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The University of California San Diego

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Date: Feb 20 2008
Major: Philosophy (This Major's Salary over time)
You can pretty much tell what the people who are writing these are like, but in case not here is what I am. I am a white guy and a senior. I am outgoing, gregarious, friendly, open mindedsexually active, I love to drink with my friends, and I smoke marijuana every day (but I get my shit done first, :)). I transferred here from community college, got a 31 on my ACT, and had a 3.4 and played sports in highschool. I was popular in highschool: I dated the best looking girls, partied, never went to school and still aced tests, hung with and was well liked in many crowds ect. Not to toot my own horn—you don't know me anyway so what is the point—I just want to give you an idea. I went to CC to save money and I recommend it. I got into UC Berkeley, but I am not a hippy who wants to go to protest marches and I love the sunshine, so I chose to come to UCSD.

First off, college, like life, is what you make of it. Everyone knows that UCSD is a damned good school for schools sake and most of the crap on this site is about the social life so that is what I am going to address. I have a great time. I live in La Jolla, but spend most of my time in Pacific Beach, and I have made a great group of friends that I know will enrich my life for years to come. I made these friends, however, because that is the kind of person I am. People did not just start opening up to me and I had to make an effort. Just like the rest of your life, if you don't make an effort you will be fucked. But again, it was natural for me because that is who I am. Luckily, there are a ton of very smart, very cool open minded people here who like to live life. They're responsible and intelligent and they like to party. There are also a ton of very smart, very socially Asian [sic] people and there are no shortage of Jesus freaks who study and talk to God. Actually, maybe 4 jesus people that I can think of, so that isn't so bad…

Oh and no offense to Asians—two of my best friends are Asian and one I have known since highschool—but many of them are debilitatingly introverted. Kinda sad, actually…

Second, the girls here are a unique situation. Personally, I have a great girlfriend who is beautiful, down to earth, very genuine, and fun loving. However, I do know a bunch of girls who think they are the shit—i.e. tens—when at any other school they are barely passing—i.e. sixes or sevens. They are the semi hot chicks that didn't wear enough makeup and who maybe had a nerdy boyfriend in highschool but who were in ASB and studied on Friday nights. At UCSD, their stock went up and for some, it went to their heads. Mainly this is beacause there are a lot of Asians so white girls think that they are cooler than they are.

However, there are quite a few quality girls here. Really good looking, tan (it's SD after all), intelligent, genetically viable, marriageable girls. Although it isn't as easy to get laid as, say, UCSB, many girls are down to have sex, they just aren't skanky about it—like the chicks at state—and you probably won't get an STD. But I partied in highschool so skanky chicks are taking second seat anyway at this point in my life. Mainly because I don't want an STD.

Third, everyone here is smart. Honestly—and I am a social science major mind you—if you are dumb, you just won't be able to hack it. However, the smart folks fall into two categories: (any or all apply; just pick and choose)

Smart person #1) introverted, not that smart but studied and specialized to get here (see CS, Engineers, Bio premeds, ect, but not all by any means), socially awkward, arrogant if you aren't in one of those majors, still bitter that they didn't go to parties in highschool so they are "showing them all" now, jesus freaks. Those people suck, they suck everywhere not just UCSD, so I don't hang out with them. Again, they are smart, they contribute to the academic success of UCSD, but they just aren't my style. They are the same people who I didn't hang out with in highschool and the same people who will find themselves with a degree and absolutely no network of personal references to allow them find real success in their career. Whoops: I forgot to make friends! Again, kinda sad…

Smart person #2) extroverted, personable, naturally approachable, funny, creative, innovative, social, good at many things, open minded, stoner, partier, people who love life. I just described one of my best friends. While it is sometimes difficult to wade through the introverts, we have managed a laid back life and the people who would detract from the social life just melt into the background. Think of it this way: if you are like me, do the people who don't go to parties get in the way of your life in highschool? For me, no they didn't. Just move off campus—to PB or Del Mar—so you can enjoy the awesomeness that is San Diego and let the people who waste the beauty in the library make your degree more valuable.

Ladies, the guys coming out of this school are smart and have their heads on straight. If you are hot, there are some guys who haven't seen chicks like you—see: virgins—but don't worry: if you are sav, you will find a good guy—my girl did :)—and come on, it's in San Diego!

Berk is cold and for hippies, SB is full of yuppies—I used to live there—and cokeheads, LA is congested and blah, but SD is the secret gem. People are different and lead different lifestyles, but at UCSD I feel that the happy medium of business and pleasure has left me free, helped me expand my horizons, set me up with a great network in a great town, and allowed me to be a part of a university that will be a major force in driving the future.

Flatout: if you are a boring person—see #1—then just be boring and study and work on your game with the ladies a little bit. You won't be bothered by people partying when you are studying in the dorms because they will be in PB.

If you are more like me, come here because it is in the coolest town in California with a UC, you can find some of the best people in the world in the best setting in the world, you will not be able to avoid getting a good education, and this town and university is at the forefront of massive breakthroughs in literally every science—which bodes well for business opportunities, bragging rights ect. And the beer, from local breweries, is the best around. Come to think of it…

P.S. I recommend taking classes at Rady Business school—just opened—and with all these nerds, guys like me are in the perfect place to take some of these smart, socially awkward people to the next level and turn their ideas into millions. School is not about grades, kiddies, it is about who you know so meet everyone that you can as often as you can.

Oh, and just stay out of the greek system. Join the Viking Club if you want to have a good time.

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