. I went here for a year through the online business program in management and it was a waste of time. I was upset with the professor not helping me when I had a question. Not helpful at all and to expensive.
I have never encountered a university this organizedJan 28 2002Communications
I have never encountered a university this organized and focused. The support staff are the most competent I have ever worked with. They return phone calls immediately and go out of their way to accommodate student needs. They are always polite--even when you know you are pushing them to the limit. (This is the first time I've experienced this in higher Ed.)

Faculty must love what they are doing. They return e-mails immediately. They don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call you if they have a question or want to encourage you. (Unheard of!)

The university encourages extra-curricular activities and hosts numerous lecture series bringing in international notables.

The campus is absolutely beautiful. You should check out the web site or stop by for a visit. The atmosphere is captivating and the proximity to the ocean, Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown provide ample opportunity for excursions.

And for those of us on financial aid.... it does not go unnoticed that Regent has my financial aid check ready and waiting the first week of school.... every semester. Thank you! (It sometimes took weeks for my undergrad institution to get fin aid processed)


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