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Dine College

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityC- Faculty AccessibilityC-
Useful SchoolworkB Excess CompetitionF
Academic SuccessD- Creativity/ InnovationC-
Individual ValueC+ University Resource UseC-
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyB+ FriendlinessC-
Campus MaintenanceD- Social LifeA-
Surrounding CityD- Extra CurricularsD+
Describes the student body as:
Friendly, Afraid, Approachable, Broken Spirit

Describes the faculty as:
Arrogant, Condescending, Unhelpful, Self Absorbed

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Lowest Rating
Excess Competition
Highest Rating
She cares more about Excess Competition than the average student.
Date: Jul 21 2011
Major: Unknown (This Major's Salary over time)
(it makes it fun an turn that bitch up)

ha! good old DINE college! otherwise known as the University of the NAVAJO! if you want a full all out Navajo college! go here! nothing like repeating high school all over again! eh hmm well well the college is great for parties! haha if not in the dorm for parties! or sneaking around. this place can sumtimes can be a bitch and a also a badass place to make long term freinds! haha not to mention the trips, we navajos are always traveling, so be prepared to bring a car or end up being an dip shit stuck on campus all the time (make frens who have cars :)! anyways lets start with ppl! the most biggest sports on campus are basketball and vollyball…so yu wana meet cool people, here is a good place to start! the gym is small but what the hell least u got friends! mostly its best to sneak a decent size of Alcohol cuz ppl will get tempted! i mean tempted!haha but its fun! my time here involved mottor boats! (aloto of them) one time I had two girls in my room kisssing each other! (one my gf that bitch! but it was fun!) hahaha. oh yea ppl are way to confortable! at one time is was soo comfortable we dediscribed many times what sex thingy's we done! haha don't foret the GSA! its a club but with the best ppl that love to u know! haha fuck AISES here! im mean damn get sum shit off the floor! hahaha what can i say u got be active! haha (PS BE CAREFUL MIGHT KISS U CUZIN! SO KNOW U CLANS!) haha that the social life! its awsome never dull time with the more ppl u know! o yes! its a great place to meet other students from other universitys..yea we get the ones who transfer cus of school cost but fuck it hahah u meet ones from ASU NAU n U oF A! and they are cool they tell and take u to the big parties out there! (see what i mean about traveling!) haha anyways u can get drinks! and get high nobodys gona be mad at u, if ya dont,dont worry we love u! are the girls hoes??? hahah no! they just fun lovin! just keep the shit u guys doo to urself and u gain they repect and they come back for more! hahaha an u meet some models here to! haha maybe bout 8 or so every semester! they may act like bitches but they are the sweeetest creatures on this planet! (they unicorns so take care of them they will get u back if a bitch break u heart!) u also meet amature UFC fighters too! u get to watch them fight at chin-hoe hahah but they cool fun to bring u a good work out program hahahaha they always down to pump iron argggg! hahaha oh yes an church! alot go to pastur Ar-dees! hahaha they are fun as well like to do other things like go hiking down the canyon or go way out to church meeting that are as far as 6 hours away! so be out going if ya want! are the faculty freindy?? haha some are and some arn't! the ladys who do the class schedule are asses! i mean baby jessus smile! hahaha they hard to make laugh too! i tried it! but fuck it at least they teach an important role in life (deal with shit! lifes not gonna be easy) and the professors! haha they cool i geuss some student can be brown noseing asses an fuck up shit for u! but hell its education u got to get u foot in the door if u want to be educated (PS U HAVE TO FIGHT FOR WHAT U LEARN HERE)! so if u wana chill they have awsome art program that gets u name out there! oh yea and stay away fron NADER!!! HE TEACHING SUCKS WHICH IS WHY I TUTOR MATH!..oh yea if ya need condums they alwasy doing HIV testing haha an pass them out! :) haha sum slangs to learn! SHOTS! say it with me SHOTS! haha it means: ok , coolness, badass hahah ect. like this "SHOOT I GOT LAID" hahahahaha hmm is there alof sex here?? haha if ya sexually active yes! do relationships start here! yes but not promising ones! bleh! do people study alot here? suprisingly yes!!!! u seee alot in the ly-bery and dorm rooms! hahaha but sum complan about -this an that- so put in u input! hmm well im a nursin major! the teaching is less then perfect but hell it prepared me for nursing entrance exam! and yes i berly passed it! but it is a good place to get recognition! fucken NAU ASU U OF A and HARVARD! sutimes other COLLEGES WILL BE ON CAMPUS OFFERING SCHOLARSHIPS BE AWARE CUZ THE PPL ARE N0T GONA TELL WHEN THIS SHIT GOES DOWN! haha its easier to transefer from here to university but u have to do u work! if get caught up in the shit i told ya above! fuck it u had a great time! hahahaha. jobs for summer! hell yes and they pay alot! i was in an internship through DINE for NASA! fuck it was awsomE! (like i said u get recognition) but u also have to be outspoken and have good grades shoot for 3.0 and u be fine! which means having about two C on u transscript! anyways! best people to guide u! well none! u have to find that u self! i would suggest taking Navajo studies here and certian math classes (aviod nader for math!)science?? online that bitch! ART!( do it here!) haha phycology and social studies are fun here to! with this class comin for me i get to go to pensylvania! english! (do it here i sware its the easiest shit possible here! no test just writtng essays!) a good place to work! LAND GRANT! (u see the LGO sign driving in) ITS FUN! APPLY NOW BLEH HAHA. u never hear much form top floor im talking about the tallest buildin on the NAVAJO Rez! not to worry its the first thing u see while here!…food! fuck it sucks! be prepared to take many trips to gallup! pharmington! chinle! the best corse meal is to get a group of cool peeps and head to pizza hut! or get chicken! haha halloween is exciting time! u here about parties everywher in pheonix! pharmington, gallup! and flag! haha just be sure u want to go a take some cash! hahahaha yes I had a great time here id say! many ups and downs! but its all up to u! oh yea the thing that kinda sucks! all the chinle peeps stay together! haha but they coolio! oh and the rodeo club?? hahaha they awsome! down for what ever, i mean i sware how the hell u get run over?? hahaha (inside joke) hahaha… anyways CLASS OF 2011!! woo! hahahha

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