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Date: Aug 08 2008
Major: Nursing (This Major's Salary over time)
I am a Lynchburg native. My children went to Liberty Christian Academy (the high school affiliated with LU). I can tell you that Liberty University is not well respected academically and neither is the high school. Whenever we needed answers from the academic guidance …NOONE would even return our calls! They hire new grads (of course from LU) to teach at the high the quality of education is greatly lacking!! OVERCROWDING is a HUGE problem! There is never enough food for the students and some never even get served. The motto of LU is bring MORE and MORE students in…Accept everyone (regardless of their GPA)…just pack them in even though there is nowhere to park or house them!! I know first hand of nursing students that were LAUGHED at by the local hospitals because the LU academics are disregarded. They aren't taken seriously. The crowds are huge and the student services are slim…it's just way too many for LU to handle…it's all about the money. So in short, if you get caught up in the great sales pitch and become a student…don't be surprised to be packed in like a sardine!! (because of course…you won't be denied…like I said…they will take ANYONE!!!)
responseI do agree with what you say. LU's pretty much overcrowded which will NOT help the student body's reputation in the long run [ some of the people tend to be jerks [IE: by parking in spots only meant for commuters and at local businesses that are too crowded to handle the extra volume of cars, not showing respect to locals and things of the like].

About your review, this makes me massively glad i'm living off campus.if the 'rot and the other restauraunts on campus are going to be like this, I'm going to just say 'forget it" and get a membership to Sams [so eating at home will not be such a financial burden.

responseIt sounds as if you are a ticked off freshmen because you didn't get into the program.

Also, you talked more about LCA and parking than about the actual quality of LU's education itself, or about the nursing Program.

This is probably because you have no idea what you're talking about.

First of All LU's Nursing program is the BEST in Lynchburg- and one of the best in the State- Don't believe me? go to the Virginia Board of Nursing Website and Look up the Pass rate for LU students on the NCLEX- 94% !! Also keep in mind that LU graduates BSN students- not the diploma RNs that the hospital cranks out.

Speaking as someone who actually not only made it into the program, but who also graduated from it, I can assure you I got an AWESOME education- and LU students are preferred in the Hospitals more than any other school around- especially in Critical Care settings. Don't believe that either- have a chat with one of the Managers on MICU Mrs. Walters- or how about talk with Patty Bumgardner, who is the ED Supervisor. Get their take on the quality of LU students.

Also- LCA is a GREAT school- and yes it accepts new grads- Why? because they're flipping smart? Take a look at the GPA's of LCA graduates compared to the surrounding high-schools. Some of the best teachers I've ever had were in their mid -20's. However LCA also has several teachers who have been there for 20 years!

As for

knowing first hand of nurses laughing at LU students.
Shame on them, and shame on anyone who would laugh at ANY student, whether they're from LU, LGH, or LC- everyone has to learn.

As for parking, you're right there, not a lot of places to park, but what would you expect with a college that is growing?

Frankly m'ham, I believe it is your lack of maturity, and your disregard for the facts that has gotten you so ticked off at LU and the amazing LUSN program they have there!

How about you set an example for your kids and stop whining about little insignificant things and hit the books so that maybe you can pass A&P, Patho and Chem and have a chance of even getting accepted into the program you ridicule so easily.

  • Josh Payne RN, BSN

  • Class of 2008
    responseI had the pleasure of experiencing several other reputable universities before completing my associate and bachelor degree at Liberty. Liberty’s education was without question on the same level. Now, I am in Maryland’s MBA/MS program earning excellent grades on just about everything. I would say that Liberty prepped me well for my graduate studies. In fact, I am stunned to see students from “better schools” struggling with APA format and basic math. Did they really get what they paid for?
    commentI agree 100% the school is operated under the guise of religion as a tool to get people in, as many as possible. It's all about the bottom line, making money! They are monopolizing the town and using your tuition money to get rich. Don't fall for this goody goody religious act. Just go to a regular school and get a respectable education without having Jerry Falwell telling you how to live your life.
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