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Walden University

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Date: Nov 06 2007
Major: Psychology (This Major's Salary over time)
I know this isn't the appropriate forum for my comments, but I must alert those who might be considering an online degree. Unless you absolute can't attend a reputable university because of distance issues, please stay clear of these online schools. I learned very quickly that obtaining a Ph.D. from Walden, or any online school, would be a waste of my time and money. These schools are not highly regarded. You are deceiving yourself if you think they are. They essentially have no entrance criteria. If you obtained a second rate bachelors from a no name school, you're in. If you can't write (I mean construct a sentence with a noun and verb), no problem. While there are a few strong students, it is quite apparent these types of schools are havens for people with cognitive, emotional, and social problems that prevent them from getting accepted or succeeding at stronger schools. Walden's faculty, as well as other online schools, hire part-time faculty who can leave at a minute's notice, leaving students to continue to search for committee members. Most of the faculty have full-time positions elsewhere, so this job is not their priority. Why would they want to serve on committees without getting paid until the student graduates? One faculty member I talked to had 6 masters and doctoral students that never finished and he never rec'd a dime for all the work he put in trying to guide them. And they wonder why they can't keep decent part-time faculty! If you want to obtain an easy degree with no respectability based on reading undergrad textbooks, responding to 2 discussion questions and simple assignments, and a final paper that can be bought, go to Walden or any other online school. Keep telling yourself how comparable your degree is to others who pursued a much more rigorous education. Tell yourself that you are a well educated person based on repetitively creating 1-2 paragraph responses to simple questions. There really should be a consumer alert on these schools. How frightening to think some of these people walk around with "Dr." in front of their names and based on a "reading and posting" degree, they offer services to those who believe they are truely competent. This is just old wine in a new bottle - a repackaged correspondence degree from days past.
commentSounds like a disgruntled drop-out who couldn't hack the work, so now he wants to slam others who worked hard for their degree. One word of advice buddy just because you say it..doesn't make it SO!!
commentI certainly agree, he/she sounds very much like a dropout. Who cares what she thinks????????
commentSounds like a dropout and a person who doesn't know how to take advantage of the situation. Online colleges make you work harder because it requires your personal responsibility. Professors online are not there to make you read or submit your assignments. That requires extreme responsibility. If you fall behind on assignments online then you will pay the consequences. Walden University I have found to be very good. I don't have time for traditional classroom experience.
commentI have attended both brick and mortar universities and online universities in pursuit of my master's degree. While attending a very reputable brick and mortar school, we had a joke that if we paid our $2000, we got our A. I've never felt that way while taking online courses. Either this person is very misinformed, really backward in his thinking about trends in education and really the world, or he simply likes to feel superior by degrading people who need to go through less traditional means to accomplish their goals.
questionI want to enroll in Walden online, is this a good school or a fake? Please help!
questionI am considering enrolling to Walden for my Master's Degree. Can anyone please give me an input about a Masters Degree from an online university? Is it respected/valued?
This guy above is spot on. The responses I am reading are trying to devalue the poster by personally attacking him.
commentThe poster does seem a bit angry, but I can see his point on the simple discussion topics and Post and Reply set up. Every course I have taken has also required a final paper, and tests and quizzes.

I simply want to know what employers think of online degrees from Walden. The work I have completed is as difficult as other schools I have attended, and I have to manage my time better because it takes more discipline to complete assignments.

commentI just completed my M.S. in Education through Walden. I chose Walden because I know several colleagues in my school district who received their Master's through Walden. Walden was much more affordable than the universities in my area and the commute in traffic would have been terrible. Before starting the program, I asked my district and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for Washington state if it was an acceptable school for a Master's and they both said yes. As for the workload, I actually found it to be rigorous and very applicable to my teaching situation. The reason I chose online instead of a traditional university was because I started a program about 4 years ago, and then I moved to another state. I didn't want to risk that happening again, so I chose the less traditional format. Walden gave me some credit for the courses I took before. One thing I have to say about the classes is they are set up to build off one another. I have never experienced that in a traditional program. Also, I never had any problems with support from instructors, advisors, or any other support person. Overall, the program was a rewarding professional development experience.
commentOne detail about this persos is that never mentioned his own experience at Walden. Was he a Walden Student? What Criteria or experience is using for his comments?
Oke guys, I am now studying in FIU, in Florida…miami after living 8 years in Europe.

Well, it takes 1 to 2 years of VERY hard work getting a real masters, and about 3 to 5 years for your PHD and that is without working a professional job.. so I highly doubt that Walden is "REAL"

I do have an ex friend who got his PHD there in like 1.5 years..jeje.. and now is a "teacher" per their site..

He worked 50 hours a week too.. very admirable..until i met a PHD candidate student from South Korea, JT, jungtaek, living in my dorm room this year (I am 39)… that guy had NO life, and he had to be a TA too… and he was smart.. he told me its like 3 to 4 years to get your PHD or more.. comprehensive exams… etc.. thesis… yeah, Walden is FAKE..

Jonathan Moore

responseFIU guy (Jonathan Moore), and any other(s) interested in what Walden is and is not,

As a current student from Walden, I can tell you that getting a doctoral degree here is not any easier than getting it from a traditional university. Your friend who you state completed a PhD in 1.5 years either did not finish the program, or you are just making up stuff. You have to take at least ten different courses that last 16 weeks each, two residencies, a study proposal, and follow their schedule before your dissertation is accepted and presented. Walden does not have comprehensive exams. According to them, the student population consists of people who are currently experienced in the field they are studying. I must add that each class will cost about $5K at the graduate level.

I work at a traditional university. Unless you are single, unemployed or employed half-time, don't mind the commute, gas prices and precious time away from your family, then go ahead and attend a traditional university. As a professional though, I can tell you that you will never be admitted to any program with your less than secondary school grammar at 39 years old. Perhaps I am incorrect; FIU did take you with your terrible grammar. So much for their graduate program's reputation.

responseI found this site because I was checking to see if Walden has comprehensive exams at the doctoral level. I am a doctoral student at Capella and contrary to what I've read here, I'm receiving the most rigorous education of my academic career. Our discussion questions are the hardest questions I've ever been asked. The papers and projects are rigorous. The professors are exacting in their grading and I'm learning a great deal. I could have gotten a doctorate at a brick and mortal university but I don't live near any. So, I'm getting my doctorate online.
commentI am in medical corporate America. We would never hire anyone from such a university. Standards are extremely low and the acceptance rate is 92.37%. There are no shortcuts in life, do the work at a reputable school.
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