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Auburn University

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityD+ Faculty AccessibilityC
Useful SchoolworkD Excess CompetitionC-
Academic SuccessC Creativity/ InnovationF
Individual ValueD University Resource UseD
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyA- FriendlinessB
Campus MaintenanceD Social LifeD
Surrounding CityF Extra CurricularsD
Describes the student body as:
Friendly, Closeminded

Describes the faculty as:
Self Absorbed

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Super Brilliant
Lowest Rating
Creativity/ Innovation
Highest Rating
Campus Aesthetics/ Beauty
He cares more about Campus Maintenance than the average student.
Date: Mar 26 2009
Major: Industrial Operations Engineering (This Major's Salary over time)
First off, let me say that I recently learned that Auburn was but on probation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools for the management of this school, and frankly I wasn't terribly surprised. They have improved from what they used to be I've heard, but it still is not a well-run school. The dorms are a complete joke, and instead of improving the ones we have right now, they are building suites that can only accommodate a little over a thousand students. The parking is awful here. My close proximity parking is actually a ten minute walk from my dorm. I have gotten several parking tickets while unloading groceries next to my dorm.

IF YOU ARE FROM UP NORTH OR FROM A LIBERAL CITY DO NOT COME HERE. I'm from Louisville, Kentucky, and the small town life isn't all its cracked up to be. Back home, I was 5 minutes from downtown (Louisville actually has over 1 million people in it so its not like its small or anything), a 5 minute walk to coffee shops, record stores, indie music halls, independent businesses and dining. I was 10 minutes from an international airport, which I found is extremely important. I would like to go home on some weekends, which is what almost every in-state student does here, but Atlanta is an hour and a half if you get lucky enough to avoid traffic and Birmingham is 2 hours with almost as bad of traffic. In Auburn, there are bars and there is food. If you like to frequent bars and eat tons of cheeseburgers and pizza, then this is the place for you. If you like to go to frat parties, then this is the place for you. If you like having your roommate stumble in at 3 in the morning 5 days a week and if you're lucky start projectile vomiting in the bathroom, then you should come here. I like to party on the weekends, and I can't say I haven't had nights where I've stumbled in at 3 A.M. and passed out in the bathroom, but for people here, its a way of life. If you don't like to do that A LOT, then you could have problems making it in a fraternity or sorority.

I'm concerned about the attitudes that students have here concerning national and global issues as well. During this years election, I was reprimanded for saying that I was a staunch Liberal and an Obama supporter. I was reprimanded for not having religious beliefs. People scoffed at me for believing in global warming and not believing that every Middle-easterner was an AK-47 wielding suicide bomber. If you are part of the super-conservative right and have a problem with innovative and progressive ideals, then I would recommend Auburn 100%.

Haha, I almost forgot the looks of the Auburn students. For the guys, during the summer you wear either khaki shorts, boat shoes, fishing shirts, and a visor, or you wear boat shoes, khaki shorts, a long-sleeve button up, and a visor. In the winter you wear jeans or khakis, a long-sleeve button up, boat shoes, and a visor. For all you females, during the summer you wear running shorts, something from Northface or t-shirt, and flip flops, or you wear a skimpy summer dress. In the winter, you wear Uggs, jeans or leggings under running shorts, and a Northface fleece. Don't forget to be attracted to the boys and their Oakleys.

I wanted to leave my first semester but I already payed for a years worth of housing and I didn't want to waste my parents money. At least if you get a full-ride here they give you free computer. THANKS FOR MY MACBOOK AUBURN!

responseI have the feeling that you are not going to be very succesfull in life. you seem to lack the ability to merge with anything different. the people at auburn dress like that because they were raised to hold a higher standard for their appearance to themselves and others, something you obviously cannot respect. So in the summary of my response, you are the close-minded one and feel that noone besides you is right and will not accept anything that is not exactly the same as your beliefs.

Frank Cotton

Louisville, KY

Augusta, NY

Huntsville, AL

Liberal Arts

Bellarmine University

responseIf all that's true can't you sue for that? As far as dressing who cares. It's global climate change, not global warming and the north and south poles are melting it's a proven fact. Don't believe me? Fine look at the pictures from NASA they don't lie.
I think both the republicans and democrats are jerks because they don't put Americas interests first but instead only care about there greedy self.
responseYou were dead on with the clothing assessment. Dressing douchey is a must. Also leggings with running shorts over them are ridiculous and worn by many girls; or super baggy sorority shirt…sexy… kind of. I feel that I need to add that it is a great school academically.
Louisville, Kentucky, is still southeast barely. Alabama is a red state no doubt about that. Is it really that different? I could understand if you were coming from Chicago, Detroit, or New York.
responseIf you want a useless piece of paper (Auburn degree) that will never help you advance in life, then be stuck in a trailer park, have people laugh at you, treat you like the you're in the lower class, then look no further than Auburn
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