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Regent University

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Date: Jan 14 2013
Major: Unknown (This Major's Salary over time)
We made the mistake of sending our adult child to this school. If you are a parent considering this school please listen to what I am about to say. This is not our first experience with a Christian school. We have had a great experience with our other child at a great Christian school. Basically the school has been a living nightmare. From the students to the staff. I will try to keep this brief. Here are some of the problems we have had. We arrived to be told my Adult child would have to do most work online, and his/her major is not offered that year. My adult child entered into an extremely close/romantic relationship within a week upon arrival. The RA's are were no help at all. The spiritual leader students were very young and inexperienced. My adult child started seeing the school counselor who uses manipulation to get students to do what he wants them too. We also found out students are having premarital sex,and or are left to sleep together in public dorm areas. On trying to remove my adult child we encountered rebellion in him/her. He/she did not want to leave the relationship of 6 weeks. Staff has made every effort to have my adult child stay. The school counselor is giving his advice/opinions of how my adult child could stay. The financial aid department has told my adult child false information about his/her status making him/her believe he/she could stay without parental help. They have told him/her for \(25 they can get healthcare from the school nurse, they suggested to save money my adult child enroll in the foodstamp program. They have basically enabled my adult child to go against us as parents. The dean of students was no help either. I could go on and on. Regent see's each student as \). Please don't make the mistake we made of thinking this is a Christian school.
questionWhat is the other school your other child went to that went well. We are researching schools.
responseWe sent our daughter to Cedarville U. in Ohio. Wonderful school! DO NOT risk your child at Regent. The financial aid staff are all kids. I didn't meet anyone over 30! Let them play with someone else's money. The university counselor is DANGEROUS!
responseWow… so you "sent" your "adult child" (as you say over and over again) to this school, and now you are trying to control your "adult child's" life?

Premarital sex? Relationships? In COLLEGE? My God, who knew? Better start calling Jesus down into every college campus on the planet.

Guess what… your kid is all grown up. They tend to do that. Once they go to college, most normal parents stop interfering in their lives. Let him/her do what he/she wants and become an independent adult. Otherwise he/she will be living in your basement for the rest of his/her life.

I know it's a Christian school, but Jesus, you Christians… if there are parents like you at this school, and the kids are even more screwed up, then that'll be what keeps me from applying here.

commentActually I think you may fit right in.
responseIf their so independent why is mommy and daddy footing the bill? No pay-No play! :)
responseThis situation is so sad. The staff at Regent actually had the student come back saying you can do this without your parents, we will help you. Well, when the bills came due the young staff could no longer help. They watched this student rack up thousands of dollars only to be taken home by the parents. The student was left with thousands of dollars in debt and dropped classes that loans would not touch. Christians? These people are greedy!
commentI heard the school is broke. May be why they were so interested in the student. There is an article I red about the 700 club pumping 100's of millions into the school to keep it afloat.
responseA. Part of the college experience is finding out who you are. You can't do that with mommy and daddy looking over your shoulder. We should spend more time teaching our children and trusting them to make the right decisions.
B. School is expensive. Any school is expensive. And every school wants to get paid.
When people make an investment they look for a payoff. If their is no payoff they have invested unwisely. Most won't make that mistake twice. When your child chooses wrong you stop the funding.
Facts are facts. If the parents are paying the rope will be shorter. Here's a newsflash for you. Behind every successful student is a loving parent-paying.
commentWe visited this school and one of the students told us the people on her floor regularly have their boyfriends "sleep-over". She told us nobody ever checks.
questionWhy do college students think parents paying for college is an entitlement?
responseA. Letting a student find out who he is should not involve a sexual relationship. Mommy and Daddy need to look out for the student because it's apparent Regent does not. We taught our child in the ways of the Lord and Regent University and the staff led him down the path away from the Lord by embracing a sexual relationship
commentB. Yes, school is expensive. The financial aid staff had this student come back and told the student
Hey, you don't need your parents to pay, we'll help you.

Well when the bills came due, guess who got a call? The financial aid staff? The controlling school counselor? No, the parents did. Every school may want paid but every school doesn't take advantage of young students.
My advice as a parent: Steer clear of this school.
commentPlus they totally messed up the students FAFSA and told him he was an independent student. Sounds like fraud to me.
commentThe financial aid girl at Regent (you know who you are) told us the student could not do it on his own. But when we went to pick the student up from break we all met with her and she had a whole folder for the student with info. for housing, loans, and jobs locally. She totally blew us off and acted like this was normal to pit the student against the parent. Maybe it is normal for them.
commentWhen I met with the school counselor he told me (word for word) that the freshmen girls come in all new and naive and the upper class men boys take advantage of them. He told me he actually has dealt with date rape cases where the parents trust the school to watch over their kids and they don't.
My definition of letting a student find out who they are does not include birth control! Is a parent over reacting when they send the student to school to come pregnant?
No, sorry staff, I'm shooting a little higher here.
commentWith Pat Robertson at the helm of this school it's no wonder this stuff goes on. Pat supports divorce in medical hardships. He also supports spousal abuse. Last time I checked this was not something the Bible teaches. Google Pat's ideas on these things. It is an eye opener. If only we would have known the deception that goes on at this campus we may have saved years of pain and suffering. These are my personal experiences. You may go and have a different experience. My question to you parents: Is your student worth the risk when there are so many great schools to go to?
responsePat is also a false Prophet. He predicted Romney would win the 2012 election. He was wrong. Google that.
commentPat Robertson, the school's founder, ACTIVELY supported Charles Taylor's regime of terror in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Pat Robertson diverted funds which were donated for humanitarian purposes to diamond mines in Liberia which use slavery and child soldiers to mine and protect the diamonds. Charles Taylor is indicted for 11 war crimes. Pat Robertson, the funding source was protected by Virginia Attorney General Mark Earley from being prosecuted. Don't go to this school founded by a child enslaving, torture-promoting proclaimed "Jesus" lover.
commentJust a quick "shout out" to Regents counselor for setting our kid back abut a year for suggesting not listening to your parents advice about the school and a bad relationship. Our student is finally coming around since getting away from the negative influence of poor advice.
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