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Goddard College

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Friendly, Approachable

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Friendly, Helpful

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Surrounding City
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She cares more about Surrounding City than the average student.
Date: Mar 02 2009
Major: Art & Design Department (This Major's Salary over time)
I am a student at Goddard and due to the extremes of comments on this review site (ranging from praise to condemnation) it is easy to use Goddard's own motto that
Goddard is not for everyone.

I began at a traditional college but found I went through the coursework much too quickly: it took me only a week or two to complete a semester of coursework. I wanted to pursue interests that I could not find offered in other colleges unless I took an "Independent Study" course. I did not want to be around students who cared more about partying than about learning. I wanted to work one-on-one with another human being rather than be a floating head who is known by a number rather than by name.

It appears to me that those who give such negative reviews of Goddard are obviously not cut out for the college. No one tells you what to do at Goddard: your education is designed and implemented by you. If you want someone to tell you what to do, how to learn and what to read than go to a traditional college: Goddard is not for people who are irresponsible and need others to guide them. There aren't truly any "programs" at Goddard: there are degree programs and concentrations, yes, but each student designs their own program of study.

Goddard is for people who are interested in inner knowledge and self-realization, those interested in finding happiness within rather than getting a degree from a top university to get a job so they can earn a lot of money and brag about it. Goddard is for those who are able to

think outside the box,
those who are smart enough to use Goddard's educational model to satisfy their own educational and personal needs.

If you want to be a poet, writer, artist, teacher, philosopher, religious studies expert, self-employed something, environmentalist, community activist, anything involving social justice, do something involving vastly different cultures, do something involving holistic health care, then Goddard is a wonderful place. If you want to be an accountant than Goddard really won't be your cup of tea.

I also want to state that I have encountered very few drug addicts among Goddard's student population and none among the faculty. Yes, there are some, like there are at every college, but most students are very committed to their studies. Some of the students may look strange in their appearance but such individual expression is common at Goddard and that doesn't mean they do drugs. I have been treated very well at Goddard, much better than at my previous college. The faculty are quite diverse and you'll probably find at times you strongly disagree with your advisor's opinion which should help you broaden your mind. If you don't like Goddard because you don't like your advisor's opinion than you probably aren't as open minded as you like to claim.

Not everyone who applies to Goddard is accepted, either. I have recommended Goddard to a couple of others and neither of them were accepted. It is not as easy as it appears to get a degree at Goddard: there are liberal arts requirements you have to meet (in the arts, sciences, mathematics, humanities and etc.) and research papers you have to write. If your work is not of a high quality they will not pass you. So, perhaps they "scam" those whose work is not of a sufficient quality, those whose work cannot pass reviews, those who believed that they could be lazy and do next to nothing and earn a college degree. Sorry, you can't do that at Goddard. If you want that, try your state university.

Goddard is a fully accredited institution, accredited by the highest accrediting agency possible for such an institution, NEASC, so it has high standards for its students. Undergraduate studies at Goddard is more like attending graduate school since you, the student, are in charge of your own education, own research, of gathering your own materials, of making sure the work is complete and of a high standard. No one does anything for you at Goddard except review your work and ask you many, many questions so that you will go down many paths and find the answers that are right for you.

Goddard is suitable only for a minority of the population, for those who are mature and intelligent enough to pursue education completely independently. A degree from Goddard is quite "practical" in the real world if you go into the right profession. True, your degree might not mean much if you want to work at a typical job requiring a bachelor's degree and 250 other people apply for one spot, but it is quite useful among other non-traditional careers. It's stupid to think that by attending Goddard you are preparing yourself for a traditional career since Goddard is a very non-traditional place.

So, if you are super bright, curious, independent, original, mature and want an excellent education than I suggest at least giving Goddard more than a passing glance.

See! This is typical Goddard brainwashing at work: Goddard is holy and perfect and anyone who has problems with it is an idiot, or lazy, or simply "not cut out for it." Isn't it possible to have serious complaints? And why, if it's not some kind of cult, can't people have a mature dialogue about its problems? It's just creepy. I don't appreciate being condescended to like this. I have never settled for the "safe," "easy," or "practical" option. I have been to alternative schools; I have educated myself. I am speaking of Goddard AS an alternative school. And as an alternative school, it was disappointing and frankly frightening to me. I could be super bright, curious, independent, original and mature—and for those very reasons was unhappy with Goddard. Maybe the problem is not with me this time. DON'T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS about what kind of future I want, what kind of career I want to go into. It's childish and STUPID to make assumptions like that. And you're supposed to be "super brilliant." My God.
P.s. I didn't say the students or faculty were drug "addicts." I said that they had done a lot of drugs—mostly marijuana and psychedelics, which are not addictive.
responseNo, I don't think anyone who has problems with Goddard is an idiot, lazy or stupid. I do think those that have such severe problems with it are not "cut out for it" since everyone is different and obviously some people will be do well at Goddard and others won't; I'm definitely not cut out for the military and if I attended it I could call it a "cult" but I think we can agree it is not. I've also been to other alternative colleges and have found Goddard to be the best fit for me. I have complaints with Goddard but not as many as I had at the previous colleges I attended and I'm perfectly willing to discuss them and when I did discuss my complaints with the faculty they listened and did what they could to help me. I'm not assuming anything about anyone but if a student's desire is to be a stock broker than Goddard won't be a good place for them, just as someone who attends a business school but desires to be an artist is probably not the best fit for them. Colleges are generally better for preparing students for certain careers than others and Goddard definitely has subjects that are very strong for preparing students for certain careers, most of which are non-traditional.

I, personally, have not experienced the complaints you have written about so I truly have no idea what you are talking about and I'm sorry you had a bad experience with Goddard. No one at Goddard has tried to force anything on me and I was also going to quit because of personal reasons but then found a different path where I would be able to incorporate both paths I wanted to follow with my Goddard studies. Don't assume that Goddard is brainwashing anyone: this philosophy can be applied to Harvard, the military or any other college as well. People are different and you shouldn't assume that just because people find the education at Goddard helpful that they are being "brainwashed" because I certaintly am not.

responseI appreciate the Responder speaking up about Goddard's cultiness. It is true that if you ever have any major complaints about the school, the response you get is either that you are "not cut out for it," or that you need to deal with it on your own. They try and get the students to take on so much of the labor the faculty are supposed to.
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