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Western Michigan University

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityC+ Faculty AccessibilityF
Useful SchoolworkD- Excess CompetitionB+
Academic SuccessB Creativity/ InnovationD-
Individual ValueF University Resource UseF
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyD- FriendlinessD-
Campus MaintenanceF Social LifeA+
Surrounding CityA+ Extra CurricularsA
Describes the student body as:
Friendly, Approachable, Broken Spirit

Describes the faculty as:
Arrogant, Condescending, Unhelpful, Self Absorbed

Lowest Rating
Faculty Accessibility
Highest Rating
Social Life
He cares more about Faculty Accessibility than the average student.
Date: Sep 20 2005
Major: Other (This Major's Salary over time)
I go to Western Michigan University, and I have to say that I regret my descision to come here. This is definitely a school that DOES NOT care about the students AT ALL! You are just a number and a dollar sign to this school, with the emphasis on dollar sign. You are overcharged for EVERY LITTLE THING at this piece of crap university. Laundry? 2.00. Computer lab? 2.00. Internet access? 80 bucks a semester. Parking? $300. Breathing? I'm surprised they don't charge for that, but I'm sure they will next year. For being so expensive, you would expect WMU to at least give you a good education. BZZT, WRONG! You are stuck with huge classes and crappy TA's and grad assistants your first two years, most of which don't speak english and don't know much about what they are supposed to be teaching. Most profs don't even teach undergrads at all, and the ones that do only do the upper courses. My one experience with an actual professor was horrible. He was incredibly rude, mean, arrogant, and condescending and didn't speak a word of english. As for the campus itself, it's like a trip back in time. You'll think it's 1965 again when you walk on to Western's "beautiful" campus. Most buildings have been there since the 1950's or 60's and are literally falling apart. They don't have A/C so it's brutal hot in the summer and brutal cold in the winter. The floors are uneven, tiles missing, walls are dirty, equipment is old, and the place just needs to be torn down and rebuilt or at least remodled. The dorms are crap. Their best dorms don't even compare to the worst dorms at most colleges, and I got stuck in the valleys, the WORST dorms on campus, well, they're not really on campus. The "valleys" are disgusting, long brick buildings built in the early 60's about a mile away from campus, where the university sticks most of the freshmen (is it any wonder why WMU has the highest transfer/dropout rate in Michigan?) I had the "pleasure" of staying in valley 2 this semester, and it was MISERABLE. My room is/was DISGUSTING, with old furniture, torn up floors, bathroom COVERED in rust, mold, and dead bugs, and THE SMELL that just can't be described is in that building. Smells like a mixture of sewage, death, and cafeteria food left out in the sun for weeks. In addition to that the first month was BRUTAL HOT, with temps in the 90's out side it had to be at least 115 in the dorms. It was unliveable, a lot of students just went home because it was so friggin' hot. Not only was it hot, but during that time there was NO RUNNING WATER AT ALL, and as soon is it finally cooled off, there was no hot water. Of course in the winter it is FREEZING, but it's not as bad as the heat in early fall. About the only good thing about this school is the social life. WMU has to be the biggest party school in the country. If you like to drink, smoke, or do drugs (or all three), then you will have an unbelievable "social life." They don't call it "Wastern" for nothing. Of course, if you don't like to drink/smoke/get high (like me,) then you won't find much to do on the weekends excet hang out with friends and watch TV, or join one of the many organizations on camus or off. Kalamazoo is a great city to live in and go to college in, and after I transfer out of this place and graduate from a real college I'm moving back to K-zoo. This place has everything a huge city has (culture, nightlife, sports, jobs) but without all the negatives like crime or traffic. All in all, I would have to give Western a D- and recommend that anyone considering it goes to the University of Michigan or one of the great schools in West Michigan (Kalamazoo College, Calvin College, Grand Valley State, Hope College, Albion College.) DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS TERRIBLE SCHOOL!
responseThis is the worst account of western. This kid is just upset because he was a loser and didn't have fun, so what you had a bad dorm then get it fixed they fixed everything i needed. This is an awesome place to be this is just one negative kid who doesn't like to party or go to a large school.
responseI agree. Western is AMAZING and it's so much fun here academically and socially.
responseLol western is THE SHIT. I am a just entering my second semester in valley 1 and it is amazing. This kid is just pissed because all he does is sit in his room and jerk it
responseI love Western. I'm a sophomore right now majoring in economics. There's so many cool people to meet, and the professors really DO care about your academic success. There are a ton of groups to join, a state-of-the-art recreation facility, tons of classes and majors to choose from, and a great party scene (of course). Additionally WMU is respected worldwide and consistently ranks among the nations top 100 colleges. There's sports to watch, people to see. Sure the caf food isn't the best, but so what?
This kid is being extremely unrealistic and over dramatic… I lived in the valleys for my first year and the temperatures were hot, but it wasn't unbearable. Just like what was posted above- we are a school known nation wide for many programs include OT, Speech Path, and PA. (to name a few) We also have the best facilities for engineering, business, and health courses that money has to offer. Our university is recognized by the Carnergie Research Foundation as ONE OF SEVENTY-SIX universities that are the best at the advancement of reseach studies.

Also this kid obviously didn't do anything to make any friends.. TONS to do here at WMU! So don't let the ass hole above deter you from Western Michigan University.

I really am interested in coming here fall of 2012 for the aviation school… does anyone know if they have a good aviation program, and are the dorms as bad as i hear or are there good ones?
questionSo i wanna go to Western Michigan I just got accepted the other day and reading this kids post i honestly got so worried.I even made my mom read it haha i would really like to know if he really is jus crabby er is it legit i know its not gunna be like some glorious life style but is it normal and liveable

PS anyone know when you know if yur accepted into the nursing program

responseI graduated from western in december 2010. my experience with the school was OK… I really really regret not going to a better school.
The biggest problems with western is the way they waste your money. Tuition in abnormally high for the quality of education you get (which mostly sucks) The school is also not nationally respected nor is any of the profs research, so you can forget about a good grad school after your BS/BA degree.
There are only 4 types of people who should go to this school 1. aviation students (the program is really good and for the most part not really part of WMU) 2. education students (program is good) 3. medieval studies students (one of the best schools in the world for this) 4. people who like to party 5. people not good at math or have to much cash
The Kid isn't Lying the School is a Piece of SHXT ! So stop trying to pump it up and make it seem as if the school is so Great ! Because Honestly the school LACKS so much. Aside from their collective support of Groupthink (if you don't know what that is, Look it up *It's a term coined by Irving Janis…This is just how much Western teaches you dumbaxxex)…School is school, but dxmn it Western takes the Cake ! However, I will say that Western aside from its Money Hungry, dollar guzzling faculty members. There are a select few that care about the students. This would be quite hard to find. But there are some. It's just a matter of wearing a face for the school and its pupils (Because the majority of them have no brains, and will drag your name through the mud, just to exalt themselves in the social eye in hopes that they'll get somewhere in life …WRONG!) In essence, if you plan to go to Western be prepared for foolery, sky high tuition / book fees, and plastic people. Mind you I didn't run away I stayed and dealt with it. But came out alright. It's a matter of showing these Mothafxckas that you don't give a shxt about them or this school. Your here for your diploma and that is it! Be kind, but don't be stupid. Remember the kids and the staff will Fxck you without hesitating. So you better Fxck them before they get you ! Just be on time, do your work on time, study and get the hxll on because they don't care who they burn. We're just another 0 added into their checking accounts. Be logical.
commentAnd to all the Staff or children of Staff who are on here trying to Redeem the School's name …Get your axxex on with that shxt ! You all are some lying mothafxckxs… Why can't you be truthful with the people? Oh that's right instead of trying to bring change & unity, you'd much rather increase your pocket sizes. Ahahah Karma is a Motherfxcka! …Be prepared because just as surely as you got those checks…Oh trust they can and will be taken away! And I don't have to do anything to make it happen. Tune in and watch ahahah! Good Luck !
questionSo I went to visit Western Michigan University a few weeks ago, I am considering this as a college to attend. Is it really a party school? The dorms didn't seem bad, my parents seemed to think that they were safe to live in… I am interested in photography to study but I am kind of concerned about the negative reviews.. I want to go to a GOOD school and I don't know what to take away from this college now.
commentI attend Western Michigan University. Yes, it is a party school, but I am not a "party kid." I enjoy my studies and I have had no problem with getting the resources that I need. I'm in the Medieval Studies program. Only three schools in the US offer that program, and Western happens to be one of them. You will be given the education that you need, and the residence halls aren't that bad. It depends on where you choose to live. I live in Shilling, which is the multicultural house. Ackley, which is the honours dorm, is also very nice. If you choose to live in Britton or Hadley, yes, your bathroom and dorm will be revolting. I have no problem being comfortable in my dorm room. I carpeted it it. We have a large TV. There is plenty of room for two people to fit comfortably. Teachers are always available for questions and the T.A.s are more than helpful, as well. They offer tutoring and many other things. The prices are too high, granted, but the school, all in all, is nice.
responseI dont even go to western, but the parties are deffinatley the best around, No body does it as big as WMU. Lets all get WBW student ghetto tongihtQ
responseWestern is a great college to be at! I love it here. The only thing I would recommend is getting an apartment your first year, it's pointless to live in the dorms, and all the RA's are assholes. They are not looking out for you, all they want to do is get you in trouble. I honestly feel like I am in Middle School again getting in trouble for everything little thing you do.
responseI really dislike when people are so ungrateful. Yea there are things wrong with the campus…I want to see this guy run a university. Yes it's a lot of money. If you don't have it then don't come here. You are really ungrateful. At least you aren't living on the streets with no education. I love Western. The Valleys aren't that bad. Western isn't rated one of the top 5 universities in Michigan for no reason or one of the top 100 in the US. If you don't like it, no one cares. Plenty of other students love it here…trust me, you will not be a loss to this campus. If anything it will be less negative with you around. Ohhh and to solve your problem about the air conditioning its called two fans in a room. Woah…what are fans.
responseThe truth is everyone has their own opinion towards everything. You should not base your views off of someone else poor experience. I love Western a lot but that is just my opinion, others will think the opposite. If you are considering wmu I suggest you go visit a few times, or if you have a friend that goes there spend the night with them to get a real feel of the campus life. Just keep in mind that no matter what college you attend there will be flaws but as long as you are happy and feel at home then it doesn't matter.
questionI'm wanting to attend Western but im hearing alot of bad things about this school. If i dont go to Western im going to Michigan or Michigan state. I only want western because its so close to home. Any advice?
responseWell, i would say i went through what this kid has to share, being an international student it not obvious to agree or disagree with her opinions about WMU, but let me offer my perspective based on experience.

WMU is striving hard to be one of the best colleges in USA, their utmost priority is to make students feel at home, no matter where they come from, home or abroad, they have friendly, welcoming and outgoing staff and students. They are exactly way America is; very hospitable people.

on the quality of education side, they have a school of engineering which is not so far from the top US engineering schools, it has owesome, very knowlegeable professors who understand their subject matter and the industry well. I don t know about other schools and programs outside engineering.

Coming to the state of buildings and infrastructure in the school, i fully agree with this kid. It is crap and aging, i think buildings here were erected back in the 1930s, if not before, u can still lack lifts in most buildings, apartments are too old with crap walls, ceilings. Furniture is one of the oldest in the world, the bed i sleep on seems atleast 40 years old, so are other pieces of equipment in the apartment.

Coming to the cost of attendance and fees, this is where yet another problem is. The prices for each and everything here are shooting through the roof. More so that I am an international student, i cannot cope. Just to replace a lost ID card you have to pay $30, something free in all my previous schools around the world. My apartment is about 4 times as expensive as the one i had in UK, but its quality is about 3 times less. get in to book stores here at wmu you wont come again due to prices. To do laundry, use internet or any other thing you have to pay. I believe they will soon charge for just walking on campus

commentWestern is amazing! The professors I have talked with are intelligent and really consider you. Here you're not a number, you're a person! Great facilities to learn in, such as the brand new Criminal Justice building. New dorm halls are being built as I type this, the newest one will be done by fall 2015 with another awaiting construction. Those who say don't go to western are the butt hurt students that didn't enjoy college. Western is a party school too (Wastern Michigan) but this school also focuses on academics and sports. I highly recommend Western Michigan University as the place to go.
questionSo after reading all the bad comments I am seriously scared. I want to go here I just got admitted yesterday. But I dont want to go here if the teachers are not even good.. But this school has synchronized skating which is my sport I have been doing for 8 years. But I don't want to waste money if this school is really crap…
questionI just got accepted to come the Western Michigan on exchange from Australia and am super excited! However i now have to choose which residency hall to live in during my stay. As i have no way of coming over to check them out before i arrive i was wondering if anyone could give me a run down on all the options and /or has any stories about their own experiences? Also any tips or tricks you have about campus life would be greatly appreciated :)
responseIf your going to choose a residential hall and not an apartment(seriously reccomended) stay away frome the valleys, if you choose henry or hoejkie then your going to have to contend with showers in a communal bath (up to your preference) otherwise all the halls are pretty much the same ideally one of the little three or some such. i would shoot for an off campus apartment (cheaper than res hall and meal plan by far) ther are a bunch you could find a roommate with and buy your own food for the cost of the mediocre food. but all in all except the valleys youre goldne
questionI'm trying to decide between western and Saginaw valley, can some one give a comparison between the two?
responseOne of the best experiences of my life. If you have problems Mr. Whiny, you address them with your dorms RA. Yes it is an old campus, so is State, Michigan, Central and the others. You think they just cropped up overnight. You needed to do your research before choosing a dorm. Obviously you live in the Valley. Big Mistake. Suck it up your first year and do what everyone else does, live off campus in an apartment afterwards, and enjoy a great education from a great business school.
responseI honestly think this kid is just being a whiny brat. I lived in Valley 3 (the worst one) my ENTIRE 4 years at Western (I didn't have a meal plan so it was either valley 3 or Henry and you can't use a GPA single for Henry so I was stuck in V3). Were the dorms the greatest? No. But they definitely weren't the worst either. Yes the campus and buildings are old, ITS AN OLD UNIVERSITY. A lot of the buildings at U of M and State are just as old if not older. Plus, western is working on re-doing it's buildings one by one. They rebuilt Sangren in 2012, are finishing up the new Western Heights Dorms, and are building a new valley dining center. They are working on it. Was the walk from the valleys long? Yes. But not anywhere near as long as a walk living at U of M or State. At least we have a centralized campus (aside from parkview and aviation), at U of M and MSU you are literally walking across the city to go to class. ya, parking is expensive, but at least if you don't want to pay for it you can park close by and walk. Try parking anywhere in Ann Arbor and just walking to U of M. You'd spend just as much in tickets for the year as you would have spent on a parking pass here. As for the quality of education, like every other college on the face of the planet, it depends on what program you're in! I am in the behavior analysis program and, whether I'm being taught by a TA or a professor, having "Western Michigan University" on that bachelors degree pretty much promised me a spot in any good behavior analysis graduate program because ours is the best in the country. I'm antisocial, had an awful roommate, a flooded room, and loud ass neighbors and I STILL love WMU. If you're experience was really that bad, then you can take your self-entitled ass and your parents' money somewhere else.
questionDo you have to live on campus your freshman year at WMU?
Never ever attend Western Michigan University as an American or an international student. This school is of extremely low quality and yet is terribly expensive. Its buildings are dilapidated, its faculty and staff speak very very poor English and are not even competent in their specialty subjects. Compared to other mid tier universities in USA, WMU, located in Kalamazoo, MI is by far the most expensive; the cost of attendance to both in-state and out of state students is comparable to those of schools like New York University, UCLA, Columbia, Harvey Mudd College, MIT, Boston University and even the elite top of the tier1 private universities and colleges. As soon as you arrive on campus, there will be a rain of daily fees added to your account. Looking at what really you would be paying for is comparable to searching for a needle in a stack of hay. In addition to very hefty tuition fees, you pay for everything you come across; car parkings, washing machines, gym rooms, medical bills (despite having a separately paid insurance), snow clearance fees and many many others. I would not be suprized to learn that wmu now charges students for breathing and walking inside campus.

Inside dilapidated wmu campus buildings are sub standards walls, ablutions, very old furniture, torn books. In the laboratories you find stone age scientific and engineering equipment not anywhere close in quality to those in universities in third world countries. It is simply unthinkable to believe that this university is located inside the United States. The school is saturated with low quality teaching assistants, who speak very very limited English, they are simply rubbish.

Halls of residence are too costly to live in and yet they are deteriorated, showers are falling, baths are rusty and floor tiles are coming off the floor. It’s the same thing inside the apartment blocks,

The fees for dining and campus meals at wmu shoot through the roof; even celebrities like Cobi Jones, Britney Speaks, Serena Williams, Lionel Messi would complain about the high cost. As you spend your daily live interacting with fellow students on and off the classroom you come across conversations of complaints about the poor quality and an unjustified high cost of attendance. WMU is not even ranked among the top 150 universities in terms of academic excellence in USA, but the cost of attendance is easily among the top 10. Would you say it is wise to apply for admission in this school? Think otherwise, research very carefully, look for better schools with reasonable cost of attendance and a better quality of education.
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