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Tucson College

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityB Faculty AccessibilityB
Useful SchoolworkD- Excess CompetitionC
Academic SuccessA+ Creativity/ InnovationB-
Individual ValueC+ University Resource UseA+
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyC FriendlinessC
Campus MaintenanceF Social LifeC+
Surrounding CityC+ Extra CurricularsC+
Describes the student body as:
Friendly, Approachable

Describes the faculty as:

Lowest Rating
Campus Maintenance
Highest Rating
Academic Success
She cares more about Campus Maintenance than the average student.
Date: Mar 05 2008
Major: Art & Design Department (This Major's Salary over time)
(I suck at spelling please forgive me)Im not going to bash Pima Community College, but actully tell you the plain out facts from a girl who is pretty much an average student. Now before talking about Pima no one menchines that there are at least FIVE different campuses. The East, West, North, Downtown, and Desert Vista. Each campus is on a different side of town, and yes you will need a car in a town such as Tucson(trust me). Now before I go into each campus. I want to let you know that no matter what Pima is truely a great(for a community college) place to not only go to college super cheep, but a great place to clean up your academic record if you screwed up at a "real" university. All physilaties are clean, and are always being improved with new achitechture or art.

The funny thing is that in Tucson teachers even become a little frustrated with high school students who know the wonderful loop hole of how transfer to any Arizona State University is so SUPER easy, that more kids go to Pima rather then the U of A right out of High School. Mainly this happens becuase "A" Pima is cheeper. "B" The credits for pre-requriesest are counted the same at both Pima and the U of A. "C" The quality of staff and education at Pima and UofA arnt really that different. Believe it or not Pima is one of the best community colleges in the nation. Reciving millions of dollars in goverment grants and awards.No kiding!

NORTH PIMA-Ive never gone to this campus but I heard it was rather pretty located in the North Foothills, which is the rich side of Tucson. Lots of attractive snotty rich kids come here who screwed up and have mommy and daddy pay. Not many classes are taught here and have never really heard anything positve.

East Pima-Located on the far east side of Tucson this campus is known as the "Cop Campus". This campus has the typical basic campus credits, but this campus has all the CSI classes, for a degree to become a cop(thus the nick name). Students on this campus tend to keep to themselves, but most people in Tucson do. I have never taken classes at this campus but I have alway heard positive things from friends in reagards to physilaties and staff.

Desert Vista Campus- Located in southern Tucson, this is the culinary arts campus. This is by far the most beutifuly decorated campus of Pima. The only mural class in Tucson is taught here and the walls stream with the students tallent. Yes, this is a little ghetto when it comes to the staff(receptionist), who alway seem to never want to help you. However the rest is great. As for the culinary program I have heard nothing but the most high recomendations and praise of the program being nothing but excellent. Theachers at this campus always seem to be the most pasionate as well.

DOWNTOWN PIMA-Located no less then a mile away from that fat sister school U of A. Students start to get attractive at this campus since UofA hotness tickles down the street. In fact, the U of A sends TONS of students to Pima for math, and other topics becuase they cannot handle the load of student they register. Also many student at the U of A do not test into college math, so they bone up in math sometimes as low as MAT86. This campus is kinda throw of the dice, there are some good staff and bad staff. However the quality of the Downtown Campus seems to be diminishing as the years go on. Many classes that I have sighned up for at this campus drop due to low enrollment. As teachers at this campus are best during winter or summer sessions.


the art campus and diamonde of pima
This campus dwarfs all other Pima campuses. Originaly constucted to be a prison, this campus does have a maze quality. All the bare gray walls tower above you that makes it way to easy to get lost in. I love this campus, as many do. When you come to this campus you feel like your almost at a real university, as you look at the gorgeous Shanorian Desert located right next to Star Pass. There are real wings for arts, science, and sports. The energy is usually high with the staff, who still hold some old hippies from the 70's. Resouces are abundant with a full staff of tutors, computer labs,student center and library( awsome view that looks over all of Tucson).

A full theater inside and out, is located right next to the Bernal Pima Art Gallery (also a smaller student gallery). The arts classes vary. Ceramic and Welding are great. Painting and drawing forget it, awful. The rest of the art departments are good.

The science and math department here is seriously intense. Full labs and lectures are given in any time of day you could wish. Theachers dont really incourage you to do well due high turn over in such subjects. Especially in the math department expect to run into alot of thechers who NEED to learn how to properly use english. Math theachers in MAT86-MAT142 tend to get frustrated vary easily, and are far too willing to drop you.But there are amazing kind theachers as well. Just do research and check the boards of StudentsReviews.

Sports are ok. A huge aray of yoga, dance, and tons of american sports are offered . You can even get sport scholairships at pima. Currently under construction there is pools, track, fiels, and gym for every posible sport you could possibly want. But you are not allowed to use any of them unless you are registered in a class.

The students at this campus vary from cute and intellegent to strange, but cuteness is a high factor. Its a good mix. Naturaly when going to any community college you have those brave people who are returning to college after ten years of just doing life (kids and divorce…example). However the heard is getting younger especially at the West.

So that was an essay on the review of all the Pimas. I find my experince with Pima as a learning experince of how to properly handle and pursue my education. But going to both Pima and the U of A. I find that Pima is a better place to get going on an education. As the U of A is distracting with a highly attractive student body. Pretty much for those of you who are going into Pima for a tranfer the U of A. You should know something… the U of A isnt really that great of a school. In fact if you do your research it isnt impressive at all, just big and clean.Its a small town college. Its not a college for me, but maybe its a college for you. That is if you want just an education. Not an experiance. I want a college that is huge and scary. I want a challenge, becuase education is your best investment. I am a kid who goffed off a few years and found myself in travels and in exploring my art. I am now looking into transfering to some Californian Colleges or New York. But when I look back at my education I see Pima as a great place were I screwed up ALOT. But it was ok becuase when you transfer to the U of A you get a new GPA. Word to the wise find the loop holes in any system.

So enjoy guys…seriously this is the best summurization you could have ever found. But I do appologize for my horrible spelling. This thing didnt have spell check. I usually write awsome papers.

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