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Amridge University

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Date: Nov 16 2006
Major: Other (This Major's Salary over time)
Please do not go to this school. It is a diploma mill. It is a school which, basically, only exists on the Internet. The actual physical campus only has four "mock" classrooms.

None of the tests are proctored at all. And, you take your own schooling into your own hands at this school because everything is open book.
Most of the classes consist of 50 pages worth of grammatically incorrect notes a week as well as really basic level books. I actually took an Astronomy course from this school which solely used the book

Astronomy for Dummies.

You may or may not have a Professor with whom you can communicate via vis e mail, because a great many of the Professors ignore any forms of communication their students might access. And, if you call over in Alabama and ask for assistance in tracking down a Professor, no one will assist you at all. For all I know, some of these Professors might not even exist- because every class is highly computerised. Every test is graded automatically through their web server and one normally will obtain a perfect mark on any essay. So, I wonder of these things.

Furthermore, this school makes one pay for things which do not exist on their physical campus. You know, what with there not being a physical campus and all. They make one pay for video access to lectures, but the videos of lectures do not exist at all. I mean, think about it? Why pay for things which do not exist? Their physical campus is just a tiny little building. I dare anyone to ask and see of their on campus classes. I called them and I was told that there were not any on campus classes at all.

This school has a "mock" campus in Nashville. I live in Tennessee, and even though they claim to have a campus in Tennessee…their Financial Aid people will not allow you to obtain a Student Assistance Grant run through the state at all. So, please be careful of these things if you desire to go to this school. They have soo many dummied up and mock versions of things, that they will con you for scads of money. I have been told that even Alabama residents are disallowed from obtaining or even applying for any Student Assistance Grants run through the Higher Education folks over there. I called their Nashville capus, and for some reason, the call winds up going straight through to Alabama. Reckon that is because there is no actual Nashville campus?!

Oh, and the financial aid office is slowly becoming really keen on disallowing anyone from obtaining a Pell Grant and the like. They are very focused on only recognising Private Student Loans from Sallie Mae and all. I feel that is a Red Flag of sorts, because every blessed school at least recognises and acknowledges those simple little grants and things which the FAFSA dictates you qualify for. They have a scholarship opp called the Excell Scholarship. This Excell Scholarship is to knock 50% of your tuition out of the way. But, it is a con because they advertise it as being for the length of your schooling, but it is really for only the first semester. I went out and tried my best to obtain other scholarships run through various places and I was told that they would not recognise any outside scholarships at all, but that I could be permitted to fill out an application for a Private Student Loan. Ain't that swell?

This school truly is somehow accredited through the SACS. It truly is. I transferred to this school, because I figured an online degree would be a bit cheaper and all. But, I am soon to be transferring back to my old University (the University of Memphis) because I do not like this surreal Southern Christian University at all. I surely do enjoy learning, but at this school I have no idea if I have learned a blessed thing or not. It makes me feel uneasy inside.

They recently changed their whole entire name to Regions University. They did that because they have another Diploma Mill scam going on in Costa Rica. So, I do not know what to tell any of you folks who read this. The only thing I know, is that since they still have that proper SACS accreditation…is that I am going to fool them and catch up on my math a bit and transfer back to my old University. I mean, I had a 3.6 gpa at my old University and this school did not factor in any of my marks and gave me almost all electives credits for my classes. And, I did nice work on my old fashioned GE's and all. So, after I catch up on my math in the spring semester…I am going back from whence I came.

Lastly, if you graduate from here. You have to wait almost a full year before they recognise that you graduated. Because, they only have a formal graduation ceremony every other year or so. So,please do not rush into applying for graduate schools or anything. You cannot earn a BA from here and go on to graduate school on the quick, because you have to wait an eternity for them to recognise that you have graaduated.

GOD bless you all. Please just do online classes at a state school in your own town or something, man.

responseThis entire post is untrue! I attend Amridge University (formerly Southern Christian), and the staff is friendly, helpful, and always available when I have needed help. Also, diploma mill means a school gives diplomas out for money, which if that was the case, that school would not be able to keep its accreditation. I have been to the campus (I went there to submit my application because my computer was messed up) and I was helped by extremely friendly staff members, as well as saw the campus which includes a full library with computers, as well as classrooms that are used for graduate courses. Yes, this is an online school but schools do not get accredited by just being a school, you must go through a process to keep accreditation also, so the person who wrote this review must have been upset about something and then decided to spew off on things he doesn't know about. I will be a proud graduate of Amridge in January, and I am glad I saw this review so I could stand up for what I know is true. You do not have to attend classes on campus, you get help by advisors and financial aid people who are there everyday, and they are super friendly when someone walks in to ask questions (as I did 2 years ago). You should give them a call, you will see what I mean!
commentAmridge University is one of the best on my list. I chose it because it has cool campus facilities and friendly atmosphere. I was trying to enter Catawba College, but failed the entrance exams, as failed to write my personal statement and cover letter.
responseThis is a great school with exceptional professors. Unlike other distance learning programs, this one generally cars about the students and they do everything in their power to help you succeed. If you for any reason are falling behind, they will reach out and contact you to help you get back on track. run 3
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