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The University of California - Los Angeles

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Date: Oct 03 2008
Major: Undecided (This Major's Salary over time)
This school seems to try too hard to make itself look good. i'm not saying it's a bad school, but it definitely seems like it gets more credit than it deserves. this is the one school, by far, where students like to reinforce the "prestige" of it and how it's so well-respected, although i'd say it can't really compare to the ivies or top LAC's. it's too large to get much personal attention at.

it's definitely overrated, to be honest. you can tell how desperately the people who posted positive comments try to make it sound like it's the best school in the world. anyone with half a brain knows that those who rely heavily on prestige are insecure and want to play on the ignorance of employers. this is why I don't respect the school as much as I may, some people there are just too snooty and close-minded. if anything, the "mid-tiered" uc's may be a better choice, because at least the people there are modest and study due to interest instead of working just for top grades so they can appear to be smart.

now like i said, it's not a poor school by any means, i've actually met great people who went there, but it's some of those arrogant, insecure people from there that need to get a reality check. if your school's so well-respected, then how come many employers in the LA metro area typically pick grads from csu's like csulb, csuf, and cal poly pomona over grads from ucla? perhaps because those schools actually focus on useful stuff rather than impractical theory? and I'm sure westwood gets old after a while too. i don't go to ucla myself, but to st mary's, which is right around the corner from it. for your own good, don't go to college for the prestige.

commentThis comment should be removed. First off, you admitted to not being a UCLA student, so you have no experience to comment on the school. Secondly, UCLA is a school with a high reputation. It gets the most applicants of any school in the nation and is quite selective from those who gets in. Maybe it isn't small like the ivies, but it also isn't as big as other public universities. I hope no one takes your ignorant comment seriously.
commentI don't think he was criticizing the school itself, just the people that go there. he goes to a school close to ucla, so he's probably met people from there and had bad experiences with them. perhaps they may have been snooty towards him, it's okay not to like people like that, so i think he was qualified to say what he said
questionIsn't st mary's an all-women's college? also going by the logic above, in order to judge a school you have to be a student there, so why do people still say ucr sucks when they've never been there. it could be as could as la
questionIsn't st mary's an all-women's college? and going by that logic above, in order to judge a school you have to be a student there. so why do people still say schools like ucr suck when they've never been there, it could be as good as la
commentJust because UCLA overshadows your college, doesn't mean that you can try and pull people who deserve to go to UCLA down with you.
commentI graduated from UCLA and got a job on Wall Street. I then proceeded to go to graduate school at an Ivy. Say what you what about UCLA, but frankly, outside of LA, no one knows what "St. Mary's" is and a UCLA education will take you much, much further out the gate. Cold hard truth.
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