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Pepperdine University

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityA- Faculty AccessibilityA+
Useful SchoolworkB- Excess CompetitionB-
Academic SuccessA+ Creativity/ InnovationF
Individual ValueA+ University Resource UseB+
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyA+ FriendlinessA
Campus MaintenanceB+ Social LifeF
Surrounding CityC+ Extra CurricularsB-
Describes the student body as:
Arrogant, Closeminded

Describes the faculty as:
Friendly, Helpful, Condescending

Quite Bright
Lowest Rating
Creativity/ Innovation
Highest Rating
Faculty Accessibility
She cares more about Creativity/ Innovation than the average student.
Date: Oct 31 2008
Major: Journalism (This Major's Salary over time)
I am currently a first semester freshman at Pepperdine and I came all the way from Pennsylvania in search of a unique religious perspective that I never found at home. Well, I definitely got that at Pepperdine, but it wasn't exactly the perspective I was looking for.

The professors are probably the most helpful teachers I've ever come across in my academic life, but unfortunately, I could not say the same for the students. Don't get me wrong, not all of the students are bad and I really like the friends I did make, but some of the students preach religious tolerance and then freak out if you aren't like them. I must say, I break boundaries a lot (i.e.: I have pink hair and was agnostic upon coming to this school so that makes me the devil), but I feel like Pepperdine has actually sapped my creativity so much in the past couple of months that it isn't even worth it to try to be your own person anymore. It seems like everyone here is so happy all the time, but sometimes I feel miserable and it seems like I'm the only one.

Pepperdine has something that I jokingly (but actually pretty seriously) refer to as "The Pepperdine Bubble." I am not making a common assumption, but a lot of people at Pepperdine have been sheltered for most of their lives and have been sent here by their parents in hopes of continuing their sheltered lifestyles. Most of them undergo culture shock upon coming here because they realize that the whole world isn't like their all-boy or all-girl school (some are home schooled too). They act condescending a lot because they feel like they are being "saved" and someone like myself who didn't believe much until now is going to hell. It's a strange feeling, but I believe that I am teaching people as much about the world outside of Pepperdine as they are teaching me about what goes on inside this secure little "bubble." I truly thank them for teaching me so much because I feel as if I had never learned anything at school until I came to Pepperdine, but sometimes I find myself asking, "Is who I am really worth changing for 'success'?"

About the wealth issue, wealth is a common misconception at Pepperdine. There are A LOT of wealthy people and yes, it is common to see a BMW or a Lexus as every other car when passing through the parking lot, but that shouldn't be a reason to diss the school and students really don't flaunt their wealth like it was rumored they do. I am probably the poorest student at Pepperdine and I get along just fine with the wealthy.

About the religion thing, Pepperdine isn't as bad as people think they are with religion, but the students can be. Sometimes I just wish there were more people like myself to give DIVERSE opinions. It's very frustrating being different, which is something I have never said before in my life because I'm a journalism major and we're supposed to get paid for our creativity. Pepperdine is mostly Republican, and don't listen to the Republicans on campus who try to tell you they are the minority. PEPPERDINE IS MOSTLY REPUBLICAN & VOICES VERY STRONG POLITICAL OPINIONS. That wouldn't be an issue for me if I didn't constantly deal with people freaking out when they ask me about my political views and I relate that I support Obama. If they're going to ask my opinion, they shouldn't freak out if it doesn't match theirs! I support their stance as Republican, so why can't they just support mine?

Yes, the nightlife at Pepperdine sucks. Malibu is a BEAUTIFUL area, but it is basically in the middle of nowhere and to get anywhere you have to drive at least 30-45 minutes. I don't have a car, which is AWFUL at Pepperdine, but I have friends who are generous enough to take me out on the weekends to Hollywood and so on and the nightlife here is great if you know where to go.

The nightlife situation brings me to my next point: RULES. PEPPERDINE HAS WAAAAY TOO MANY RULES! We are in college now and we're not allowed to have members of the opposite sex in our dorms after 1 am. It doesn't even matter what you're doing because you could even be studying, but you will get split up at 1am. Also, Pepperdine IS a dry campus and the rumours you hear as far as that goes are true. I personally don't mind this rule because I like being at a school that doesn't showcase bumbling drunk idiots falling down the staircase in your dorms while you're trying to sleep/study during the week, but I'm sure not everyone agrees with me on that. So, if you want to drink, either make some friends at USC or UCLA so you can go down there for the weekends and still enjoy the quietness and aesthetic beauty of the Pepperdine campus, or go to a different school because Pepperdine is not for you.

Also, no one is ever here on the weekends!!!! Everything in Malibu closes at 8pm, even on weekends, so everyone just goes out of town on the weekend and if you don't have a car or family nearby, most of the time you're stuck on a barren campus. I personally found this extremely hard to deal with because I am so far away from home and not only do I have to deal with homesickness, but I've never felt so alone in my life. I feel like I don't have any real friends here yet, but then again, I haven't really been here that long (like 2 months) so I think that's normal since I'm usually not very trusting to begin with, but I feel like there's virtually no one here that would get along with me anyway, even though most upper classmen I talk to tell me that you eventually find people with similar interests even though it is more difficult to find them the more eccentric you are.

Pepperdine is a challenge, and believe it or not, I'm truly not sure whether I want to transfer or not because I don't know where I want to be in my life and I have no idea where I'd like to go for journalism. Loneliness and conformity are pretty much the two biggest problems at this school, but I believe that if you're strong enough (which I really hope I am), you can fight them and become a better person upon graduation from this school. Don't be afraid to email me your questions about the University because I work at the school's calling center and usually know the most updated information about the school.

commentHaha I think it's funny how you said "(some are home schooled too)" because I'm homeschooled and I've had pink hair (and blue and bright red and purple), I worked at the public library when I wasn't doing chem/math class or onstage at the Opera House, I've read Harry Potter and Twilight. But I'm homeschooled, so does that make me sheltered?
responseNo, that's why I said I'm not making a general assumption here because not all of Pepperdine or home schooled kids are like that. In fact, one of my best friends is home schooled. It's just that a lot of the kids that are home schooled are sheltered. One person in particular didn't know that you had to wash bed sheets. If you never realized that you had to do that, then yes, that makes you sheltered too.
questionHey…i really took to heart what you said about Pepperdine. I am currently attended University of Arizona but I miss Los Angeles( my home city a lot). I am considering transferring to Pepperdine because I think that i would love it. I am not a huge party girl but I do enjoy going out about once a week with good girlfriends. Do a lot of people go to clubs and off campus parties…can you comment more on the social life?
responseIF you know the right people, you can go off campus and a lot of people go to clubs. It's just hard if you don't have a ride. I actually love Pepperdine despite everything (I'm starting to warm up to it), but email me at _email_removed_ if you have questions.
questionHi I'm taking a trip to pepperdine in a few weeks and I was wondering if you had any suggestions as far as where to to go to ask students questions, get a better feel for the campus, and things of that nature? I was also wondering if while I'm there, I will have the chance to do some kind of interview with an admissions counsiler and speak with them?
questionHi, I'm considering applying to this school, but idk, im quite hesitant. I'm not rich, I'm not white, I'm not religious…I think I'm just really into the fact that it's in Cali (I'm from Boston) and it's a beautiful campus. Would you encourage me applying? Are you happy there?

Thanks! &&Thanks for your time writing this! It was helpful.

I am a male senior in Indiana and I have been seriously looking at applying to Pepperdine, but I was hoping you could help me with a few questions about the school. 1. My religion is methodist and i go to church generally every sunday. Which is fine, but my religion is quite laid back. How is religion handled at this school? is it more strict than just the every sunday church service? 2. I enjoy going to parties on the weekends, and also love being able to just relax during the week days. Does Pepperdine offer a schedule similar to what i'm use to? What is your opinions on night life now that youve been there awhile now. 3. Does everyone really leave campus? 4. Have you enjoyed it?
These questions would be very appreciated and helpfully if you could answer them.
questionHello. My name is Don Walters, and I am a prospective student. I've been accepted to both Pepperdine and Chapman University and I'm trying to decide which one to go to for Fall 2011. My major will be Theater/Acting. Based on the time of your response here, how has Pepperdine improved or not improved since you've been there? (If you're still attending)?
Are there any Jews there—and if so is the religious slant of the school uncomfortable for them?
questionMy daughter, a high school senior, is also looking at Chapman and Pepperdine (and the UCs and Stanford). We attend church but am also very laid back. She's interested in the pre-health program. Can someone comment on the program?
questionI went to a catholic school from grades 1-6. I was never baptized nor did I receive communion or make my confirmation. So, I'm technically not Christian/ Catholic nor have I been to church since I left that school in 6th grade. I do have spiritual values though. I believe in God. But I'm not really educated in how a traditional Christian/ Catholic church service is done. Is this a problem?
commentAt lease the multi color hair is around the scalp area.
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