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Middlebury College

How this student rated the school
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Arrogant, Violent, Snooty, Closeminded

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Helpful, Arrogant, Condescending, Self Absorbed

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She cares more about Campus Aesthetics/ Beauty than the average student.
Date: Nov 27 2009
Major: Unknown (This Major's Salary over time)
The mountains are beautiful and idyllic, and they function perfectly as an ironic contrast to the horror that you will find within Middlebury College. The winters are colder than Antarctica and they last until, well, summer. Middlebury boasts of encouraging campus community through a commons system, and institutional diversity (flatulence!) but the townies are about the only morally decent individuals you will encounter. Middlebury students are close-minded, pretentious and socially graceless. They exist in their own fairy tale where everyone is a rich WASP (White Ango-Saxon Protestant) from a gated community. RACISM runs wild on this campus the likes of which you'd expect to find in a small southern town. If there is an ism that you can think of, Middlebury College has a full stock of it! Every campus has its share of sexual and racial intolerance, but Middlebury College takes it to another level. The campus atmosphere feels like an Arthur Miller play; the small New England community with its share of hypocrisies and witch hunts. I am surprised that public stonings are not offered as a winter sport, alongside skiing. The students are too hung up on frivolous concerns and they lose sight of the intellectual purpose of this institution. Needless to say, it is not an academic environment. I have met many people who have been sought out and victimized like a fox hunt by other students. Are you looking for support against your attackers on this minutely small campus? Nice try, sucker. The administration (swindling rat bastards!) offers virtually no protection for victims of harassment (all kinds, even sexual). The administration BLAMES THE VICTIM for the harassment. I know it's hard to believe in this day and age, but it is the degrading reality of this place. Even the Guidance department is a haven for guilt and brainwashing. That is the reason why many students who have been victimized on this campus do not come forward to the administration, which treats THEM as the perpetrators of the crime. The administration's attitude is, 'well what did you expect? You chose to come here and now you'll simply have to suffer.' You get the impression that they simply don't care, and they deny what is happening in order to avoid controversy that could potentially tarnish the school's image. They sacrifice the psychological and, indeed, physical well-being of its students for this false image. That kind of apathy is unacceptable on a campus as small as this one. The fact that this school is highly selective and small is precisely why they SHOULD take an active interest in the student climate. The students here are truly VILE, and I wouldn't say these things lightly. Trust me, DO NOT waste your time on this Puritannical hellhole. There are too many good schools in the world to hurt yourself like this. Life is too short, and college shouldn't be medieval torture. Middlebury is overpriced (forty thousand a year and rising) and the academics are adequate at best. This school is so bad, you'll probably need therapy after you graduate.

I'm a fellow from Portland, Or who comes from a low income family. Middlebury looks like a great school but you're saying it's not. How do you account for all of the great comments on StudentsReview?


questionI agree. I've read all sorts of comments on this and other college web sites ranging from ones that are equally as awful as these to ones that say the complete opposite, and that these are just made up posts and that none of the above is clear. I understand that in terms of numbers middlebury has low diversity but is it really that awful?

Some clearing up would be helpful.

commentShe's right. My son required years of therapy after two years there. The dean was of no help at all - Just gleeful that another room had opened up for Room Draw! My son had a complete breakdown and was starving in his room, and nobody did anything!
responseMiddlebury is a GREAT place. don't let one hater change your mind about the school. Just because one person had a bad experience doesn't mean everyone does. I went to Midd and got a BA in Biology and am now a grad student in the same field. I love this place!
questionCould you give me some specific examples of the prejudice you see at Middlebury? Describe incidents you've seen.
responseI went to Midd back in the '80s. Had run-ins with the dean. She told me I was lazy and feeling sorry for myself. She wouldn't let me off the hook. At that moment I realized I was on my own and it was sink or swim. I chose to swim. At that moment my adult life began. Cleaned up my act, graduated dean's list, started my own company, and have enjoyed learning ever since. Thanks Midd for not coddling me. This person needs a similar kick in the butt.
commentWell on the bright side, Middlebury taught you to be an excellent writer. That first sentence is a killer!!
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Middlebury College
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