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Menlo College

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Afraid, Arrogant, Snooty, Closeminded

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Condescending, Unhelpful, Self Absorbed

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Date: May 25 2009
Major: Business - Management and Administration (This Major's Salary over time)
Well…Well…Well…the reviews are in and I have to say, it feels great to be sitting behind this computer in Howard, right now, taking this opportunity in order to profess to the world the true meaning of the "MENLO ADVANTAGE." Are you ready? MENLO deserves the utmost commendation for being the best and biggest scam the educational community has ever seen. In fact, don't bother studying the classes, instead study the school's presentation, advertising, and flawless execution of providing persuasive deceptions to bait students to attend, hook, line, and sinker…and maybe one day you can run a "successful" unscrupulous business such as this one. The men behind the Menlo Advantage are lofty artisans of their craft…top notch bullshitters who will stop at nothing to suck your wallet dry so they can use your tuition money for expensive green fees, and the like, at five star resorts year around. This gives new meaning to the phrase laughing all the way to the bank, and thus, my hat is way off to this school. Bill O'rielly(admissions counselor) is the real life equivalent of a used car salesman, upholding the Menlo advantage by scavenging any and all prey he can muster into this trap. My buddy was offered in his first and only tour to "come in, sign the paperwork and you're in" POINT BLANK…WOW. There are three types of students at Menlo. One, your typical meat head jock, who is as dumb as a doorknob with zero personality…two, your classic spoiled rich kid who is about as ignorant as he is delusional…and third, the poor students with learning disabilities(god bless them). This school is better looked at as an insane asylum due to the stark detachment it experiences from the outside world. To say it is anywhere near Silicon Valley's business school is crass and dangerously misleading considering the level of respect(or should I say lack thereof) Menlo earns in and around its own community(look at what respect it has garnered according to the previous reviews). It should be obvious to even the most dimwitted individual that Menlo college has effectively utilized each and every waning asset its holding on to(from its once decent reputation, to its location, to its losing D3 sports teams), in order to perpetuate the fallacy known as Menlo College. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the college, after reading this review, later sought me out and employed me as a writer for their own bullshit newsletters so I can sit at a desk and come up with laughable cliches such as, "the Menlo Advantage", and, "think outside the box and inside the frame". I mean what kind of obtuse drivel is that? OK here is the point unless I haven't forcefully imposed it upon you thus far…Don't go to this school…it is the epitome of deplorable american education, and that's being nice…either go into the real world and get a job, go to community college if you haven't already come from one, or hit up a state school. If you're a local, you are F-ed, the previous reviews corroborate this fully. Menlo is just after your money and it is mind-blowing that a school this under-qualified, fake, and unprofessional even survives to see income or have anyone take it seriously. This school has got my silent respect…they have won this round but these types don't last. PLEASE spare your non-renewable time and hard-earned money and tell the world my story.
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