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Liberty University

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Date: Dec 31 1969
Major: Business - Management and Administration (This Major's Salary over time)
I have grown up at LU and have watched it go to hell… literally. I am not even sure if I would consider myself a Christian anymore based on what I have seen.

Prominent religious professors slept with students and the university covered it up… even when it happened repeatedly. The way the university ignores legal issues, including safety issues, would make most companies blush. The university records ALL phone calls and, when I questioned them about why they thought they could do it and not tell anyone about it, I was told

that’s why we have a law school.
I really do not even know where to start. If you are a student currently at Liberty, go and find your God. He isn't at Liberty. If you are a prospective student, make sure you ask questions about how many actually graduate and when, because 6 years is the average. The student services offices only want your money and will NEVER be helpful unless they are getting money. There is very little to do in Lynchburg unless you really like Wal-Mart. Forget about your social life because your friends WILL turn you in for anything. And God forbid you think or hold an opinion that doesn’t complete agree with Baptist “beliefs”… you’ll be prayed over like you just sacrificed a goat to Satan. The Bible comes second to the Baptist agenda.

The women are a bit on the “Jesus is my husband” side and hug like a lesbian gay pride parade. Latent lesbianism is rife on the campus, and the students are taught that any sexual feelings or thoughts are EVIL! There’s a rule on campus that you can’t hug for more than three seconds… and NO ONE can actually answer if you ask

is that an actual rule in writing?
If you enjoy kissing your boyfriend or girlfriend and plan on attending LU, be prepared not to kiss for FOUR YEARS. You’ll get reprimands (which cost money) for kissing. Girls will take you for granted, because most of Liberty is comprised of whiny boys and ditzy girls who have incredibly unrealistic views and thoughts about life, sex, marriage, and the opposite sex, and Liberty does nothing to fix it.

I loved Jerry, but all the problems started with the 50,000 goal. Dave Young, the previous Executive vice-president, at least tried to enhance the academics but the current administration under Godwin is all about the numbers. If you do some checking around you will find that Godwin stole money years ago and was walked out. The long and the short of it are that he has dirt on everyone so he can make threaten people’s jobs.

I love God but this school has NOTHING to do with God. God is for sale at LU and doesn't come with any warranty. ie… most people are rather close-minded and will give you the run-around about anything. If you are a parent at LU just remember: if your daughter sleeps with a basketball or football player, she will get blamed and the athlete will get off scott-free. I have heard of this first hand, and you should also ask the local police of their opinion of LU. You won't be impressed, as they claim that the drug problem seems to start when the student come back to Liberty and slows down when they leave. I know at this point you probably think I am ranting or know all the rumors. Neither; I worked at Liberty and sought solace in the fact that God is in control, but the people I worked with were anything but Christians. If you want to change the world, don't hand the waitresses a tract, tip them well and don't say a word. Be a Christian, period. If people ask you about God, then you have done your part. Other than that, stop wearing, selling, printing, speaking, and representing something you really aren't. That to me is being a Christian, and my view of being a Christian is not popular at LU. Some co-workers told me I was going to hell.

You will know them by their fruits, and LU produces yearly crops of rotten apples. But hey, if you’re in to rotten fruit and people pretending to be something they’re not, definitely go waste your life and money at LU. But don’t expect to find God there… unless he’s a hard-core, blow-hard Southern Baptist preacher.

comment…I just find the statement "…I heard this firsthand" absolutely hilarious. I think that's kind of an improper use of "firsthand," but that's just the Grammar Nazi in me speaking out.

Otherwise, I really think this might be a troll. Don't know.

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