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Alabama A & M University

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityA Faculty AccessibilityB-
Useful SchoolworkA Excess CompetitionA-
Academic SuccessA+ Creativity/ InnovationA
Individual ValueA- University Resource UseA-
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyA- FriendlinessB-
Campus MaintenanceB Social LifeB-
Surrounding CityA+ Extra CurricularsB
Describes the student body as:
Friendly, Afraid, Arrogant, Approachable, Broken Spirit, Violent, Snooty, Closeminded

Describes the faculty as:
Friendly, Helpful, Self Absorbed

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Academic Success
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Date: Aug 08 2011
Major: Unknown (This Major's Salary over time)
I am a junior at A&M. I am on a full academic scholarship. I have had troubles with financial aid and other administrative offices, the book store, and the dorms. Some of the people at this school are not the friendliest, absorbed with fashsion, and violent. BUT I feel like if you come to college with a mind of everything is going to be perfect and I'm not going to have any problems and everyone is going to be nice and care about me and do everything for me, then you should stay home with your mommy and daddy. Know that before you come to college you need to grow up. Once your parents drop you off you are on your own and you are the grown up now. If you have a problem you need to find the person to fix it. If you get the run around hound whoever it is sending you on this wild goose chase. People at A&M want you to show them that you mean business. They're are not going to waste their time on people who want a handout or who they think want a handout, would you? So show them and you will get what you want no matter what. Also don't wait till the last minute to ask for a recommendation letter, transcript or anything else because your problem isn't the only one seen in these administrative offices. Get yours in and then hound them if its not done in a timely manner. Also don't go to school for the people. You are there to get an education make a couple friends and thats it. Don't worry about having the nicest clothes and all the people who do worry about this crap. Its not important and most of the people who do care you won't see the next the semester anyway, so don't waste your time. And most of those girls dressing like the going to the club aren't there for academics they're looking for a man and that should have nothing to do with you anyway. So dont pay them no mind. Any college you go to you will find females looking to obtain their Mrs. degree and thats it. So dont even trip. Do that and the other stuff will come. Don't get caught up in drugs and violence and dont go down there thinking you the shit and you running something, because there are some people down there that will shut you down and thats where most of the violence comes from. I say be up front about who you are, what you want out of life, and why you are there. Know who you are before you leave your parents. Like my mother always tells me: have your own plan or you will be apart of someone elses, and usually you'll be hurt while the other person excels at your expense. And if you are there to party then party at home and dont waste your money your parents money or the schools money.

On teachers: Show them that your here to LEARN! and go to class and pay attention. Don't not come to class and say you aint learning nothing. Thats just not smart. Of course you not learning anything your not there. And read your books, do the homework and independent/group studying. Also if you dont understand go one on one with your teacher. If you hound them and let them know that you want to learn they will help you or they'll get so tired of the constant emails and phone calls and office visits that they will help you just so you'll shut up. And fyi this is at ANY universty. Teachers will get paid whether you pass or not. So since your paying make them help you and pass, get your moneys worth.

On Housing: Its not the best I will say but do what you can to make it nice. Get things to dress up your room, KEEP IT CLEAN, and get some snacks for your room. The cafe not being open all night and no fast food resturants around campus is good because you can easily aviod that dreaded freshman 15, or sophmore twenty or whatever. You can be healthy and live a better life with the time restrictions. And just because people hang outside the dorms doesn't mean you have to. Go do something else. Its not written that you have to partake in stupid stuff. Make your own fun because if you keep waiting for someone else to do it you'll be waitng and bored your whole life. Also if you have a problem with housing hound your resident assisant (RA) or the dorm head. They will fix it you just have to show them that you won't stop till its done. Also if you have a drug dealing, stealing, lying, dirty, badass roomate TELL SOMEBODY! You dont have to put with that and if you TELL SOMBODY they will help you. You have to speak up. So if your shy and timid you need to break out of that as soon as possible like I did. If your stuff is stolen you should have insurance on it. REMEMBER stuff gets stolen EVERYWHERE not just at A&M, white campuses have this problem too and they shoot people up and jump people and have horrible security like anywhere else. Dont put it all on A&M. Lock your stuff up, dont leave your doors unlocked, dont give people your keys and if its your roomate agian TELL SOMEBODY! Dont leave your stuff vulnerable, be smart and do all you can and if if it still gets stolen or whatever at least your know you did your part and they really had to fight to get it. This is my motto: If you don't know or you need help then you need to ask somebody. Dont just sit around all year looking for a party or a good time or someone to do for you and then blame it on the school. Speak up and do for yourself. Stop looking for handouts. You are grown and on your own and you need to act like it so you and your stuff can be safe. REMEMBER your not the only one on the campus and your not the number priority all the time or most of the time, so you've got to make yourself the number one priority.

On the Bookstore: If you have a voucher or a scholarship just wait for it and explain to your teacher whats going on. It will come and they'll understand. BUT thats only if you go to class, listen, do your work, and show some kind of drive. Also if the bookstore doesnt have your book ask them why. Figure out the problem and fix it. They don't care if you have your stuff and they shouldn't. Your not a child anymore. People always talking about I'm an adult and I want to be treated like one. Well A&M will do just that.So if you cannot handle that stay with your parents. Don't waste your time and money and then try to blame the school because you didnt do your part. Also if your book still doesnt come buy online, its probably cheaper anyway and then use you voucher on other cool stuff in the bookstore. I mean its free to you.

General: Also if you dont have a car get some friends who do. Make your own fun and good time. Stop depending on EVERYONE else to make you happy or you will be soooo dissapointed and thats anywhere. Or get an on campus job, its a great way to stay busy, make some money, and network. And with this you can skip the run around process and go straight to the source of your problems. And most on campus jobs aren't that demanding and you can use that time to study and have more time for other fun stuff. Also utilize the on campus benefits instead of looking for the hottest party. REMEBER YOU ARE HERE TO LEARN! And its not hard to have a life, a job, a boyfriend/girlfriend, free time to yourself, and get a 4.0 gpa. Your friend or boyfriend/girlfriend or free time maybe cut a little short but this is just a preparation for the real world. I jus finished an internship and I appreciate all the crap I went through at A&M because now I have thick skin and I can get things that I need done done in a timely manner. Also organize yourself. Time management is the FIRST thing you need to learn in college. Its the biggest lesson and most important.

So I just want to say do what you have to do, remember why you came to college, and realize that shit happens everywhere you go…not just at A&M.

responseI semi agree with this statement. I know A&M like the back of my hand. First, A&M has the opportunity for many students to receive wonderful internships just as stated in this comment. Second, I would caution everybody on this yard about the company they keep. I strongly warn many people about my previous sentence. I know people that were raped and apart of respected organizations and their sisters and brothers acted as if it didn't happen, soo please becareful bc not even joining the greek world is safe. Lastly, the living quarters albiet Normal Hills, West female Dormitory, and the rest of the dorms are by far filthy and quite costly, if your not on a full scholarship that covers your living expenses. If anyone is considering A&M for their 4 years of college make sure you talk to students not the bullshit ECHOS (the student recruiters doing campus service bc their in a sorority or fraternity) but REALLY VISIT AND DO YOUR RESEARCH. It became real apparent to me that people only come to A&M for the greek life and its extremly hard to get into even if you exceed all the requirements. Especially, the Delta Delta chapter of DST soo again I caution any prospective student to do your research and never say "It won't happen to me"
questionHi, I'm an inquiring student who wants the balance of education & the opportunity to pursue my talents/passions all at once. I'm going to be a transfer student majoring in business…(haven't decided whether it'll be entrepreneur or management yet) but I also have a passion for dance,band,modeling,singing, and basically all kinds of liberal arts. I know I'd be most comfortable in a HBCU b/c it's my culture, it comes natural to me & I'm tired of being isolated for being "too smart", and not having the same creative aspects/opportunities I'd have at an HBCU at "another school". I like to have the balance between fun & education "the college experience" is suppose to give me,so I can find the right path with making my dreams/passions come true, but with a secure degree to back it up. I don't want to only a specific liberal arts school because I am more of a business woman, and I've always learned to make your secure money first before you go out and play/chase the possible money. So I want a college that'll give me both sides of the ropes and maybe be able to minor in the liberals to get a feel of it in more depth. But I've been hearing so many mixed comments on A&M. I'm a logical person and your comment above seems to be the most reasonable & sensible comments that gives me an idea of what I'm dealing with. I'm a pretty balanced person, but I still want to know is it really as bad as this site makes it seem? Is it really a drama, hate fulfilled school, low-budget school, or is it all talk?

Once again I'll be a transfer student and states away. Im looking to come down there to visit, I have did a little research on the site also but I like to get both sides of the story. Is there actual housing like apartments, or only dorms? Are there good clubs/activities on campus worth joining that'll make my resume' look good? Financial aid help, is it only best for the first year students? (Just want some closure on the comments/rumors I've seen throughout my research and good tips that might help if I wanted to apply anyway to get in the school.)

responseThank you so much for all of wisdom and advice. My son is an up coming freshman and as a mother, I was not impressed with the dorms and just nervous with leaving him. But I will pray to the good Lord and I know he will be ok. Again I thank you.. It really put my mind at ease and helped a lot.
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