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Christopher Newport University

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Date: May 15 2012
Major: Business - Management and Administration (This Major's Salary over time)
This school is absolutely the worst dumping school in VA. 4,700 students apply every year and there is a 60% acceptance rate. That means 2,820 students received acceptance letters and less than half decided to attend: MORE STUDENTS DECIDED NOT TO ATTEND THAN TO ATTEND ONCE ACCEPTANCE LETTERS WERE ISSUED.

Of the 1,300-1,400 freshman, only 13% graduate in 4 years: ONLY 169 STUDENTS OF ALL THOSE THOUSANDS FINISH IN 4 YEARS, OVER 1,100 DO NOT. THESE ARE FACTS.


is surrounded by homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and widespread drug activity (check the Internet). ON AVERAGE 2 CRIMES PER DAY ARE COMMITTED AND INVESTIGATED ON CAMPUS ALONE (check the CNU Police log .pdf on the Internet). Statistically, that means you are almost 100% guaranteed of either being a victim of a crime (theft, most likely) or being charged with a crime/infraction (honor code violation being the most likely).

Go to the local post office (near Chick Fil-A) and you'll find homeless people sleeping in their 24 hour lobby in the middle of the night in winter. Better yet, go to get a coffee across the street and see where a guy was arrested for exposing himself (Police log). It's the same building that HAD TO BE EVACUATED OVER A POSSIBLE METH LAB IN THE CNU DORMS.

Try to read about this in the school paper? Guess again. The CNU ADMINISTRATION HAS BEEN HIDING ALL NEGATIVE PUBLICITY BY ORDERING STAFF MEMBERS TO STEAL NEWSPAPERS allegedly (google CNU newspaper theft and meth).

Try to read about this on the Internet? A SOPHISTICATED HACKING ATTACK WAS LAUNCHED AGAINST THE SCHOOL ON-LINE NEWSPAPER by "unknown" sources so it crashed (google CNU Captain's Log meth and attack).

Before you place your son or daughter in this school, walk around the ENTIRE perimeter of the campus at 2:00 AM - I dare you. Better yet, would you want your child to go to school for 4 years in a construction pit? Finally, add weekend commuting costs to your budget since 60% of all students commute home on the weekends from this glorified community college. That might just be a plus since only 169 will graduate in 4 years and of these, most won't have a job after graduating.

Now, finally, the quality of the professors here is bad - really bad. The Provost humiliated the school when he announced a hiring policy that would only begin recruiting professors from the top schools as listed in the US News and World Report: THAT MEANS THAT CNU HAS A STANDING POlICY OF "ABSOLUTELY NOT" HIRING A PROFESSOR WHO WOULD GRADUATE FROM A SCHOOL LIKE CNU" (google provost Padilla controversy hiring us news and world).

Almost every professor at CNU is a 2 or 3-time loser: THE PROfESSORS CAME FROM OTHER SCHOOLS AFTER THEY FAILED TO MAKE TENURE AT THEIR FIRST, SECOND, AND SOMETIMES THEIR THIRD AND FOURTH SCHOOLS (check each Professor's previous teaching records as assistant professors prior to working at CNU).

Now I'm sure that my comments will be criticized for even the slightest typo by some anal retentives (admin, faculty, those who "love" the university). And I'm sure that those same folks will criticize these facts by calling them "opinions" and saying that the 6-year grade rate is 38% HEY MOM AND DAD, SPEND ANOTHER $50K AND YOUR KID'S ODDS OF FAILING ARE STILL OVER 60% AFTER 6 YEARS! That is why I left Internet references that will help you decide on your own about what is really happening at this third-rate school.

P.S.: If you personally contact the US News and World Report (as I did), you will receive official confirmation that CNU is officially "unrated.". That means that the school does not meet the standards to be competitively rated and has received the equivalent of an "honorable mention."

Being a Norfolk employed military "brat" with both parents on active deployment, I had no choice except to go here due to a host of family reasons. Honestly, it was a miserable experience at the "Garden in the Ghetto" in Newport News (ick).

commentI agree with you on almost everything. There is no local activity except drinking off campus and smoking weed a few miles away neat the off-campus apartments. I had my car broken into twice and had to pay a fine, write a paper, and do community service TWICE for being the designated driver for my room mate. He was drunk both times and, a few days later, I got written-up with him. I don't smoke weed and don't drink due to medical reasons but was forced to accept the violation or be accused of lying. All thanks to P T.

Parking after 10AM is impossible and so are the $250 parking fees.

Construction sucks! It's everywhere and it's nothing more than P T building a monument to his own ego.

Campus life is OK but there are some sleazy professors here too. I'll just say that Professors at CNU should not have private Facebook pages where the "friend" students of the opposite sex in private forums. Leadership and Business faculty - this means you.

Note to P T: You might many to look at some of the private Facebook exchanges between male faculty and female students. My girlfriend was harassed by one of her professors in this way and felt compelled to keep him "friended" and to say nice things about him until she completed all classes with him. She still feels creeped out by him almost stalking her.

Other friends of hers say that they had to meet with this guy near his house a few miles south of campus when his daughter and wife were away too. Some even implied that the meetings were inappropriate and personal a d had nothing to do with their classes with him - especially in fall 2011 and in spring 2012.

commentI know exactly who you're talking about: Drives flashy cars, privately "friends" students on Facebook, and leered at my chest when I had to meet with him off campus. He tried to impress me with the fact that had then been promoted and was going to replace the president once the faculty voted him out. He made me feel uncomfortable throughout the meeting and I never took him as an instructor again. This guy's a real Jeckyll and Hyde character, he walked by me in the hall like I didn't exist for 3 semesters after obviously trying to pressure me into putting our in order to get a better grade.
commentUmmm, honestly you're making mountains out of mole hills. They do not have a 60% acceptance rate. There are not homeless shelters surrounding the campus, there's no homeless sleeping in a 24 hour lobby (there is no 24 hour lobby… all doors close at 11 for office buildings and any that don't have "police aids" put there. The meth lab was over on East campus apartments.

Can you really blame them for trying to hide that though? Of course they don't want people to see that in their news papers. No college would. Ever heard of VCU having meth labs? That's because VCU police are too dumb to find them, and they never get published. The meth lab was found and thats the important part. Would you have preferred it blow up? Of course that'd give you more things to complain about.

There are good and bad professors at every school. I have yet to run into a nontenured teacher, some have been teaching here for twenty years and still love it. They do extensive reviews of the teachers and do not rehire once someone has gotten too many negative reviews.
And hardly anyone at any university graduates in 4 years. At cnu it's still a pretty high rate, I'm not sure where you got 38% (also I could not find many of the things you sourced…hmm).
I hope anyone else reading your comment reads past the insanity. (BTW i have nothing against your grammar or spelling, just how whacko you are. And I'm not faculty and I've only been a student here for one year.

responseAhhhhem. Responding to comment 3: If you haven't met a non-tenured professor yet, you probably don't understand what the term Assistant Professor means. The Post Office lobby near Chick-Fil-A is open 24/7 and has a resident homeless person sleeping under the desk as I write this. Many more are behind the shopping center. Drive south, and just before the Ford dealer, you'll get to your first soup kitchen for the homess supplying USDA at the church. Yes, there are so many homeless families that the line there typically handles food for 150 families - I volunteered there. And, as far as not finding the references cited in the original article, perhaps they were being hidden under all the alleged wife-beating, spice smoking, assault and battery charges against the Provost. Try to blow this off with a response… go ahead. And I'll pretend that you're not a member of the admin trying to blow smoke up our collective you know whats.

If CNU is so drug free, answer this, "How many other schools have a Provost who is arrested for assault and battery after allegedly trying to photograph his wife smoking synthetic drugs outside their daughter's bedroom (just down the street from CNU at 223 Shoe St)?"

commentVery unfair, inaccurate, and biased review.

You sound like someone with an axe to grind. Very bitter, and clearly uninformed on several points. I'm sorry to hear your college experience at CNU did not meet your expectations.

Like every school, CNU has its flaws and mistakes have been made. But this uni has transformed itself into a fine public liberal arts institution in rapid fashion. The improvements in academic quality (of both faculty and students), infrastructure, and reputation are spectacular. Don't take my word for it: CNU is regularly cited in highly reputed publications such as Princeton Review and US News for "High Value" and "Great Upcoming Schools" categories.

Your comments about the Provost case are factually incorrect. The charges were dropped (withdrawn by the parties in question).

Your comments concerning the quality of the faculty are again factually incorrect. The vast majority of profs here are top notch teacher-scholars. Do a little research and you'll find that CNU has very high standards for faculty recruitment and tenure. Moreover, most of the faculty care deeply about their students. Unlike UVA or Va Tech, the profs here actually assist students during office hours and—believe it or not!--hold review sessions in Einstein's cafe (at the library). Collaborative research and independent study opportunities also exist.

I feel sorry for you. All this negativity about a great place. Of course, CNU is a completely different place today than your graduation year of 2000.

responseTo tell the truth: there are no homeless shelters nearby, and the nearest post office is on Hiden Boulevard and doesn't have homeless folks hanging out there. Christopher Newport is in a quite nice section of town, near a well-known country club and close to the gold coast of Newport News, where there are million dollar homes. So, those points are incorrect.

As for the acceptance rate, this is very high. So, if you have the application fee and the required GPA, you'll get in to CNU. The requirements to get in are low, but CNU is NOT a top-notch school. The campus is attractive, but the students there would certainly not get into Virginia's better schools (like William and Mary or UVA.) CNU doesn't have an extensive list of programs. If you're wanting to do computer science or if you don't want to go to graduate school, CNU's probably okay. If you aren't a brainiac and you don't plan on going to graduate school OR if you plan to major in any kind of science, math or english, go to ODU instead.

CNU is an average school for average students. If there are any criminal incidents, they are most likely being caused by the CNU students.

When considering a college, it's helpful to know which schools are similar and how they're ranked. It's also important to match the student with the school. If you're a brilliant student, you'll waste time and money at CNU; go to a good college.

Another thing to keep in mind: scholarships, grants, fee waivers, etc. If you're a good student, and if the college really wants you, that college will come up with the money so that your debt will be very little when you finish your bachelor degree. CNU has little incentive for transfer students who are Virginia residents.

Another thing to remember when choosing a college: rely only on fact. I wouldn't rely on statements like "the vast majority of profs here are top-notch teacher-scholars" or "Unlike UVA oR Va TEch, the profs here actually assist students during office hours…" This is a matter of opinion, and means nothing. Instead, do research and find out from the figures provided in federal profiles as well as college rating systems (like the CURRENT Princeton Review and the CURRENT US News ratings) for information on schools.

You can also visit college campuses and talk to students.

If you're interested in a college that has a high acceptance rate (like CNU does) then check out Virginia Tech, VCU and ODU. They're all comparable.

Number one tip when considering colleges: don't rely on the word of someone who's 18-22 years old to tell you where to go to college. Decide for yourself by doing your own research. If you don't like it, you can always transfer somewhere else.

Good luck.

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