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Regent University

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Date: Jun 11 2013
Major: Unknown (This Major's Salary over time)
We made the mistake of sending our adult child to this school. If you are a parent considering this school please listen to what I am about to say. This is not our first experience with a Christian school. We have had a great experience with our other child at a great Christian school. Basically the school has been a living nightmare. From the students to the staff. I will try to keep this brief. Here are some of the problems we have had. We arrived to be told my Adult child would have to do most work online, and his/her major is not offered that year. My adult child entered into an extremely close/romantic relationship within a week upon arrival. The RA's are were no help at all. The spiritual leader students were very young and inexperienced. My adult child started seeing the school counselor who uses manipulation to get students to do what he wants them too. We also found out students are having premarital sex,and or are left to sleep together in public dorm areas. Date rape is also common. On trying to remove my adult child we encountered rebellion in him/her. He/she did not want to leave the relationship of 6 weeks. Staff has made every effort to have my adult child stay. The school counselor is giving his advice/opinions of how my adult child could stay. The financial aid department has told my adult child false information about his/her status making him/her believe he/she could stay without parental help. They have told him/her for \(25 they can get healthcare from the school nurse, they suggested to save money my adult child enroll in the foodstamp program. They have basically enabled my adult child to go against us as parents. The dean of students was no help either. I could go on and on. Regent see's each student as \). Please don't make the mistake we made of thinking this is a Christian school
questionI have heard the students are not kept accountable. Almost like coed dorms. Can you tell me if this is true?
responseNot sure about that. (?)
Just a quick "shout out" to Regents counselor for setting our kid back abut a year for suggesting not listening to your parents advice about the school and a bad relationship. Our student is finally coming around since getting away from the negative influence of poor advice.
commentI respond on two levels: as a student of Regent University and as a human being. First of all, as a student of Regent University for the past 5 years, I must say that you should really check your sources before you accuse people of date-rape, etc.

The dorms of the university once were designed to be apartments for "adult-students" but they have transformed into actual dorms with RA's, etc., and divided genders per wings of the building. Good for them—if you want something like that.

However, as a human being, I must say that your post is absolutely ridiculous and too critical. IF your student is an ADULT—then treat him/her like one and let them do what they want to do. Hell, if they want to date, fine. They are an adult. If they want to have sex, then that is between the TWO CONSENTING PARTIES—NOT YOU NOR THE UNIVERSITY!!!!

Now, if the University wants to sets rules and regulations, then so be it. BUT—no one on the face of this planet can tell someone not to have sex. It's a human choice.

Regarding the Christian aspect, why are you judging an institution based on your own convictions? Regent has over 40 denominations. Not all of them are as strict as yours might be.

Regarding accountability, as you said, the student is an adult. Enough said. Bottom line. An adult is responsible for his/her own action. It is not the responsibility of the school to babysit your adult child.

In closing, if you don't want your adult-child to live a healthy, normal, human-being life, then move to Antarctica and preach to the penguins. Your adult-student is going to have sex whether he or she is at Regent or not.

College is a place for students to discover who they are WITHOUT their parents' micromanaging convictions. Let God be God and do let Him convict your adult-student.

Meanwhile, go and have some fun. It sounds like you are wound up too tight.

responseAfter reading your response using profanity I can see Regent is not a University to even consider. You my friend have represented your school, Pat Robertson and Carlos Campo's ideals well. Thanks for settling that matter. I'll look toward a different Christian University. Thanks.
responseIn response to the previous poster:
My source for the date rape response was from the school counselor whom told me this personally! Don't believe me? Ask him. He is easy enough to find on their website or his public facebook account.
commentYou're a real cocksucker OP.
Regent sucks, but geez dude you're a real fucking jew mother fucker aren't you? Just look at how you talk Christian this, Christian that, date rape, dicks in your ass bro.


responseLOL! You must be Regent Alumni! LOL!
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