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Sonoma State University

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Friendly, Arrogant, Approachable, Snooty

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Friendly, Helpful

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Date: Jan 28 2014
Major: Psychology (This Major's Salary over time)
I have been to multiple schools and moved away due to employment. I have attended the University of Davis, Sacramento State, Chapman University, and Sonoma State. My declared major was psychology for all of them. And in each school I was able to view the good and bad of what they had to offer.

The University of Davis: courses for psychology were OK. ALL but one professor would not read verbatim from the text. ALL assignments were due immediately (10 page paper on behavioral activation on how you can improve the techniques of Beck, due 4 days from now). The classes are FAST paced and you have no time for the terms to skin in. You get the work done and move onto the assignment as quick as you can, cause god forbid you get a C or below and get put on academic probation. Most of the biology, chem, and psych students forgot everything as each semester passed. If you like large classes (3-600 students)and like teaching yourself, this school is for you. The professors are a different story, for example I had good psychology courses(undergrad)but the professors could care less if you were on fire in class. They focused more on their research than students and the lectures were rushed. If you missed a concept, raised your hand and asked to elaborate more, the professors would tell you,

see the teachers assistance after class for clarification.
Maybe because it was due to class size, bad day, cramp for time, but overall, this was continuous and wtf, we pay the college to attend and learn from the professor, not from the teacher assistance. Oh, and you cant trust a T.A. because even though there are two or three in the class of 3-600 students, they all give you different answers. You basically teach yourself when you are at the University of Davis.

DO NOT ATTEND UCD for undergrad. ONLY attend if you plan on going for an advance degree (MA/PhD/MD/etc).

What is Good at UCD for undergrad and advance degrees?

Geology (Undergrad and Advance)

Micro Biology (Advance)

Physics (Undergrad/Advance)

Psychiatry (Advance)

Biology (Undergrad/Advance)

Chem (Advance)

Engineering (Advance)

Whats not good at UCD?

Anything that is not science based. SORRY.


Sacramento State

Good college located in downtown Sacramento on Jst. Go down Jst and there are nothing but restaurants, bars, clubs, cannabis clubs, you name it. They can also be found in neighboring streets: H, I, K, Lst etc. My declared major at Sacramento State was Psychology. The class sizes were awesome (25-50-100 stuents). They were small enough to know your professor professionally and personally (good for recommendations for advance degrees). Each professor did not teach verbatim. Though the text was there to guide you and help introduce as well as elaborate on the terms and contemporary research, the lectures were phenomenal. The lecture covered the readings but more importantly they were elaborated and dissected. The lectures also covered new and updated information about psychology; stuff that is not in any text book. The staff is helpful as well as the professors. The work is challenging. The professors give assignments where you MUST intergrate research, critical thinking, labs, confrontations with professionals, and previous knowledge used from intro classes. I would recommend Sac State to psych majors.

What is good at SAC STATE?

Psychology (Undergrad/Advance)

Geology (Undergrad/Advance)

Sociology/Social Work (Undergrad/Advance)

Law (CJ) (Undergrad/Advance)

Economics (Undergrad/Advance)

Political Science (Undergrad/Advance)

Biology (Undergrad/Advance)

Music (Undergrad)

Child development (Undergrad/Advance)

ASL (Undergrad)

Engineering (Undergrad/Advance)

Chemistry (Advance)

Speech and Audiology (Undergrad/Advance)

Business (Undergrad Advance)

What is not good at SAC STATE?

Parking. That is the only thing that suck at Sacramento State. Other than that you receive a proper education and hands on training if YOU APPLY YOURSELF.


Chapman University: I went for one course; statistics and it was awesome. I passed the course because the professor made math understandable at a non-math lover level. Other than that I cannot tell you what is good or bad. RESEARCH IT!!!


Sonoma State

By far this was one of my favorite schools. YES the towns sucks, YES social life sucks, YES you might of well join greek life for friends, YES pot is everywhere (And its the best in the WORLD) and YES you might feel bored. But what Sonoma State is not is UNRECOGNIZED. Out of all the school that I have attended (JC's/UC's/State)the education is good. Just like Sac State, The lectures cover new and updated information about psychology; stuff that is not in any text book.The work is challenging. The professors give assignments where you MUST intergrate research, critical thinking,confrontations with professionals, and previous knowledge used from previous classes. If you do not know, then the major is not of your interest. If something interest you, you research it before, during, and when your out of school.

Yes you may have one or two professors reading verbatim from the text but they are only introducing you to a master or doctoral level of education at a undergrad level. They teach from an update version of text that they were taught when they were in their MA or Ph D. programs. All the psych professors do this but at the freshmen level (introduction to psych, etc). The professors are helpful and willing to do ANYTHING to assist you on any concern you have. The assignments can be tough and some assignments can be easy (for those teachers who do not believe assignments help on teaching but that its experiences out in the field that does). They psych department is extremely fruitful on finding internships, jobs, assistance, scholarship, research(beginning and review), and guidance to ANY students.

From Sonoma State I received a good education for my money worth. It may not be a party town or school but you do acquire a prestige education. It all depends if you want the knowledge or not, or party it away and receive your BA without remembering anything. GROW THE F@#! up!

What is good at SSU?

Psychology (Undergrad/Advance)

Teaching/Liberal Arts (Undergrad/Advance)

Kinesiology (Undergrad)

American Multicultural Studies (Undergrad)

Chem (Undergrad)

Communications (Undergrad)

Economics (Undergrad)

English (Undergrad)

French (Undergrad)

Global Studies (Undergrad)

Sociology (Undergrad)

Art (Undergrad)

Biology (Undergrad/Advance)

Nursing (Undergrad/Advance)

Graduated from SSU: BA in Psychology, BA in Liberal Studies, Minor, Biology, Certificate in Conflict Resolution, Certificate in Human Resource Management, Certificate in CBEST (teachers credentials), Certificate in CSET (teachers credentials), and Certificate in Social Media.

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Sonoma State University
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