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Campbell University

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityF Faculty AccessibilityA
Useful SchoolworkC Excess CompetitionC-
Academic SuccessF Creativity/ InnovationD
Individual ValueF University Resource UseF
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyF FriendlinessA-
Campus MaintenanceD Social LifeF
Surrounding CityF Extra CurricularsD-
Describes the student body as:
Friendly, Broken Spirit, Closeminded

Describes the faculty as:
Friendly, Unhelpful

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Quite Bright
Lowest Rating
Educational Quality
Highest Rating
Faculty Accessibility
She cares more about Educational Quality than the average student.
Date: Sep 08 2008
Major: Political Science (This Major's Salary over time)
Campbell is a place with very little going for it:
  • The food is terrible. Students at Campbell can surely relate to most prisoners when it comes time to eat: as opposed to "food" or "dinner", Campbell students get "Marshbanks" when it comes time to eat (Marshbanks is the name of the main dining hall). In my experience, "Marshbanks" differs from "food" in that the former is not fit for human consumption.
  • The financial aid is terrible: most students will be awarded a small, token scholarship (really, if you bubbled in your name correctly on the SAT you'll get some sort of award), but it is invariably not enough to cover their need. The rest of the money will have to come from student loans or straight out of mom and dad's nest egg. In short, they'll try to squeeze every penny they can out of you, but those pennies would be far better spent elsewhere.
  • The business office is terrible: Campbell is about getting your money, and they're not always very good at hiding that fact.
  • The administration is committed to stifling creativity and ingenuity, leading to the president's not-so-affectionate nickname, Jerry "The Wall" Wallace.
  • The student government is a token institution with no authority whatsoever (the latest presidential election results were reversed by the Dean of Student Life despite the absence of any constitutional authority for such action) and is, as a result, little more than a place where students go to pump up their resumes and good ideas go to die.
  • The course offering is very poor and scarcely challenging at all (you might think to compensate by adding taking more hours, but Campbell will charge you hundreds per hour above 18).
  • While there are numerous intelligent professors who can be of great benefit to students, taken as a whole they are a rather unimpressive bunch. If you seek professors who command the respect of their colleagues, you won't find any at Campbell.
  • The social life isn't just poor; it's utterly nonexistent. On Friday afternoons at about 2:00 the campus empties as most of the students (who tend to live fairly close to campus) go home for the weekend. Even when the students are on campus, the stifling policies of the administration ensure that nothing interesting goes on (and "interesting" does not mean "drinking" per se).
  • Most students at Campbell are deeply ashamed of their situation, and so school spirit is extremely low
  • The campus is quite ugly, and made all the more so by the seemingly endless construction work going on around campus (and sadly this construction never seems to make any significant improvement to the aesthetics of the campus). If you're thinking, 'hey, I'll just join the SGA and help beautify the campus!' then you're sorely mistaken: been there, done that (or rather, been there, hit "The Wall" while trying).
  • To compound the problem of an ugly campus, Campbell has a campus in the middle of nowhere. The surrounding hamlet (it isn't big enough to be an incorporated town), Buies Creek, boasts two traffic lights (a recent upgrade), two gas stations (they both close early), and a post office (checking their PO boxes quickly becomes a favorite pastime of Campbell students), but not much more. The nearest towns, Dunn and Lillington, aren't much better. In short, you're an hour away from civilization.
  • The Baptist institutions are both annoying and stifling (you are required to attend
    Campbell University Worship
    for a letter grade and 0.5 credit hours each semester) and seriously damage the university in many ways.
  • Now, after all that, I will say a few decent things about Campbell:

  • The security officers are a joke. Anywhere else this might be a concern, but in the middle of nowhere you're safe by default (though you'd be equally safe on top of a mountain or in a remote cabin in the Yukon). The upside to this is the relative ease of access to the Student Life golf carts, which at night can be "borrowed" with impunity (any key will start them).
  • Many of the people at Campbell are dim-witted, close-minded, and generally just not the sort of people one wants to claim as his/her peers. Still, there are good people at Campbell, and even if you're a sarcastic prick like me you'll make many dear friends in your time there (should you choose to ignore my advice and go anyway).
  • The ease of the classes will give you all sorts of free time, which can often be spent in the company of the aforementioned good people. The campus is also nice for night walks (not in the day, though).
  • I have tried to be as thorough as possible here, and sarcasm notwithstanding I've given you a pretty accurate description of Campbell University. Whatever you do, if you can at all avoid it, do NOT let yourself be dooped into attending this inferior college.

    commentHere we have that rarest of birds: a Campbell basher who seems actually to have attended the school! At least she has earned the right to bash it. (By the way, dear lady, you were duped into spelling "duped" as "dooped." lol! rofl! omg! hijklmnop!)
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