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San Francisco State University

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityA- Faculty AccessibilityA-
Useful SchoolworkB- Excess CompetitionB+
Academic SuccessA Creativity/ InnovationA-
Individual ValueB+ University Resource UseB-
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyB FriendlinessA-
Campus MaintenanceB+ Social LifeA
Surrounding CityA+ Extra CurricularsB-
Describes the student body as:
Friendly, Approachable

Describes the faculty as:
Friendly, Helpful

Quite Bright
Lowest Rating
Useful Schoolwork
Highest Rating
Surrounding City
She rated most things higher than other students did.
Date: Jan 01 2012
Major: Other (This Major's Salary over time)
Let me say that I completely agree with the other positives! Here's my story. I was a double major at SFSU in Music and Hospitality Management (entrepreneurial). Got out in 4 years, so it can be done BUT you have to work, yes work. 80% of the professors/teachers that I had were amazing and inspirational and I still keep in touch with a few. I had TONS of friends ( I would definitely spend at least the first year on campus). I never had a problem getting the classes I needed and if something wasn't available I asked for a possible substitution from my advisors(hot tip). My Undergrad advisor became "my best friend" and if you are organized about what you want out of college they can be super helpful. San Francisco is an amazing city with loads of opportunities if you go find them and take advantage. I personally viewed college as my chance to learn,grow,get out and have a job that I love! I did not sit around whining about this and that. It is a fairly small campus which is awesome because you can roll out a bed and be at ANY class in 10 mins flat (don't underestimate that!). As for the party school, there were plenty of "parties" on campus buy WHY party on campus when you have this amazing city and nightlife a muni ride away. If you have the expectation that YOU control your destiny, then attend SFSU and take advantage of all the city and school has to offer. If you want your COLLEGE to control your destiny by all means go elsewhere…
responseAre you paid to promote the school? Your "experience" at SFSU sounds a bit too good to be true. What does whether you "sit around whining about this or that" have to do with whether the school is truly decent. If you want to be taken seriously, I suggest trying to be a bit more objective and less condescending. The remarks about destiny really only serve to make you look like a total prick.
responseHmmm, no I'm not paid to promote the school and I had a really great experience, obviously, I feel the school is pretty decent. If you look at Many of the "negative comments,advice" people DO whine mostly about not having a social life on campus or not being able to get classes. Come on, NO social life, are you kidding? Stop whining and make some friends. Can't get a class? Yes it sucks when you have to wrangle for position in a class but hopefully it makes you step up and get it done. A life lesson. And just to be fair, as you point out, yes 20% of my profs/classes weren't so great but I personally feel a 20/80 ratio is pretty damn good.My remarks about destiny, just a twist on "college is what you make of it", which is rather trite. And really, if YOU want to be taken more seriously try being a little less condescending as well.
questionSo if you'd been accepted to Ivy League schools like Harvard, Cornell, and Yale you still would've chosen SF State? Or accepted to awesome conservatories like Juilliard, Curtis, and Eastman (you said music was one of your majors) you still would've gone to SF State?
responseThe person who wrote the review is obviously a typical SF State moron. 99% of SF State students would have not have a prayer of getting into an Ivy League school. Most are simply ignorant of how much better numerous other schools are. So, everyone needs to take the review with a HUGE grain of salt.
commentIn response to question(s) above, I WAS accepted to 2 other BIG music schools one starts with B and the other starts with UM. So I suppose that answers that question. There are PLENTY of other great schools other than IVY's and I know you both know that. I personally know quite a few people who graduated from IVY's and aren't working, and part of the problem is that they think they are above many jobs because they went to IVY's. Point is, I personally had a positive experience and I have a GREAT job in the area I want. What's the problem? AND, I still don't understand the name calling and condescending tone. Not good in a true discourse, the problem with the whole country at this point.
commentYou chose to attend a crap school like SFSU after being accepted to two "BIG" music schools? Whatever…Iif that's true then it must also be true that I met Santa Claus today on the street as well
commentI can just imagine how smarmy you must be if you wrote such a schoolmarmish review. Friends? Yeah, friends you most likely really don't have.
questionHi there, I'm really interested in the hospitality management and was just wondering about your experience in that field.
When I was at SFSU, I kind of built my own major within Hospitality adding some entrepreneurial business in as well. Some of the classes are hard to get into but you have to be tenacious and if hospitality is something you want to do, that's a good quality to have. You don't mention what area of hospitality your are interested in, but I suggest working or doing internships to narrow your focus while you're in school it will definitely help with the job when you get out of school. I think the Hospitality department has one of the highest graduate placements. I started working with some notable restaurant groups while I was in school and was approached as a senior to open a new restaurant for one of these companies. If you are interested in any area of hospitality, I can't think of a better place to be than San Francisco. Good luck wherever you decide to go to school!
responseIt's nice to know that SF State prepared you well for working as a janitor in the fast food industry. It's clear that a department at a crap school like State would only be able to have a high placement rate in that sort of occupation. Have fun cleaning those toilets with your illegal alien coworkers.
commentSounds like the person who wrote this review is a brown-nosing little bitch. Probably only got good grades by doing certain "favors" for professors.
questionI am transferring out of San Francisco State because the chemistry department sucks. Do you now think I'm a bad person for not having unconditional love for SFSU?
commentBeing a music major at San Francisco State is nothing to be proud of.
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