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Liberty University

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Surrounding CityD- Extra CurricularsD-
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Unhelpful, Self Absorbed

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Surrounding City
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Campus Aesthetics/ Beauty
She cares more about Extra Curriculars than the average student.
Date: Sep 22 2008
Major: Nursing (This Major's Salary over time)
I was forced to go to Liberty University, but still had a positive outlook on it. When I first got here I was placed in a Main Dorm and it was terrible. The girls on my hall were mostly all girls that lived together on a hall from last year and were nice but not friendly. My roomates never went to sleep and mostly cared about themselves. One of my roomates had so much stuff I was cramped into a corned. So then I moved to the quads. Most of the people in my quad were Nursing majors but they were jr. year and not very willing to help. My roomate is boycrazy and right now is trying to break up this guy she likes from his gf.

The rules are enforced to no end, and the PL's, SLD's, RA's never leave you alone. Always making you go to prayer groups which are the most pointless things I've ever been too. People here expect you to go to church and be a perfect christian and follow all these stupid rules. It's worse than living with my parents!! I get the best power naps out of convocation, I could care less about property taxes and politics. They are one sided here anyways, if you liked anyone else besides John McCain youd be shunned.

The food here is terrible. Chick fil' A is ok, but it gets old. The Asian food is gross. The ROT is terrible. The only good thing is the salad and half the time they are out of dressing.

The classes are huge and I feel like I am not even important. My anatomy teacher assigns objectives almost every class and it gets so boring doing the same thing all the time. the average score on my first test was a 55, seriously did the teacher not get the hint?!

After the first home game or a coastal game no one really goes to the sports games.

The town itself is really boring. Walmart is crazy and after 9 oclock you cant even go out!

I hate it here, I wish I never came. I have literally no friends, and Im so sick of girls. I never see guys and the brother/sister dorm activies never follow through. Im so sick of having religion shoved down my throat! We pray before every class. East is a nice campus but you might as well live off campus for the price.

Overall it is not worth time and money to go here. Go somewhere else!!

responseSo it sounds like you're upset more about the little things than the University itself. The things you are experiencing: Big Class sizes, not a lot of friends, feeling lonely is normal no matter where you go. You're in the Class of 2012 which means you're still a freshmen, so of course your classes are going to be HUGE and very impersonal. It's hard going into a new place and not knowing anyone. but don't get discouraged over that. I had Mr. Perry for A&P- awesome teacher, but he was thorough, and alot of people interpreted that as "tough". You are in NURSING- one of the HARDEST majors at Liberty. A&P, Chemistry and Microbio all help to set a strong foundation for the rest of your nursing career, but at times it can be a lonely path. I think you're getting distracted by little things that don't matter. If you don't like the food, get a mini fridge and buy some groceries or eat at one of the many many restaurants in town. It sounds like your roommates are just lame. I would recommend, putting yourself out there and trying to find a study group. These handful of people will be INVALUABLE to you both now and later on. Get with a group that match with your personality, but who is also dedicated to studying. Try to find a townie or 2 so that you have an off campus place to study…and as soon as you can- try to move off campus. That way you don't have to worry about SLDs or RA's breathing down your neck, and you're able to take responsibility for yourself. As for McCain …Frankly he was the only Christian Choice for the presidency. If you disagree, take a look at the "Freedom of Choice Act" that Obama intends to sign once in office. Appauling. Keep your chin up and don't let the little things get you down. You have TOO much stuff to worry about: ie- getting accepted to the program, clinicals, profiles, exams, and eventually the NCLEX. You can do it…just stay positive and keep things in perspective. All the best!
  • Josh Payne RN, BSN Class of 2008
  • commentHey, I was in college at the university of texas and I made no freinds either. its sucks right? well anyway, that is crazy that you have to pray before class. you really need to transfer to a better school.
    responseSo you have room mate problems and you don't like the campus food. Do you realize that happens on EVERY college campus? LU can't control how your room mates act, so get over it.
    And, oh no, they encourage you to go to church? It's a Christian school, what did you expect?
    commentLOL Look at all of these d*cks that decided to comment on the person's review…Really? Morons!!
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