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Christopher Newport University

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityB+ Faculty AccessibilityA-
Useful SchoolworkA Excess CompetitionB+
Academic SuccessB Creativity/ InnovationB+
Individual ValueB+ University Resource UseB
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyA+ FriendlinessA-
Campus MaintenanceA+ Social LifeF
Surrounding CityC- Extra CurricularsC
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Describes the faculty as:

Lowest Rating
Social Life
Highest Rating
Campus Aesthetics/ Beauty
He cares more about Social Life than the average student.
Date: Oct 19 2009
Major: Political Science (This Major's Salary over time)
I wil give my best neutral opinion about CNU for you.

Overall Grade: C+

Academics: Overall, the education here at CNU is excellent. Classes are small, so you are not just not a number. There is an ability to get help from your professors or ask questions because of the class size, in other words, the professor usually knows who you are (unless in a large lecture hall, which CNU only has one of) CNU does promise most of your professors to have PH D's in their field, but my freshman year I have only two professors with PH D's, mostly because of the General Education classes you are required to take. I hope their promise is kept for sophmore year and on. The course work-load is manageable, including NO busy work and occasional papers/assignments. Professors, so far are fair and enjoy what they teach, and are willing to help you and your grades. It is very easy to manage work and fun at the same time.

Social Life/Parties: When CNU says its a dry campus… they mean it. Do not drink in the dorms, they will catch you. The RA's are on power-trips and do "mandatory" hall walks every night, and can invade your room for whatever reason they feel necesssary(has happened to a friend). Advice for you, party off campus if you can find something. So far for my first semester here I have been to about 6 or 7 parties. Most of them were awful, and the only good parties (that I have experienced) are off campus, needing a driver for the most part. At a place called Port, it is all upper classmen and unless you know somebody, you wont be able to get in. Be prepared for failed nights of going out, and be prepared to be kicked out of parties before you step into them. Also, be prepared for people to stare at you as you walk into a party, you feel very uncomfortable at parties here at CNU, unlike others at ODU and JMU which I have been to. But mostly be aware of coming back to campus tipsy/drunk or just staggering, because the CNU police can breatholize you on the spot (happened to a friend of mine and I came home from a movie at 3 am and was intensly questioned by a CNU policeman). They roam the streets all times of the night and they WILL stop you most of the time. If you are looking for a fun and exciting college experience (that includes occasional partying) I would not chose CNU. Other than parties though, the people here are great and what make the University great. Everybody is exceptionally friendly and if you are a "non-drinker" you will usually have a great time. CNU sponsors a ton of activities through CAB, brining comedians, movies and tons of other activities to the campus.

Residence Life: Let me first say I live in York West, one of the nicest and most appreciated dorms here at CNU, which has tours come through the hallways weekly. CNU has great residence halls, a standard room joined to another room through a bathroom. I ended up with a tripled room and still found enough space to live comfortably. The problem with the Residence Life here mainly is the RA's (Residence Advisors) and the strict "summer-camp" likes rules applied to the school. Which include ridiculous noise violations, opinionated hall sport violations and other non-sense "summer-camp counselor" actions. So far, I have gotten two noise violations and a hall sport violation. The noise violations were an accidental baloon pop and the other included a tv "too loud" (opinion of the RA)which happened when I was out of town, but still had to go Checs (CNU Court System, which I can't believe they have). And the hallsport for having a soccerball between my feet… yeah ridiculous right? But that is the RA's discretion, which I feel they abuse alot of the time. Most of the RA's seem like they will get paid more for giving out violations (this is totally my opinion, since I have had ridiculous experiences with RA's here.) Each room comes with a fridge and microwave, which is a plus. Also, you feel very safe in the dorms which is very important. The dorms are clean and kept clean. There are many study rooms, for students who want to leave their dorm room for quite studying.

Food: First of all there are two dining halls, Regatta's and The Commons. Being next to Regatta's I have not eaten at the Commons much, so I will review Regatta's (rumors say The Commons has better food by the way). In Regatta's there is a burger, comfort foods, oriental, pasta and pizza line. Occasionally there is a sandwich/wrap bar, with salad, fruit and desert sections. The food is not as good as other schools (such as JMU) but it is eatable (sometimes). Personally, the food quality differs daily, and if all else fails the sandwiches are always a good deal. I feel the food is sub-par most of the time. It is buffet style, so if you get something not very good, you can always get something else which is great, because I see that happen often.

Atmosphere/Design of the Campus: There is really no school spirit at CNU, partly because our football team is division 3. People are friendly all over campus, but you wont see alot of CNU clothing other than a few people. If you are looking for a big school with alot of spirit centered around sports teams, do not chose CNU. Everything is in a close distance wich is great. You can leave 5 to 10 minutes before a class and be on time which is good. Having everything close has its ups and downs though. Having a small campus is great for getting to places quickly and being close to everything, but at the same time it feels too small.

Now don't get me wrong, the most important aspect of college is academics, professors, learning, connections from the school for careers and grades. And here at CNU those all seem above average, but more importantly there should be a mix of that and a fun, social atmosphere and experience. If you are coming to this school to enjoy a typical "big, spirited and partying college" experience , you should not chose CNU. If you get accepted to a school with the same academic credability as CNU, go there. CNU seems to focus on their reputation to the community too much, and cuts away from a fun and typical college experience. I feel I am missing out on a real college experience here and hope to transfer to JMU or Virginia Tech next year. I hope this review has shed some light on any questions you may have of CNU, if not feel free to email me at

commentFor those who like to drink underage, search google for Cameron Schlifke. Or the two CNU students killed on I-64. Or the former CNU student who died at Radford after transferring (for alcohol poisoning no less), or the fraternity suspended for hazing when a comatose pledge was hospitalized for a BAC .40. Yeah, must be dumb cops trying to prevent people from being a danger to themselves or others.
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