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Grand Canyon University

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityB Faculty AccessibilityD+
Useful SchoolworkC- Excess CompetitionD-
Academic SuccessC+ Creativity/ InnovationC-
Individual ValueF University Resource UseF
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyF FriendlinessD
Campus MaintenanceF Social LifeD+
Surrounding CityF Extra CurricularsD-
Describes the student body as:

Describes the faculty as:

Quite Bright
Lowest Rating
Individual Value
Highest Rating
Educational Quality
He cares more about Campus Maintenance than the average student.
Date: Jan 02 2012
Major: Unknown (This Major's Salary over time)
WARNING: Do not attend this diploma mill. Grand Canyon University is a FOR PROFIT UNIVERSITY. The all mighty dollar rules. I have been taking courses online for 2 1/2 years. I have had both my academic and financial counselors changed 8 times during this time period without being notified. They claim to be a Christian University but as of the writing of this review, I can get no one to tell me the Christian doctrine that they follow. These people are not christians. My main problem is in April of 2011, I was assigned to take an English Composition course as part of my degree. I was instructed in week 6, to write a proposal paper to solve a problem in society. My professor upon reading my proposal to fix the problem of Illegal Immigration in America, called me a RACIST and called Sherrif Joe Arpaio of Maricope County a NAZI. When I reported this to the University expecting them to discipline the instructor Gina McGowan of Phoenix, they told me it was none of my business. In the proceeding months, they attempted to have me take classes that had nothing to do with my degree and did not process the paperwork to change my major from a Bachelor's of Science in Education with an emphesis in History to an emphesis in Science. They sat on it for three months until I demanded that they process it. The customer service people i.e the academic and financial counselors are not properly trained because this University's main objective is to make money, not educate. They do not want to spend the money to train their people properly. Each customer service representative gets only 3 weeks training. After objecting strenuously to the continued bad treatment, I was suspended for 16 weeks. This is in retaliation for exposing the un-christian name calling perpatrated by Gina McGowan. They also kicked me out of a class that I had already paid for ($1,800) and are currently refusing to refund my money. Anyone that has a problem with this University can contact the Federal Student Aid School Participation Team in San Francisco, California, at 415-486-5677, or you can call the Federal Department of Education Inspector General's Office at 1-800-647-8733. Once again if you are serious about education STAY AWAY FROM THIS UNIVERSITY AND THESE PEOPLE. ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR FEDERAL FINANCIAL AID TO KEEP THEIR STOCK QUOTE AND MAKE MONEY. THIS HAS BEEN THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE, I WOULDNT WISH THIS ON MY WORST ENEMY. SOME PEOPLE TO KEEP AWAY FROM ARE DR.KATHY PLAYER, UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT, KERRY GIORDANO, STUDENT RESOLUTION (HAHA WHAT A JOKE, SHE'S EMPLOYED BY THE UNIVERSITY, WHO'S SIDE DO YOU THINK SHE'S ON?) AND REAVAN LEARY. WE ARE GETTING TOGETHER A GROUP OF PEOPLE TO FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THIS UNIVERSITY. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SUBMITTING YOUR NAME, LEAVE IT HERE IN A RESPONSE TO THIS POST. MUST LEAVE A PHONE NUMBER TO CONTACT
questionHello Sir. I apologize for taking your up your time. I am not an alumnae or former student of GCU, but a prospective one. I plan on visiting the campus soon (out of state student), but am worried after reading the many comments. I am interested in learning more about the GCU's instructors and staff. I do have a question for you… You rated educational quality as a B and academic success as a C . Why exactly? You mention an issue with only one class and GCU staff, so were your previous two years acceptable? Do you feel that the material was relevant and helpful?
Again I'm sorry to take up your time. I'm very confused (after reading all the different reviews) and just want a better understanding of the school.

God Bless and good luck!

responseI too am thinking of hiring a lawyer for several errors they have done through my program. I am waiting to finish first. I will look back for more information.
At first I loved this school, but too many failed promises and errors in my program that I am embarrassed I am graduating from this school.
responseAs a current student, I would agree that GCU is difficult to deal with. However, I don't think a single poor course makes for a poor education. I think that their ground program would be easier to deal with, as you have actual people to discuss problems with. I am currently an online student, and since this is my 4th degree, would never have waited several months to deal with anything. I am sorry for your problems, but staying on top of our educational needs, etc. is our own responsibilites.
responseI have also had a terrible experience at this university. I am a graduate student and have went to three other colleges prior to GCU {Phoenix Community College, ASU, and NAU}therefore, I speak with some experience as to how things are "supposed" to work. GCU lacks professionaism in both content of coursework and customer service. I am interested in suing as well though I am not sure this is classaction suit worthy. I am adding my email to this comment therefore, if you would like to speak to me, please leave contact info.
responseHey why dont you give us call. My is wife is going through hell will this school. She alot to tell. She has documents printing out. She is being accused of cheating and discrimination. So call cause we angry and cant find a lawyer that gives a damn about students. My phone 480-720-8488 and email _email_removed_

Hello! I just wanted to clear up something, since you had mentioned visiting the Phoenix Campus…ALMOST ALL of the people who have attended GCU are online students, and while both online AND on campus are HORRIBLE, when your a campus student, you have the pleasure of experiencing the horrors of both.Their stupid online server crashes more than AOL's did in the 90's and the wifi on campus is shotty as best…not to mention if your trying to get a hold of anyone, you better learn NOW where they live, or where the dean lives if you ever want anything done, because your never going to see them outside of class.

What is wrong with the campus situation is that every single person who has any fragment of administrative authority has been expertly groomed to act with the same attitude you could imagine a person managing a used car lot would to a buyer.

They SELL you that image of a nice campus with cool events, a new sports arena, and a lab full of new tools, but of course…look closer and it starts to look less pretty.

The campus is in one of the most dangerous and violent areas in the entire Phoenix Metro area. The teachers/staff/whatever are as disposable as toilet paper and are frequently fired and hired. They assume this won't matter because you are given a set of slides you are required to memorize verbatim for a test that is standard cross the board for each class…don't need any bright bulbs to read slides to a class and tell you to memorize…forget "learning"…OH and if your ever in a class that does require thinking WATCH OUT! If your not a strictly conservative person it's quite likely that your going to be called names such as "fag" "baby killer" "devil worshipper" and other fun stuff…

I was a paramedic by the age of 19 and graduated top 10 of my high school class. I tried to attend GCU for their BSN fast track program and dropped out when I was forced to take classes repetitively to the point that my loan ran out and upon attempting to complete the degree at Scottsdale Community, came to find that most of those school credits were worth NOTHING!!!!!


My name is Timothy Jackson and KERRY GIORDANO, STUDENT RESOLUTION was my student liaison also. Since 2010 I have had nothing but problems with this university. I was removed from GCU for 4 months and now that I have met all of my required courses and credits they are saying that I and 2 credits short from finishing how is this possible when I have 122 credits and the requirement is 120? I have many letters and dates as to what has been going on since my enrollment at this university. I need Help. I should have finished at GCU in September of 2013 it is now 2014 and they want me to take an additional 4 more classes! WTF
commentHello All, I have had very positive experiences with the University. I attend online courses and the staff have been very helpful, professional, etc. I think I have had one "so-so" teacher, but the rest have been stellar. My concern is that I cannot seem to obtain a refund for the Canyon Connect Fee 2 courses that utilize the same e-book. I took an ECN 220 and an ECN 360 course. Both e-books are identical, however, my academic counselor says they have no way of processing the refund, that's how the classes are setup. Any time you enroll, you pay the e-book fee. It clearly is unethical and makes ZERO sense. I should not be charged a duplicate fee for the SAME the book. Regardless if the fee is only $85—certainly if all students are having this issue, then GCU is making a ton of money for absolutely NOTHING. I'm not pleased w/ that.
responseHow do I join a lawsuit against these maniacal nare-do-wells. Liars, thieves, unjust garbage, all.
I yoo have been scammed! 352-361-6983
commentI lost approximately 13,000 at GCU when I was told by them that I posted in classes which I dropped. Though they could provide no proof of my posting, I still have 3 "F"s on my transcripts which entirely misrepresent my almost 4. grade point average and was told for 6 months that I could not get my dipoloma due to this. I finally did get my diploma from them (6 months later) but never refunded my money for 3-4 classes and never had the "f"s removed from my transcripts. It seems to me the whole world has gone corrupt. I am interested in supporting this lawsuit, absolutely. Thanks for posting and standing up against this mistreatment.
responseHi I agree they are thieves. I want to join the lawsuit too. I owe so much money for classes I didnt even go to. I was also charged for a semester I didnt sign up for. How? I have no clue. When I called to talk to them about it, they were totally unprofessional and gave me no straight answers. Basically telling me that thats what they show on their records and thats that.
Gcu is the worst school in america. their whole program for doctorial learner is nothing ut a scam. only one out of a hundred graduate on time.their only objective is to get learners to take extended courses so theycan make more money. they are running a con game
responseI would be very interested in joining the class-action lawsuit.

Please contact me. _email_removed_

response _email_removed_ , starting a class action lawsuit very soon against GCU. Please contact me through this email for more information.
commentSame as above, my lawsuit will begin shortly and if you wish to be apart of it, you will have to share the same conditions as me. Please email shortly as my case will begin within 2 months and we are trying to add names to our list to begin it.
questionWhen was this written?
responseI want information about the law suit. I was charged 2,300 for a class I was in for only 3weeks.
I wanna be involved as well!
questionI am a student at GCU now in their PhD program, want some information in regards to a class action suit
commentI think they're trying to scam me as well. I am in the graduate program. They try to hold you hostage so they can make money. I wanted to take a break from classes they told me I was only allowed to take a 2 week break…as if I were a child. So I just stop entering the online classroom. Now they're trying to make me pay out of pocket for classes I didn't want to attend in the first place. I mentioned to them the rule about taking a break for 60 days. No one knew anything about that rule until it was too late. I knew there was something fishy about this school. I want to be a part of the suit. They need to pay the government back for the money they scammed from me! My email is _email_removed_
questionWho can I call about the class action lawsuit
commentI have been in their Ed.D program since 2010. I have achieved all of the necessary paperwork indicating success at the various levels. Then I submitted my final dissertation, which was approved by my entire committee. It was denied by my methodologist and I have to rewrite the entire thing and complete a new study. But I only have until January to do that. What is to say it won't be denied then?
responseHello, I was defrauded by GCU IN 2006-2007! Please email me at _email_removed_
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Please email me at _email_removed_ we are working hard to take this….University, to court. I am currently working with several major parts of the educational system, Higher Learning Commission, the Arizona State Board of Post-secondary education, Grand Canyon University should have their ability to deliver education to anyone REVOKED. I am happy to talk by phone 801 759 2473, or by email _email_removed_ the more people we have involved the better, we are fighting a HUGE company with TONS of money, but we are a voice that will not be silenced… again, email me at _email_removed_
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responseRows=6 cols=34 I would like to be included in a class action lawsuit against Grand Canyon University because I believe they committed financial aid fraud on my case. My name is Natacha 404-934-0140 wrap=virtual
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questionI am a DBA student and I wish to know more about the class action lawsuit. I have been churning for too long (my proposal written 11/16 with no movement, am doing a replication study). Have incompetent chair who works f/T for competing Phx University,conflict? I have $80K in student loan debt, am in my 50's, and will not earn enough to pay-off before retirement. Guess where my SS check will go? Additionally, may lose my job because of this as I agreed via employment contract to complete in 5 years based on marketing of GCU stating 3-3.5. I am at 4.5 years and do not think I will complete in 5.
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