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Liberty University

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityC- Faculty AccessibilityB+
Useful SchoolworkC+ Excess CompetitionB+
Academic SuccessB- Creativity/ InnovationB-
Individual ValueA University Resource UseF
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyD- FriendlinessA
Campus MaintenanceF Social LifeD+
Surrounding CityF Extra CurricularsF
Describes the student body as:
Friendly, Approachable, Closeminded

Describes the faculty as:
Friendly, Helpful

Quite Bright
Lowest Rating
University Resource Use
Highest Rating
Individual Value
He cares more about Campus Maintenance than the average student.
Date: Jan 30 2005
Major: History/Histories (art history/etc.) (This Major's Salary over time)
I am a pretty typical person, though perhaps a little nerdier than some. I love computer games, movies, and socializing with my friends. Generally I am not overly picky, though I do demand at least acceptable quality in the services that I pay for. Unfortuantely, Liberty has failed to meet any of my requirements.

1) Entertainment - There is almost nothing to do here. The campus supplies nothing for leisure. No cable, poor internet, and very little in the way of sports.

If you like watching sports, you will never be able to watch a championship game here. The only places that get the games are the Student Lounges, and they close at 11:30. You can always try to find away around curfew so you can watch the game in one of the town's sports bars, but don't tell any Liberty adminstrators, they'll blast you for going to an establishment that serves alcohol.
Outside of campus is the pitiful city of Lynchburg. I maybe spoiled, having spent my whole life in a big city, but Lynchburg sucks. The weather is absolutely horrible and there is nothing to do. Even the Liberty supporters that I've met don't like the locale.

In short, Liberty University is very dull and miserable as a whole.

2) Campus Services - The services of Liberty University are about on par with those in the USSR around the time the Berlin Wall was torn down. I have never in my life seen a more poorly run company. Nothing works right. They build brand new dorms with faulty wiring and flickering lights. They don't build sidewalks so before your first month is up you'll find yourself covered in mud.

The food services are awful. They close early and don't even open when it's snowing. Even when they are open, the food is disgusting. Truly disgusting. They cook well during College for a Weekend, but don't be fooled!! I was and I'm regretting it now.

3) Network Services - The internet connection at Liberty is horrible. There are almost always connectivity problems. There have been several instances in the past semester in which I, and my entire dorm, have been totally cut off from the internet for days at a time. Two of my friends had no connection for over two weeks. They submitted a request for tech support on day one, and it took a week and a half before anyone even looked into their problem even with the pair calling in for support every single day.

Even when the network is up, the speeds are below par. I can't begin to tell you the amount of games I have lost because of lag. Recently, they have begun to work on the issue and it is improving, however the means they used to solve the problem are overly drastic and nearly as annoying as the speed problems themselves.
First, they installed a traffic shaper which almost totally restricts all forms of filesharing. That is a huge problem in a place that provides no cable, and has terrible tv reception. Downloading tv shows is the only way for me to enjoy shows like The O.C. or Lost.

Secondly, they forced everyone to install a program called CleanAccess that forces you to install certain Windows Updates and run a particular antivirus. While in principle the program shouldn't be an issue Liberty's standard of low quality continues. Every night at midnight the whole system goes down to update itself…a huge problem if you're in the middle of an instense game of Counterstrike.

Basically, if you have any interest in the internet, filesharing or multiplayer gaming DO NOT COME HERE.

4) Administrator's Attitude - More frustrating than any of the issues of already stated is the general unwillingness to do anything about it. Blame-shifting is king at Liberty University, I can't tell you the hundreds of times I have been redirected in circles here. The support personnel blame their bosses, their bosses blame the administrators, and the administrators blame the support personnel. No one will actually do anything though!

As a customer I expect the attitude of a company that serves me to be something along the lines of

You pay for a certian product or service and we will do our best to provide you with what you require, if we fail you we will do our best to make it right or we will compensate you.
If I buy a TV at BestBuy and it flickers I expect them to replace it. That is not the case at Liberty. If you tried to return your tv here they would tell you to fly to Asia and give it to Samsung, upon further complaint they would not apologize they would tell you that maybe God is trying to teach you patience and that you should pray. But you would never get a new TV.

In summation, do not come here. If you expect any sort of quality in your college experience you will find yourself frustrated. Life is miserable here for anyone who actually pays their own bills. You will not get what you pay for no matter who you appeal to. Unless you hae a lot more patience than I do to deal with the sort of runaround that would make any inurance agency proud, do not come here. And on another note, the girls here are not nearly as pretty as everyone says; and for you girls, with a few exceptions the guys here are total pansies…unless you want to do the asking out you'll be dateless for a long time.

Liberty has a monopoly on it's industry…it's the only lenient christian school I know, but for your own sanity I would advise against coming here.

responseI will add that the students at Liberty are fantastic. I am a student though, and can say, that the rules at Liberty are pathetic. No shorts before 4:30, No movies above PG-13 stupid stuff like this that totally infuriates me.

Liberty does not have much in the way of entertainment. It's amazing that you see these nice new buildings with cable jacks in every room - but no cable connection.

The teachers are fantastic, 90% anyways, but the rules and regulations combined with no fun activites just make you really hate being there.

responseI'm with you. I moved to Lynchburg after exiting the military because I thought Liberty was all that. It's a great school, but I could not stand living in Crap-burg and the rigid college lifestyle. While I had a nice place to live in Madison Heights, the City of Lynchburg is just a pathetic, unchanging town that will not get with the times. Granted, I am not the most social person, but there was a lot to be desired in that area as well at that school…at least, in my experience.

Summer break came and all the LU students vacated. Decent-paying jobs are very hard to come by for college students…nobody wants someone who goes to class during the day. It's either Wal-Mart, Chik-Fil-A or some other low-paying gig. Eventually the Marines asked if I wanted to grab an opportunity in Kansas City. I accepted and am now back in DLP.

I am not telling anyone not to attend LU…just make sure you are very self-contained with regards to a place out in town to live and friends with which you can hang. Other than that, I did not like living there. I am happy that I found a place to sound off with others who feel the same way.

questionTo the author of the main comment: I'm right on with what you're saying. Would you mind shooting me an e-mail? _email_removed_
responseIt amazes me that people who voluntarily attend this university complain about the "closed-mindedness" of the student body! This is a conservative, Baptist-based university, and that has never been a secret. Granted, there could be adjustments to the social atmosphere, but that is one area that must by principle be spear-headed by the student body, not the administration. The admin listens to us when we join together, so if you want something more to do, rally a group and talk to someone in power. And as for the rules, such as shorts and PG-13 movies—you knew that going into it; they didn't hide the rules and then throw them in your face upon arrival. Are there R-rated movies I would like to watch? Sure—but it doesn't kill me to wait until summer break.
responseWhy anyone would attend a religious university is a great mystery to me. drugs, alcohol, and sex are a rite of passage that everyone should experience. come to new orleans for college.
responseI initially attended Liberty University by choice. There are many opportunities for people to attend and find out if the college is for them. So people who are complaining about the aesthetics or the social life don't impress me, they annoy me.

Now if you really want to complain about something, why not complain about the things that go down (crime, etc.) in which the university pays off involved parties not to go to the media? How about the threats of failure or refusal to give licensure to students who complain about their department, professors, or the university in general? How about the lack of communication among all faculty and staff? Those are real things to complain about. Don't bitch and moan about stupid stuff like your poor social life. You sign the statement that you are aware of the Liberty Way, so you know the rules. If you don't, that's your own problem.

responseCan't expect much from a school that accepts over 95% of applicants with one of the most pathetic 25-75% ranges on the SAT i've ever seen.
commentAll of you who are complaining so much must be fucking idiots!! You are supposed to research and learn about a school or area before you decide to go there! haha
commentWow this has made me laugh until i teared up! lmao

I was actually considering going here for a semester but damn this is just hilarious! And whoever is in disagreement with the complaint of a social life i must say this to you, With all respect of course.


Your degree will only get you so far. How you are able to communicate with anyone, whether it be Physical or verbal will effect your in the long run. True they knew what they signed up for. But i read that you cant even kiss your relationship partner, thats just ridiculous. They say they are a christian school following god? Im sure that what they really mean is this "We are over pompus people who believe the world is so fucked up, so we say god will fix everything and our belief is what really matters in the world" So i say this to that school…Preach your word to our lord and savor yourself, and see if he doesnt correct you in your ways. To kiss someone is a right of "liberty" and life. To say you cant? lol what does that really make you?

responseLiberty is full of pompus, selfish, ethnocentric people who only care about what they want to do and why Liberty won't let them do it. The top comment is example A, and the comments that follow are the rest of the examples needed. Liberty is a fantastic school, and everything that you've complained about has been heard before. It's nothing new. If you don't like how LU structures itself, then get out and go somewhere else to complete your 'rites of passage.' It is the people who go to LU that complain and try to go against everything that LU stands for who give it a bad name in the first place. Leave. Please. If you don't want to even attempt to act like Christ while you're here, then leave so that people stop calling us hypocritical.
responseLiberty University is the college that I have wanted to go to since I was in 8th grade. I attend Liberty University Online Academy and have never had any problems with the staff. I go to Lynchburg all the time and love the city. I fully intend to enjoy my years at Liberty and and even more excited now that I've read some of these rules. I don't need a boyfriend to kiss or focus on. I would so much rather focus on Jesus. Liberty University is the best college I could ever consider going to.
commentYou know that all despots and dictators just pretend to have elections and they name their countries something that sounds like it is for the people but it never is like Hitler naming his country something with the socialist in the name or communist China calling itself 'People's" republic when the actual people have no rights or Liberty. Libya, same thing, there was nothing social about it. The Muslim brotherhood's party name is the Freedom and Justice Party… even though there is no freedom or just in it.

Organizations that control every second of your life but put meaningless words like freedom or Liberty or Justice in their names are Fascists organizations and should be avoided at all cost.

Think about just how weak their religion is if they remove all free will from it and force you to conform? If you are so weak that you cannot resist temptation and have to have all temptations removed, jut imagine what you will be like out in the real world?

commentLiberty University is for idiots and psychopaths. They have dinosaur fossils that are 3,000 years old. Yeah—they teach creationism as a fact, not the theory of evolution. It's wackjob central.
commentIf you want to stuff dogma in where your curiosity belongs, Liberty is for you. Everyone else should get a real education.
commentI am a Liberty University Online Student. I am enrolled full time. I just finished a two week span consisting of 36 credit hours because sub-terms overlap. I love education(Psychology Major), and CHOSE Liberty because by all appearances and accounts:Liberty will help you grow not only through an excellent academic program, but also through the pursuit of Christ. Hmm. BUUUULLLLLLSSSSSHHHIIIIITTTTTT. Liberty University is administered and founded by religious extremists. This college does not support independent, free, or what they themselves refer to as "critical thinking"(Liberty University,2013). If you pose questions about the religious aspects or concepts they present as fact that appear to contradict what Christianity is meant to be, you are referred to a chapter on heresy. I have earned straight A's throughout my entire time with Liberty because I work very hard. Imagine my surprise when I completed a paper and earned a C for it because I didn't lend enough weight to the "Biblical worldview" that I should hold. This did not happen in a religion class. This is not the first instance. I work around the clock in the pursuit of knowledge, and truth. Do not attend Liberty unless you are/or want to gain "education" in a cult-like atmosphere. I can't imagine how awful campus is. I will be switching University's even at the expense of losing credits. I will not pretend to believe what they deem "right" in order to earn the grades I rightfully deserve by most other University's standards.Here at Liberty: The Bible is the word of God-we know this because God told us so in…the Bible.Hmm. It is also true that some Professors at Liberty are amazing, and truly kind people. This text only represents my opinion based on my own perception and experiences, and is not intended to be slanderous in any way.
commentI dont understand it. Jesus was the first to break old traditions to free the soul. He believed in liberty. But this school, which dares to call itself liberty of all names, is only imprisoning its disciples. Freedom is part of the world. Learning to cope with it is essential. Taking it from students is destructive. These years are important years to find yourself. I would never consider crippling my imagination and soul by obeying rules from ignorant fearful self-conscious and self-deceiving people who hide behind their god from the world around them. If you are a true christian you stay true to yourself in face of temptation and dont blame or avoid anything that doesnt fit in your perfect little world. Im not really a believer. But if i went there i dont think i would really meet any either.
commentI was so sad after reading all of your comments. My son went to a secular university.If his left leaning professors didn't agree with his paper, they gave him an F. He was never able to talk about God in any of his papers. You all sound with angry about your own lives. I'm sad for all of you. Hopefully when you go to a secular university, you will understand what I was talking about.
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comment^^^^in a response to the comment above me^^^^ yes and im sure if i mention how old the earth actually is in my papers, liberty university professors will give a fair grade, because they DEFINITELY aren't trying to push an agenda lol.
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