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Hampton University

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityC Faculty AccessibilityA
Useful SchoolworkC Excess CompetitionB
Academic SuccessC Creativity/ InnovationD
Individual ValueD University Resource UseC
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyA FriendlinessA
Campus MaintenanceD- Social LifeD+
Surrounding CityD Extra CurricularsC-
Describes the student body as:
Friendly, Arrogant, Approachable, Snooty

Describes the faculty as:
Friendly, Unhelpful

Quite Bright
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Faculty Accessibility
He cares more about Safety than the average student.
Date: Feb 09 2011
Major: Architecture (This Major's Salary over time)
I came in as a feasted student from TCC, a local junior college. From the start, the entry process for transfer students is chaotic at best, you will spend at least a day getting the runaround from the staff, and will cross the campus many times doing so.

It should be noted that this is an African American school, traditionally. Currently, 80-90% of the population is African American. I am Caucasian. My recommendation if you are Caucasian as well is not not attend. You WILL sit through events where you are told how oppressive you (your race) has been, you WILL misunderstand African American references and lingo from the professors, you WILL run into prejudiced students who look down on Caucasian ones. You WILL receive strange looks from the student body in general, as well as the staff, and quickly find that you are treated differently. A number of the administration knows who I am, even though they have not met me, simply because of my skin color. I have walked into buildings before to find that the person at the front desk knows who you are without having even met you, there are so few Caucasians.

Safety is an issue on this campus. As with many schools, students are roomed based on their GPA, perhaps as a late transfer student, I was put into the lower-ranking dorms, these were full of athletes, partiers, drinkers, and smokers. I found the people of that caliber to be incredibly rude and inconsiderate, many of them unable to properly articulate a sentence, yet they still wore snobbish looks on their faces. To point: while in this dorm, someone attempted to break into my room. I was appalled at the incredible immaturity level. I was very quickly (it was the quickest process of my whole experience at the school) to another dorm, which I found to be much safer, and with a higher caliber student.

However, that's not to say that the dorm is in good condition. The ceiling tiles are rotten in places, the floors are ready to come up, paint flakes from the walls (this is an honor dorm, imagine what my first dorm was like), tiles are missing from the walls, there is no laundry within the buildings (or on campus) and in no building are you allowed to have either a fridge or microwave in your dorm. This is apparently the situation for most dorms here. The dorms are all heated by steam, it's an aging system, and you may take time getting used to the musty and moldy smell.

Social life, unless you are a Greek, is almost entirely nonexistent on campus. The surrounding area doesn't offer much either.

To stay on campus, total tuition will cost you somewhere over 25,000. When you get here and realize the horrendous quality of the buildings (don't let that snazzy new student center fool you), the sub-par education (I could've gotten the same out of TCC), the living conditions, the fact that you can't park your car on campus until you are a junior, the incredible lack of infirmary among the staff, you will really question how foolish you were to spend that money here in the first place. What a waste.

questionWhy did you decide to go to Hampton over other colleges?
commentTo your comment about "misunderstanding African American lingo"- What do you expect? YOU made the CHOICE to come to an HBCU. That means - HISTORICALLY BLACK College. Founded for blacks. What do you expect, the professors to stop using the lingo historically used on THEIR campus to please YOU? Who do you think you are? Do you think white professors at white schools change up their language patterns so black students can feel more comfortable? No. So my advice to you is either stop complaining and deal with it, or go somewhere else.
commentHAHAHA! As a CAUCASIAN female that attends Hampton, I can say I don't know anything about the dorms. BUT I do know about classes and the buildings and the attending. And I agree that if your white you get a lot of looks and such, BUT I have never once been treated unfairly or threatened or been lectured about oppression. I feel as though you may have egged these conversations on. If anything there have been some really awesome and nice people, that you can tell try and make you feel comfortable there. I try not to let race stand in my vision. We are all humans with different presence of melanin. I know I go to a HBCU so I expect there to be a lot of black culture. I go because it was the school that was closest that had the program I need to pursue my life goals. What I wish, is that more Caucasians went to Hampton, just to experience what it is like to be the minority. YOU HAVE NO IDEA until you are the 1%. I NEVER thought about in a class in highschool how many of what race was in a class. And I thought about it recently, it was like 15% maybe, maybe not even that much. This school has taught me to think about things I have never even dreamed of wondering about. I know many white people that have judgments, stereotypes, even black people have judgments about themselves, just as white people have judgments about themselves (i.e. rednecks). Anyways the point is there are some very intelligent individuals who go here who are hard working and are trying to make a good life for themselves and it's awesome and I don't understand what this kid is talking about.
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