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Loyola Marymount University

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityB Faculty AccessibilityA+
Useful SchoolworkC+ Excess CompetitionB
Academic SuccessB- Creativity/ InnovationB-
Individual ValueB+ University Resource UseD+
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyA+ FriendlinessA-
Campus MaintenanceA- Social LifeC-
Surrounding CityB- Extra CurricularsD+
Describes the student body as:
Friendly, Afraid, Arrogant, Broken Spirit, Snooty, Closeminded

Describes the faculty as:
Friendly, Helpful, Arrogant, Condescending, Unhelpful, Self Absorbed

Quite Bright
Lowest Rating
University Resource Use
Highest Rating
Faculty Accessibility
He cares more about University Resource Use than the average student.
Date: Feb 25 2011
Major: Communications (This Major's Salary over time)
* There is a pretty consistent type of people around LMU, those people being often times rich, ignorant Republicans with close-minded values, but there are also a small minority of really cool people on campus as well. Unfortunately, you just have to dig around quite a lot to find those
diamonds in the rough,
but when you do find them the search can be quite worth it as I've met some truly fascinating, fun, and intelligent people here.
  • The education here is all over the place. I've had excellent professors and absolutely crap professors. Many professors here are, unfortunately, quite guilty of assigning a pretty good amount of busy work, which i can safely say that I haven't learned shit from, and there is waaaaaaaaay to much of an emphasis on stupid tests and cramming, which in my opinion is the single most useless attempt at educating someone.
  • However, there are also some very, very down to Earth professors as well which have realized how stupid grades and tests really are and instead try to teach you stuff not by forcible cramming stuff in your brain, but by actually making their classes fun and engaging and make you naturally feel intrigued to learn more.
  • The Greek Life, in my opinion, plays far too big of a role at LMU. It's fine Freshman Year when everyone is still rushing fraternaties/sorrorities, but once everyone is all settled in their respective fraternaties/sorrorities by Sophmore year, then the campus began to resemble a large-scale, more organized version of high school cliques. People cease to just casually go about chilling in random peoples dorms and just hanging out with anyone despite their dorm or fraternity affiliation. Instead, everyone gets all locked up in their own lifestyles and begin to only cling to a select few people in their social group and start acting like they never hung out with people that they were best friends with last year. It's just bizarre and disappointing and it leads to the separation of people into trivial groups that I had hoped died after we got out of puberty.
  • The employees at Sodexo are wildcards and pretty much all entertaining in their own right, either in a good or bad way. Rumor has it that many of them are ex-cons, which i certainly have no difficulty believing when it comes to some of the shady, yet amusing characters that work at the Lair, Iggy's, Pizza Del Rey, Etc. However, there are also some extremely polite and nice employees at well, namely this one very motherly, tall black lady with glasses that works at the Sea Lion; she doesn't have a single bad bone in her body lol.
  • Unfortunately, while the employees may be quite fun, the food they make is god awful. I find it simultaneously hilarious and incredible infuriating that Public Safety loves to crack down and ruin the days for countless marijuana-users at LMU, but our campus supplies food that is easily far more harmful than weed smoke. The food is just awful! The campus itself is gorgeous, but what the hell happened when it came to the cuisine is just a mystery to me. Much of the food makes me feel like I'm either going to food poisoning from it or that each meal will just get me one step closer to future food-related health problems. I'm only half-joking.
  • Speaking of Public Safety, I used to think quite highly of them and the fact that they genuinely appeared to, at first, really be there for our actual safety unlike how real-life cops so often are not. However, this was not to be the case; me and my roommate were harassed by some douchebag Public Safety Officer after a health and safety inspector found my roommates bubbler on his desk. The safety inspector was very friendly and felt quite bad for calling P-Safe on us, but it was her job after all and I held nothing against her for it. In fact, she even tried quite hard to make the punishment as minimal as possible and was sure that P-Safe would just take the bubbler and leave us alone. Nope. Not the case at all. They came in with a suave, holier-than-thou, bullshit attitude and tried to make us feel bad like we were back in fucking elementary school. Then he kept interrogating my roommate about us having weed in our room, which we didn't, and simply wouldn't take no for an answer because he assumed we were just being sleezy little lying kids to him. Whatever, he got proven wrong, but that didn't stop him from having his buddy and himself conduct a full inspection of our entire dorm in an effort to find the non-existent weed, which resulted in just all our paraphanelia being confiscated. All in all, P-Safe may be chill sometimes, but boy does it have its share of asshats as well…
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